13 Frog Jewelry Pieces You Will Love


Frogs are symbols of the environment and nature conservationists because of their link to the rainforest. Their cuteness has made them become little characters and now nobody can get enough of these strangely adorable little creatures.

Frog accessories are everywhere and it can be difficult to know what to buy. You want to be able to share your love of frogs and nature with everyone as well as show off your personality through your accessories, so what do you do?

You buy some frog jewelry, of course! Adding a little bit of frog bling is the perfect way to accessorize your wardrobe on a daily basis.

So, check out these 13 frog jewelry pieces that you will absolutely love, and get ready to shine!

1. WildKlass Jewelry Tree Frog Ear Cuff

frog jewelry ear cuff

This is such a cute piece that everyone will love! Made from stainless steel, this little tree frog will cling to your ear like a cartilage ear cuff. The best part is, you don’t need to have your ears pierced! Anyone can wear it!

This adorable little frog has four adjustable legs so you can get the perfect fit for your ear, without having to go through the pain of having your ear pierced.

The frog cuff is only half an inch in length so it’s delicate enough for everyday wear and you know everyone is going to want to know where you got it! It will even fit on to whichever ear you prefer, or you can alternate.

This is a great piece of jewelry for any frog lover or nature enthusiast!

2. Sterling Silver Peridot Frog Pendant Necklace

peridot frog pendant jewelry

For anyone who loves frogs and fine jewelry then this beautiful necklace would be the perfect gift. Crafted from sterling silver, this gorgeous little detailed frog clings onto its 18 inch sterling silver chain.

This delicate necklace is ideal if you’re looking for a subtle piece of jewelry that will still add a little sparkle to your day.

The little frog pendant features detailed cut outs and 0.72 carat oval cut peridot gemstone in the center of its back. The fine chain has a spring-ring clasp so it will stay securely fastened on your neck.

Peridot is the lime green birthstone for the month of August, so it would make a wonderful gift for anyone with an August birthday, especially i.

3. Closeout Warehouse Three Little Frogs Ring


three frog ring jewelry

If you’re looking for the ideal piece of frog jewelry that you can wear everyday then this is it! These little frogs on this dainty little ring will let you bring your love of nature with you everywhere you go.

The ring features three frogs cut into the band, giving it its stylish look. The ring is sterling silver, so it’s super durable and it comes in a range of sizes, so you can be sure to get the right fit.

The band width is 10 millimeters so it’s a practical size for everyday wear, meaning you can honor that frog love daily through your jewelry.

The ring even comes in either a little gift bag or cotton filled gift box, so it’s a great choice for a gift!

4. Alex and Ani Frog Prince Charm Bracelet


rose gold frog charm bracelet jewelry

Now, this is one bracelet you’re going to want in your life! As well as being ultra chic, this adorable bracelet is eco-friendly, so you can help to protect the environment while you’re stepping out in glamorous style.

The rose gold colored brass bracelet is designed and crafted in the USA by Alex and Ani, a American company that shares its passion for environmental conservation through the accessories that it makes.

The bracelet is built in an expandable wire design so you can easily get it on and off without having to mess around with clasps.

The beautiful charm is in a stunning Rafaelian rose gold color to match the bracelet and is in the shape of a little frog with a jade green back.

The bracelet also features three little charms from the designer. This is such a beautiful bracelet that you’ll want to wear it everywhere! It’s delicate, feminine and on trend. You can even add your own charms to it to personalize it!

5. Betsey Johnson Green Frog Stud Earrings


green frog earrings jewelry

These little frogs have glamor written all over them! These stunning earrings by New York designer, Betsey Johnson, will definitely catch your eye.

They’re dainty and only half an inch in length and width, so they’re a great set for wearing on everyday occasions and a fantastic way to add a bit of fun and sparkle to your casual wardrobe.

The little frogs are gold plated with green enamel backs and have gorgeous pink crystal eyes. The earrings also feature a sparkling clear crystal gemstone surrounded by a gold colored heart on the back of each frog.

The earrings are studs so are easy to wear and they come with bullet-clutch posts that give a secure fit.

These stylish earrings would make a fabulous gift for any fashionista, that is if you can bear not to keep them for yourself!

6. 100Silver Sterling Silver Frog Stud Earrings


silver frog stud earrings jewelry

How cute are these?! These darling little earrings are a must-have for anyone who loves frogs. The best thing about these adorably fun earrings is that they’re sterling silver, so they won’t become discolored, meaning you can wear them for as many years as you like!

They’re so tiny that they’re perfect for wearing to work or school when you don’t want to be too overly jeweled.

Each frog has a detailed back to give the earrings more definition, so you’re not losing out on detail just because they’re small.

The butterfly backs and posts are made with stainless steel so you can be assured of getting a durable little set of earrings. These earrings are a stylish way to bring a little piece of frog chic to your daily life.

7. JewelrieShop Gothic Frog Crystal Healing Pendant Necklace

green frog crystal charm pendant jewelry

This beautiful necklace not only features a cute little frog clinging to a gemstone but it also has magical powers.

The natural gemstone that’s used in the design is said to have healing powers, with this one having chakra balancing powers through the energy that it delivers when you’re wearing it.

The cylindrical synthetic gemstone is a jade green color and is around 2 inches in length. The chain is stainless steel, adding extra durability to the necklace while maintaining its delicate look.

The silver colored frog clinging to the gem adds a whimsical element to the necklace, so it’s great for adding a bit of personality to your jewelry collection.

This is an ideal necklace for anyone who wants to harness feelings of calm and relaxation during their busy lives.

8. BOHG Rose Gold Crystal Frog Ring


rose frog ring jewelry

What a stunning piece of frog jewelry to add to your collection! This beautiful ring is 18K rose gold plated; a color that is super on trend right now. The ring features an adorably detailed little frog built into the band with clear rhinestone crystals all over its back.

The eyes are accentuated with emerald green crystals, which add an extra touch of sparkle to the ring.

This ring is the ideal piece of frog jewelry for wearing at dressy events or evenings out, as it has a sophistication about it that makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

You can even wear it to add some glitz to your casual wardrobe, it’s just that versatile.

For any stylish, fashion conscious friend, this ring would make a fabulous gift. What’s more, it’s a frog, so you really can’t go wrong!

9. Heirloom Finds Green Tree Frog Crystal Earrings and Necklace Set

frog jewelry necklace set

This is definitely a fun jewelry set for all you frog lovers out there! This beautiful set features a frog pendant and matching frog earrings.

The frogs are detailed with sparkling green crystals all over their backs with stunning accentuating black crystals on their eyes.

The pendant is three quarters of an inch long and an inch wide and sits on a 16 inch silver colored chain. The earrings measure the same size as the pendant, so you’ll have everyone noticing your sparkling jewelry.

Let your love of nature shine through with this gorgeous set and take a piece of the rainforest with you wherever you go. It even comes packaged in a lovely gift box so it would make a great gift.

10. PammyJ Green Crystal Frog Pendant Necklace

smiling frog pendant jewelry

If you’re looking for a fun, sparkly addition to your jewelry collection then this is the piece for you. This cute little frog necklace will brighten up your days and keep you feeling just as happy as the frog.

The gorgeous pendant measures one and a half inches in both length and width, so it’s a little larger than most pendants.

The smiling, happy frog is covered in sparkling green crystals, with red crystals at its neck, clear crystals on its feet and beautiful black crystals on its eyes.

The silver colored chain is longer than most, at 24 inches, but that just makes it better suited to the size of the frog pendant.

This is the perfect piece of jewelry for all fun-loving people who are passionate about the environment or for those who just love frogs. The necklace also comes in a gift box, so it’s ready to be the ideal gift for whomever you choose.

11. Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Glass Frog Charm

round bead frog charm jewelry

For anyone who loves frogs and charms this is a must. Charm bracelets are all the rage right now and this cute little frog charm would make the perfect addition to any charm collection. Made from Murano glass and sterling silver, this charm will fit perfectly on your Pandora bracelet, as well as on Chamilia, Troll and Biagi bracelets.

It will also fit on any chain that’s 3 millimeters in width or less, so it’s pretty versatile.

The glass bead is a beautiful blue green color, which coordinates well with the little green frog on top. The green frog is hand painted and has a whimsical, cartoon-like appearance with bulging eyes on the top of his little head.

Designed to bring good luck, this is the perfect companion for your charm bracelet and would make an excellent gift for any stylish accessory lover.

12.PammyJGreen Crystal Kissing Frog Bangle

kissing frog bangle jewelry

If you’re looking for a stunning bangle for your evening out then look no further than this gold colored frog bangle. This bangle will definitely be your statement jewelry piece for any event.

It features a design with four frogs in a gold tone metal. The larger frogs are encrusted in two shades of sparkling green crystals with black crystal eyes.

The bangle folds open from a hinge, making it easy to get it on and off. This is a fantastic piece of jewelry if you’re looking for a stand-out piece.

It would look great with dresses in shades of green or khaki, and would also look fabulous with denim and a plain white T-shirt if you’re looking to bling up a casual style.

This sturdy bangle comes in a little gift box, making it a wonderful choice for a present for that chic frog lover in your life.

13.Alilang Czech Crystal Frog Brooch

frog brooch jewelry

This stunning frog brooch would make an excellent gift for anyone who likes to have a little sparkle close to their heart. This gold colored brooch features an emerald green painted back and clear Czech crystal rhinestones detailed along its back and legs. Its eyes have sparkling synthetic emeralds for that extra chic touch.

This dainty piece measures just over an inch in length and comes well presented in a beautiful gift box. The brooch would look outstanding pinned to a blazer or holding a scarf or pashmina in place.

The pin attaches securely and gets locked in place so it’s easy to attach and doesn’t fall off, meaning you can attach it to different garments and accessories without too much trouble. It would make a wonderful gift for frog lovers and nature enthusiasts of all ages.

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