10 Green Necklaces You Need In Your Life


Green is the color of nature and all that nature represents and sometimes you need a little nature in your life. Green is also a color that is naturally calming, creating a tranquil atmosphere, even in a busy or chaotic world. So, why not bring some of that calming power to your everyday life with a great green necklace!

A green necklace will let you add a little pop of color to your wardrobe and keep you looking perfectly accessorized wherever you venture. From clovers to creatures, a little green necklace is just what you need to get you back to a relaxed state.

With that said, you might need a little guidance, so here are 10 green necklaces you need in your life right now.

1. Jane Stone Fruit Green Drusy Necklace

green fruit necklace

Make a statement and stand out in style with this bright green necklace from Jane Stone. This dazzling necklace will make sure you’ve got that perfect sparkle no matter where you go.

The necklace features seven green pebble shaped gemstones that have been cut in a multi-faceted way to give it maximum sparkle and luminosity, but also a rugged charm. Each pebble shaped gemstone is mounted on a gold tone base metal, giving it a modern, glamorous look.

The yellow gold tone metal chain measures just under 22 inches long and comes with a 3 inch extender chain tail, so you can adjust the length easily to suit your own style.

This is a fantastic necklace for wearing over a dark top or dress, as it will accentuate your clothing and will add a nice bright color to your outfit. The style of this necklace is ideal for wearing over turtle neck sweaters or round neck T-shirts, because of the way that it sits, and is a great design for wearing as a decorative collar for your shirts.

2. Sphera Milano Italian Sterling Silver Green Heart Pendant Necklace

green heart necklace

If you’re looking for a dainty little necklace that has a more delicate look then this cute green heart necklace is the ideal thing. It’s just the right size for wearing everyday, without being too noticeable or overpowering on your neck.

This gorgeous green necklace features a beautiful green cubic zirconia in the shape of a heart. The gem reflects the light, making it sparkle and catch your eye, and is set in sterling silver. The 16 inch chain is a sterling silver Rolo chain and benefits from having a 2 inch extender tail, so you can wear it as an 18 inch chain, depending on your style or outfit choice.

This would be a fabulous necklace for wearing to work or school, as it will add a touch of glitz and color but will still be dainty and pretty and will sit perfectly in place on your neck.

3. Sterling Silver Emerald Green Hourglass Pendant Necklace

green hourglass pendant

Check out this adorable green necklace! This beautiful design features an hourglass pendant, which will look absolutely fantastic for any occasion. It’s the ideal piece of jewelry for everyday wear, as it’s durable and stylish, as well as being a little unusual, so you can guarantee your friends will be commenting on it.

This beautiful sterling silver hourglass pendant has genuine emerald dust inside, weighing 0.75 carats, so you’re getting authentic gemstones, as well as silver. The emerald dust gives the necklace a magical feel and it looks so pretty when it’s on that you’ll think you have magic fairy dust around your neck.

The sterling silver chain is very delicate and fine and has a spring ring clasp. The chain measures 18 inches in length, making it a good length for wearing with lots of outfits and will sit comfortably on your neck.

This necklace would be a fabulous piece of jewelry to give as a gift, and with the May birthstone being emerald, it’s even more perfect. It will add color to your wardrobe and bring a touch of magic to your day!

4. DianaL Boutique Disney’s Tinkerbell Green Pendant Necklace

green tinkerbell necklace

Add a touch of fairy magic to your world with this beautifully sparkling green Tinkerbell necklace. What an excellent way to show off your fun personality, with a charming little fairy pendant that you can wear everyday.

This beautiful necklace features a silver tone metal Tinkerbell pendant, with bright green crystal wings. The pendant is an inch long, so it’s sure to stand out and sparkle when you’re wearing it, catching everyone’s eye.

The chain is a silver tone metal snake chain that measures 18 inches, so it’s just the right size for everyday wear and it won’t sit too high on your neck with the large pendant.

This necklace is a great way of adding a little green into your life, and jazzing up your wardrobe with a fun splash of color. Children and adults will all love this necklace and it would make a brilliant gift for anyone who’s fond of this naughty little fairy or for anyone who loves a bit of Disney magic. It also comes in a little gift box, so it’s ready for anyone!

5. Sterling Silver Jade Green Rose Pendant Necklace

jade green rose necklace

If you’re looking for a green necklace with a little more substance but equal amounts of style, then this beautiful jade rose pendant is just the necklace for you. It has a traditional elegance about it gives it an heirloom feel.

This stunning necklace features a large jade stone hand crafted into the shape of a rose, so each piece made will be slightly different, giving it a unique appearance. The fine chain is 18 inches in length and goes well with the pendant, making it look elegant and feminine.

The delicate chain is rhodium plated sterling silver, so you have a durable metal with added radiance from the rhodium.

For centuries jade has been used to bring good luck and fortune, and was particularly important in ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures, so with this necklace you will be harnessing the powers of jade to bring yourself or your friends a little bit of good fortune.

This necklace is a stylish way of adding a little color to your wardrobe while keeping a graceful and feminine look. It would look great over a turtle neck sweater or with a plain white top, to bring out the pretty green color. It also comes in a pretty gift box, so would make a fabulous gift for that special someone.

6. Sorrelli Graduated Green Crystal Necklace

sorrelli green necklace

This pretty little green necklace will add sparkle and style to anything in your wardrobe. It’s versatile enough that it can be worn for both casual and formal events, so you don’t need to worry about when you’ll wear it.

This fabulous necklace is hand crafted and features beautifully cut Swarovski crystals that shine brilliantly in any light. The larger crystals are green with smaller crystals in shades of green, blue and red, adding even more color to the style.

The 16 inch brass chain has a gold tone color, which gives the necklace a pretty antique look. The chain comes with an extender tail, so you can adjust the length to around 18 inches, to better suit your style and it has a secure lobster claw clasp.

This necklace will add an element of glamor to your casual styles and a touch of bling to your more formal styles. It would make a wonderful gift because of its versatility, and with its multi-colored appearance it will go with just about anything!

7. Bling Jewelry Silver Green Clover Swarovski Necklace

green clover necklace

Now, this is just what you’ve been needing; a little lucky charm that will go with you wherever you go. This adorable green necklace will give you some of the luck of the Irish, as well as being a super cute and stylish accessory.

This gorgeous necklace features a beautiful four leaf clover in sterling silver, encrusted with dazzling clusters of vivid green Swarovski crystals, that sparkle brilliantly in the light. The little pendant is just under an inch long and wide, so it’s a great size for wearing everyday, and will add that perfect pop of color to your day!

The delicate Rolo chain is sterling silver and measures 16 inches in length, letting the sparkling green clover sit higher on your neck.

This would be the perfect graduation gift, for someone just setting out on their adventures in life, or for anyone who needs a bit of luck on their side, for any exams or job interviews. It’s a delicate necklace that will catch your eye and enhance your personal style in a radiant way.

8. Mother’s Jewel Heart Green Emerald Pendant Necklace

green mother necklace

This darling little necklace would be the perfect gift for mothers of all ages and would make a particularly special gift for any new mothers, and especially mothers with babies born in May, with the emerald color. This gorgeous necklace will reinforce that special bond between a mother and her baby and will let her keep her child close to her heart at all times.

This stunning necklace features a pendant in sterling silver, in the shape of a heart, joining at the top with a mother holding her baby. The baby is cut in 14 carat yellow gold, adding a special touch to the necklace and drawing attention to the detail.

The heart pendant has beautiful green created emerald crystals along one side and genuine white diamonds along the opposite side, giving the pendant a little extra sparkle.

The chain is a box chain in sterling silver and measures 18 inches in length, making it an ideal necklace for everyday wear, as it won’t catch on your clothing or hair as much as some other chains might.

This is a delicate necklace that mothers will want to wear all the time and it will always add a fabulous splash of color to your day, as well as adding a special touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

9. Sterling Silver Swarovski Green Turtle Pendant Necklace

green turtle necklace

Now, who can resist a cute little turtle! This darling little turtle pendant is the perfect green necklace, as it’s fun and cute, as well as being sparkly and chic. This is definitely a necklace to wear to add a splash of color to any outfit.

The necklace features a gorgeous pendant, in sterling silver, cut in the shape of a detailed little sea turtle. The turtle’s back is fully encrusted in multiple shades of radiant green Swarovski crystals that give a special sparkle under light.

The pendant details the turtle’s shell with the crystals, to give a more realistic appearance. The sterling silver chain is a box chain, measuring 18 inches, so it’s just the right size for wearing to work or school, or anywhere you fancy.

The turtle pendant is about the size of a nickel, so it’ll stand out nicely on your neck. It would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves the ocean or the environment, or just loves animals or turtles. It’s a cute little character to add a little fun to your outfits and let you show off your personality in sparkling style.

10. Beadnova Tree Of Life Aventurine Jade Green Pendant Necklace

green tree necklace

Feel the weight just lift off your shoulders with this super relaxing Tree of Life necklace from Beadnova. This is the ideal piece of jewelry for anyone who’s wanting to relax and feel the calming properties of nature, as they’re all bundled up in this beautiful green necklace.

The silver tone brass pendant is hand crafted with green aventurine jade tumble stones threaded onto the metal wire to resemble leaves on a tree, with the wire as the branches. Not only will you have the calming properties from the jade stones but you’ll also have the healing powers of the tree, so you’re getting double the meditative powers from just one necklace!

The chain is a silver tone brass metal, measuring 24 inches in length, so it can sit like a charm necklace. It’s a pretty necklace that will go with lots of different outfits and will add a beautiful touch to any casual styles. Because of its longer length, it can be worn with other shorter necklaces to give a trendy, personalized look.

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