10 Red Women’s Sunglasses You’ll Adore


Is there anything better than someone is red sunglasses? On second thought, don’t answer that. Obviously, red sunglasses aren’t the be all end all of the existence but they do pack a certain punch. Red is a bold, powerful and confident color. People wear it to make a point. They wear it to stand out. It’s not a color for the weak but a color for the strong and intensely romantic.

One doesn’t simply wear red sunglasses without thinking. In fact, they put a great deal of thought into their sunglasses and how they go about wearing them. You should too. Now, you’re sitting there wondering just how you’re supposed to go about this whole process right? With such a wide selection of red sunglasses out there, you’re surely doomed to fail. Right? Wrong.

Luckily for you, there are amazing people out there. People who have one job and one job only. They want to open your eyes to the world of red women’s sunglasses. They want to help you on your quest for style and victory.

So, “they” put together a lovely list for you to enjoy and it just so happens that list is right here on this very page. So without wasting any more precious space, let’s begin our unforgettable journey.

1. FBrand Fashion Large Heart Shaped Retro Sunglasses

red heart shaped sunglasses

These sunglasses are first on our list because, let’s face it, we all saw it coming. When we think of red, we usually think of five objects:

  1. Corvettes
  2. Republicans
  3. Raw Meat
  4. Wine
  5. Hearts/Love

It’s number five that we are focusing on today. Whoever invented the classic heart symbol is a genius. First of all, it doesn’t look anything like a real heart yet this strange symbol somehow represents the entire emotion that we call love.

As one of the most iconic symbols in human history, it only makes sense that someone used them for their own profitable gain. Hence, we have these heart-shaped sunglasses.

They are undeniably cute and fun. Will they win over your crush on a warm, sunny day? That is yet to be decided. What you can guarantee from these glasses though is 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

So you can go out and frolic in the sunshine without worrying about any ocular damage. That being said, these sunglasses can not protect you from a broken heart so tread lightly friends.

2. SA106¨ Women’s High Point Squared Half Rim Look Cat Eye Sunglasses

womens red sunglasses
If you could associate the color red with one word that ends in “y” and starts with “s” what would it be? Really think about this one for a second. For those that said “salamy” you get a C+ for effort but you should really be ashamed of your spelling.

Hopefully, most of you landed on the word “sexy.” Yes, red and sexy go together like ice cream and cold, waterslides and fun or pizza and happiness. Basically, red and sexy just compliment each other nicely. Hence, the two joined forces for these unique sunglasses.

These are stylish glasses. These are not for the tame lady out there. They may only have a plastic frame and plastic lens but these glasses don’t represent plastic confidence. They represent rock-solid, steel beam confidence.

When you put these on, you’ll become another person entirely. You’ll say things you never thought you’d say. You’ll do things you’d never thought you’d do. Essentially, you will rule the world in your own unique way.

3. SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street Fashion Metal Frame Women Sunglasses SJ1001


red sunglasses for women

Fans of this blog know what’s up with SojoS and their crazy cat eye mirrored flat lenses. If you don’t know already, then take this opportunity as an important one. This is the secret to world domination. Is that an exaggeration? Perhaps but just listen up for a second. 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong, can they?

Actually, let’s talk about that for a second. What makes these sunglasses so popular? Is it the metal frame? PC Lens? UV400 protection? The answer is all of those and simultaneously none of them. Sure, people care about the semantics like that but they also care about style.

Just take a look at these things. Just try and say they aren’t unique. Seriously. Go ahead and try. That’s right, you can’t. If these sunglasses were to survive on style and style alone, it’s safe to say they would make it. But they don’t have to. They have the functionality to back them up.

Essentially, that makes them a tough competitor in the sunglasses game. Keep in mind though, we still have many more sunglasses to go on this list. So stay tuned.

4. VW Eyewear – Colorful Silver Metal Aviator With Color Lens Sunglasses

womens red aviator sunglasses

These are aviator sunglasses. You’ve seen them before. You know what they are all about. These ones happen to be red. Let’s move on.

5. Polka Dot Retro Fashion Sunglasses – 100% UV400

red polka dot sunglasses for women

Yes, it’s that time of the list. Number five is the midway point which means we will observe something in between horrible and awesome. Everyone knows these sunglasses. They are the cheap kind you an get at every single gas station or souvenir store in the world. Just because they are common though, doesn’t mean they are bad.

As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This sunglasses are popular for a reason. They are simple and stylish. People like simplicity but even more than that, they like affordability. These glasses are cheap and made of plastic. There is nothing too complicated going on here.

You can buy these and wear them everywhere. To the mall, bookstore, beach, bar, carnival, farmer’s market, motorcycle parade, etc. They are versatile and more importantly, replaceable. If you lose them, it’s no big deal.

As mentioned earlier, you can get these in any store in the world. So get out there, do what you want and have fun. The last thing we need in life is to worry about a material possession like sunglasses.

6. MERRY’S Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses for Women Men Round Lens Metal Frame S567

rounded steampunk red sunglasses for women

You grew up as a lover of science fiction but also have a love for all things steam powered. If only there was a world that combined these two fascinations. Oddly enough, there is a specific genre that does just this. It’s called “steampunk.” If you’ve ever seen the movie Wild Wild West then you have a general idea of what steampunk is.

Essentially, it’s combining high-tech, futuristic technology with that of the 19th century. It’s created a whole way of life for some people and a style to go along with it. If you’re one of these steampunk admires or just want something funky to wear, then perhaps you’d be interested in these glasses.

At first glance, they look like those famous, John Lennon, circular glasses from the 60’s and 70’s. However, upon further examination, you can see they have a unique quality to them. Whether or not you dig this unique style is completely up to you.

People seem to love it though and it’s made in Italy so it’s hard to argue with the people who made pizza and beautiful cars. Don’t even start with that argument saying China invented pizza. Even if they did, Italy perfected it.

7. SA106 Unique Oversized Cat Eye Hybrid Butterfly Sunglasses

womens red sunglasses cat eye
“You’re a beautiful butterfly,” said your mother one day. You, being the crazy little 5-year-old that you were, decided that she was telling the truth. You were a butterfly and you’ll be darned if anyone said differently. Ever since that day, you’ve tried your best to become a physical butterfly but with little luck. Well, today is your lucky day.

These oversized, high fashion sunglasses give the appearance that your eyes are butterflies. Now, your dream is finally coming true. Say goodbye to all your friends and family though because once you put this on, no one will recognize you.

You’ll just become that beautiful butterfly lady now. That’s all people will know you by. It’s up to you if you want to roll with that identity or just embrace what you already have.

If you need help deciding, here are some facts about these glasses. They have 100% UVA and UVB protection, polycarbonate lenses, a plastic frame and are not polarized. If all that is worth becoming a butterfly person, then so be it.

8. JOJO’S SECRET Oversized Square Sunglasses Metal Frame Flat Top Sunglasses JS00

red sunglasses for women square jojo
JOJO is back and her secrets are better than ever. According to JOJO, they focus on producing only the highest quality sunglasses imaginable. Besides looking crazy, they promise to take great care of your vision with protection from harmful sun rays.

These weird, oversized square sunglasses apparently are the latest eyewear style that surpasses the mainstream. That might be true JOJO, but here is one question and one question only.

Is being weird really worth it?

That’s a fantastic question. We’re all glad you asked. Unfortunately, that’s not a question that can really be answered. See, fashion is all about perspective. It’s all about what you personally find fashionable.

Perhaps you like these extremely weird looking glasses by JOJO. Maybe you’d rather go the steampunk route. It doesn’t matter what people think, it’s all about what you think and what you want.

JOJO says these are suitable for any face but we all know that’s not true. Even if it was, we must respect that some people don’t want these glasses. We must also respect that some people do want them. So what’s the point of all this rambling? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let’s just continue, please.

9. Polarized Wrap Around Sport Sunglasses


sporty red sunglasses for women

Now that we finished our emotional pep talk, it’s time to go exercise. Grab your favorite pair of women’s trainers and just go run. Run until you can’t run anymore. Watch our for that sun though, it’ll get you. Best bring some sunglasses too. Wait though. None of the sunglasses on this list are fit for running? What is a person to do? Great question. Check out these ones.

These are not your typical sunglasses. They aren’t meant to be fashionable but they are far from ugly either. Ideally, you want to wear these while doing some sort of sport. The secret is in that curvature. See how it wraps around like that? There is a purpose for that. There is a purpose for everything in life.

When these glasses wrap around your head, they are less likely to fall off. So go play volleyball, cricket, baseball, football or roll around in the mud for all anyone cares. These glasses can handle it. They’re tough. They’re powerful. Well, they are still plastic so don’t push them too far. However, you can certainly push them more than the JOJO glasses. Those are not for mud rolling.

10. zeroUV – Womens Oversized Cross My Heart Text Font Round Sunglasses

round red sunglasses for women
This has been a weird list. No doubt about that. Using that logic, it’s only fair that we end on a weird note. Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. You might remember this rhyme from childhood. What it really means is up for interpretation but that’s not the point of these sunglasses.

If you have trouble keeping someone’s attention then these are the glasses for you. People will stare into your eyes for hours just trying to figure out what those words mean. Random people on the street can’t help but follow you around. You’ll spark confusion, curiosity and then more confusion. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Of course, it is.

Standing out is getting harder these days. There are more people out there doing crazier things. We’re constantly trying to one-up each other as a species. Just wearing something bright doesn’t work anymore.

Now you have to walk around with big letters on your shirt, shoes that light up and rhymes on your sunglasses. We live in a complex time. So if you want to take it to the next level and compete with the rest, give these glasses a shot.

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