10 Pink Womens Trainers You Can’t Ignore


Pink is the new black and trainers are the new Apple iPod’s. None of that may be true but when did facts ever matter? Did facts help the allies defeat Germany in World War II? Did facts help Kim Kardashian rise to fame? Have facts ever helped anyone at all? The answer is maybe but more importantly, the answer doesn’t matter right now. All that matters are pink women’s trainers.

Running is back in a big way. Some say it never went anywhere in the first place. Regardless, if you are not walking, running or something in the middle, you’re missing out. So stop reading this, get outside and move your legs. Move them fast or move them slowly. It doesn’t matter. Just move them. Before you do any of that though, hold on. You need some good running shoes.

What makes good running shoes anyway? That’s a great question. A great question that deserves an answer but you have to work for this answer. Good answers aren’t just thrown around like it’s nothing.

You will have to endure all 2000 words of this article to truly understand what makes a good women’s trainer and what doesn’t. If you’re ready, then let’s move on. If not, then that’s unfortunate because we are diving in any way.

1. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

pink womens trainers

Do you have gusto when you run? Gusto means having enjoyment or vigor in something you’re doing. Hence, if you are feeling enjoyment when you run, then you have gusto. If you don’t have gusto when you run, you are not alone.

Running sucks for a lot of people. That’s just a fact. You are moving faster than you want and pushing your body to all sorts or crazy extremes. What if there was a way to have gusto when you run though?

These Champion Women’s “Gusto” Cross Trainer’s will help you have gusto when you run. “Gusto” is right there in the name so of course, it will work. Besides having an inspiring name, there is more to these shoes than you think.

See that material? It’s lightweight and soft, meaning you can run forever in comfort. Furthermore, it has a memory foam insole for optimum relaxation. In fact, it might be so relaxing you won’t even want to run at all. But they are pink, so you will want to run around and show these bad boys off to the world.

2. PUMA Women’s Fierce Bright Cross-Trainer Shoe

womens pink trainers

Speaking of showing off, this next shoe is for all the eccentric personalities out there. If you want to look like a pink, space warrior from some pink space dimension, then this is the shoe for you. PUMA is always creative with their shoes and this particular style is no different. Now, you’re probably thinking if this shoe has any “functionality”.

Not all crazy looking objects are equally as functional. Remember the Delorean car? Yeah, those wing doors certainly weren’t functional but they looked darn cool. These shoes are kind of the same except for the fact they are functional. Super functional.

This is all thanks to the “demi height bootie construction with a textile vamp and cage overlay for optimal lockdown.” What that sentence even means is anyone’s guess. Just accept it for what it is and move on with your young, vibrant life.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Fit Sana 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe

womens pink trainers
Alright, let’s tone it down for a second here. For the more conservative runners out there, check out these ASICS. While they are still pink and attention grabbing, they certainly aren’t as explosive as those PUMA’s we just looked at. Don’t let the bland style fool you though. This shoe has some tricks up its sleeve. Well, more like in it’s sole.

Included with this shoe is something called a MONO-SOCK fit system. In layman’s terms, this is an internal elastic sleeve that replaces a traditional shoe “tongue.” We all know and love those tongue’s but sometimes, they get in the way while running.

So with this MONO-SOCK fit system, it feels like you are running in socks. Don’t worry though, you’re not running in socks. You’re running in shoes. It just feels like socks. Get it? Got it? Good. Let’s move on.

4. Nike Free Rn Distance Running Shoe

pink womens trainers nike

Where are all, you eccentric runners? You didn’t leave yet, did you? Did the ASICS scare you away? If so, come back because we have yet another eccentric shoe. These pink Nike’s are anything but traditional. Sure, they may look like your average mesh, rubber soled pink shoe but it’s anything but.

Beneath that funky pink exterior is some serious shoe technology. Ladies and germs, guys and pals. Introduce yourself to Zoom Air. Turn your attention to the forefoot for a second. Located there is Zoom Air. This technology has a low profile, pressurized air pockets that actually flex on contact. This gives the runner responsive cushioning and an ideal running shoe.

Still here? Good, because there is more. Don’t forget the Phylon Wedge. This handy Phylon Wedge is a foam piece in the midsole that makes for a clean, lightweight run. Whether you are running from your crazy Uncle Rufus, the police or just for the fun of it, you’ll do so in comfort.

5. Skechers Women’s Skech Air Element Fashion Sneaker

womens pink trainers sketchers

Skechers are the everyman’s shoe. For some reason, they always take a back seat to heavy hitters like Nike and Adidas but it’s time to give them some attention. Skechers makes a great shoe. They’ve always made a great shoe and now, they make a pink shoe. The beauty of these shoes is the mystery. We don’t know much about this shoe besides the textile sole and lightweight material.

Sometimes though, a mystery is good. Unlike the other shoes that tell everyone what they’re all about, Skechers leave something to the imagination. So if you really want to get down and dirty with experimentation, go with Skechers. They might be great, they might be horrible. You’ll never know until you try though.

6. ASICS Women’s Gel-DS Trainer 21 Running Shoe


asics womens trainers
We’re going back to b “ASICS’ on this on. Sorry for the lame play on words there but it had to be done at some point. For those just tuning in, do yourself a favor and read the rest of the list. Seriously, though, if you started reading this at number six, you’re weird. Anyway, for those just tuning in, go back to number three and read the blurb on that ASICS shoe.

Ok, are you back now? Good. What did you learn? Something about a MONO-SOCK or something? Yeah, it was fascinating right? Of course. Well, ASICS is not done blowing your mind yet. With this particular trainer shoe, ASICS has something called Impact Guidance System (I.G.S).

It sounds like some kind of missile defense system but do not worry, your shoes won’t kill anyone. At least, they shouldn’t anyway.

So, back to the I.G.S. ASICS describes this as their unique philosophy. In theory, it’s supposed to enhance the foot’s natural gait so it goes from heel to toe in an optimal manner. ASICS doesn’t stop there though.

It get’s much more intense with this shoe. On top of I.G.S, this shoe has a rear foot and front foot cushioning system. This allows reduced shock during impact and take off for your foot. Kind of makes your foot sounds like a cool fighter jet right? Well, remember, it’s just a foot even though ASICS doesn’t treat it like one.

Give some props to ASICS though. Does any other shoe company describe their shoe like a piece of military technology? One more thing you should know about this shoe. It’s called “propulsion truss tic.” Yes, we are still talking about a shoe here. “Propulsion truss tic” mimics connective tissue in your foot by creating tension as the foot enters the propulsion stage.

Alright, now that we got our science project out of the way, let’s move on to something a little simpler.

7. PUMA Women’s Ignite Limitless Wn’s Cross-Trainer Shoe

womens pink trainers
Here is a cool looking pink shoe. By this point, we established that PUMA makes the cool looking shoes while ASICS makes something more like a fighter jet. Don’t discredit PUMA though. They still make a fine shoe. Take this one for example. Not only does it look seriously stylish but it’s a high-performance running sneaker.

The best part about this sneaker is its versatility. Let’s say you are one of those busy people. You know the ones. They run around from home to work, back home again and everywhere else without breaking a sweat. Those people are time crunched enough. The last thing they have time for is changing shoes. If you are truly one of those people, then you will love these shoes.

These PUMA shoes are the type of shoes where you can work out at the gym, pop into Starbucks, grab a coffee and then head out to hang with friends all without changing your shoes. Of course, people might look at you a bit strange because you have incredibly bright, pink shoes on but forget them.

8. Nike Women’s Free Tr Focus Flyknit Training Shoe

pink womens nike trainers

Poor Nike isn’t getting enough love on this list. Do they really need the love though? They are probably doing just fine on their own but let’s give them a little spotlight anyway.

What’s the worst part about running? Forget what your answer is because the only real answer is hot feet. Hot feet are the worst. It makes your feet unbearably hot until you can’t run anymore. In the past, it used to be a great excuse to stop running but now, there is no excuse. That’s because Nike came up with an unbeatable solution to hot feet. It’s all about Flyknit.

If you want specifics on Flyknit then you’ve come to the wrong place. This isn’t a place about specifics. If you want specifics, then head over to ASICS. They are overly specific about everything there. All you need to know about Flyknit is that it cools your feet. Nothing more, nothing less. Now go. Run free. Fly through the streets with cool feet. Don’t ever make hot feet excuses again.

9. New Balance Women’s 577v3 Cross Trainer Shoe


womens pink & gray trainers
Back in the day, New Balance shoes were only for nerds and old people but those days are long gone. With today’s political climate, anything goes. That’s especially true for shoes. Today’s New Balance shoes bridge the gap between cool and nerdy. Not only do they look good enough for the cool kids to wear them everywhere but they have the functionality that nerds love and desire.

The 75% leather and 25% mesh combination gives you a tough, but a lightweight shoe. Sometimes 100% mesh shoes are just too much. What ever happened to shoes that felt like real shoes? Did we forget that we need a little substance to our feet?

New Balance didn’t forget. New Balance never forgets. That’s why they came prepared with this cross trainer shoe. It’s tough, it’s pretty and will last longer than a pomeranian on steroids.

10. Aleader Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

pink womens trainers
For our final shoe on today’s list, we have a curveball. While these shoes aren’t trainers per say, you should still consider them for your collection. As you know, running on solid land is great and all but do you really want to limit yourself there? Why not go back a few years on the evolutionary timeline and run in water once again? The only problem is your shoes. They get wet and that’s just not fun.

However, if you have these quick-drying aqua water shoes, you need not worry. Thanks to the water drain outsole, water won’t build up so you have excellent traction in slippery conditions. Furthermore, the open mesh means you have supreme breathability and quick drying powers when you need them (and you certainly will).

Life is all about preparing for the worst. We don’t like to think about it but unfortunate events do occur. You can’t control them all but with these particular shoes, at least you know your feet won’t get wet in the rain. Just that little difference will make your life better.

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