13 Insanely Cute Sloth Toys You Need In Your Life


I can guarantee you don’t have enough sloth toys in your life. With our list of 13 sloth toys, you’ll find a toy that gets you. Without wasting any more time, lets take a look at our top 13 sloth toys:

1. Cuddly Sloth Teddy – Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12″ Plush

Cute Sloth Teddy Toy

This adorable sloth teddy is made with the highest quality materials and is extra durable! He is incredibly cuddly and you’ll have comfy nights snuggling up with him.

2. Hanging Sloth Teddy – Wild Republic Hanging 3 Toed Sloth


Cute Hanging Sloth Toy

This incredibly cute hanging sloth toy is snugglier than it looks! It’s very soft and has velcro on its hands so you can wrap it around yourself. It can hold its own weight if you want to dangle it off something as well!

3. Adorable Sloth Toy – The Croods Movie Character Plush Stuffed Toy Monkey

Adorable Sloth Toy

It’s not a monkey… The manufacturer obviously hasn’t watched The Croods! Belt is extremely soft and cuddly. He is very small, don’t let the picture fool you. It’s a perfect little plush if you don’t have a lot of space left on your bed!

4. Soft Sloth Plush Toy – 1 X 8″ Brown Sloth Bear Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Soft Sloth Plush Toy

This soft sloth plush toy is very small and cuddly. Perfect for snuggling on the go. It can fit in your pocket / bag easily enough and is very durable. It will be able to survive all the cuddles you give it!

5. Adorable Stuffed Sloth Toy – Real-toed sloth stuffed series Nesoberi (japan import)

Adorable Stuffed Sloth Toy

This adorable stuffed sloth is cute and extra cuddly. There’s also a load of beans in his bum to give him a bit of weight, but it doesn’t take away his softness!

6. Sloth In A Purse – Aurora World Fancy Pals Plush Toy Pet Carrier, Sloth

Sloth In A Purse

This cute sloth in a purse is absolutely adorable! The little guy can be removed from the purse and is a cosy teddy in itself. It’s super durable and you need this in your life!

7. Steve The Cute Sloth – Gund Steve The Sloth Small Plush

Steve The Cute Sloth

Steve the sloth is made of the best materials and is very high quality. He’s super cuddly and small for taking out and about with you!

8. Ice Age Sid Sloth – Ice Age Plush Sloth Sid Doll 7.9

Ice Age Sid Toy

Who doesn’t love Sid? Arguably the most famous sloth in the world! He’s super cuddly and is very durable. He’ll look perfect on your bed!

9. Baby Sloth Toy – Simon Sloth

Baby Sloth Toy Teddy

This cute baby sloth is fun to cuddle with and is really soft. You can carry him around with you or you can leave him hanging off something for extra cuteness!

10. Chunky Cuddly Sloth – Wildlife Artists Sloth Plush Toy 17″ Long

Chunky Sloth Teddy

This lovable chunky sloth is super floppy and cuddly. You wont regret cuddling up to him at night!

11. Big Jumbo Sloth Toy – Wild Republic Cuddlekins Jumbo Sloth Plush

Jumbo Sloth Toy

This big guy is amazingly cuddly. He’s the size of a fricking toddler, so you’ll definitely get enough cuddles out of him! He’s made of durable materials and is super soft.

12. Fluffy Sloth Teddy – Jellycat Cyril Sloth – 17″

Cute Sloth Toy

This sloth toy has the cutest and softest face ever. He is perfect to cuddle with and will last you a long time!

13. Squishy Sloth Toy – Squishable Sloth 15 Inch


Squishy Sloth Toy

This squishy sloth toy is perfect for cuddles. She is incredibly soft and squishy! She’s bigger than she looks and you won’t regret cuddling up to her at night!

That sums up our top 13 list of the cutest sloth toys on the internet! We hope you found a toy or teddy that is perfect for you and if not, don’t give up on finding your perfect sloth!

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4 thoughts on “13 Insanely Cute Sloth Toys You Need In Your Life

  • October 10, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Which sloth you will you be cuddling first? We love number nine!

    • March 8, 2017 at 12:24 pm

      I already have #1.He’s so fuzzy!I named him after Indiana Jones.

  • March 29, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    that last one is not a sloth


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