10 Purple Necklaces You Will Love


Purple is a color that’s been associated with royalty for centuries. So, why don’t you add this rich, elegant color to your world with a fabulous purple necklace and you, too, can add a little luxury to your wardrobe.

A purple necklace will accentuate your dazzling sense of style and will add a fun, vibrant element to any outfit! So, here are 10 purple necklaces that you will just love, so you can quickly be on your way to a fabulous regal lifestyle!

1. Godyce Heart Amethyst Purple Pendant Necklace

Purple heart pendant

This pretty little purple necklace will capture everyone’s heart with its sparkle and sheen. It’s a beautiful necklace for a range of occasions and a fabulous way of adding a glamorous touch of color into your life.

This purple necklace features a heart shaped pendant with a radiant purple zircon crystal, carved into a heart and set in a shiny white gold plated metal. The purple heart is designed to look like an amethyst and above this purple crystal is a clear round crystal that gives added luminosity to the necklace, making it sparkle even more on your neck.

The chain is a white gold plated chain that is designed to catch the light, creating a shimmering effect, which goes well with the crystal pendant. The chain is just under 18 inches in length but also has a 2 inch extender chain tail, so you choose the most comfortable length for your outfits and style.

The heart shaped pendant is around the size of a dime, so will stand out and look fabulous on your neck. It would make a great gift for anyone who loves purple and a bit of glitz, and it even comes in its own little gift box.

2. Jane Stone Floating Bubble Layered Purple Necklace

purple bubble necklace

If you’re looking to add a bold color to your wardrobe with a nice, bright statement piece, then this beautiful necklace will be right up your street. It’s a fantastic necklace for adding a glamorous edge to your outfits, as well as letting you show off your personal style.

This gorgeous necklace features round purple beads and multi-faceted purple resin charms, designed to look like floating bubbles. The layered effect of this necklace gives it a multi-dimensional look, that will stand out on your neck and compliment your outfits.

The chain is a gold tone metal, which measures just under 24 inches and comes with a 2 inch extender chain, so you can customize the length.

This would be a fabulous necklace to wear to a function or event. It will look terrific with a maxi dress for a casual look or with a smart top, as a chic collar style piece. It would also make a great gift and comes in a little drawstring pouch.

3. Beadnova Silver Plated Amethyst Purple Elephant Pendant Necklace

purple necklace

For a touch of cuteness and a touch of style, this purple elephant necklace is just what you need. It is a fun piece of jewelry that will add color to your wardrobe and keep you feeling stress free all day.

This pretty purple necklace features a silver plated brass pendant, crafted into the shape of a cute little elephant. The elephant’s body is made with a gorgeous, genuine natural amethyst. This purple quartz amethyst is said to have healing powers that will keep stress away and keep you calm and relaxed whenever you wear it.

And with the help of this shiny little cartoon elephant, you will have extra protection against anything that might want to cause you stress.

The chain that comes with this necklace is 18 inches long and made from stainless steel, so it’s extra durable to hold the pendant, which measures around an inch and a half wide by just over an inch long.

This would make a fabulous necklace for anyone who needs a bit of relaxation in their hectic life. It would be a fun little addition to any jewelry collection, and with its magic powers, you really can’t go wrong!

4. Jane Stone Ombre Purple Bib Statement Necklace

purple pink necklace

If you’re looking to add a stylish touch of color to your wardrobe, while keeping it feminine and chic, then this fabulous purple bib style necklace from Jane Stone is just the thing!

This beautiful necklace features a gold tone metal background with a painted pink and purple design to create the effect of graduated stones in an ombre effect. The gold tone background accentuates the pattern and gives it a stylish, modern look.

The chain is also a gold tone metal and measures just over 22 inches in length but comes with a 2 inch extender chain tail, so you have a little wiggle room when it comes to finding the perfect length for your outfit.

This purple necklace is the ideal piece of statement jewelry for adding a chic touch of color to your outfit and will look exceptionally stylish with a white summer dress or a white shirt. You can also wear it over your collared shirts, to create a vintage collar effect, that’s really on trend right now.

It would even make a fantastic gift for any fashionista and comes in a cute little jewelry pouch to keep it safe.

5. Rigant Dancing Ballerina Swarovski Crystal Purple Pendant Necklace

purple ballerina pendant

For all the ballerinas out there, this is the perfect purple necklace. It sparkles and shines just as a ballet dancer would on the stage.

This pretty necklace features a white gold plated copper pendant, carved into the shape of a delicate dancing ballerina, with a gorgeous purple Swarovski crystal to form her skirt and clear Swarovski crystals to accent the bodice and skirt trim. This sparkling pendant will definitely be seen around your neck, as it is almost 2 inches in length and almost an inch wide!

The extra long white gold plated chain is 23 inches and even has a 2 inch extender chain tail, so you can make it even longer, so you’ll be able to put the necklace on straight over your head! This sparkling purple necklace is designed to be worn long and will look great over a sweater or when combined with your other jewelry for a cool layered effect.

It would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves dance and it even comes in a little gift box to help with the wrapping process.

6. Finecraft Natural Amethyst Purple Butterfly Pendant Necklace

purple butterfly pendant

Everyone loves a little butterfly and now you can have a sparkling one of your very own. This purple necklace delivers on glitz, glamor and shine and is sure to add a stylish splash of color to anything in your wardrobe.

This adorable necklace features a sterling silver pendant, crafted into the shape of a gorgeous butterfly, with genuine amethyst crystals adorning its wings and genuine white diamonds along its body. This little butterfly packs a lot of sparkle into its size, with the pendant measuring 1 and a quarter inches wide.

The fine chain is a sterling silver rope chain, measuring 18 inches long, with a spring ring clasp closure. The chain is an ideal length for the pendant, so it will sit stylishly around your neck. This purple necklace has a beautiful rich color that is ideal for wearing everyday, with it being delicate enough to wear with a range of styles in your wardrobe.

With amethyst being the birthstone for the month of February, this necklace would also make a superb gift and it comes ready to wrap in its own little box.

7. Qianse Royal Garden Swarovski Purple Pendant Necklace

royal purple pendant

If you’re looking for a fabulous piece of bling that will also add a regal looking color to your wardrobe, then this stunning necklace is just the thing for you!

This beautiful purple necklace has a large Swarovski crystal in a vibrant shade of purple, which measures just over an inch in length. The crystal is extra reflective, which helps its color to shine through, reflecting between vivid purple and blue hues.

Above the purple crystal is a clear Swarovski crystal encrusted design that attaches the pendant to the chain and gives it an even more sparkling appearance.

The chain is a silver tone metal alloy, measuring 17 inches, but has the benefit of a 2 inch extender chain tail, so you can easily alter the length to suit your style. This would be an ideal necklace to wear both during the day and in the evening, to add a little sparkle to your outfit.

It has a vintage look, which adds to its charm and gives it a stylish quality. It would look great with a simple dress or top and would add a very chic touch of color!

8. Sterling Silver Pressed Purple Flowers Oval Pendant Necklace

purple flowers necklace

Now, if you’re searching for a purple necklace that has a more delicate feel to it, then this beautiful purple pendant could be exactly what you’re looking for.

This gorgeous necklace has an inch long oval pendant featuring real flowers that have been pressed and preserved within the clear resin pendant. The resin is encased in sterling silver, which enhances its chic look and gives it extra durability. The pretty flowers are picked from the fields of Mexico, which are then pressed and crafted into this fine piece of jewelry.

The chain is a cable chain in sterling silver and measures 18 inches, making it an ideal length for wearing with most styles, and the spring ring clasp will make sure it stays in place around your neck. This is a fabulously elegant necklace for wearing everyday, and it has a vintage feel that gives it a classic, timeless look.

It would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves flowers or likes a little bit of vintage style in their life. The necklace would definitely add a graceful element to your wardrobe, as well as a delicate splash of color.

9. The Little Prince’s Purple Rose Cylinder Pendant Necklace

purple flower cylinder

How cute is this little purple necklace! Everyone will be commenting on this pretty piece of jewelry when you’re wearing it. Designed to be just like the rose from The Little Prince story, this charming little pendant will be your very own rose to protect.

The necklace has a clear glass cylinder dome, with antique tone metal at the top and bottom, giving it a fairytale feel. Inside the little container is a purple fabric rose, which has a magical look about it. To add to the magical element of the necklace, there is a little charm next to the pendant, with “wish” engraved on it, inspiring everyone who wears it to follow their hearts and dreams.

The chain is an antique brass tone metal, in keeping with the tone of the pendant, and measures a very long 27 inches. The chain will easily go over your head and will sit low when you’re wearing it. Kids and adults would love this necklace!

It would look great when paired with other necklaces of varying lengths, with this purple necklace being the main charm piece. You’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into a fairytale with this cute necklace, and kids will love the idea of keeping the magic alive!

10. Fappac Swarovski Crystal Purple Rabbit Pendant Necklace

purple rabbit pendant

You’re not going to be able to resist this adorably cute little purple bunny pendant! It’s delicate, stylish and suitably sparkly.

This beautiful purple necklace features a rhodium plated open design pendant in the shape of a cute little rabbit. The body of the rabbit has a stunning purple Swarovski crystal that will catch the light beautifully!

The rabbit ears are accented in small clear Swarovski crystals, which give it that extra sparkle. The rhodium plating also gives it added luminosity and helps to make it gleam. The chain is also rhodium plated and measures just under 16 inches, so it will sit quite high on your neck.

This is a brilliant necklace for anyone who loves animals, especially rabbits. The unusual design gives it a delicate look, making it an elegant piece of jewelry for wearing everyday. It would add a rich color to your wardrobe and is subtle enough to wear for both day and night events, without being too colorful.

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