12 Dinosaur Toys You Have To Check Out


What do bell bottoms, Enron and Britney Spears all have in common? They all went out of style many years ago.

Those things may have been good in their prime, but now, they are just faint memories. However, there are some products of humanity that never go out of style.

They were popular from day one and will continue to be fan favorites until the very end. Dinosaur toys are a prime example of this. Think about it.

When have dinosaur toys ever gone out of style? Sure, they go up and down the charts but for the most part, kids loved them in the past, love them now and will continue to love them forever.

There are all sorts of dinosaur toys out there and most of them are amazing. However, your time is valuable so to help you out, here is a neatly compiled list of the best dinosaur toys around.

1. Pretex Plastic Assorted Dinosaur Figures

Dinosaur Toys For Kids

Do you like convenience? Do you hate shopping? Do you crave variety in the simplest of forms? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you need to check out this dinosaur toy. It’s the miracle toy for the time-starved because it has everything in one. Instead of trying to decide which dinosaurs you really want to buy, just get this set.

Suddenly, you are blessed with 12, 7” dinosaurs in a variety of colors. How are you supposed to know all the names of these extinct creatures though? Glad you asked. Also included is a dinosaur history book.

Besides being fun, this book might even inspire you, your kid and everyone in between. Soon, your house will be crawling with wannabe archaeologists. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is up to you. However, it’s hardly the worst thing you could have crawling in your house.

2. Animal Planet Grow Egg

Dinosaur Toys Grow Eggs

We’ve all seen Jurassic Park right? Well, ignore that movie for a second. Whoever made it, works for a corrupt government conspiracy group that wants us to believe growing dinosaurs is dangerous. That’s actually not true at all but the fact is, growing dinosaurs is ok. In fact, it’s actually fun! The spirit of this lives on in Animal Planet Grow Eggs.

Inside, you’ll find three colorful eggs. They say you can’t make an omelet without cracking some eggs but in this case, you can’t grow a dinosaur without an artificial plastic toy egg. The magic behind these hatching eggs is well documented. Seriously, just read the box. However, have some fun and pretend they are magic for a second.

Upon hatching, these three, cute baby dinosaurs (T-rex, triceratops, and ankylosaurus) grow 10 times their normal size. That’s 11 times their normal size but minus 1! Incredible! Lame jokes aside, this toy is both magical, educational and inspirational.

Furthermore, your purchase helps support the R.O.A.R foundation, which is Animal Planet’s program to help animals in need. Unfortunatley, they were a little late on helping the dinosaurs.

3. My Big Dinosaur Book

Big Dinosaur Picture Book

If you’ve ever wanted a dinosaur book of your own, this is your chance. Impress your wife, kids, friends and colleagues with “My Big Dinosaur Book”. If you are having a hard time wrapping your mind around this product, here is some help.

Imagine some trees. Now imagine them all dead and turned into paper. Put that paper together and fill the pages with educational, dinosaur content. Finally, make it big. Now, you have “My Big Dinosaur Book”.

Besides being fun to look at, this book will help improve your child’s vocabulary. It might even help improve your vocabulary. Never underestimate the power of education when combined with dinosaurs. It never fails to surprise. There are more than 3 million copies of this book sold so now is a good time to jump on the bandwagon.

4. Adventure Planet Dinosaur Set With Carrying Case

Dinosaur Toy Set Plastic

We are already on number four of this dinosaur toy list. Surely, by now you have all sorts of pressing questions. Some of them may be answered. Others will remain a mystery. However, one question we are about to cover is the question of portability.

Everyone knows the best dinosaur toys are the portable ones. Dinosaur toys don’t carry themselves and lugging around that T-rex gets exhausting after a while. If only there was some sort of invention to combat this issue.

Fortunately, some genius out there thought of a brilliant solution. By attaching a handle to a plastic box, you can now carry all your favorite dinosaur toys with ease! It sounds too good to be true but it’s a reality.

This box fits up to 20 dinosaur figures (or whatever your heart desires). Bring them to the beach, to the river, to Uncle Gunther’s house or on your upcoming deep sea diving trip. Wherever a handle can go, so can these toys. The possibilities are truly endless.

5. Walking T-Rex Dinosaur

T-Rex Dinosaur Toy Figurine

Since we’re on the topic of portability, let’s dive a little deeper. What’s more portable than a handle? How about a toy that walks itself! That’s right, dinosaurs aren’t truly extinct. Well, actually they are but thanks to the wonders of technology, a toy dinosaur now walks.

Not only does it walk, but it roars and flashes beams of light out of its eyes. While this might scare the little ones, it will certainly help them learn about the king of the Jurassic age. Furthermore, this guy is ASM certified which makes for a fun, non-toxic experience for everyone.

6. Melissa and Doug 4-1 Dinosaur Puzzle

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle Toy

Who are Melissa and Doug? Don’t worry about it. The point is they make a fine dinosaur puzzle. This particular box set has four puzzles in one. Each puzzle features a different dinosaur and a new opportunity at education. Perhaps the best part of this puzzle is the quality. Unlike other flimsy, cardboard puzzles out there, this one is made of solid wood.

No matter how much sugary, cereal milk some kid spills on this puzzle, it will remain intact. No matter how many layers of mucus build up on this puzzle, it will remain strong. Go ahead. Try it out.

Yes, that’s a dare. Bring it with you anywhere you want and test the durability of this puzzle. If it breaks, then congratulate yourself, for you put a lot of effort into breaking a kids toy. Hope that was fulfilling for you.

7. Jurassic World Velociraptor Claws

Jurassic World Velociraptor Claws

Let’s pretend Halloween is right around the corner. Seeing as Jurassic World is your favorite movie of all time, you want to be a velociraptor for Halloween. Who can blame you? Those guys are awesome.

So being the crafty genius that you are, you construct a homemade velociraptor costume that rivals that of the movie. However, there is only one problem. The claws. You just couldn’t get the claws right. Well, fear no more, for there is a solution.

These foam rubber claws will make you look and feel like the vicious beast without actually hurting anyone. Scaring your friends never felt so cool. The only problem is, unwrapping candy bars is a bit hard. That’s why you need a gorilla friend in your Halloween squad. You know for the opposable thumb and all.

8. T-Rex Plush Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

Cuddly Dinosaur T-Rex Plush Toy

Everyone relax. We are up to number eight on our list and it’s been a frightening ride. Dinosaurs are not a light topic. Not in any way shape or form. So let’s tone it down a bit here. Let’s just get comfortable. Not all dinosaur toys have to be scary. Some can be cute. Even a T-Rex.

That’s where this plush, T-Rex stuffed toy comes in. This 9” tall cuddly beast is made of soft plush for optimal comfort. It comes in blue and gray giving you comfort in options as well. For those that still want a little fear in their toys, this still satisfies.

This is no smiley Barney type dinosaur here. It’s vicious but in a cute, cuddly sort of way. Now that we’ve successfully toned it all down, let’s get back on track to serious dinosaur toys.

9. Dino Meal Game

Dinosaur Meal Game

What dinosaurs eat all depends on their species. For the sake of this particular toy, let’s say dinosaurs eat eggs. See, the whole objective of “Dino Meal” is to rescue dino eggs before the big, bad T-Rex eats them for supper.

This is easier said than done. Watch, as the tension builds beyond belief. With each egg rescued, the difficulty rises. Keep calm though. You have to keep calm. If not, the T-Rex will steal away some young life that had so much promise. So much potential. It’s their life on the line and you are 100% responsible for it. Don’t mess up.

While this is a high-pressure game that toys with the game of life, it’s still remarkably fun. Just try not to think of the philosophical matters of life and death while you’re playing. Other than that, enjoy yourself and save those eggs!

10. “How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?” Book

Cute Dinosaur Book For Kids

How do dinosaurs say happy birthday? Don’t mock the question, for that is a serious one. Some of the top minds in science are trying to figure this out right now. However, it’s up to you to find the answer.

Thankfully, someone wrote a book on this very subject. Not to give too much away, but odds are, you are going to learn a thing or two about dinosaurs, birthdays and stereotypes.

Yes, that’s right. Stereotypes. It’s a stereotype that dinosaurs don’t celebrate their birthdays. Well, sorry to break it to you but they do. Not only that, but they are extremely fun birthday parties. If you still don’t believe it, then check out the book and keep and an open mind.

11. LEGO Creator Dinosaur Kit

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Building Kit

When LEGO and dinosaur’s join forces, you know something amazing is going to happen. Sure, building a T-Rex out of Lego’s is certainly cool but this particular toy goes above and beyond.

Not only can you build a T-Rex, but you restructure it into a triceratops or pterodactyl. For those not counting, that’s three dinosaurs in one. Now, it’s all up to you what to build.

Of course, the best part about LEGO is not following the rules at all. When you’re done building all three dinosaurs, let the creative mind take over. Try creating your very own dinosaur invention and see what happens.

In fact, you don’t even have to build a dinosaur at all. That’s the pure, raw beauty of imagination. The only limit is the 174 pieces this particular box comes with. Don’t let that stop you though.

12. Melissa and Doug Wooden Stamp Set

Dinosaur Wooden Toy Set

We just couldn’t finish this list without mentioning the world famous Melissa and Doug again. Who are these guys? It doesn’t matter remember? As long as they keep spitting out genius toys like this, then their anonymity is to be respected.

Last time Melissa and Doug graced us with their presence, we saw an impressive dinosaur puzzle set. Puzzles are great and all but what about stamps?

Stamps are not just for mailing and collecting. They also have educational and artistic value. At least that’s what Melissa and Doug think. Seeing as they are toy geniuses, we better listen to them. Ok, enough with the M&D praise, let’s dig into the logistics of this toy.

Inside this set are eight stamps, five colored pencils and a two-color stamp pad. You don’t have to be a math wiz to realize the power of these numbers. For a creative child (or adult for that matter) this gives you a huge amount of wild opportunities.

This set inspires creativity and improves motor skills. Furthermore, Melissa and Doug once again show off their impressive build quality.

We all know children and adults alike love to destroy things. Which makes it so frustrating when a device is made cheaply. Melissa and Doug understand that concept though. They pride themselves on structural integrity.

Much like the puzzle we discussed earlier, this wooden stamp set is built to last. The sturdy wood box ensures all the stamps stay clean, safe and out of harm’s way. If taken care of properly, this will last you at least 10 years. If only we could say the same for Apple products these days.

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