10 Fabulous Sloth Mugs You Deserve To Own


Do you feel unsatisfied whilst drinking your morning coffee / tea? Do you know what will brighten up your day and put a smile on your face? Did you break your favourite cup and wonder where your life went wrong? A sloth mug could be the answer! No, wait… A sloth mug is definitely the answer! However, before we make our way onto the list – I have to introduce you to something amazing…

Fred & Friends SLOW BREW Sloth Tea Infuser

Sloth Tea Infuser

How cute is this sloth tea infuser! If you’re a tea drinker and you love sloths, it would be a crime for you to not get this amazing piece of sloth technology! Now that that’s out of the way, shall we make our way onto the top list of sloth cups? I think we should:

1.  Fred & Friends TEA FOR TWO Infuser and Mug Gift Set, Slow Brew

Cute Sloth Mug

I had to start with this mug because it pairs beautifully with the sloth tea infuser – which you actually get for free with the mug! This would make for an amazing gift set to any sloth lover on the planet. It has a fantastic design and it is really good quality. You really cannot go wrong with this cute duo!

2. Tree-Free Sloth Sip ‘N Go Stainless Lined Travel Mug, 16-Ounce

Sloth Travel Mug

When you’ve finished your coffee / tea / drink at home, you need one for the road right? Then you need to get a hold of one of these sloth travel mugs! The sloth is cute and the travel mug is very well made.

3. Coffee Mug: Ugly Sloth Christmas Sweater

Funny Sloth Christmas Mug

It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t include a sloth Christmas mug, would it? Especially with it being this close to December. The cute little sloth faces on the cup will bring a smile to your face every time you take a sip! It’s safe in the dish washer and microwave, so don’t worry about ruining the design!

4. Magic Transforming Sloth Mug – Two Tone 11oz

Magic Transforming Sloth Mug

This amazing transforming sloth mug is a real treat for those of you who want to hide your love of sloths! What looks like an ordinary black mug will magically transform into a white mug with a cute picture of a sloth! It’s a perfect gift and you’ll draw peoples attention with this mug for sure when you show off the trick!

5. CafePress Funny Sloth – LIVE SLOW Mug Large Mug

Sloth Mug

Sometimes simplicity is the best! This sloth mug features a unique sloth design on the front with the famous slogan of “live slow” – something we all wish we could live by! There’s nothing bad to say about this mug… It’s simple, durable, and perfectly safe to microwave and stuff in the dishwasher.

6. 3dRose Id Rather be a Sloth Ceramic Mug, 15-Ounce

I'd rather Be a Sloth Mug

Another simple sloth mug… probably best for around the office where it’s a bit more suitable. Unless your work is happy with you flashing pictures of sloths to everyone! It’s simple, it’s elegant, and the saying hits the truth. We would all rather be sloths.

Psst! – There’s also a transforming hot water option for this mug as well!

7. CafePress Believe in Your Dreams Sloth Mug – S White

Funny Sloth Mug

This adorable and hilarious sloth mug is perfect for a sillier gift to yourself or a friend. The design is unbelievably cute and lets be honest… Who doesn’t want to drink out of a cup with a flying sloth with pink angel wings, farting out a rainbow?

8. CafePress i love sloths Travel Mug Ceramic Travel Mug – Standard 

Sloth Travel Mug

Another sloth travel cup to add to your collection! This one is much less attention drawing than the other one on this list – if that’s your style, go for it! This mug is simple, cute and does the job perfectly.

9. Blonde Designs Crazy Thumb Pointing Back Lady – Crazy Sloth Lady

Crazy Sloth Mug

This stylish mug features a perfect girly design for the true sloth lovers! Only get this if you love sloths more than the crazy cat lady loves cats from The Simpsons! If you like the transforming cups like the ones above, there’s also an option to get it in that!

10. The Goonies Sloth Movie Film Ceramic Boxed Gift Coffee (Tea, Cocoa) 11 Oz. Mug

Sloth Goonies Mug

What did you expect? There’s always going to be a goonies sloth pun gift in these articles – deal with it! This mug is well built and features a unique design. It’s perfect for a gift to some one you can poke some harmless fun at!

That just about sums up our top 10 list of sloth mugs – we tried to find a mix of everything, so hopefully you found a mug that was perfect for you or the person you’re gifting it to! If this article brought a smile to your face and a tear to your eye – be sure to check out some of our others:


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