11 Red Necklaces You Will Love


Red is such a fiery color and it has a bold and confident appeal, and sometimes you just want to have that little touch of red in your style to get you through your day. Red is a fantastic color for brightening up an outfit. Because of its radiance, you often only need a little accessory. So, a red necklace is just the thing!

With a gorgeous red necklace you can add a fun or sophisticated element to any wardrobe. No matter what kind of necklace you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have an eye catching design.

Here are 11 fabulous red necklaces that you will just love.

1. Jerollin Multilayer Fashion Bead Red Strand Necklace

red bead necklace

This is the ideal red necklace if you’re looking for a statement piece of jewelry. This bright choker style necklace will dress up any outfit and will be the center of your style.

The necklace features multiple layers of little red resin beads that give a fabulous effect when joined together. The beads join near the clasp, where you have an adjustment tail, so you can extend or shorten the length of the necklace to between 8 and 10 inches, giving you more control over how the necklace sits on your neck.

This beautiful necklace is handmade and has a delicate feel to it because of the small beads.

Beads are the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe and this necklace would look gorgeous during a relaxed summer evening event, or out to lunch with friends.

2. Jane Stone Red Statement Flower Necklace

red bubble necklace

This stunning red necklace will be your new go-to statement jewelry. It’s dazzling and vibrant, and everything you could want in a statement necklace.

This bold red necklace features a bubble pattern in a floral design, with large teardrop shapes that are covered in a multi-faceted red enamel, giving them a gemstone look and making them more reflective to light. The silver tone alloy chain is just under 19 inches in length and comes with an extender tail that lets you add another two and a half inches onto the length.

This necklace will go wonderfully with a lot of outfits, and a good thing about the design is that you can wear it over your clothes, such as a collared shirt, and it will give you that decorative collar effect that’s super on trend right now.

It would make a great accessory for any occasion, either in the evening or during the day, at any time of the year. The necklace would add a fantastic splash of color to a black outfit and would go great with a matching lip color.

3. Glamorousky Elegant Red Rose Austrian Crystal Necklace

red rose necklace

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’s stylish and feminine, then this red necklace could be the piece for you. This gorgeous necklace features red enamel roses and red Austrian crystal flowers linked together on a fine, silver tone, metal chain, giving it a daisy chain effect.

The silver tone chain measures just over 16 inches in length and can be adjusted to make it up to 3 inches longer, so you can choose how you wear it. The necklace has a delicate look to it, with its unusual design, and will add an elegant touch to any of your outfits.

It would look great with solid black or white styles, to add a nice pop of color, but it will also go well with more delicate floral designs, to keep with your theme, if your prints are not too overpowering.

This necklace would also make an excellent gift and it comes ready in its own little gift box.

4. Normcore Simulated Birthstone Red Swarovski Elements Necklace

birthstone red necklace

Now, this red necklace would make a fine gift for anyone who’s birthday is in July! Not only does it have a birthstone, it has a little charm with the month of July engraved in it, as well as the personality trait; passionate. You can also get them in different colors and stones to represent the rest of the months of the year.

This red necklace features a simulated red ruby, which is a Swarovski Elements crystal, so you get a luminous gemstone that will sparkle as if it were a real ruby. The red crystal pendant is enhanced by the two little charms on either side.

One charm is a little silver tone alloy heart and the other is the little metal disc with the engraved words, but it also has a clear crystal in the center, between the two words, giving it that extra touch of sparkle. The silver tone alloy chain is 18 inches long, which is a fashionable length for this charm style of necklace, and it makes it stand out a little more when you’re wearing it.

This gorgeous necklace will look fabulous with any outfit and would be a great piece of jewelry to wear everyday.

5. La Regis Gold Freshwater Pearl And Simulated Ruby Necklace

red pearl necklace

So you can’t decide between rubies and pearls? Or maybe you just want a red necklace that has a little more elegance about it. Well, this one might be just what you’ve been looking for.

This gorgeous red necklace features two rows of beautiful simulated rubies and is accented with white cultured freshwater pearls. It is a wonderful piece of jewelry for adding a little sophistication to an outfit and, because of its ruby and pearl design, it will always be stylish no matter where you go.

The necklace features a 14 carat yellow gold clasp, so you’re getting the traditional style of clasp that comes with pearls. The simulated rubies are faceted so that they reflect the light and sparkle like a real gemstone would.

This necklace will add a fabulous pop of color to your wardrobe and it will also bring out a healthy glow in your face. It would make a fantastic gift and even comes in its very own gift box that’s decorated with a chic little bow.

6. PammyJ Single Red Rose Crystal Pendant Necklace

red rose pendant

Is there anything more synonymous with romance than a single red rose? This red necklace has romance in abundance and would be the perfect gift for your loved one or yourself.

This stunning necklace features a beautiful red resin rose with a silver tone stem that has clear crystals above and below the leaves. This feminine design is elegant, with the right amount of sparkle.

The pendant measures an inch long and just under half an inch wide, so it’s delicate but eye catching. The silver tone chain measures 18 inches long, meaning it’s a good length for wearing everyday, and it’s a snake chain, so it won’t catch on clothing or hair quite as much.

This gorgeous necklace has a fairytale feel about it, with its Beauty and the Beast style rose design, so perhaps it will bring a little bit of magic to your day when you’re wearing it. It comes ready to give as a present for your loved one, in a special little gift bag and box.

7. Heirloom Finds Red Ladybug Pendant Necklace

ladybug pendant

Now, how about this for a cute little pendant! This adorable little ladybug brings a touch of fun to this red necklace, but still keeps it elegant enough to wear everyday, wherever you go.

This beautiful pendant feature a red enamel ladybug with black enamel spots and eyes on a yellow gold tone metal base. The back of the ladybug is covered in clear crystals which can be seen because one of the wings is in an open position.

The ladybug pendant is around half an inch wide and long, so it’s got a delicate look, making it dainty enough to wear to work or school. The link chain is 18 inches long and is a yellow gold tone alloy, to match the pendant.

This darling little red ladybug necklace would make a wonderful gift for anyone who likes a little fun in their life or just needs a little bit of cheering up. Everyone’s day will be brightened when you’ve got this little guy around your neck.

8. Chuvora Hand Blown Venetian Glass Red Heart Pendant Necklace

glass heart red pendant

If you’re looking for something a little different, then check out this red necklace. It features a hand blown glass heart, using Venetian Murano glass, which gives it a unique appearance.

The glass heart is red in color with little silver colored flowers embedded within the glass, giving it even more radiance. The heart pendant is large in size, being around 2 inches wide and long, so it will definitely stand out on your neck.

The chain that it comes with is a leather cord style chain, with a metal clasp and a 2 inch metal extender tail, so you can extend the length from 18 inches to 20 inches.

This necklace would make a beautiful gift for anyone who likes jewelry that has a bit more edge to it. It’s a stylish design that will enhance any casual outfit and will be a conversation piece wherever you go.

9. LadyColour Rose Gold Sweet Heart Swarovski Red Heart Pendant Necklace

rose gold heart pendant

Stand out in style with this beautiful red heart necklace from LadyColour. This stunning and sparkling necklace will definitely attract attention and you’ll have all your friends asking you where you got it.

This radiant red heart shaped pendant features a brilliant red Swarovski crystal that is adorned with clear Swarovski crystals, set in a rose gold tone base metal. The rose gold tone gives the necklace a glamorous appearance and the sparkling clear crystals add extra glitz. The chain is a rose gold tone base metal, measuring 18 inches in length with a lobster claw clasp.

The back of the pendant is hollow and decorated with the rose gold metal, intricately cut in a pattern with a little heart at the center. The rose gold tone is super trendy right now, so this necklace would make a fabulous gift for any fashionista who loves a bit of bling. This necklace really will have you sparkling all day and all night.

10. Multi Strand Red Shell Necklace

red shell necklace

Get back to nature with a fantastic necklace made from shells! This pretty red necklace is made entirely from shells, well, except for the string that it’s on.

This red necklace will add a beautiful pop of color to all of your outfits and it will be a superb piece of statement jewelry to have to jazz up your wardrobe. The necklace features a fabric chain, with no metal on it at all.

Even the clasp is made out of shells, with a little toggle button closure, making it extra easy to get on and off. With the necklace being shells, it brings with it an effortless look, but the multiple layers give it a glamorous appearance that will add an elegant look to any of your styles.

This necklace has the versatility to be worn for both casual and formal affairs, so it’s just up to you where you take it.

11. AmorWing Semi-Precious Round Donut Red Pendant Necklace

round red necklace

Semi-precious stones are often known around the world for their healing powers and this red necklace is no different. This necklace features a Red Jasper Stone pendant, which is said to comfort you and calm you in times of stress by giving you a tranquil peace of mind.

The pendant is in the shape of a round donut, which, in China, means safe and peace, so this necklace is providing you with double the healing powers to keep you calm and protected from stressors.

The necklace has a black nylon chain that measures 14 inches in length, with no metal, that can easily be adjusted to make it shorter to suit your personal style. This is a fantastic necklace for wearing for yoga or meditation, as it will help to keep you in a tranquil zone.

Because of its unisex appearance it’s equally suitable for both men and women, making it a great gift for anyone! It will also add a lovely touch of color to all your casual styles.

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