11 Blue Womens Sunglasses You’ll Adore


If you thought we covered it all with the list of pink, women’s sunglasses then think again. In case you didn’t’ know, there are more colors than just pink. In fact, estimates state that the total number of colors we can see are 10 million. That leaves sunglass companies with a lot of options. However, we don’t have time to go over all that so let’s just stick with the popular colors.

You know them. Roy G. Biv. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. At least, that’s what we learned in school, Of course, there are the browns and blacks in there somewhere but let’s forget about that for now. Today, the real topic of discussion is blue.

For some reason, we always associate blue with boys but not today. Today, blue is all about women. More importantly, it’s about women’s sunglasses. So, let’s stop wasting time and get on with this wonderful list.

1. Unisex Retro Style Classic Vintage Sunglasses with Clear Lens White Frame OWL

blue womens sunglasses

Let’s start this list off slow and low. We have a long way to go and don’t want to waste all good stuff on number one. If you have any eyes whatsoever, odds are you’ve seen these sunglasses before.

They are not exactly women’s glasses but women can certainly wear them. They are stylish, classic and inoffensive. No one will pass you and gasp in shock. They are simply fresh, cool and above all, blue.

Don’t be fooled by the style though, for these particular glasses are nothing fancy. Yes, they got a great review on Amazon but they still have a plastic frame, plastic lens, and are not even polarized. These are the type of sunglasses you want for backup. They are the kind of sunglasses you bring to the party with you on the beach.

If you leave them in the sand or lose them in the waves, it doesn’t matter. They are cheap and look good. That’s basically the whole point here. Now, let’s class things up a bit now.

2. SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street Fashion Metal Frame Women Sunglasses SJ1001

blue womens sunglasses
Sojo has a motto. You can see it right there on their package. “Secret in your eyes” is what they claim. Is it just a clever slogan or is there some real truth here? Well, the answer is both. With these glasses, you will certainly have some secrets in your eyes. That’s all because of the mirrored lenses.

Mirrored lenses don’t tell you everything. They hold back complexities. That’s a good thing. When you first meet someone, you don’t want to spill out your heart right away and give up too much information. They say you can tell a lot about someone from your eyes. Hence, it’s in your best interest to be a little secretive.

Besides the mirrored lenses protecting your identity, these glasses protect something else. We are talking about UV400 rated protection. UV400 is essential when protecting your eyes against the sun’s radiation.

It blocks 100% of harmful rays. Usually, when something is so functional like this, style is sacrificed. That’s not the case here though. It’s possible to be healthy and stylish all without giving away your secrets.

3. Joopin-Men Retro Brand Polarized Sunglasses Women Vintage Round Sunglasses

polarized blue womens sunglasses
Round sunglasses are back again. John Lennon brought them to the mainstream in the 1960’s and 70’s and then they disappeared for a while. Well now, they are back and more popular than ever. Just take a stroll in any of the hip parts of Brooklyn, Amsterdam, or Tokyo. If you look hard enough, you’ll find many people with these glasses.

Don’t feel left out. Forget your individuality for a second and jump on the bandwagon. Buy these sunglasses and become instantly hip without even trying. You’ll be a hipster in no time. Besides looking cool though, these glasses actually have a function.

Like the ones before this, they are polarized lenses. Now, that doesn’t mean they are UV400 rated, but they are better than your average sunglasses at protecting the eyes. Looking and feeling good never seemed so easy. Actually, there are probably easy ways to look and feel good but just roll with this one.

4. SA106 Women’s Color Mirror mirrored Lens Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses

mirrored blue womens sunglasses
Since we are on a retro kick, for now, let’s keep the vibe going. As you can see in the picture, these sunglasses are pretty retro. Retro is in though. Any style is in if you have the confidence to pull it off. So, if you love oversized cat eyes, then you will love these glasses.

According to the description here, these oversized cat eye sunglasses have plastic frames and plastic lenses. Again, this is nothing fancy here but it’s good for a cheap, fashion upgrade. If you want something a little more expensive and high class, then just wait for a second, for we will get to that point in the list.

For now though, just let this retro style soak in as you think about the intricacies of life or whatever it is you think about.

5. WearMe Pro – Colorful Transparent Round Super Retro Sunglasses

transparent blue sunglasses
They’re blue, they’re bold and they’re back. For those that read the list on pink women’s sunglasses (if you didn’t, shame on you) then you remember this crazy contraption by WearMePro. If they look like weird sunglasses to you then you are completely right. They are weird but approach them with an open mind. Weird isn’t always bad. Weird can be good. Weird is good.

See what just happened there? That was a routine brainwash scenario. Well, now that you are onboard with the weirdness, take a gander at these here sunglasses. At first, the plastic frame and plastic lens don’t seem like much but look closer. Look much closer. What do you see?

What you see is a lightweight and durable product with a unique design. There’s not really much more to it than that. Sure, people might look at you weird and all but forget them. Weird is good remember? Blaze your own trail for once.

6. HODGSON Sports Polarized Sunglasses

blue sports womens sunglasses
All you women out there, raise your hands. Wow, there certainly is a lot of you. Now, let’s take a step out of this fictional, hand raising scenario for a second and transport ourselves to the race track. Yes, the race track.

Love it or hate it, the race track is there and people run on it. Perhaps even one of you ladies run on it. For those that do, then you are all too familiar with the crazy scenario that follows.

It’s high noon on a beautiful, sunny day. You start running your laps around the aforementioned race track and find great enjoyment in the thrill of it all. Just as that elusive “runner’s high” starts creeping up on you, something happens. It’s not a cramp, sprain or anything of that matter. Instead, it’s your beloved sunglasses. They fell off, only to be trampled by the runners close behind.

It’s a tragic situation really. One of the most tragic. Alas, this can all be prevented by these wonderful glasses. See, they are sports, polarized sunglasses. They are designed for protection, comfort, and stability.

You won’t see these things falling off your face. Run east, west, north and south. Run fast, slow, or whatever. These loyal sunglasses will stay with you forever. You have a new best friend.

7. Flowertree Women’s S014 Heart Aviator 55mm Sunglasses

heart shaped blue womens sunglasses
Are you running out of ways to express your love? Of course, you are! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article right? Sunglasses are the key to love. If you didn’t know that, then that is a tragic fact of life.

It’s never too late to learn though and it’s certainly never too late to love. However, expressing love isn’t always easy. It takes words and stuff like that. It’s difficult. If only there was a way to express love without saying anything at all.

What if you could express love just by simply looking at someone? Sounds crazy but it’s possible with these sunglasses. Once someone stares into your beautiful, blue, heart-shaped eyes, they will instantly think of love.

That metal frame with plastic lenses will suck their souls into yours. Soon, you’ll be conjoined in perfect, romantic harmony. The best part is, you didn’t even have to utter a word. These glasses speak for themselves.

8. Tifosi Women’s Alpe 2.0 SingleLens Sunglasses

womens sport sunglasses
We took a little love detour for a second there. If that bothered anyone, then this next pair of sunglasses should bring you back to reality. Here, we have yet again another, exercise-friendly pair of sunglasses.

However, there is a large difference between these ones and the other ones. Take a minute and try to figure it out. Ready yet? Ok, one more minute then. Alright, here’s a hint. It has something to do with style. Actually, it has everything to do with style.

When some people exercise, they think style is out of the equation. They think that just because they are getting sweaty, that style has no place. Well sorry to those people, but they are wrong. Style and fitness can exist in the same realm. Take these sunglasses for instance. The nylon frame ensures it’s tough and the sleek, aerodynamic qualities make it great for exercising.

To top it all off, this is tortoise shell style. Actually, it’s blue tortoise shell style. It’s hard to argue with that. In fact, it’s impossible to argue with that. So don’t even bother. Just go back to exercising in style with these awesome sunglasses.

9. Faux Wood Reflective Revo Color Lens Horn Rimmed Sunglasses

wood womens blue sunglasses

Everyone loves good wood but no one ever talks about faux wood. Faux wood is underrated. You get all the same beautiful looks as real wood but without the environmental damage. Well, perhaps faux wood harms the environment too but let’s stay focused here.

These glasses are fake wood. If that’s not awesome then what is? Cats? Pizza? Cats eating pizza? Sure, those things are cool too but again, stay focused.

Underneath the cool, faux wood exterior is a plastic frame. No one has to know that though. As you walk down the street, strutting your stuff as always, let the people think that you have real wood glasses.

Let them think you are cooler than you actually are. After all, it’s about faking it until you make it. If you wear these fake wood sunglasses long enough, maybe, just maybe, you’ll get real wood ones someday.

10. Nature Bound Computer Glasses

womens gaming sunglasses
Ready for a little curve ball? No? Well, too bad because here is a curveball. Naturebound Computer Glasses. Nature and computer’s don’t really go together so what’s the deal here? Well, forget about the name for a second. It’s rather irrelevant. The real topic of discussion today is your eyes and how they are strained.

Yes, your eyes are strained. Did you not know that? If you are reading this very article, then you are experiencing some eye strain. Sorry, but it’s the truth. So how does one stop all this nonsense? The only logical explanation here is to wear these massive sunglasses. Besides looking weird, they have a purpose.

These particular computer glasses have blue light blockers. Using yellow tinted lenses, these glasses help block the blue light, thus preventing eye strain. This provides you immediate relief from “digital fatigue” dry eyes and even improves sleep. Sure, they aren’t the most stylish things around but you won’t even care about that after knowing how much better your eyes feel.

11. Aviator Sunglasses For Women

blue aviator womens sunglasses
We started this list off simple and we are going to end it simple. Aviators are a timeless fashion. They transcend genders, stereotypes, class and everything else. They are the glasses for the everyman and everywoman.

They are not just for pilots anymore. Aviators are a thing of beauty. Especially when they are blue. Perhaps the best part about aviators is that they make you feel just so darn cool. Just go ahead and try to act weird in aviators. It’s just not possible. Everything you do with these things on wil become a fashion statement. Well, maybe not everything.

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