10 Blue Womens Trainers You Have To See


Blue is for boys. At least that’s what “they” want you to think. We’ll talk more about “they” later on but let’s stay focused on the topic at hand here. Women’s trainers. They are trainers for women. Hopefully, you understand that much by now.

What you probably don’t understand though is the sheer number of women’s trainers out there on the market. Sure, it’s a little better if you can narrow it down to blue trainers specifically but still, it’s no easy feat.

Thankfully, there are various organizations out there with one purpose and one purpose only. They want to enlighten you (the reader) on the wonders of blue, women’s trainers. They’ve searched far and wide just for your convenience and now, the results are manifested in this beautiful, organized, fun to read list.

The following list contains adventure, love, sorrow and tragedy. It’s not for the faint of heart so let this be a warning. For the rest of you, take the plunge and open your mind to the beauty of women’s trainers.

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe

ASICS blue womens trainers
We’re starting this list off hot today. Red hot. For fans of ASICS, you already know they take their shoes seriously. In fact, they barely resemble shoes at all. Think of them more like advanced science experiments for your feet. If you think this is an overreaction to a shoe, then check these ones out.

Thes particular ASICS come equipped with something called “fuzeGEL.” This technology is a GEL cushioning device made from the fusion of foam and GEL. This creates a lightweight comfort to provides ideal rearfoot shock absorption. Furthermore, it then shifts to the forefoot to bounce back. If you’re confused already, this is just the beginning.

Introduce yourself to AHAR Outsole. This is an acronym for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. ASICS puts this in important areas of the outsole for high-quality durability. On the midsole, ASICS delivers a lighter weight compound for enhanced cushion and durability.

So as you can see, ASICS doesn’t mess around with their shoes. They probably think more about their shoes that you do about your life.

2. Reebok Women’s Yourflex Trainette 8.0 L Mt Cross-Trainer Shoe

reebok blue womens trainers
After that whole ASICS situation, let’s tone it down a little bit. Think of this list as a long journey. You want to start it off right. It should start off in an exciting and energetic fashion but you don’t want to blow it all too early. Hence, let’s leave some “gas in the tank” as they say and slow it down.

This Reebok shoe looks pretty decent on the outside but don’t judge a book by its cover. Actually, that’s implying that they are not a pretty decent shoe. According to numerous reviews, these shoes are top notch. They are both synthetic and textile, rounded out by a firm rubber role.

The mesh and elastic mold give you a nice, flexible and breathable fabric. Ideal for those long runs. On the outsole, Reebok delivers a high-abrasion rubber. Ideally, these shoes should last even the most avid runner a long time. To top it all off, they look nice. Fine job Reebok. Fine job indeed.

3. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

blue womens trainers
For all the fans of the “pink women’s trainers” article (and surely there are millions of you) then you’ll remember the brief conversation about Gusto. You remember Gusto right? Relish, enthusiasm, glee, pleasure, zest and vigor. There are plenty of words describing the feeling of Gusto but you don’t always need words to experience it. Sometimes, you just need a shoe. A Champion shoe to be exact.

This is a rather simple shoe. It’s rather basic, breathable fabric but don’t let that fool you. Inside, is a comfortable memory foam. The best part about memory foam is that it never forgets. Ever. It’s with you through the thick and through the thin. You might try on dozens of other shoes but years later, memory foam will remember the shape of your foot until the day your die.

That ladies and gentlemen, that is gusto in shoe form. Exciting right? Well, that’s nothing compared to what we are about to observe so stay tuned.

4. Aleader Women’s Lightweight Mesh Sports Running Shoes

blue womens trainers
Is that a running shoe or a missing piece of Spiderman’s uniform? Yes, it certainly does look unique. Is unique even the right word? Call it whatever you want, but there are not many shoes that look like this. Let’s move on from the looks for a second and dig deeper.

Let’s talk mesh for a second. You love mesh. Everyone loves mesh. What about double mesh though? Yeah, it’s a thing and it’s on this shoe. The double mesh on this shoe allows your foot to breath more than single mesh without sacrificing durability. Speaking of durability, check out this “5 claw side design.”

With these strong shoe laces, you can have full support for your foot while simultaneously adding extra comfort and protection. Calm down everyone, it’s not over yet. In addition to all this craziness, these shoes have a hydro-grip outsole that gives you awesome traction in every terrain imaginable.

Whether it’s a lake, swamp, running track, mountain, or your grandmother’s bake sale, you will have optimal grip everywhere.

5. RYKA Women’s Enhance 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe


blue womens running trainers shoe
Every list has an underdog which brings us to the next portion of our list. RYKA shoes are not as famous as Nike or Reebok but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. What’s in a name anyway? Letters and stuff? Yeah, exactly. Anyway, let’s move on.

These are some unique shoes. Of course, they have that popular mesh design that everyone is doing these days. This is great for that breathability and what not but it gets more complex than that. This isn’t your average mesh. This is mono mesh complete with synthetic forefoot overlays and a soft tech floating heel quarter that acts as a working heel pull. That’s shoe science in action.

Furthermore, the ergonomic sole unit is designed with pivot points. This is influenced by the shape of the foot which allows more natural movements and offers outstanding grip and support. To top it all off, it’s a sexy blue.

6. New Balance Women’s 577v3 Cross Trainer Shoe


balance blue womens trainers
Just like every list has its underdog, every list also has it’s “old reliable.” You know the types. Like its name suggests, the Old Reliable is old and it never fails. You can always count on it to deliver in a promising fashion. While it’s not always the very best, it is always a contender.

The Old Reliable is like that baseball team that makes the playoffs every single year but never quite wins the World Series. The Old Reliable is like that coworker that keeps his or her head down, does the work and shows up every day but is never the employee of the month. Essentially, that’s what these New Balance shoes are.

Starting in 1906, New Balance are certainly old shoes but are they reliable? You bet they are. These particular trainers are 75% leather and 25% mesh. They’ll last you as long as you need them too. Other than the synthetic sole and CUSH+ midsole, there isn’t much more to this shoe. However, don’t let that deter you.

New Balance shoes are the safe choice. They won’t ever fail you. They might not blow your mind but they will be there for you after a tough breakup after you didn’t get your dream job and after Fido passes away. In a way, these shoes might be the best friend you’ve never had.

7. ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe

womens blue trainers
Are you ready for another shoe science segment? No? Tough luck because we are diving in head first on this one. ASICS is back with yet another mind-altering running device. That’s what they are by the way. ASICS doesn’t make shoes. They make running devices.

With this particular model, we see first hand the power of SpEVA, DuoMAx, and the Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System. If all this sounds foreign to you, calm down. We are about to go over it. First off, let’s dig deep on SpEVA.

SpEVA is a midsole material that improves bounce-back characteristics and decreases your midsole breakdown. In layman’s terms, that’s a tough shoe. Pairing with that feature we have the DuoMax support system. this dual density midsole system enhances support and stability, making it ideal for any high-intensity workout.

Lastly, we have the Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System. This one is pretty self-explanatory but essentially, it provides shock during impact, allowing for a smooth transition to your midstance.

You never thought you’d learn so much about shoes today did you? Well, that’s the beauty of ASICS and the beauty of education.

8. RYKA Women’s Faze Cross-Trainer Shoe


blue womens trainers for running
Remember RYKA? If not, you need a serious memory check because it was just a couple of slides ago. Perhaps we were a little too hard on RYKA back there. They are good people. They make a funky looking shoe with the skills to back it all up. For that reason, we are diving in once again on another fine RYKA product.

On this episode “RYKA: Shoe Guru” we’re talking about rubber, midsole’s, synthetics, tongues, velcro and al that good stuff. Wait, did someone say velcro? You heard it hear folks. Velcro, everyone’s favorite hook, and loops are making a comeback.

In the past, only little kids and old people wore velcro. Why should such a great invention be forgotten though? The short answer is it shouldn’t. Velcro is amazing and makes all of our lives easier. Hence, it’s time for a big comeback.

So if you are a velcro lover, someone with guts and glory, then stand up. Let yourself be heard. Wear these shoes with pride. Show the world that velcro is cool again. Enough with tying knots and all that stuff. Let’s band together and make velcro great again.

9. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Speed Tr Cross-Trainer Shoe

blue womens running trainers
Since we are on the topic of making things great again, let’s talk about America. Whether you are a U.S citizen or not, wear the stars and stripes wherever you go. There is no better way to do this than with shoes.

Just think about it. You wear shoes everywhere you go so why not just stick an American flag pattern on there? Reebok did just that. Besides looking incredibly American though, this shoe has other advantages. For all you CrossFit guru’s out there, this is the shoe for you.

With a synthetic material, rubber sole, compression sleeve, low-cut design and forefoot cradle, you can do a wide variety of exercises with this one shoe alone. If anyone knows the various CrossFit exercises and wants to step in here with some help, that’d be great.

In reality, though, specifics aren’t that important. As long as you know this shoe is patriotic, patriarchic and pentatonic, then we have nothing further to discuss.

10. PUMA Women’s Fierce Knit Cross-Trainer Shoe


blue womens trainers
As the last shoe on this list lets end everything on one word. Perseverance. You’ve persevered by reading this possibly interesting article, just as these PUMA shoes have persevered all kinds of criticism.

As you can tell, these shoes are anything but normal. People hate anything that stands out from the norm. They come with their pitchforks, flames and try to shove that unique quality back into the hole from which it came. Not these PUMA shoes though. They persevered. Just like you did.

See, underneath this weird exterior is a fully functional shoe. It’s textile, synthetic and imported. The rubber sole makes it a comfortable shoe for runners, walkers, hikers and bikers. It’s a genderless shoe, which seems appropriate since we live in a genderless age these days.

So as we depart from our ten-part journey of shoes, remember to always persevere. You’ll face numerous challenges throughout this thing we call life. You’ll go up steep peaks and down steeper valleys. Everything will work out in the end though. In the famous last words of President Calvin Coolidge just “keep calm and carry on.”

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