11 Blue Earrings You Will Love


Blue is one of the most wearable colors in the fashion world and with so many different shades, you can always be sure to find that one shade that will be just the one you’ve been searching for. Blue accessories can look effortlessly stylish and ultra glamorous, they can look delicate and feminine, as well as bold and beautiful.

So, what better way to get on board with this chic color than to adorn your ears in a pretty blue hue with a fabulous pair of blue earrings!

Here are 11 blue earrings you will just love!

1. EleQueen Austrian Crystal Art Deco Blue Tear Drop Earrings

blue crystal drop earrings

If you’re looking for a sparkling set of earrings with a glamorous touch and a vintage feel, then these glitzy blue earrings are just the thing. With a 1920s inspired design, these earrings would make the perfect accessory for any formal occasion.

These sparkling blue earrings are designed with a vintage feel and feature dazzling blue Austrian crystals that are accented with clear rhinestone crystals. The total length of the earrings is just over an inch and a half from top to bottom, with the teardrop part measuring around three quarters of an inch.

The earrings are just over half an inch wide, so they will definitely stand out when you’re wearing them!

The stones are set in a yellow gold tone metal, which adds to their vintage appearance. These earrings would make a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to dazzle when they head out in the evenings!

The backs of the earrings also feature plastic posts, so they don’t pinch your ears as much. The sparkling blue color of these earrings makes them an ideal accessory for adding a bit of bling to a navy dress!

2. Finecraft Natural Sapphire Diamond Blue Hoop Earrings

sapphire hoop earrings

Now, these gorgeous earrings are just the thing if you want to add a delicate touch of glamor to your wardrobe. They are an ideal pair of earrings for wearing with any styles, as they have that beautifully classic look.

These stunning earrings are delicately designed with three genuine blue sapphires accented with genuine white diamonds. The sparkling gemstones are set in platinum plated brass and crafted into an elegant hoop. The hoops measure just under a inch in diameter, so they will look dazzling as they adorn your ears.

These glittering blue earrings would look fabulous with anything in your wardrobe and they are chic enough to wear for both formal and casual occasions. Their delicate and timeless style means they would make a fantastic pair of earrings for you to wear everyday.

They would also make a stunning gift for anyone who loves authentic gemstones and they come in a pretty little gift box. With the blue sapphires being the birthstone for September, they’d be ideal as a birthday treat!

3. Nine West Color Guard Blue Teardrop Earrings

Nine West blue earrings

If you’re in search of a pretty little blue accessory for that special occasion, then these cute little blue earrings from Nine West might be just what you’re looking for.

These beautiful drop earrings are designed with a bright blue synthetic gemstone carved into the shape of a teardrop and set on a silver tone metal of the same shape. They have a leverback closure in the same silver tone metal, which will help them to stay securely in place.

The blue stones have been cut so that they reflect the light and give a wonderful sparkling effect when you’re wearing them.

These little drop earrings are dainty and stylish and are designed to add a simple, classic elegance to anything in your wardrobe. They will be a great pair of earrings for wearing to a party or out to brunch, and this gorgeous shade of blue will add just the right touch of color to any outfit.

4. NYC Sterling Silver Round Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

blue topaz stud earrings

Now, these little blue earrings are the perfect piece of jewerly for adding a wonderful splash of color to your world without going too bold.

These stunning earrings features genuine blue topaz crystals set in sterling silver, in a round stud design. They are a fantastic piece of elegant jewelry that will delicately adorn your ears and give a chic sparkle wherever you wear them. These dainty little earrings measure just 6 millimeters in diameter, so they will be discreet enough for you to wear on a daily basis.

The backs of the earrings are sterling silver butterfly posts, so they’ll be durable, as well as safe for sensitive skin. They would make a stylish gift for any loved one, but you might need to buy an extra little gift box for them, as they only come in a clear pouch.

5. Gem Stone King London Blue Topaz Silver Earrings

blue and white topaz earrings

If you’re heading out to a glamorous event and you’re looking for the perfect blue accessory to go with that beautiful dress, then these stunning earrings could be just what you need.

These gorgeous earrings feature a radiant blue topaz stone cut into the shape of an oval and in the most beautiful shade of blue, known as London Blue. Above the blue topaz crystal is a dazzling created white sapphire.

Both crystals have been expertly cut so that they sparkle as they catch the light. The stones are set in sterling silver, with the earrings designed as a loop effect, with a leverback closure to make sure they stay on your ears at all times.

These stunning blue earrings are an ideal accessory to add a glamorous touch of color to your wardrobe and they will dazzle and sparkle all night long at any event you attend. They are chic and elegant, and dainty enough not to distract from your fabulous outfit.

They would look exquisite at a wedding and would make a wonderful gift for bridesmaids or anyone who loves this gorgeous color!

6. White Gold Blue Topaz Pear Shaped Drop Earrings

white gold blue topaz earrings

Now, who can resist these absolutely stunning little earrings! Featuring blue topaz, the birthstone for December, these exquisite earrings would make the most gorgeous gift, whether your loved one has a birthday in December or not! Or, you could just keep them for yourself and sparkle wherever you go!

These exquisite earrings feature genuine blue topaz crystals, shaped into a beautiful teardrops, and little round blue topaz crystals on the top. The crystals are accented with genuine white diamonds that sit just under the round blue crystals, giving the earrings extra luminosity and glitz.

The crystals are set in 10 carat white gold, including white gold posts, so they’re safe for sensitive ears and won’t easily tarnish, and the white gold is polished to give a more radiant effect.

These beautiful earrings are great for wearing everyday and will add a fabulously chic touch to everything in your wardrobe. They’re dainty and delicate enough for you to wear with other jewelry and will compliment your other accessories beautifully.

7. Honora Sterling Silver Blue Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

blue pearl earrings

If you’re looking for a piece of blue jewelry that will look elegant and chic and will go with anything in your wardrobe, then these beautiful blue pearl earrings could be right up your street.

These baby blue earrings feature freshwater cultured pearls, that have been dyed into a beautiful shade of blue. The pearls each measure between 9 and 9 and a half millimeters, so they’re large enough to be noticed on your ears but still small enough to give them their dainty look.

The earrings are set on sterling silver and have sterling silver butterfly backs, so they’ll be safe and secure on your ears.

These are an elegant pair of earrings that will add a sophisticated element to your wardrobe, as well as a delicate touch of color. They would look fabulous with a range of styles, from casual to formal, and would be the ideal pair of earrings for wearing everyday!

8. Bling Jewelry Nautical Seashell Synthetic Blue Opal Dangle Earrings

blue shell earrings

Now, you know everyone is going to love these adorable little earrings! Not only will they add a little splash of color to your world but they’ll bring you those fun, seaside memories as well.

These cute little blue earrings feature a little dangly conch shell, crafted in sterling silver, with blue synthetic opal detailing and clear cubic zirconia accents. These shimmering little earrings have fishhook backs, so will dangle nicely from your ears, and they measure just under one and a half inches in length.

These beautiful blue earrings will sparkle as the light catches them and will add a fun, colorful touch to anything in your wardrobe. Their casual style means you could easily wear them everyday if you wanted to, but they are also stylish enough to wear out to dinner or cocktails.

For anyone who loves the ocean or the beach, these earrings would be sure to make a fantastic gift! That’s if you can bear to part with these adorable little shells!

9. Soul Breeze Collection Blue Paw Stud Earrings

blue paw earrings

Now, here’s an excellent way to show off your sense of fun and your love of animals while looking sparkling and chic wherever you venture! These adorable blue earrings will add some stylish color to your wardrobe and keep you looking perfectly accessorized whatever the season.

Featuring little paws encrusted with dazzling blue rhinestone crystals, these gorgeous earrings are made from rhodium plated metal, which gives them an extra radiant look. The backs are plastic, to they’re safe for your ears and give you a little extra comfort when you’re wearing them.

These cute little earrings are only half an inch in both length and width, so they’re a fantastic piece of jewelry for wearing everyday, and because they’re studs, they won’t get caught in your clothes or hair!

The bright color of blue will make these earrings stand out and everyone will be wanting to know where you got them! Kids and adults will find these earrings cute and fun, and they’d make a fabulous gift!

10. Sterling Silver Pressed Blue Flower Teardrop Earrings

blue pressed flower earrings

For anyone who loves that classic, vintage look, then these pretty floral earrings are just the thing! They’re stylish enough to be worn with a range of different outfits but they also have that unique quality that make them fun and creative.

These beautiful earrings are crafted in sterling silver in the shape of a teardrop, with genuine flowers that have been picked from the fields of Mexico and pressed, to preserve their prettiness forever.

The delicate flowers are pressed within a clear resin, which shows off their natural beauty. With the sterling silver fishhook backs, these are comfortable earrings to wear everyday, wherever you choose.

These pretty blue earrings have a classic look that will add an elegance to any outfit you wear. They will add a bright but delicate touch of color to your wardrobe and will let you show off your sophisticated and feminine sense of style.

They would make an elegant gift for anyone who likes dainty, delicate jewelry with a twist, and they even come in a special little gift box, so they arrive ready for any occasion.

11. Sterling Silver Blue Opal Turtle Earrings

blue turtle earrings

How adorable are these?! Nobody will be able to resist these cute little turtles!

These stunning earrings feature sterling silver studs carved into the shape of a sea turtle, with synthetic deep blue opal detailing. The earrings are just under half an inch in length and width, so they’re the ideal piece of jewelry for wearing everyday, whether you’re going to work, school, or out to dinner.

These cute blue earrings are rhodium plated, to give them extra radiance, and they have sterling silver butterfly backs, which will keep them in place on your ears. These would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves animals or the beach. They’re stylish and super cute, and will be the perfect accessory for adding a fun touch of color to your wardrobe without going overboard!

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