10 Super Cool Sloth Shirts You Need To Own


Your shirts have a significant lack of sloths on them. It’s a well known fact that the more sloths on your shirt, the cooler you are. Your friends will idolize you, your family with worship you, and you will conquer life!

Take the plunge and spice up your wardrobe with these 10 super cool sloth shirts:

1. Three Wolf Moon Sloth Shirt

Funny Sloth Shirt

Now this is what I call top quality fashion! Just look at it. It is beautiful art, I don’t even think the sexiest super model could keep up with this shirt.

This majestic sloth shirt will add at least two points to your attractiveness. There is a male and female option as well, so no one is left out!

What’s stopping you?

2. Women’s Sloth Tank Top

Women's Sloth Tank Top

Sorry guys, this one is for girls only. I mean if you’re a guy and you want to wear this, all the power to you…

This tank top isn’t as ‘in your face’ and could actually be worn out in public.

Perfect for a lazy sunday (slothday, heh) or for being the complete opposite of a sloth and going to the gym.

3.  Sloth Face Shirt

Sloth Face Shirt

Is there anything prettier than a giant sloth face staring at you? Your friends will thank you.

Good quality, good fashion sense, and a sense of humor. You’ll be pulling all the members of the opposite sex!

I wonder if you zoom in close enough you can see up its nose?

4. Ask Me Why I’m Lazy Sloth Shirt

Lazy Sloth Shirt

This creative sloth shirt is a good laugh for when you’re out and about. It doesn’t matter if you’re guy or girl, you can pull this off.

A heads up for the girls though, make sure you’re wearing something underneath…

I don’t want to read on the news later that girls are flashing people wearing sloth shirts!

5. Stripper Sloth Shirt

Stripper Sloth Shirt

Do we like sloths? Yes. Do we like pole dancing? Yes. A pole dancing stripper sloth is therefor amazing.

Such a vibrant pink is sure to draw attention to you, what more could you ask for?

The sloth shirt will do all the work in making you look fabulous!

6. Slothzilla Shirt 

Slothzilla Shirt

King Kong or Slothzilla? A fight we would all like to see.

I imagine the sloth is a lot slower at batting away those planes than King Kong.

I wonder how long it took him to get up there? Three days later Slothzilla made it to the top!

7. Keep Calm and Sloth On Shirt

Keep Calm and Sloth On Shirt

Most people are sick of the Keep Calm slogan. But this Sloth one everyone will agree with.

If you get slack for the slogan, get in their face and stand your ground. They do not understand the true power of the sloth.

Tell them if they say one more word about your brand-new, beautiful sloth shirt, you’ll call in a sloth assassin to keep them quiet.

8. Spongebob Squarepants Patrick and Sloth in Space

Sloth Shirt Spongebob

Do I need to explain this to you? It’s Patrick riding a Sloth. What more do you want?

No words can do this shirt justice, just get it already!

9. Adult Life In The Slow Lane Sloth Lovers T-Shirt

Sloth Shirt Slow Lane

Life in the slow lane, there’s also a hoodie if that’s more your style. This sloth shirt is quite tame compared to the others.

A true sloth lover will represent sloths no matter what. We understand if you need to build yourself up with more stylish sloth shirts before hand.

As long as you transition into wearing number 8, we’re happy.

10. The Astronaut Sloth Moon Shirt

Sloth Astronaut Shirt

This majestic sloth has dressed up as an astronaut and posed next to the moon just for a picture to put on a shirt. You owe him.

All you have to do is wear it. Are you going to let him down? You better not or there’ll be trouble.

Well that sums up our top 10 list of the super cool sloth shirts. You’ll be letting the side down if you don’t have at least one sloth shirt in your wardrobe.

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