11 Crocodile Toys You Will Love


Just like a classic cheese pizza, crocodiles don’t get enough credit in life. Sure, we may fear them but do we really respect them? When it comes to scaly, lizard creatures, all of our respect goes to the dinosaurs. However, that’s a flawed system.

After all, dinosaurs are extinct. They didn’t make the cut. Guess who is still lurking around our ponds and swamps though? That’s right. The crocodile is a fighter. A survivor. A pure and utter legend.

So how do you pay homage to one of the greatest beasts to roam this very Earth? Unless you are Steve Irwin, odds are you don’t want to meet one face to face. Hence, there is a safer way to immortalize the raw beauty of this animal.

Of course, we’re talking about crocodile toys here. There are more croc toys than you think on the interwebs so let’s stop wasting time and dig into this precious list of the best crocodile toys ever made.

1. NiGHT LiONS Tech Remote Controlled Crocodile

Night Light Crocodile Toy

Since today is all about crocodile respect, let’s get this list started off right. The folks over at NiGHT LiONS wanted to do more than creating a business with a lower case “i”. They wanted to create a memorable crocodile toy for all ages. The result? A realistic looking, remote controlled crocodile.

For a relatively affordable price, you can control your very own crocodile throughout the various rooms of your property. Besides being a great way to scare your little sister, this toy is educational. Kids can get a close hand look at the crocodile and observe it in all its glory. Most likely though they will just use it to scare their friends. It’s all in the name of good, clean fun.

2. Elefun And Friends Crocodile Dentist Game

Crocodile Toy Dentist Game

Children hate the dentist but they don’t hate cartoons. The greatest minds on Earth struggle with this very concept. Why do kids love cartoons but hate the dentist of all things? It’s a difficult issue but there is an answer.

Kids hate the dentist because, for some odd reason, they are afraid of high-pitched, metal equipment disturbing their delicate mouths. For this reason, there has never been a way to make the dentist fun. That is, until now.

Hasbro decided to fight fire with fire with this one. Kids fear the dentist but also fear crocodiles. Hence, by combining the two fears, they cancel each other out and create one massive, enjoyable experience.

It’s common psychology folks. The result is a fun, kid-safe toy that puts dentists and crocodiles in one glorious world of harmony. The winner avoids getting chomped by the croc while performing dental work.

Not only does this help them overcome their fear of dentists and crocodiles but it might even inspire your little tyke to become a dentist and buy that beach house you’ve always wanted but never could afford on your teacher’s salary.

3. Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Saltwater Crocodile Realistic Hand-Painted Toy Figurine Model

Realistic Crocodile Figurine Toy

Now, let’s say your loved one (or even yourself for that matter) has matured past the point of dentist fear. If so, congratulations! That is a big step. Hence, it means you can move on to the next realm of crocodile toys.

Gone are the days of silly, remote controlled crocodile toys. Now, you want the real deal. Well, it doesn’t get much more realistic than this hand-painted croc figurine.

Whether you are a collector, educator, croc enthusiast or whatever, this large figure will impress you. Besides its striking beauty, this toy has a little educational tag in five languages (yes, five) and is made entirely out of safe materials.

So yes, that means you can put it in your mouth without any harm. However, that’s still not recommended. Seriously though, don’t put the crocodile in your mouth.

4. 3 Sprouts Toy Chest, Crocodile, Green


Crocodile Toy Chest

Hopefully, by this point, you’ve accumulated three, crocodile themed toys. Seeing as there’s much more to come, an existential crisis will soon arrive. Crocodile toys are great but just where will you put them all?

Sure, you can put them in any old cabinet but you’re better than that. You want to stick with the crocodile theme here, don’t you? If you don’t, then are you really a human worthy of existence? The answer is no. Don’t worry though, for there is a solution.

This here toy chest not only keeps your crocodile toys organized, but it even has a crocodile on the box itself. It simply doesn’t get any better than that. You might think it does, but it doesn’t. This here is the pinnacle of our existence. Crocodile toys in a crocodile box. The excitement doesn’t end here though folks.

5. Gund Snappi Alligator Stuffed Animal


Crocodile Plush Toy Cuddly Animal

We have walking crocs, dentist crocs, hand painted crocs and even a croc box. However, no croc collection is complete with a good, old stuffed croc. In real life nature, crocodiles are not cuddly little guys. We are humans though. We like to create the impossible. We put a man on the moon so we’ll be darned if we can’t cuddle with a crocodile.

Hence, the plush crocodile stuffed animal was born. What’s that you say? Oh yes, it technically is an alligator. If that’s a real issue to the crocodile purists out there sorry. However, take a seat for a second and open your mind.

Once you wrap your arms around this 16 inch (40.5 cm), surface washable alligator, you’ll forget all about the semantics. After all, Abraham Lincoln once famously said “comfort is as comfort does.” The point is, just hug the toy and watch your troubles wash way in a sea of reptilian comfort.

6. Hape Crocodile Wooden Toddler Push and Pull Walking Toy

Crocodile Pull-Push Toy For Kids

Let’s say your kid wants a dog. Sure, it might make for a fun little addition to the house but you know the truth. The kid won’t walk the dog. You will walk it while they stay inside watching Spongebob reruns and eating Twinkies by the handful. That’s no reason to avoid a canine companion though. It’s possible to teach your kids the importance of animal walking. So, start them off right with a crocodile.

That’s right, a crocodile. If they can walk a crocodile, they can walk a dog. Of course, this isn’t a real crocodile but a little crocodile toy on wheels. To make the walking process easier, a tiny rope is attached to the croc.

Before you know it, your kid will spend hours pushing and pulling their new favorite toy while haveing fun in the process. Hopefully, it teaches them the ethics of walking and animal care. If it doesn’t, this next toy surely will.

7. GeoCentral Hatch’em Alligator Egg Growing Pet

Crocodile Hatching Egg Toy

As just promised, this next toy will help everyone learn about the wonders of animal care. Of course, it’s irresponsible to use a real animal for a first timer. Think about your first pet. Is it still alive? No, it was flushed down the toilet along with your hopes, dreams, and confidence.

That’s why you get this alligator egg growing pet to practice on. If it dies, you learn a lovely life lesson without the trauma and soul-crushing guilt.

With this toy, just a little care goes a long way. In just forty-eight hours, this little egg transforms into an adorable baby alligator. Aren’t the wonders of science just amazing? No? Well, then listen up. If you want to shrink the creature back down, just take it out of the water.

To help it grow back, simply place it in the water again. You can’t regrow a puppy but you can regrow this toy. So if you mess up raising it the first time around, just start over and try again. If only they could do this with real people. You know the types.

8. Alligator Family Bath Toy – Floating Fun!

Crocodile Bath Toy - Floating Device
So far we’ve had a lot of learning experiences on this list. While learning is certainly necessary, what’s wrong with a little fun? Don’t answer that because the answer is nothing. If you disagree, then please show yourself out. If you are interested in crocodile-themed fun, then stick around and jump in the tub.

Bath tubs are fun enough on their own but it’s only made better when you add a crocodile to it and it’s even better if that crocodile isn’t real. After all, it’s best to avoid any life threating injuries while in the tub. Save that for another time. Perhaps the best part of this toy is that it comes in a set. That makes it a fun toy the whole family can enjoy.

What ever happened to family bath time anyway? Thanks to people like Steve Jobs, family time is dying. It’s time to save it and what better way than family bath time? Grab your kids, grab your significant other and most importantly, grab your floating croc toys.

Now, you can all have fun in the tub while getting clean! You’re going to need a bigger bath. Yes, that was a Jaws reference. Looking back, it didn’t really translate very well but let’s leave it in there anyway.

9. Safari Ltd Prehistoric Crocodiles TOOB

Prehistoric Realistic Crocodile Figurine Toys

We started this article talking about respect. Love is a four letter word but respect, that’s seven. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. See? No lies here. Speaking of lies, stop lying to yourself and admit it. You don’t really know much about crocodiles, do you? Do you even know where they came from? Do you know where they are going? Before you embarrass yourself, check out this educational toy.

To truly understand the crocodile in all its glory, you must first understand it’s past. This particular box set comes with a collection of prehistoric crocodiles. Each miniature figure is accurately crafted not only for educational realism but for longevity.

You can carry these little beasts wherever you go. Skiing? Ancient crocodiles. Family picnic? Ancient crocodiles. Breaststroke across the Indian Ocean? You guessed it, ancient crocodiles. It’s time to let your guard down. Embrace the past that is ancient crocodiles. You just might learn something.

10. Bfun Woodcraft 3D Puzzle Assemble and Paint DIY Toy Kit, Crocodile

Crocodile Puzzle Jigsaw Toy
Puzzle. 3D. Crocodiles. Art. Those are four things. Three of them are related. Fooled you. They are all related. Now that you’re humbled, let’s please move on. For those that want to take their crocodile love to the next level, then check o this toy specifically.

This 3D static puzzle is perfect for the “DIY” person, art addict, animal lover and everything in between. It’s easy enough that a four-year-old can assemble it but just hard enough to create a fun challenge.

Perhaps the best part of this toy is the creative freedom. Much like LEGO, this toy has no limits or boundaries. You can follow the instructions and create an accurate crocodile or you can completely turn this world upside down. The choice is yours but just be careful not to get paint in your eyes. It’s not toxic but it’s just best to avoid that situation altogether.

11. Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Crocodile Xylophone Pull Toy, Multi

Crocodile Pull Toy For Children
We’ve traveled far and wide on this crocodile toy journey. Hence, it’s only fitting to end on this note. Crocodiles are not just an animal. They are a way of life. You know what else is a way of life? Music. Therefore, it makes sense to combine the two. Perhaps there is no better way to do that then with this Giraffe Safari Crocodile Xylophone Pull Toy.

What is it exactly? Is it a giraffe? A crocodile? What about a xylophone? The answer is all of them but simultaneously none of them. All you need to know is this animal-instrument hybrid combines the best aspects of music and nature.

For those that ever looked at a croc and said “I need to play music on that thing” then this is the toy you need. If that isn’t cool enough, it even has a rope for easy pulling. Yes, you can bring this animal instrument all around the world.

In a way, that’s the best way to respect the long and fruitful history of this magnificent beast. So get out there and spread the word on crocodiles, music, love and peace. You probably didn’t think we’d go this deep today but as Abraham Lincoln once said “life is full of surprises.”

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