10 Dolphin Jewelry Pieces You Need to Check Out


Dolphins make up a widely varied group of aquatic mammals and are highly regarded as being one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like dolphins?

They’re smart, fun-loving and rather cute animals that people from all walks of life dream of swimming with and they are undoubtedly one of the number one reasons kids aspire to become marine biologists.

Dolphins conjure up notions of a whimsical freedom as they bounce over the waves wandering far and deep over miles of open ocean. This magical species often interact with people, sometimes saving us from the hidden dangers of the sea, and other times delighting us with tricks and treats.

In this list, we round up the top ten dolphin jewelry pieces for you to check out. From rings to bracelets, these jewelry pieces capture the essence of happiness in dolphin form.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your dolphin loving family member, look no further as these dazzling adornments are sure to be winners this Christmas.

1.) Sterling Silver Dolphin Ring with Lustrous Blue Enamel

Silver & Blue Dolphin Ring Jewelry

Topping the list is this beautiful, vibrant dolphin ring featuring two dolphins in mid jump, each with a gorgeous ocean blue enamel inlay making up the body of these fabulous, fun-loving creatures of the deep.

This sterling silver ring will grab the heart of any dolphin lover, make an elegant adornment for the hand of your soul mate and the lovely blue iridescent tones will bring a luxurious splash of color to the finger which will stand out and beg for compliments.

2. Sterling Silver Glimmer Dolphin Pendant Necklace

Silver Dolphin Pendant Necklace

In at number two is this glistening dolphin pendant crafted in sterling silver with a sparkling silver glitter inlay defining the dolphin’s body, tail, and fins. Hanging from a dainty silver chain, this friendly fish will glisten with light as it adorns your neck with style and grace. A simple design that brings the dolphin to life as it flies through the waves and into your heart.

3. Sterling Silver Dolphin Heart CZ Necklace Pendant with Synthetic Blue Opal and 18″ Box Chain

Clear Blue Dolphin Necklace

A dolphin jumping through the heart makes up this special, bold ocean lovers pendant made of sterling silver and featuring several shades of turquoise within its synthetic blue opal inlay that highlights both the heart and the body of the dolphin. Express your love of dolphins with this beautiful pendant on 18″ box chain or give the gift of love to that special someone in your life.

4. Sterling Silver Swarovski Elements Crystal Dolphin Pendant Necklace

Crystal Dolphin Pendant Necklace

A lovely dolphin pendant sparkles in the light with shining Swarovski elements in varying shades of sea blue embellishing the body of this sterling silver pendant necklace. Simple yet brilliant, a wonderful adornment that is sure to stand out in the crowd. Dangling from a thin, petite silver chain, this piece is a classy, sparkling eye catcher. Beautiful!

5. Sterling Silver Double Dolphin Heart CZ Heart Shape Pendant Necklace

Double Heart Dolphin Pendant Necklace

These two jumping dolphins make up a perfect heart to grace the neck of your significant other with style and sophistication. An elegant piece, this pendant is made of sterling silver and features two dolphins; the larger one in pure silver and the smaller plated in rose gold.

The contrast of the silver and rose gold tones really make these dolphins pop out from the rest of the pendant and all the curvy lines help the flow of the piece nicely. This heart shaped pendant is further enhanced by the glistening crystals embedded in one of the arches, and the entire piece shines in its wavy elegance and highly defined curves.

6. Dancing Dolphins [Purple] Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Silver Purple Jewel Dolphin Pair Necklace

This sterling silver pendant necklace featuring a pair of dolphins as they dance through the waves is an instant eye draw with a bold and bright purple zirconia diamond affixed between the tails of these graceful fish. A perfect gift for any dolphin lover, this piece with its lavender glow captures the effortless grace with which dolphins move through the depths and will catch the light as it decorates the wearer’s neck.

7. Real Gold Plated Smiling Dolphin Shaped Pendant for Girls, Women, and Memorialize The Cove

Gold Plated Ornate Dolphin Jewelry

Made in memory of the documentary film, The Cove, this 18k gold plated necklace and pendant features an ornate dolphin, decorated in twisting gold pattern work along the back of its body and is perfect for the special lady in your life and makes a great gift for any age. A simplistic and stylish piece celebrating the golden world of dolphins under the sea.

8. Sterling Silver Blue Crystal Dolphin Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Elements 18in. Box Chain

Blue Crystal Dolphin Pendant Jewelry

Gorgeous sky blue Swarovski crystal elements make up this wonderful, whimsical dolphin pendant as they adorn the sterling silver true dolphin lovers jewelry piece. Be sure this brightly shining pendant necklace makes your gift list this year, as it is sure to bring smiles and joy to the wearer and will delight anyone who adores these intelligent, sentient fish.

9. Sephla Women Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver Plated Love Dolphin Bangle

Silver Plated Dolphin Bangle Bracelet

This sterling silver Sephla women’s bracelet is exceptionally elegant with a simple silver band and a jumping dolphin in the center holding the bracelet together. The dolphin is subtle in this piece as it flows into the rounded shape of the bracelet whispering dolphin rather than shouting it. Simplicity wins out in this stylish dolphin jewelry piece that will bring an elegant charm to the wearer’s wrist and show off the deep affinity for dolphins within.

10. 10k Two-Tone Gold Diamond Accent Intertwined Dolphin Ring

Gold Intertwined Dolphin Ring Jewelry

Rounding up the list is this beautiful yellow gold ring with diamond accents that features a pair of intertwining dolphins as they spin up to the surface of their watery world. The silver and gold two tone dolphins wrap around each other in the center of the ring with sparkling white diamonds lining the belly of the silver fish highlighting the ocean dwellers in sparkling form. This piece will make the perfect gift for celebrating a justified love affair with dolphins of the deep.

That just about sums up our fantastic list, we hope you found the dazzling jewelry piece you were looking for!

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