14 Black Bracelets For Your Collection


As a serious bracelet collector, you will know the importance and necessity of having at least one black bracelet for your collection. If you are looking to start a bracelet collection you most definitely need to take a look at some of these amazing options below.

Why is it so important that you add some black bracelets to your collection? Well, the answer is simple, because black is beautiful, elegant and powerful.

The color black is a prestigious and elegant color that is often associated with formal events such as cocktail parties, fundraisers, and many other “Black tie” events. Considered to be sophisticated, black is a sought after color for evening wear by many women as it is said to make you look thinner.

While black may ooze sophistication it is also mysterious, and pervasive. The color black symbolizes strength and authority, resilience, self-control and confidence.

Black is a protective color which is often used to calm overly sensitive people. It is said that black activates and strengthens the magnetic energies of the body. While black on its own may not be a particularly lucky color, when paired with the right color it can help to absorb negative chi and energy.

Black is versatile and just as powerful and stunning on its own or when combined with other brighter colors. Black bracelets are ideal for both men and women.

1. Mens Titanium Magnetic Therapy Carbon Fiber Black Bracelets

black titanium bracelet for men

Made of titanium the Rainso magnetic black bracelet for men is lightweight and comfortable to wear no matter what the occasion. With its sporty yet sophisticated look, this black bracelet is loved by sportsmen.

It is comfortable to wear while playing a round of golf or while enjoying a swim or jog. You can just as easily wear this versatile bracelet to a fancy dinner or to the office. You will receive loads of compliments whenever you wear this bracelet.

The 3000 Gauss extra strength magnets in each functional link give it strong healing powers. The healing powers of magnets and magnetic fields applied directly to the body have been a popular belief among many since age old times. This black magnetic bracelet is believed to relieve pain associated arthritis, relieve insomnia, fatigue and much more.

The bracelet comes in a gift box and includes a removal tool. You can use the removal tool to remove links in order to resize the bracelet for your wrist. This a must have black bracelet for your collection. It will also make a great gift for the man in your life. Stunning and powerful, exactly what you would expect from a black bracelet.

2. Gold Plated Cross Chains and Crystal Stone Knit Exaggerated Bangles

Black and gold bracelet for women

If you are outspoken and you are looking to make a statement then you need this black bracelet in your collection. With a width of 1.81″, this bracelet is made to stand out. The gold plated cross chains enhance the black crystal stones allowing them to be the star of the show.

Smart enough for you to wear to a cocktail party. The black and gold coloring makes it easy to match with any color dress. You can comfortably wear it daily with your work suit or a pair of jeans. If you find it too bold for your taste why not buy it as a gift for your best friend or family member.

3. Skull Beads Wrist Bracelet

Black skull wrist bracelet

This bracelet shows how powerful a black bracelet can be. Great looking and believed to protect you from evil spirits. The black skulls are made from Magnesite beads that have been dyed and carved into skull shapes.

It is a Tibetan skull bracelet that has been handmade and one size fits most. This black skull bracelet will make a fantastic and meaningful gift for someone dear to you. Believe in the protecting powers of the black skulls and make a fashion statement at the same time.

4. 7th Element Love Bangle

7th Element black love bracelet

Say I love you with this classical black love bracelet from 7th Element. More isn’t always better with this bracelet showing off simplicity at its best. Sleek and classic design make it perfect for men and women. The bracelet has a hidden clasp giving it a look of a solid band.

Made of stainless steel the bracelet can take a hammering and can be worn permanently. Stainless steel jewelry is becoming more and more popular especially in men’s jewelry. Stainless steel is thicker and can handle more than other metals. Many people that are allergic to metals such as silver are able to wear stainless steel.

Many people that are allergic to metals such as silver are able to wear stainless steel. The stainless steel has been polished to a matte finish making the bracelet smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear. You can wear this bracelet on its own, in a stack or mix it up with other bracelets.

A great addition to your collection especially if you buy a matching one for that someone special in your life. This bracelet will arrive in an elegant jewelry box ready to impress.

5. Stretch Bangle Bracelet for Women

Black lace vintage bracelet

This stunning black vintage look metal stretch bracelet will add value to any black bracelet collection. If antiques and vintage items are your passion you will adore this bracelet. Even if vintage isn’t your thing you can’t overlook the beauty of this bracelet.

The bracelet is made up of 6 separate black metal links with small jet black gemstones that are embedded in the metal. The metal links are all held together by 2 elastic cords. The extra strong stretch cord can accommodate most wrists with ease while still been comfortable to wear.

The delicate and feminine design make it a great piece to add that something special to any outfit, no matter what the occasion.

6. Genuine Black Onyx Beads Bracelet

Genuine black onyx bead bracelet

Made from top quality products the genuine black onyx beads stretch bracelet is made to last. Each bracelet is handmade with great attention to detail. The cultured Black Onyx beads have been hand selected to assure you of the highest quality.

The black onyx symbolizes intuition, decision making, protection, and self-control. The black onyx stones are believed to absorb negative energy to relieve stress and promote the well-being of the wearer. The beads are held together by a stretch cord making it versatile and durable. The black onyx bracelet is unisex and can be worn for any occasion.

7. Tungsten and Ceramic Men’s Link Bracelet

Black and silver tungsten bracelet

This black and silver tungsten and ceramic bracelet for men is absolutely stunning. Strong and durable and designed for men with active lifestyles. Most men couldn’t be bothered with the cleaning and looking after jewelry and therefore tend not to wear it.

Tungsten which is stronger than both gold and silver can take a pounding without scratching. The silver and black both have high polished finishes that won’t fade or lose their shine over time. This is the ultimate maintenance free black bracelet for men.

Sophisticated enough to be worn to any fancy “black tie” event or while out jogging or at the gym. The tungsten bracelet can be worn at all times and can handle water. The easily removable links can be removed at home to adjust the bracelet to the size of your wrist without having to visit a jeweler.

Add this sleek tungsten bracelet to your own private collection or treat Dad on fathers day. Either way, this is a must have black bracelet for your collection.

8. CRYSTALMIRACLE Powerful Black Tourmaline & Obsidian Bracelet

black tourmaline and ibsidian braceletBlack Tourmaline is believed to protect you against radiation, psychic attacks, and all kinds of negative energy. Black tourmaline is popular as a protective stone that will protect you from and transform negative energy. It is connected to the base chakra and grounds energy. It promotes and attracts good luck and happiness to its wearer.

The good luck can be intensified by rubbing the stones which charge them with magnetic electricity. Black tourmaline encourages a positive attitude and will promote clear and rational thinking. The combination of black tourmaline and black obsidian stones make this a very lucky black bracelet for your collection.

9. Stainless Steel Braided Leather Bracelet

Black unisex leather bracelet

This stunning black and silver bracelet is for men and women. The bracelet is 8.8″ long and non-adjustable so you will need to make sure that it will fit your wrist or the wrist of the person ou are buying it for. It is secured with a lobster clasp making it virtually impossible for the bracelet to fall off. The genuine braided leather is easy to clean and made to last.

The 316l stainless steel boasts a handcrafted pattern and a flawless surface with a highly polished finish. Each bracelet is designed and made with a focus on beauty and detail, also each bracelet is individually checked during quality control. This sexy bracelet can be worn for any occasion and will arrive in a custom jewelry box.

10. Black Obsidian Tumble Stone Bracelets

Black obsidian tumble stone bracelet

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass and is a popular protective stone. It is believed to have excellent powers to remove negativity and protect the wearer from psychic attacks. It is a grounding and healing stone which is used to protect the weak from abuse and cut the attachment cord to release one.

Physically Obsidian is said to aid in healing the intestines, stomach, muscle tissue and also cure viral and bacterial infections.

The stones on the bracelet are beautifully polished and held together by a stretch cord so that the bracelet can comfortably fit most wrists. A unisex bracelet that will look good and protect both men and women.

11. Wood Beads Saints Bracelet

Black catholic saints bracelet

Beautiful and authentic wooden beads separated by black color beads. The beads are arranged on two elastic cords making it easy and comfortable for most wrists. The large black blocks are decorated with black and white catholic images.

These amazing wooden stretch bracelets are made in Brazil with the highest quality materials and expert workmanship. They are stunning bracelets that will make the perfect addition to any Catholics black bracelet collection.

12. Black Magnetic Stretch Beaded Bracelet

Black magnetic stretch bracelet

The beads of this magnetic hematite stone bracelet have been made from lab simulated magnetic hematite beads. The rhinestone spacers are made with gold or silver plated alloy. Perfect for women the stretch bracelet can fit most wrists. Besides that some people believe that these bracelets have healing powers, it is also a great looking bracelet.

13. Stainless Steel Silver Color Brushed Matte Bracelet

men's black bike chain bracelet

When it comes to black bracelets for men this motorcycle chain bracelet tops the list. It is absolutely stunning and a favorite amongst all men. The black and red compliment each over beautifully. The high-quality 316L stainless steel which is otherwise known as titanium is highly resistant to rust and corrosion and will stay as amazing as it is forever.

The high polished finish will not fade over time and stay scratch free. The titanium is anti-allergenic so anybody can wear it safely while the foldover clasp will keep it safely on your arm. If you are fresh out of ideas for gifts for your father or boyfriend this is perfect.

14. Crystal Multi Strand Leather Adjustable Velvet Wrap Bracelet

Black bling bracelet for women

This versatile black leather bracelet with alloy and rhinestone crystal beads will keep you accessorized no matter what the occasion. The leather bracelet is made up of multi strands with a total width of 0.8 inches.

The black leather bracelet has three buttons that can be adjusted to fit any wrist. This bracelet certainly is a strong contender as a black bracelet for your collection. Easy and comfortable to wear it also makes a great gift for friends and family.

It would seem that when it comes to black bracelets that the men’s bracelet have the monopoly of the market. Not surprising though when black symbolizes power and authority. The color black also represents seriousness and strength, all of which make it such a strong color and top choice for men’s jewelry.

Not to forget about all the lovely ladies though black is also associated with elegance, formality, and prestige making it a great choice for ladies bracelets for formal wear.

No matter what your favorite style or material is for bracelets you will surely find a black bracelet for your collection or as a gift for a friend or loved one. Why not add a little mystery to your fashion accessories with one of these stunning black bracelets.

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