13 Orange Bracelets You Need In Your Life


Orange is one of my favorite colors as it always reminds of all things like juicy oranges, and it is one of those colors that just have the ability to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Orange is associated with sunshine and joy, warmth and happiness.

It represents all things good such as creativity, success, encouragement, stimulation, fascination, and enthusiasm. The color orange has the ability to lift us up and give us emotional strength in difficult times and it helps us to bounce back despair and recover from grief faster.

If you look at color psychology orange is uplifting, optimistic and rejuvenates our spirit. Orange will help encourage respect for others as well as self-respect. The sad truth is that orange is underestimated and underutilized, however, the more people learn about the color orange the more popular it will become.

It is important to include the color orange in your everyday life to help you stay positive and upbeat and what better way to do that than wearing an orange bracelet. Here is a list of orange bracelets you need in your life.

1. Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

orange bracelet

This earthy and inviting orange bracelet is simple yet modern and chic. The brown leather works very well with all the beads in different variations of orange. Each variation of orange has a different meaning to it so having a bracelet with all the different variations is a good thing.

The brown leather is 100% genuine and the beads are attached by hand so the bracelet is fully handcrafted.

It is adjustable to fit most wrists. The bracelet wraps around your wrist 5 times and will compliment any outfit. It is the perfect gift for someone that has been feeling a bit down lately and will immediately help lift their spirits. The bracelet is packaged in a beautiful gift box perfect for gifting.

2. Stainless Steel Orange Bracelet


Stainless steel and orange rubber bracelet

Although most men won’t admit to it, men also can be depressed and experience grief so when the man or men in your life need some cheering up this stainless steel and orange bracelet will do the trick.

The stainless steel is strong and durable, highly scratch resistant and will not fade over time. The rubber orange inserts are enhanced and look very vibrant against the stainless steel background.

Looking at this bracelets makes me smile as it is stunning and makes me feel happy. It will be delivered in a branded velvet jewelry pouch. Men love this type of bracelet because it requires little to no maintenance and cleaning to keep it looking bright, shiny and as good as new.

3. Hippo Orange Survival Paracord Bracelet


Orange survival bracelet
This attractive and rugged bracelet is perfect for both men and women with a love and passion for the outdoors. It is a paracord survival bracelet and is a necessity when going hiking, mountain biking, fishing or camping.

Hard to believe at first glance, however, look a bit closer and you will find that the bracelet can unravel into an 11-inch military grade 550 lbs Type III paracord. The seven inner yarns are each made up of three strands of paracord.

The paracord is extremely lightweight so you won’t even know you have the bracelet on. The clasp is strong and contributes to the overall rugged look of the survival bracelet. The bracelet is adjustable and will fit wrists between 6.5 and 7.5 inches.

Once unraveled the paracord can be used to make tourniquets or it can be used in any situation where you require a strong cord. The orange, gray and black colors work well together to give the bracelet a camo look.

The only downside to this bracelet is that once you have unraveled the cord it is extremely difficult to weave back to the way it was. That being said if you have unraveled the cord it was most likely in an emergency situation so it is worth a lot more than what you paid for it.

4. Pearl Infinity Leather Bracelets

Orange leather infinity bracelet

I have seen many infinity bracelets in my time and this orange infinity bracelet is by far my favorite. Besides the beautiful orange color variations, the meaning of an infinity bracelet is very deep and special.

By definition infinity means it has no end, it is endless and everlasting. While Infinity is a term used in mathematics, calculus, and physics the most recognized symbolism is connected to love.

The saying “I will love you until infinity” often come up in wedding vows, anniversary cards and is used by many people professing their undying love for someone. The combination of the leather, rope and silver metal alloy that have been used to create this vibrant masterpiece make it a popular choice as a gift to promise your everlasting love to your significant other.

The bracelet will easily fit most wrists and is suitable to wear no matter what the occasion.

5. Stainless Steel Anti-allergic Bracelet

Gold and orange stainless steel bracelet

Bracelets are definitely things of beauty and many people love to collect them because they are so beautiful. The number of bracelets been made using titanium is increasing by the day and it is easy to see why.

In actual fact, it is not only in bracelets but in all types of jewelry. Titanium stainless steel is extremely strong nd versatile and is available in a wide variety of colors. While it is one of the most expensive metals to use in jewelry most people are willing to pay the price.

Titanium is very lightweight making titanium bracelets very comfortable to wear and because it is so strong it can handle the wear and tear. The great thing is that it will maintain its shape and shine long after other metal types have faded and it requires almost no maintenance.

This gold and orange titanium stainless steel bracelet is anti-allergenic and boasts a unique H buckle. This fantastic bracelet will help you impress the special lady in your life.

6. Orange Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet


Orange rhinestone bracelet

Sleek, slender and elegant, this is an orange bracelet you need in your life. Very versatile so you can wear it to any function, casual or formal, or for everyday wearing. This bracelet will look just as good ith pair of jeans as it will with a cocktail dress.

The stainless steel bracelet is generously covered with three rows of vibrant orange rhinestone crystals. The bracelet is not adjustable, however, with a 2.8-inch inner diameter, it will fit most wrists. The beauty of this bracelet is that matching necklaces and earring sets are readily available.

The rhinestone crystals have a bright coloring and shine to them. You can wear it on its own or match it up with other bracelets.

7. Orange Pearl Bracelet

Orange pearl bracelet

This 18k gold plated metal alloy bracelet is orange, bold and a must have. It is great for evening wear and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. The pearls are white simulated pearls and the small stones at the base of the pearls are rhinestone crystals.

The orange enamel is bright and inviting and will quickly become a topic of conversation. The workmanship on the bracelet is of high quality and the bracelet is well made. If you are purchasing it as a gift it comes in a branded velvet pouch for safe keeping.

8. Orange Natural Stone Bracelet

Orange natural stone bracelet

Justinstones 8mm round beads stretch bracelets are very, very sought after and this one featured here in orange aventurine is no different. The round beads are made using natural gemstones so each one is unique and no two beads are identical. There is no metal used in the making of this bracelet so it is anti-allergenic for those who have reactions to metal bracelets.

Each bracelet is made up of about 23 natural gemstone beads that have been strung on an elastic cord. The elastic cord allows it to comfortably fit most wrists. The bracelet is very easy and comfortable to wear and the beads are top quality. This bracelet is beautiful and will serve well as a gift.

9. Crystal Energy Stone Orange Bracelet

Orange crystal healing bracelet

The value, meaning, and popularity of healing stone bracelets is rapidly on the rise. This may not be a complete bracelet but I added it to the list because they are so highly rated and unique. While beads and stones on most bracelets have a high polished, shiny finish these have a dusty, matte finish which I find attractive.

Especially in the orange colors. I would purchase these 10 mm orange stripe, natural semi-precious gemstones as a gift for a teenager or anyone that enjoys arts and crafts.

The beads have been heat-treated to enhance the color. Each bag of beads comes with a free gift. I find it really refreshing to be able to give this as a gift for someone to make their own unique bracelet. The value of a gift that is not mass produced to me shows that you have thought about this gift and really care about the recipient.

10. Bohemian Orange Stretch Bracelet

Bohemian orange stretch bracelet

This bracelet set comes nicely and securely packaged ensuring that it arrives unharmed. The beads are glass beads and you will receive three separate bracelets one of which has the yellow tassel. This makes this set versatile because you can wear each one separately or as a set.

The coloring of the beads is bright and clear and the crystals at the base of the tassel are rhinestone crystals. This bracelet has a full money back and lifetime guarantee and is lead and nickel free. A great gift idea and it comes in a branded fabric pouch.

11. Paper Bead Stretch Imara Cuff Bracelet – Orange

orange paper bead stretch bracelet

This stunning piece of jewelry all the way from Africa is beautiful and meaningful at the same time. The colorful paper beads were made in Uganda and were rolled by hand using recycled paper that has been cut into strips. Once rolled they were finished off with a non-toxic, odorless sealant. Each bracelet has also been assembled onto an elastic cord by hand.

This type of bracelet is known as an Imara bracelet. It represents the power of women’s spirit and ability to weather any storm. In Swahili, Imara means “resilient” and by purchasing this bracelet you are adding women and allowing her resilience to shine in her fight against poverty. This is a unique orange bracelet that you need in your life

12. Orange Ribbon Hope Bracelet

orange hope string bracelet

The only thing more satisfying than purchasing and receiving your new bracelet is the knowledge that by purchasing this bracelet you are creating awareness and possibly adding value to someone’s life.

This beautiful orange ribbon bracelet with lobster clasp has three charms. The infinity symbol, cancer ribbon, and hope. Each of these symbols has deep meaning and this bracelet is a great gift for someone who is currently fighting cancer as well as for family members of cancer victims to show solidarity and support.

While this bracelet may not save a life it will most certainly lift the patient’s spirits knowing that they have the love and support of family and friends.

13. Orange Enamel Twin Tiger Cuff Bracelet

orange twin tiger bracelet

No matter what color, no bracelet collection is complete without at least one animal themed bracelet. This totally unique twin tiger bracelet is adorable. It would make a great gift for your daughter or any tiger-loving person you know.

The golden toned metal alloy bracelet features a twin tiger design which is done in orange, black and cream enamel. The tiger’s eyes are made using large synthetic jet crystals which stand out and make the bracelet even more attractive. The bracelet is great value for money and is well crafted. The bracelet snaps closed so it will remain securely on your arm without falling off.

There is no doubt about the beauty of the color orange. This makes me wonder why the color is not more popular than it actually is. It is a powerful and meaningful color that everyone should be taking more notice of.

The value of adding a bit of orange color to your everyday life is immeasurable. My hope is that more people become more aware of the color and of orange bracelets in particular.

Become a more positive and enthusiastic person by adding a bit of orange flair to your life. Make a difference in someone’s life by gifting an orange bracelet that can help lift their spirits and brighten their day.

Teach your children about the value and power of the color orange so future generations can embrace it. However, you intend to spread the word about the color orange you will need at least one of these orange bracelets in your life.

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