12 Fun Ways To Exercise And Lose Weight


Exercising makes losing weight a tiny bit easier. When you exercise, you burn calories. If you burn more calories than your body needs to sustain itself, you’ll lose weight.

The problem is, exercise can be boring and finding the motivation is difficult. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 12 unique and fun ways to exercise that can help you lose weight.

Let’s get started with number one!

1.) Buy A Trampoline

trampolineRelease your inner child by getting a trampoline!

Jumping on a trampoline is exhilarating and it is hilarious, especially if you have a workout partner with you. If you have the space and money to buy your own trampoline, that’s great!

If you don’t have the space or money, check out the local trampoline clubs in your area. They’ll also show you how to do all the fancy jumps, such as front flips and back drops.

To the parents out there: a trampoline will keep your kids busy all summer! Bonus points: sun bathing on a trampoline is the best!

2.) Go Rock Climbing

rock climbing
Rock climbing requires a serious amount of upper body strength. It’s also fun and challenging. You wont even realize you’re working out because you’ll be too busy trying to let go.

Go to a climbing center and take a beginners course. Safety is super important.

Bringing someone along with you will be a good laugh and they can help you by spotting holds and holding your line.

The most important part of rock climbing is your grip strength, train yours by getting a Grip Strengthener

3.) Play Video Games

Xbox Kinect

Stay active with interactive video games. The Nintendo Wii is great for exercise, especially if you play one of the more interactive games like Wii Tennis.

You’re not limited to the Wii. Xbox has Kinect and the PS4 has an interactive camera.

If you don’t want to play an interactive game, simply make a rule which gets you doing exercise.

For example, do 10 push ups after every match.

4.) Try Martial Arts

Bruce Lee Fighting Book

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, pretty much all of them get you moving. Just try the one that looks the best.

You can either try and learn it yourself through videos and books (cheap option) or you can enroll in a class and be taught by an expert (expensive option).

5.) Get Dancing

Salsa Dancing DVD

There are hundreds of different styles of dancing you can try. Try them all and find out which one you like the best.

Pretty much all forms of dancing get your heart beating. It’s fun and everyone wishes they could dance!

6.) Go LARPing

Role Models DVD Larping

LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing.

Don’t be too quick to judge. This will give you a good workout and it will be a new experience. It is honestly good fun as well, check out the movie Role Models.

Check online to see where your local LARPing events are held.

7.) Go Hiking

Hiking Backpack

Hiking is a wonderful experience which also gets you moving. You can either go on a lone hike to think about life and enjoy the scenery or you can hike with friends and catch up with life.

Be sure to plan your route and keep a phone on you. Try not to get lost on a hill!

Combine this with camping overnight and you have an exciting weekend planned.

8.) Start Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing DVD

You’ll feel silly at first, but pole dancing is an excellent workout. It tightens everything up and requires a serious amount of strength.

You can join a class and do it with friends or you can install one in your own home. Either way it will be a good laugh.

9.) Get A Dog

Dog Toys

A dog is like your very own personal trainer that always wants attention. Aside from being adorable and a great companion, exercise with your dog is important for you both.

Having a dog makes all those excuses go out the window. Your dog will need exercise and it isn’t fair if you don’t give them it. Plus the puppy eyes will guilt you.

10.) Start Hula Hooping

Hula Hoop For Losing Weight

Hula Hooping is back, so get a hoop and bang on some music. Hula hooping burns tons of calories and it’s always a laugh.

If you want a flat tummy, hula hooping is amazing for your core.

11.) Take Up Skipping

Skipping Rope For Losing Weight

Skipping is an intense workout that is good in short bursts. If you do 10 minutes in a day you’ll still burn a load of calories.

If you want a good laugh, get a longer rope and do doubles with your mates.

12.) Play Ultimate Frisbee

ultimate frisbee

Either play it with your friends or join a club. Ultimate Frisbee is hilarious and you’ll be surprised with how far you run every game.

It will be hard at first since no body will know how to throw a Frisbee, but stick to it and you’ll be a pro in no time.

That brings our list to an end. We hope you found something that takes your fancy. Exercising is super important for a healthy lifestyle, but so is enjoying yourself. If you can find something that fits both criteria you’ve got a winner.

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