14 Dog Bandanas Your Pooch Will Love


Do you know what your pup deserves? A cool looking bandana to stand out from the crowd. Dogs need boyfriends and girlfriends as well, you know! Help yours out by styling them with a hot dog bandana!

1. Tail Trends Reversible Dog Bandana with Leather Patch

Dog Leather Bandana

Your pup will look fab in this trendy reversible bandana by Tail Trends. Fashion conscious pooches won’t be disappointed as you can mix this banada up by tying it inside out. The main design features a hip-looking leather patch and gingham trim, while the reversed side is mainly gingham with a white trim.

It comes in two different sizes for medium and large dogs and can be easily adjusted for your dog’s neck size. Tail Trends offer this bandana in six colour combinations, each of which remind us of a hipster lumberjack style dog.

So your pooch will look trendy strutting down the streets of downtown but won’t look out of place romping in the wilderness. Warm reds and browns are combined with that lumberjack-esque gingham to create the perfect combination of stylish and rustic. It’s a winning combination for us!

2. Territory Adventure Collection Reversible Bandana

Reversible Dog Bandana

Bring style to your daily walkies with this bandana by Territory. Whether you’re out on the trail or in the wildness of your suburb, this eye-catching bandana is a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Territory pair quality materials with practicality and have included a velcro strap instead of a traditional neckerchief-style tie.

This makes their bandana super easy to take on and off, as well as fit it perfectly to your pooch’s neck so he can look cool and be comfy at the same time. This bandana comes is reverisble and comes in two colour schemes, blue/white and brown/plaid, so you can find the perfect match for your doggy’s personality.

What’s more, it’s machine washable so you can chuck it in the washing machine at the end of a long and muddy walk!

3. PUPTECK Dog Bandana

Animal Pet Dog Bandana

Pupteck have come up with six different designs and colour combinations for their doggie bandana, so you’ve got no excuse for not treating your lil pooch to a new neck tie! The colours range from a sandy brown through to dark chocolate, as well as pinks, reds and blues.

So there’s something out there for everyone! Pupteck even say that their bandanas will fit on children too, so why not get your little pooch and your little human matching bandanas? It would be too cute!

These bandanas are great quality too, made from 100% linen cloth and hemmed with super strong overlock stiching, these bandanas will last a lifetime. And every design is reversible so you’re effectively getting two for the price of one – even better!

4. Stonehouse Collection Holiday Dog Bandanas – Set of 6

Cute Dog Bandanas - 6 Pack

Stonehouse Collection have you covered when it comes to holiday-themed bandanas for your pup. Do you love dressing your pooch up for special occaisions? Now you don’t need to worry about buying a new bandana for every holiday, simply purchase this set and you will be sorted for the whole year.

This fabulous package includes themed bandanas for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and St. Patricks Day. The sixth bandana is an American flag themed bandana with All-American printed on it, so your dog can show his pride in being an American citizen any day of the year.

We think it would be the perfect bandana for big holidays like July 4th, but just as good for sporting events, family get-togethers and camping trips. With this set of bandanas you’ll save yourself some serious dollars and always be ready for the next big celebration with your pooch!

5. Costume Adventure USA Dog Bandana

American Flag Dog Bandana

This bandana just comes in one size but can be folded to fit on even the smallest of dogs, which is why we love it so much – it’s one size fits all! And you really can;t go wrong with a classic stars and stripes style bandana, it’s a timeless look for pooches and humans alike.

This bandana can be folded in different ways to fit your pooch, either in the classic triangle design or rolled or folded for a more ‘headband’ style look. We think you should get matching bandanas for all your canine and human friends, and then you can roll up to any social gathering with your squad and show off your patriotism.

It’s made from a durable polyester blend fabric that is soft and sturdy, as well as machine washable, so it’s the perfect material for pooches that love to play and get mucky.

6. Kurtz 12 Pack of Paisley Patterned Bandanas

12 Pack Dog Patterned Bandanas

If you can’t decide which colour suits your pooch best, or you like to mix and match each day of the week, then we strongly recommend you get yourself a variety 12 pack of all different bandana colours. You’ll never be caught short without a fashionable bandana for your dog if you’ve got twelve to hand at any given moment!

We love this classic paisley design which is timeless and fashionable no matter where you are or what you are doing. These bandanas would make a great gift for your friends and their canine partners in crime, and you can go out for walkies en masse all in your matching bandanas!

They’re human-friendly too and machine washable, so your pooch will have to keep an eye on his bandanas before you get your paws on them!

7. PetEdge Tie Dye Bandanas

Tie Dye Dog Bandana

These eye-catching bandanas come in seven different funky tie die colours with a paisley design printed over the top. We love the uniqueness of the tie dye which isn’t too common in the dog-bandana market. These bandanas only come in one size  but PetEdge suggest cutting them down to a whatever size fits your pooch, so they are perfectly customizable.

Made from super soft cotton blend fabric, they’re both gently on your dog’s neck as well as machine washable. We love the combination of traditional paisley patterns with the tie dyed fabric, it creates a whole new style that is totally its own.

If you think your pooch is a unique snowflake and deserves an equally individual accessory to match, look no further than this groovy PetEdge bandana!

8. Bandanas Unlimited Tie on Triangle Dog Bandanas

Bone and Paw Print Dog Bandana

We love to mix and match these three funky bandanas made by Bandanas Unlimited. They are specially made for larger dogs so they’re the perfect fit for your St Bernard, Great Dane or Giant Schnauzer. The bright and colourful designs will mean your pooch will always stand out from the crowd whether you are taking a walk in the city or out exploring the great outdoors.

The best thing about these bandanas is the original cartoon style designs that are unique to each item. They’re a fun and playful addition to any doggy wardrobe and will brighten up walkies even on the greyest of days.

The bandanas are great quality and the hems are reinforced with double stitching which is stylish while also making the bandanas long-lasting and durable.

9. Alemon Birthday Bandana for Dogs

Birthday Boy Dog Bandana

What better way to show your pooch you love and appreciate him than with an extra special bandana for his birthday? This bandana is made of super soft cotton so your pup can enjoy his special day in style and comfort.

It comes in two styles, blue for the boys and pink for the girls, with the words ‘birthday boy’ or ‘birthday girl’ embroidered on each. It’s the perfect bandana for your pup to wear at his birthday party or even just out and about so everyone will know it’s his birthday. Why not dress your boy up for some extra special birthday photos with the whole family?

10. Dependable Industries Small Dog Bandana

Collared Small Dog Bandana

You get a whole lot more bang for your buck when you buy this pack of three dog bandanas. In the box are three individual bandanas in three classic colours which means you will be ready for any occasion with the right bandana colour on hand to dress your pooch up perfectly.

But these are no simple bandanas, oh no! These are in fact faux-leather collars with a bandana stitched to the underside of the collar, so really you are getting two-in-one when you purchase these bandanas.

You’ll no longer need to buy a collar for your pooch as these collars are made from tough and durable material that will last for years. And if one does ever wear out, you’ll still have two on hand to replace it!

11. Dexil NERVOUS Yellow Dog Bandana

Warning Yellow Nervous Dog Bandana

If your dog struggles in social situations or can be nervous or unpredictable then you should consider buying him this bandana in order to forewarn other members of the public that your dog does not necessarily want to be petted or play.

This is a great and innovative idea that can increase safety for both humans and your dog, and can help keep your dog calm and avoid any unpleasant situations. This is especially important for rescue dogs that may have had bad experiences with strangers in the past and need to slowly build their confidence.

Dexil make a range of different ‘warning bandanas’ in different colours, including messages such as ‘no dogs’ and ‘caution’ as well as more positive messages such as ‘friendly’ or ‘adopt me’. We love that these bandanas give a voice to your dog when he can’t speak to humans!

12. Tail Trends Birthday Dog Bandana

Birthday Cupcake Dog Bandana

Birthdays are always a great excuse to show your loved ones that you care about them, and now you can dote on your pup in just the same way. These bandanas by Tail Trends are the perfect addition to your pooch’s birthday suit and they come in three great designs.

One is blue for the boys, there’s a pink one for the girls and a unisex pink and white one. But hey, it’s 2017 and we won’t judge if you dress your male pooch in a pink bandana. Each bandana is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.

They each feature a cute felt applique cupcake in matching colours, which adds a real home-made feel to these bandanas. They come on two sizes as well, so whether you’ve got a mini-pup or a mighty-pup, you’ll be all set for their birthday celebration if you buy them one of these adorable bandanas.

13. All for Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana

Lazy Chill Out Dog Bandana

Keep reading, because rhis bandana could save your dog’s life! No, seriously! This bandana is specially made to help prevent heat stroke in dogs. Does your pooch run around like there’s no tomorrow even on very hot days? Will he play until exhaustion?

He could be seriously suffering from the heat in summer and hundreds of dogs die every year from heat stroke. All for Paws have developed this bandana with special cooling technologies to help prevent your dog from over heating.

The super absorbent material holds water which will draw heat away from your dog’s body thus keeping him cooler. It’s made with comfort in mind and we’re sure your dog won’t even notice this bandana on his neck.

What he will notice is how much better he feels with it on! When your pooch’s health is at stake, can you really take the risk of not buying this bandana?

14. Ollie Diggs Dog Bandanas

Pumpkin Patch Dog Bandana

Do you want your dog to be a style icon and know that you’re supporting the rescue of innocent animals at the same time? When you purchase a bandana from Ollie Diggs you can do both. Their bandana designs are eye-catching and unique, and will look great on any colour dog.

For darker pooches we would recommend the ‘pumpkin patch’ gingham design as the bright colors will really stand out against black or brown fur. For lighter dogs we love the ‘dalmation’ designs, with white polkadots on a black background.

What’s even better about Ollie Diggs is that they donate a portion of their profits to animal rescue centres, so you can treat your pup to a new bandana with the knowledge that you are helping other animals to find their furever homes too.

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