11 Monkey Costumes You Need To See


While shopping, sometimes you see something that’s an absolute necessity. Like water for example. You know you need it or else death awaits. Since you want to avoid death at all possible costs, you drink water (hopefully daily).

On the other side of the spectrum, we have items we don’t think we need but are secretly necessities. There are countless examples of this but today let’s just look at just one of them.

Monkey costumes are not only fun and adorable, but they might just save your life someday. When the monkey overlords finally reclaim planet Earth, what side do you want to be on? Do you want to remain a human?

Those people that abused monkeys all those years? No. You want to be on the winning team. Hence, it’s in your best interest to stock up on monkey disguises while there is still time. So listen up and check out this list of the best monkey costumes found on Amazon.

If all else fails, you’ll be ready for the next dozen Haloween parties or so.

1. Forum Novelties Women’s Playful Animals Monkey Costume Accessory Set

monkey costume face mask

When thinking about monkeys, immature creatures swinging from vines probably comes to mind. However, don’t discredit our closest relative like that. Monkeys are not only smart but beautiful. Sexy even. So it only makes sense to combine the gorgeous qualities of monkeys with that of a lady. The result is this women’s monkey costume accessory set.

For those looking to go the whole nine-yards with their monkey style, then listen up. You get the ears and tail while the rest is completely up to your imagination. Furthermore, the 100% polyester material makes it high-quality so you can live out those monkey dreams for years to come.

2. InCharacter Baby Lil’ Monkey Costume

baby monkey costume

When the inevitable “monkeyocolypse” comes someday, you think they will spare the children? No. Monkeys are ruthless. Every man, woman, child, man, and woman is a target. If you want to keep your child out of monkey enslavement camps, check out this little monkey costume. Besides being ridiculously adorable, it’s even pretty realistic.

This fully lined, zipper bodysuit comes with leg snaps for those quick diaper changes (which you know will happen). After you’re done cleaning all the human excrement from your baby, just slap the costume back on, attach the tail, slip on the hood and put the little monkey boots on those little feet.

Of course, since we’re dealing with babies here, you know things will get messy. Thankfully it’s completely machine washable.

3. Kids Morgan the Monkey Costume

monkey costume for kids

Now let’s say your little baby got so comfortable wearing a monkey costume, that they want to wear one for life. Well, that’s fine and all but as we know, humans grow. Thus, the monkey suit no longer fits. This tragic event can all be avoided through with one simple solution.

Once your baby grows into a full grown child, deck them out in this Kids Morgan monkey costume. It’s a little bigger in size and also more advanced. Now, their entire face is covered with a monkey mask.

You won’t even realize that monkey is a kid if you’re not careful. On a side note, please be careful around zoos. That is unless you want the kid to be shot with tranquilizers and forced into imprisonment with the other escaped monkeys.

Depressing realities aside, this is a good monkey costume for the growing monkey addict. Hopefully, they eventually shake their monkey addiction and start dressing like a normal human eventually. If not though, there are plenty of adult options.

4. elope Monkey Ears & Tail Set

monkey ear and tail costume set

As you transform into adulthood, you will become a more sophisticated human being. Along with that, your monkey addiction becomes more dignified as well. Gone are the days of the full monkey suit. Those are for only hardcore monkey enthusiasts and children. If you still want to monkey around without losing any self-respect, then class it up with this monkey ear and tail set.

The ears come with an elastic band that fits any size. Monkey ears don’t discriminate. As for the tail, it attaches with that genius invention velcro. Fun fact about velcro by the way. The name comes from combining the two French words velours (velvet) and crochet (hook).

Now, you know where to get a classy monkey costume while simultaneously learning something all in one day. If that’s not a success than you might want to rethink your values.

5. Wizard of Oz Deluxe Winged Monkey Costume, Medium (75th Anniversary Edition)

Wizard of Oz monkey costume

Don’t limit your monkey love to normal monkeys. Monkeys come in all shapes and mystical sizes. There are small monkeys, big monkeys, talking monkeys, sleeping monkey and of course, everyone;s favorite, flying monkeys.

Yes, those flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz probably scared you to death as a child but there’s only one way to overcome that fear. Be the monkey. No, this isn’t some crazy propaganda. You (yes you) can become the flying monkey that haunted your very childhood.

This deluxe flying monkey costume comes complete with a hood and attachable wings so you get that official flying monkey look. If you are still questioning the authenticity of everything, then take comfort in this fact.

This is official Wizard of Oz merchandise. That being said the wings don’t work. It’s sad that this has to be mentioned but we live in a weird world these days. People are not that smart. Hence, we have to be overly careful with saying that these fake monkey wings don’t actually work. Thank you for listening.

6. Monkey Set With Sound

monkey ears costume

Up until this point, we’ve covered a lot of ground. We have monkey babies, monkey children, sexy monkeys and even flying monkeys. However, we are leaving out a crucial part of the monkey anatomy. Ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, let’s talk about sound for a second.

Yes, that very same sound that comes from your hungry stomach, the broken down 1971 Ford Pinto or the sound that came from your rear end after the 1998 El Paso Bean Eating Contest (of which you won).

The point is, people, love sound. It helps us experience something in auditory beauty. Hence, if you are serious about your monkey business, you need to have sound.

By putting on these monkey ears, nose and tail, not only do you look the part but you sound the part too. No longer will your friends call you “monkey fraud” or “fake ape”. Show them how serious you are.

Just press the nose and watch as your friends bow to you in allegiance. You are now the monkey king. You look and sound like a monkey. There is perhaps no greater feeling in the world that this one. Cherish it. Digest it. Bask in all its glory. You are king.

7. Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Monkey

Women's Cozy Monkey Costume

Let’s face it, ladies. When it comes to monkey costumes, comfortable options just aren’t that vast. So what’s a girl to do? Well, one option is to sit around and wait for a solution. The other option is not to wait because a solution already exists. That’s right ladies, now you can monkey around without that nagging pain in your body. Monkeys can frolic in comfort and now you can too.

Furthermore, this monkey outfit is ideal for cold climates. It’s warm, extremely soft and 100% polyester. They basically pajamas. However, instead of those other pajamas you have, you don’t have to take these off when you go to buy canned tuna at Wal-Mart.

Just think of all the smiles you’ll create when you stroll down the aisle after aisle hopping about in your monkey outfit. Perhaps you will change someone’s life with this comfortable monkey outfit. Never underestimate the power of a monkey suit. Especially in a place like Wal-Mart. Anything is possible in there.

8. Life-like Zoo Animal Ears Headband Accessory

Monkey Headband Ears

If you paid attention to number seven, then you might remember how wearing a beautiful monkey costume such as that has a positive impact on someone’s life. Now, perhaps some of you out there aren’t exactly comfortable putting yourself out there.

First of all, that’s perfectly ok. You don’t have to be a wild, monkey extrovert to make a difference in this world. So for the people that want to be a little more “low key” about their monkey expression, please direct your attention to this particular item.

As you can see, this is merely a headband accessory. There is no tail, no nose, and certainly no teeth. Just the life-like, furry ears. However, they are made from some high-quality material meaning you can take these anywhere without risking damage.

Furthermore, they are so portable that you can roam the streets in monkey fashion. You may even forget these ears are on you at all. In fact, you should.

It’s time to stop this monkeying around. Why should we fear what people think of us in today’s society? If you want to bounce around wearing monkey ears then go for it. Cast those judgemental looks aside.

Wear the ears and wear them with pride. You’ll feel better about yourself and hopefully inspire a new generation of monkeys to do the same.

9. Costume Monkey Nose

Monkey Nose Costume
Noses. Monkeys have them. Do you? Of course, but it’s a human nose. Don’t get all wise here and say “monkeys and humans are closely related.” Yes, everyone knows that. Thanks for your input. Still, a monkey nose is not a human nose. If you’re serious about your monkey costume, a human nose just won’t do.

Now, don’t go stealing real noses from real monkeys. If you do that, PETA will be on you faster than a snake on free pizza day. Don’t worry about the joke. Just accept it. Move on. It made sense.

Anyway, just strap this monkey nose on and see what happens. Odds are, it will look better than your weird human nose.

10. California Costumes Men’s Adult Gorilla Costume

Gorilla Costume

So far, we’ve talked a lot about monkey costumes today. You’ve probably thought more about monkey costumes than anything else in your young and fruitful life. First off, you’re welcome. Secondly, don’t get too comfortable in the monkey realm. We’re about to change things up a bit here. So get ready.

The title of this is “11 Monkey Costumes You Need to See.” Well, we are about to break the rules and introduce a gorilla costume. While monkeys are actually more closely related to us humans than gorillas, they still deserve a place on this list.

Why? Because this costume is pretty rad. It’s 14” high, 10” wide and covered in faux fur. Can you say that about anything else in the world? You can try to, but you’ll fail. Hence, just accept the fact that this is a rad costume and will make a hit at any costume party (or just regular party for that matter).

11. Rubie’s Costume EZ-On Romper Costume

Baby Monkey Costume

We started this whole conversation off with babies. Just as life comes full circle, so will this particular article. Hence, let us end this magnificent journey on babies. Children. Miniature humans. They grow up to be bigger and then grow even older and start to shrink. That’s life. Enough about life though, let’s get back to monkeys.

As you can see by this monkey costume it will turn an already cute baby into an even cuter monkey. There’s not really any crazy science behind this. It’s simply about cuteness. If you are looking for functionality, prepare for disappointment.

If you’re looking for reason, logic or science, then go home. There is no place for that here. It’s simply an adorable monkey costume. It’s designed to be tough, comfortable and above all, cute for your kid.

Your kid might be disappointed in the future. They will see that you dressed them up as a little cute monkey and cringe. However, that’s the beauty of parenthood. You and you alone, have full control of style during that period of their life. Take advantage of that. Buy them a cute monkey costume and just go wild.

If this cheeky article spoke to your inner monkey, why not discover some of our other wonderful pieces?


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