10 Blue Necklaces You Need To See


Blue is a color that suits almost everyone, and if it doesn’t, then you just need to find the right shade for you. Blue can look stylish and chic and, when worn as an accessory, it can add a lovely touch of color to your wardrobe, with no effort required.

Wearing a blue necklace can brighten up your face and bring out your eyes. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money to get that perfect pop of color in your jewelry, as there are plenty of options to choose from.

To help you decide, here are 10 blue necklaces you need to see.

1. Silver Crystals Swarovski Elements Heart Of Ocean Blue Necklace

blue heart necklace

Dive straight into a Hollywood film set with this stunning blue heart necklace from Silver Crystals. Designed to look like the magical Heart of the Ocean sapphire necklace worn by Kate Winslet’s character in the 1997 movie, Titanic, this gorgeous necklace features a dazzling and vibrant blue Swarovski Elements crystal pendant surrounded by sparkling cubic zirconia crystals.

The heart shaped pendant is rhodium plated sterling silver, which gives it a superbly shiny look, adding to its overall luminosity. The beautiful pendant delicately adorns the 18 inch sterling silver chain, which is platinum plated to boot, giving you even more sparkle!

This necklace is the ideal gift for anyone who loves a bit of bling and for anyone who loves to have movie replicas. It would make a fabulous addition to any jewelry collection and, when you’re wearing it, you know you’ll attract only the best attention! It also comes in a pretty little organza gift bag, so you can keep it safe when you’re not wearing it. Just don’t drop it into the ocean!

2. Tirio Swarovski Elements Eternal Love Blue Crystal Necklace

eternal love blue necklace

Sparkle everywhere you go with this beautiful blue necklace from Tirio. This necklace features a stunning blue Swarovski Elements crystal in a teardrop shape, with clear crystals adorning the silver colored eternal love design that it drops from.

The pendant is white gold plated and is around an inch in length and three quarters of an inch wide, so it will definitely stand out when you’re wearing it. The chain is 16 inches long, meaning it will sit quite high on your neck and will look great with dresses or scoop neck tops.

This is the ideal necklace to give as a gift for your loved one, and with the eternal love symbol on the pendant it will be the perfect token of affection. The necklace would go well with outfits in all seasons and would look radiant on any special occasion.

3. Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire Pendant Necklace

sapphire ribbon necklace

If you’re looking for a delicate piece of jewelry that is fabulous enough to stand out when you’re wearing it, then this gorgeous blue sapphire necklace is just the thing. It features a beautiful blue 2.62 carat sapphire, so you’re getting a fine piece of jewelry as well as a fashionable accessory.

The sparkling pendant measures an inch long and half an inch wide, but with its design, it has a delicate look and doesn’t appear overly large. The ribbon design at the top of the sapphire is a symbol of love and is beautifully decorated in clear cubic zirconia crystals and set in sterling silver.

The fine sterling silver chain is 18 inches in length, making the necklace a very wearable piece of jewelry for everyday and for special occasions. The sapphire is a deep blue tone, which will go well with lots of outfits and is perfect for any season.

This stunning necklace would make a fantastic gift for any loved one, or even better, a gift for yourself! Sapphire is the birthstone for September, as well as being super on trend right now, so it’s a great necklace no matter when your birthday is.

4. Freshwater Cultured Blue Pearl Necklace

blue pearl necklace

Why don’t you add a little touch of sophistication to your outfits with this elegant blue pearl necklace. Pearls add a classy look to any style and make a fabulous accessory for the summer with their natural appearance and delicate colors.

This blue necklace features 155 freshwater cultured pearls with some that have been dyed blue to give them their blue color. The necklace is 50 inches long, but can be looped around your neck and worn as a double necklace, so you have a choice of how to wear it and can quickly alternate the style for different occasions.

The necklace has no clasp, keeping it casual and easy to wear. The pearls are baroque shape, meaning they’re not fully round, but this adds to the natural look of the necklace and gives it a more unique appearance, as each pearl is different.

This is a perfect necklace for wearing everyday, as it will add style and elegance to your casual wardrobe and will be equally elegant with more formal attire in the evenings. It has a graceful but effortless look about it, which keeps it extra versatile. The necklace also comes in a little gift box, so it would make an ideal special present for anyone who loves jewelry.

5. Sterling Silver Blue Swarovski Hummingbird Pendant Necklace

blue hummingbird necklace

If you’re looking for something with a little bit of character, then this cute little blue necklace will be right up your street. It combines glitz with fun, so you can sparkle and show off your personality wherever you go.

This adorable hummingbird pendant is made with sterling silver and is encrusted in beautiful blue Swarovski Elements crystals. The design also features sparkling green Swarovski Elements crystals as accents on the wings and tail, giving a more colorful and detailed look.

The sterling silver chain is a delicate box chain, which gives the necklace even more radiance and adds to its fine jewelry appearance. The chain is 18 inches long, so it’s a trendy length, but it’s quite easy to remove the pendant and put it on a shorter chain if you wanted to.

Hummingbirds are popular for all types of jewelry and this necklace gives you a delicate design with a touch of sparkle that you can wear everyday. It’s super stylish and will brighten up even the dullest of days. This darling necklace would make a brilliant gift and even comes ready to wrap in a little gift box.

6. Disney’s Frozen Blue Snowflake Pendant Necklace

blue frozen necklace

Let’s face it, everyone is a fan of Disney’s Frozen, so what better way to show it than with this fabulous blue necklace. Designed for children, this stunning snowflake pendant will let mini movie fans show off their inner Princess Elsa in silvery style.

The snowflake pendant features beautiful blue and green enamel on a silver plated base, and is detailed with sparkling blue crystals, including a larger blue crystal at the center. The chain is a silver plated brass chain and measures 18 inches long, so it will sit quite low on some smaller children.

However, kids will love that the necklace will be sitting low enough for them to actually see the pendant while they’re wearing it!

This necklace has just enough sparkle to make kids feel like a Disney Princess, and the Frozen theme means they’ll be wanting to wear it all the time! At just under an inch long and wide, it’s a great size for wearing to parties or any occasion.

All the kids are going to want one after they’ve seen this. It even comes in a special Frozen gift box, which can be used to keep it safe when it’s not being worn!

7. Sterling Silver Blue Heart Paw Pendant Necklace

blue paw necklace

For animal lovers everywhere, this gorgeous blue paw necklace is the perfect accessory. Not only is it stylish and chic but it’s fun and practical too.

This dime sized paw print pendant is dainty enough to wear everyday but it’s large enough that it’ll still be noticeable when you’re wearing it, so you can still attract all the right kind of attention from your friends.

The paw print pendant features a deep blue created sapphire in a heart shape, which is set in sterling silver, with four paw pads also cut out of sterling silver. The chain is sterling silver, so it’s great for wearing everyday, as it won’t tarnish and is easily cleaned. The chain measures 18 inches, making it a fashionable length, and suitable for wearing with all styles of clothes.

This beautifully sparkly necklace would make a fabulous gift for anyone who has pets or loves animals. It would also make a stylish gift for anyone with a September birthday, with the sapphire inspired gemstone representing the birthstone for September. This is such a cute design, combining a darling little paw with a fine silver chain and a touch of glitz. It even comes in a little gift box!

8. Four Leaf Clover Heart Shaped Blue Swarovski Pendant Necklace

blue clover necklace

Now, this is one blue necklace that you’re going to want to wear all the time! Make sure you’ve always got luck on your side with this stunning blue four leaf clover necklace from Dahlia Jewels.

The rhodium plated pendant is a four leaf clover design, featuring two leaves with large blue Swarovski Elements crystals, one leaf that’s encrusted with little blue and clear Czech crystals, and the fourth leaf that is just the rhodium plated metal, as is the stem of the clover.

There is also a pretty little blue crystal at the center of the pendant, giving it even more sparkle. The rhodium plated chain is 16 inches but also has the benefit of having a 2 inch extender as a chain tail, so you can wear the necklace as either a 16 inch or 18 inch chain, making it easier to suit your personal style or outfit.

This would make an excellent gift for anyone who needs a bit of luck in their life, and would be an ideal gift for upcoming exams or a graduation. It’s such a beautiful color that it can easily be worn with a range of different outfits and it will add just the right amount of glitz to almost anything in your wardrobe.

9. Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant Necklace

blue topaz necklace

For anyone who’s looking for a special piece of jewelry with the ultimate in sparkle, then this blue necklace could be just what you’re after. This is a gorgeous necklace that has style and substance, and is perfect for any special occasion.

The star of the show on this pendant is the dazzling oval shaped Blue Topaz gemstone in the center. But, just when you think it can’t get better, the Blue Topaz is surrounded by a cluster of blue and clear diamonds; yes, diamonds.

What more could you want? A girl’s best friend surrounding a sparkling blue gem! The stones on the Celtic knot pendant are set in sterling silver and it comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain. The chain has a delicate feel, so that it’s in keeping with the overall style of this fine piece of jewelry and doesn’t detract from the sparkling gemstones.

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for December, so this necklace would make a superb birthday present. You don’t know anyone with a December birthday? Get it for yourself or for a birthday at any time of the year! It even comes in a special gift box.

10. Doinshop Elastic Stretch Choker Blue Necklace

blue choker necklace

If you want to stay on trend then you need a stylish accessory, and this blue choker from Doinshop is just that. Chokers have made a comeback and are all the rage right now.

This electric blue choker will add a touch of color to your outfits and will definitely add some style! It’s elastic, meaning it’ll easily stretch over your head and sit comfortably on your neck, no matter how big or small your neck is. The choker has no clasps or closures, so you don’t need to worry about a clasp appearing at the front while you’re wearing it.

This bright blue choker is made from stretchy plastic, so it’ll stay in place and will look totally awesome on a night out. All your friends will be wanting to know where you got it!

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