10 Perfect Pelican Toys You Need in Your Life


Pelicans are graceful flyers who skirt the crests of waves and dive-bomb fish from astounding heights. Their long bills and throat pouches strangely inspire curiosity in any viewer, with such thoughts as, “How many fish can they fit in there at one time?” Have you ever caught yourself watching them while at the beach or harbor? Do you find yourself day dreaming of Pelicans while at work?

Whether you answered yes or no, these 10 Pelican Toys are for not only for the ornithologist or a bird-watcher, they are suitable for just about anyone. These toys, figures and plushes will make great additions to any dock-themed room, creating the perfect ambience and verisimilitude that one finds by the water.

1.) Mellisa & Doug Children’s Hungry Pelican

Hungry Pelican Plush Kids Toy

This colorful and loveable Pelican Plush toy is great for teaching your infant or small child whether reinforcing fine motor skills or intuitively teaching about the food chain. The hungry pelican is safe for young infants and small children alike, it’s a 14″ cuddly plush pelican. The bill can open up and your child can place four different toys in the bill of the pelican, and watch them drop into the open belly of the pelican. The four different toys are a crinkly shrimp, a squeaking octopus, a rattling fish and a crab (all child-safe).

Aside from the 4 toys with varying textures and sounds, the pelican itself invites children to explore the different tactile textures, from crinkly wings, to floppy feet, this lovable Pelican will continue to offer countless hours of fun and bonding for you and your child.#

2.) Papo “Pelican” Figure

Pelican Toy Figurine

Are you looking for a high quality realistic representation of one of the most elegant aquatic birds for your animal collection? If so, look no further. This Papo “Pelican” Figure captures the majestic nature of the Pelican with its wings spread and a fish caught in its bill. What a better way to incite your imagination than this pose!

This figurine is a mere 5.9″ high, which offers you the flexibility to use it in a variety of ways such as a decoration on a cake, a dashboard ornament, on your mantle or a central piece to your wharf/sea themed room! Just think of the conversations you’ll have when your guests remark about your Pelican!

3. Schleich North American Schleich Pelican Figure

Pelican Toy Figurine

Do you have a Pelican lover in your family? Do you know someone who loves the New Orleans Pelicans? Why not gift them this high-quality Pelican Figurine? This figure captures the lacunae of the most poignant feature of the pelican. With it’s bill open, it looks poised to throw its head back and devour the fish it just captured from the sea.

This 3″ tall, hand painted, figurine captures the beauty of the North American White Pelican with its distinctive pink flesh around its eye and feet. This Pelican offers high quality detail and craftsmanship at an affordable price, it’s small size gives anyone the freedom and opportunity to place it in many rooms or places.

4. Safari Ltd Wings of the World White Pelican

White Pelican Figurine Toy

This Safari Ltd Pelican features high-quality craftsmanship and detail that makes this figure a great choice for an educator or ornithologist looking to represent this iconic aquatic bird. This figure is accompanied by a tag with educational information written in 5 different languages.

This figure is just under 3″ which gives you allows you to use it in a variety of ways, from being part of a bird collection, a life-like zoo that you’ve created or simply for play, this Wings of the World White Pelican offers high-quality detail, vivid colors for all collectors.

5. 14″ Brown Pelican Plush Stuffed Bird Toy by Fiesta Toys

Brown Pelican Plush Toy

What’s brown, can fly and is adorable in the form of a stuffed animal? This 14″ Brown Pelican! Everything about this plush toy makes you want to hold it in your arms and cuddle it as you binge watch your favorite series on Netflix, or for your child to cuddle as they fall asleep in the arms of Morpheus.

This Brown Pelican Plush Stuffed Bird Toy is perfect for any family because it is completely washable. Who likes their child walking around with a ratty dirty blanket or stuffed animal? This plush conveniently offers you the peace of mind that it can be washed, and can withstand most children’s lack of care for items. Despite it’s soft features and lovable size, Fiesta Toys offers you an accurate depiction of a Brown Pelican that anyone could enjoy. It makes a great gift for infants, young children and even teenagers who love Pelicans!

6. Beachy Pelican 9″ by Douglas Cuddle Toys

Brown Cute Pelican Plush Toy

This Beachy Pelican has all the trappings of a fine cuddle buddy for any Pelican lover. It’s cute plumage gives it a personality that children and infants will love, while it’s leathery beak and soft felt make it realistic. This plush makes a great companion for kids on any trip to an aquatic park (such as Marine World or Sea World) or other amusement parks.

Most Pelican Plush toys have legs and therefore suggest a standing posture, whereas Beachy has no legs and offers you and/or your child the freedom to imagine Beach floating in an endless sea of wonder and imagination. It looks so realistic that it could even be used in a science project or similar projects on Brown Pelicans.

7. Webkinz Pelican

White Pelican Plush Toy

Did you ever have a tamagotchi when you were a kid? Do you want to give someone else the opportunity to adopt a virtual pelican? Well, when you purchase this Webkinz Pelican you receive an online code to join the Webkinz World. What does that give you? It allows you to log onto the Webkinz internet site and adopt a virtual version of this cuddly 7″ Pelican Plush. It sits upright without aid and has beans on the body to help maintain this sitting posture.

By far this Pelican offers you the ability to not only enjoy the cuddly-ness of the pelican itself, but it also gives you the entertaining online component where you can enjoy interacting with a virtual Pelican that you’ve adopted via the purchase!

8. 12″ Plush Pelican 

White Pelican Plush Toy

This 12″ Plush Pelican is absolutely amazing. At first glance this Plush looks cartoonish and unrealistic, with overly rounded eyes, long legs and abnormally small wings for its size. However, with further consideration, this Plush fills the niche of the classic stuffed-animal. It doesn’t try hard to be too realistic, and that is what makes this Plush Pelican, by Fiesta Toys, great! It looks goofy and it’s meant to be. It’s soft, floppy and big enough for a small child to feel comforted when they’re sleeping, or to attend the imaginary tea party of your child.

9. Schleich Pelican Toy Figure

Cool White Pelican Figurine Toy

Ever thought what it would be like to create a miniature zoo? Ever wanted to recreate scene’s from your favorite vacation memory to the seaside? This Schleich Pelican Toy Figure can do just that! As with most Schleich figures, you receive high-quality, hand painted items without breaking the bank. It stands a mere 3″ tall and can serve as a perfect accent piece for anything marine or aquatic related such as mooring pins, the crest on a clock, a fixture on a mantle and many other places.

This hand-painted Pelican figure adds a depth of realism that surpasses most large-scale manufactured figures that you may find. If you care about detail, and you care about craftsmanship, then you will certainly want to purchase this fine figurine whether it’s to accent or complete any collection.

10. Ty Beanie Babies Scoop the Pelican Bird Stuff Animal Plush Toy – 5 1/2 Inches tall

Cute Pelican Plush Toy

Did you collect McDonald’s Beanie Babies in the late 90s? Is there a hole in your collection that Scoop can fill? If so, then this is your chance! If not, but you just want the cutest little Beanie Baby possible then look no further than this little guy. Scoops is a very rare Beanie Baby, and it’s no wonder why. His bill and pouch are just adorably oversized and his two little black eyes caricaturaly emphasize the lovability that is found in Ty Beanie Babies.

If you’re looking to relive childhood memories, or want to create new memories with your own child, make sure to get Scoop and continue that legacy.


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