10 Brown Necklaces You Have To Check Out


Rich brown tones can look extra sophisticated and super sleek. The natural color can bring out your eyes and highlight your skin tone. So, what better way to add this chic color than with a stylish brown necklace.

Brown necklaces are trendy and versatile and can look fabulous with any style. Find the right one for you and add some of that chocolatey goodness to your wardrobe.

Now, before you make any decisions, here are 10 brown necklaces you have to check out.

1. EVBEA Wooden Bead Brown Necklace

brown wood beads necklace

If you’re looking for a stylish natural necklace that will add a fashionable touch to a whole range of outfits in your wardrobe, then this gorgeous brown necklace is just what you need.

This beautiful necklace features round wooden beads that form a stylish graduated effect with the differing bead sizes. The beads are strung together and held at the back with a silver tone metal setting and a lobster clasp closure.

The chain measures 22 inches, making it sit quite low when its on, but it will go well with low cut tops and dresses where you need a little extra something at your neck.

This is a fantastic statement piece that will go with lots of styles because of its natural tones. The genuine wood beads make it the ideal accessory for outfits in neutral shades, such as the trendy safari look, and it would be a great necklace for adding a little bit of glamor to your casual styles.

2. Qianse Rolling Ball Rose Gold Plated Brown Pendant Necklace

brown charm pendant necklace

For anyone who likes their jewelry to carry a special meaning or have a magical appearance, then they are sure to like this beautiful brown necklace. This stunning piece of jewelry will be catching everyone’s eye wherever you wear it.

Featuring a large, round rose gold tone pendant, this necklace has an open design with a circular pattern. The striking pendant contains a radiant brown Austrian crystal gemstone that fills the pendant and gives the necklace a glamorous look.

On the circular design on the front of the pendant, there are little clear Austrian crystals that sparkle and add a luminous shine to the necklace. The rose gold tones give it a chic look that’s super on trend right now and will go with lots of modern styles.

The rose gold tone box chain measures 20 inches and goes well with the large pendant, which is almost 2 inches wide. With this necklace around your neck, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a sparkling amulet! Its large size makes it a great piece for wearing with casual styles, particularly casual dresses!

And you can also team it up with some other necklaces in different lengths, to give a contemporary edge to your outfit.

3. Lux Accessories Brown Acrylic Statement Necklace

brown statement necklace

If you’re looking for a chic but casual accessory to add to your collection, then this stylish brown necklace from Lux Accessories could be just what you’ve been searching for.

This trendy necklace features brown acrylic stones and beads that give off a natural, effortless look that would be ideal for adding a glamorous touch to a casual wardrobe.

The yellow gold tone detailing brings out the brown colors in the beads and stones, giving it an elegant appearance, and the gold tone chain benefits from an extender chain tail, so you can easily adjust the length to suit your style. It will sit quite high on your neck, due to the shorter length, making it an ideal statement piece for any outfit.

Its natural tones make it easy to wear in any season and it will look fabulously chic with neutral colors, as well as with a burnt orange or mustard top or dress. You could even wear it with jeans and a plain T-shirt, it’s just that versatile!

4. Rose Gold Brown Diamond Bow Pendant Necklace

brown bow pendant necklace

For something a little more feminine and delicate, this stunning brown necklace will definitely win you over. It is the perfect piece to wear everyday and its gorgeous color will bring out your eyes and add a warm glow to your face.

This beautiful necklace has a little rose gold pendant, tastefully cut into the shape of a bow. The front of the cute bow is encrusted with 18 genuine brown diamonds that sparkle as the light hits them, giving this little brown bow a subtle hint of glitz.

The fine chain is also 10 carat rose gold, to match the darling little pendant, and measures 17 inches. It’s the ideal length of chain to wear to highlight this little bow.

This would make a fantastic gift for anyone who likes their jewelry to have a delicate and more dainty look to it. It would look exquisite with a champagne colored dress for a formal occasion, but it’s fabulous enough to wear with anything in your wardrobe.

Its natural colors means you can pair it with almost anything and, because of its size and style, it would be a wonderful piece of jewelry to wear everyday! It even comes in a little jewelry box, so you can give it as a gift; that is, if you’re not tempted to keep it for yourself!

5. Yellow Gold Brown Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

brown heart pendant necklace

Now, if you’re in search of an exquisite gift for a loved one, then look no further, because this little brown necklace is just the thing!

This beautiful brown necklace features a stunning heart pendant with brown diamonds clustered in a heart shape in the center and white diamonds clustered around it. The diamonds are set in 10 carat yellow gold, which accentuates the diamonds and brings out the gorgeous colors.

The chain is also 10 carat yellow gold and is dainty and delicate enough to compliment the necklace’s exquisite appearance. The fine chain measures 18 inches in length, so it’ll sit stylishly around your neck.

The natural colors in this gorgeous necklace means you can wear it with anything. It’s elegant enough to wear to a classy formal evening and chic enough to add a touch of glamor to your everyday wardrobe.

This is a dainty brown necklace that everyone will be commenting on. It’ll add a rich, chocolatey element to any of your casual styles and the little heart shaped pendant means it’ll make a fabulous gift for any of your loved ones.

6. Native Treasure Tiger Brown Coco Heishe Puka Shell Necklace

brown coco necklace

Have that cool summer feeling all year long with this fantastic brown necklace from Native Treasure. Whether you live for the surf or just love the outdoors, this is the ideal necklace for rocking that laid back style that will keep you looking trendy and cool no matter what the season.

This awesome brown necklace is made with round wooden coco beads with a white Heishe Puka shell pattern through it, giving it a more stylish look. These natural beads and shells have been strung on a durable and flexible stainless steel wire, giving the necklace a little extra strength.

The best part of this necklace is that you can choose whatever length best suits you. It’s available in lengths ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches, so you can get them in a variety of lengths to suit your style. The choice of lengths also makes it easier to choose a more suitable length for children.

Kids and adults who love to be active out in the world will love this necklace. It’s a great accessory for showing off your ultra cool personality and highlighting your laid back attitude. And, with its natural colors, you can wear it with just about anything in your wardrobe!

7. AmorWing Natural Round Brown Tiger Eye Stone Pendant Necklace

brown stone pendant necklace

So, we could all do with a bit of magic in our lives and with this little brown necklace, you’ll be on your way to getting some.

This laid back necklace features a semi-precious brown Tiger Eye stone, measuring 18 millimeters, or roughly around three quarters of an inch, with a little Tiger Eye stone above it, which measures just 6 millimeters.

This pretty brown stone is said to have magical healing powers that will help you to be more self-confident and creative, as well as being able to balance your yin and yang! The necklace is on a brown nylon chain that can easily be adjusted to whatever length you prefer, from 15 inches to just over 27 inches, simply by adjusting the string at either end.

This necklace would be the ideal piece of jewelry for anyone who wants to get back to nature and re-establish balance in their life. It is also a fantastic necklace for meditating or yoga. You could easily wear this all the time, as the nylon chain means it’s also waterproof! So there’s no excuse not to harness those magical powers and keep this necklace around your neck everyday.

8. Baoyi Jewelry Elephant Brown Wooden Pendant Necklace

brown elephant necklace

If you’re looking for something just that little bit different, then this elephant necklace could be just what you’re after. It’s got that natural look that will go with everything and a laid back style that means it’s ideal for accessorizing a casual wardrobe.

This beautiful brown necklace features a tribal inspired elephant pendant carved out of natural wood. The elephant has a detailed body with engraved symbols on his back, giving the necklace extra character. The elephant is cute and cartoon-like, but rather large, measuring around 2 inches wide, so he’ll definitely stand out when he’s around your neck!

The chain is made from wooden beads, enhancing the natural, hand crafted feel of the necklace. The beaded chain measures around 20 inches, so it’ll sit as a cool statement piece around your neck.

This is the ideal necklace for anyone looking for a casual piece of jewelry that will highlight their personality and casual style. Kids and adults will all love this style, and it will definitely add a fun touch to anyone’s wardrobe.

9. PammyJ Gold Brown Leaf Statement Necklace

brown leaf statement necklace

So, you need a piece of jewelry that’s going to stand out and make you look stylish and glamorous. Well, this fabulous brown statement necklace from PammyJ will do just that!

This beautiful necklace has an elegant leaf design using a brown painted enamel with antique tone metal detailing and background. The leaves are accented with brown rhinestone crystals, which give the necklace a bit of sparkle.

The main design of the necklace measures 3 inches long, so it is sure to make a fashionable statement! The antique tone chain measures 16 inches, so it’s a good length for wearing as a larger style collar necklace.

This necklace would look fabulous with a neutral tone dress or a beautiful burnt orange top, and it would be a fantastic piece to wear to a summer or fall wedding. What’s more, you won’t even need to search for earrings to go with it, because this necklace comes complete with the perfectly matching earrings; bonus!

10. Rose Gold Brown Diamond Cat Pendant Necklace

brown diamond cat necklace

Maybe you want something sparkly but cute, elegant but fun. Well, this little necklace is all of those things! This little cat necklace has a sophisticated look that will add just the right amount of sparkle and elegance to your wardrobe, while also keeping it lighthearted and fun.

This cute brown necklace features a darling little cat pendant encrusted with 27 genuine brown diamonds and set in black rhodium and rose gold. This adorable little kitty has rose gold whiskers that will add fun to your outfit and will reflect your laid back sense of style.

The rose gold chain measures 18 inches, making this a super stylish necklace that will enhance the look of the sparkly little pendant, which measures around half an inch in length.

This cute little brown feline will add elegance and glamor to your wardrobe and he’s sparkly enough to wear to any event, be it casual or formal. You can even wear it to work or out to lunch! This necklace would make a fabulously chic gift for any of your stylish friends!

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