14 Dog Shoes Your Pooch Will Love


Keeping your dog safe and out of harms way is number one priority when out walking. Sometimes the weather can be horrendous, but your pup still needs that healthy exercise. In rain, wind, snow or blistering hot days, their paws can run into trouble.

Take your pick out of these 14 dog shoes / socks and keep your pup comfortable!

1. RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

Pet Dog Socks

Style meets substance with these classically retro socks for your pooch. Not only are they trendy and cool, they will keep your pup’s paws warm and help him stay stable on his feet. The bottom of the socks feature anti-slip pads which means he can rush around on even the most polished of wood floors without going flying.

Even better, these socks reduce the risk of claw marks and scratches on interior flooring, so if you have a pup who loves to charge about and play indoors, you can be happy in the knowledge that he won’t ruin your shiny new floor.

They come in four different sizes so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your pooch, and at a great price you won’t regret buying these socks for your pooch!

2. Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot

Waterproof Dog Shoes

This is the boot for all the eco-warrior dog-lovers out there. It’s made from 100% natural rubber and is fully bio-degradable, but also fully reusable, so you’ll get plenty of uses out of these socks before they dissolve back into the earth.

The rubber material makes them incredibly flexible which means that your pooch will still enjoy a full range of movement and will completely forget that he has his little socks on. These socks are waterproof so they’re perfect if your pup is suffering from a wound that needs to be kept dry.

They will also protect against abnormally cold or hot surfaces, as well as salt and grit on icy roads. If you’ve just laid chemicals on your lawn or garden then these socks are a great idea to protect your pooch’s sensitive paws.

3. FouFou Dog Rubber Dipped Socks

Rubber Dog Socks

Protect your pup’s paws from the elements with these durable rubber dipped socks by FouFou. The soft fabric socks are coated in a flexible but durable rubber which protects paws while also keeping them warm and comfortable.

These are just as good indoors as outdoors, and they’re a big hit with people who like their floors and furniture scratch-free! Outdoors they protect against extreme weather, be it hot or cold, as well as against any nasties that you don’t want getting between your pooch’s toes.

A detachable velcro hook and loop closure strap means that these socks are extra secure on your pup’s feet and won’t easily fall off (or be pulled off!). No matter where you go, these socks will keep protecting his paws for hours on end!

4. abcGoodefg Waterproof Nonslip Dog Boots

Nonslip Waterproof Dog Boots

We love the wide choice of colours and designs that are available for these waterproof and nonslip dog boots. AbcGoodefg really have every style and taste covered when it comes to their boots on offer. These boots come in leopard print, funky stripes, polka dot and paw print designs, as well as the tartan pictured.

They are specially designed for the active dog in mind, with a nonslip base that is perfect for pooches that love to run. No matter what the conditions, your pup will be able to speed across ice and snow, as well as hot tarmac and wet concrete, in complete comfort.

They’ll keep his feet clean on muddy and wet days, and clean dog feet means a clean house! Gone are the days of muddy pawprints through the house, hurrah!

5. HEALERS Medical Dog Boots

Medical Boots For Dogs

If your pup has had an accident and hurt his paw then you can help him on the road to recovery with these innovative medical dog boots. Healers know how difficult it can be to change dressing on a canine wound, especially if it’s on his paw and causing him pain or discomfort.

Trying to tie a bandage on a dog who doesn’t want to be bandaged can be very tricky indeed, and he’s sure to try every trick in the book to stop you from messing with his painful wound! These boots take the struggle and the stress out of changing bandages and keeping wounds clean.

When used in conjunction with Healers gauze pads, these boots do exactly the same job as a bandage, keeping a wound clean and compressed so it can heal as efficiently as possible. They simply clip on and clip off, and are machine washable so keeping them clean is a doddle too.

6. EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Shoes

Water Resistant Dog Shoes For Large Dogs

Punny company names aren’t all that Expawlorer are good at – turns out they make great doggy booties too! These boots are made with the adventurer dog in mind and are made of think waterproof material that will keep your pooch’s paws dry even on long trips out in the wilderness or splashing down suburban streets.

Flexible design  and grooved soles make these boots comfortable and safe. Two velcro straps on each boots ensures a snug and secure fit, so these boots won’t rub on the sensitive parts of your dog’s foot.

These straps makes them easy to put on and take off, as well as being machine washable, so they are a great no-fuss boot for active pooches.

7. LifeWheel Traction Control Indoor Dog Socks

Traction Control Socks For Dogs

Keep your pup’s paws warm and protect your hardwood floor with these bright and colourful socks by LifeWheel. We think any pooch will look absolutely adorable with these splashes of colour on his feet as he chills at home.

If your dog is more of a stay-at-home player, then you can pop these socks on to prevent him from slipping on hard floors as they have a special traction control underside that will give your pooch all the grip he needs to run around safely.

LifeWheel are committed to providing great quality at low prices, and when you purchase a pack of these socks you will receive five randomly selected pairs. That means that there’s a surprise in every box, but with so many great designs you won’t be disappointed. Which one is your favourite?

8. My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Shoes

Waterproof Dog Shoes With Velcro

Years of expertise and high quality materials make these dog boots one of the best options for pooches that like to adventure in all kinds of weathers. As they are waterproof they are great for rainy, muddy or snowy walks, protecting your pet’s foot as well as keeping them clean and dry – so no more doggy footprints through the house once you’re back home!

These boots are rugged and have an extra-thick sole with a tough anti-slip sole which provides traction and stability in different conditions, as well as from sharp or hot surfaces. My Busy Dog have made these boots in four different colours as well as eight different sizes, so no matter what your dog’s size and fashion preferences you will be able to kit him out in these awesome boots.

9. Dog Australia Winter Skidproof Sneakers

Winter Warm Dog Shoes Paw Protectors

We just can’t get over the cuteness of these Dog Australia mini dog booties! The internet is awash with adorable pictures of dogs in clothes of all kinds, but we’ve yet to see dogs with boots as awesome as these. If you like to treat your pup to some new threads then you need these boots in his wardrobe, especially come the winter months when his poor little paws are freezing!

We love the quality and detail in these boots which really sets them apart from the competition. The leather-look material looks extra classy and the stitched detailing and branded tag makes these boots look just like a little human shoe!

Dog Australia combine practicality and style by also including a rubber non-slip sole that protects dogs’ feet. If you want to keep your pup warm in style this winter then you need these boots in your life!

10. HiPaw Breathable Dual Mesh Soft Sole Dog Boots

Breathable Soft Dog Boots Paw Protectors

These boots are a great all-around, all-season option for dog owners who take their pups out in hazardous conditions or terrain. They are not as heavy duty as other boots which are made for extreme weather conditions and this makes them the perfect boot for dogs that are sensitive to having a thicker, more rigid boot on their paws.

HiPaw have made their boot extra soft and flexible and made of a breathable fabric. So while they are not waterproof, they will keep paws clean and the rubber sole will protect them from sharp objects such as rocks or broken glass.

They will also protect against extreme temperatures and work just as well for icy winter walks as for scorching summer ones. The elastic strap makes them easy to put on but will keep them secure and prevent rubbing around your pooch’s ankles.

They come in two neutral colours and five different sizes so you’ve got no excuse to get your pup’s paws protected!

11. Megipet All Weather Dog Shoes

All Weather Dog Boots Protectors

Megipet have taken waterproof boots to a new level with their All Weather Dog Shoes. As any dog owner will know, water and mud don’t just dirty your pup’s paws but somehow manage to get all over his legs – and often the rest of his body! With these Megipet boots you can at least limit the damage by covering up a greater proportion of his legs to keep them clean and dry.

They are made from high quality oxford cloth which is very waterproof and durable, and then lined with fleece to keep your dog’s legs warm and comfortable. Textured rubber soles provide protection and traction while reflective velcro closures keep the boots in place and increase visibility. That’s especially important if you are walking your dog near roads at night time.

12. Colorfulhouse Bone Dog Snow Boots

Paw Protectors Snow Boots For Dogs

We know that for many dog owners their pup is their baby and we totally get that. You’d be mistaken if you thought that these adorable booties were for a human though, their perfectly crafted for your furbaby. Now you can get your pup matching snow boots for when the cold weather kicks in because these look just like the boots us humans wear in the winter time!

The combination of suede-look material, super fluffy lining and double stitched detailing will make your pup look like a cosy little eskimo while he’s out on walkies. The textured rubber sole will help him keep stable on slippery ice and snow while the thick lining will make sure his toes are toasty even in negative temperatures.

If your dog is looking for a more girly boot then you can get her the same great boots but in a gorgeous pink suede – perfect for the fashion conscious pup!

13. Pesp Rubber Rain Boots

Waterproof Puppy Rain Shoes

Sometimes it’s good to strip a design back to basics and focus on exactly what is required from a product. That’s exactly what Pesp have done. They know that simplicity is often the best approach and in creating this boot using just one material they have created a lightweight, flexible and waterproof boot that will protect your dog’s feet just as well as any other.

And the benefit of cutting out all the frills seen on other boots? Well, it’s the cost! These boots offer great value for money so are perfect for the dog owner on a budget. The PVC non-toxic plastic is incredibly durable and so will also likely outlive other, more flimsy materials.

A simple velcro closure strap ensures that these boots won’t fall off even the most rambunctious pup and the bright colours mean that they are easy to spot even in long grass if somehow your pup does manage to lose one.

14. PetFavourites Lace-Up Dog Sneaker

Sporty Little Dog Shoes Sneakers

We know that lots of dogs seem to act like humans and sometimes it’s hard not to treat them like one. We like to dress them up, have conversations with them and hang out in front of the telly with them. They are our best friends and companions and they deserve the same great shoes as us.

That’s why we think you should treat your pup to these awesome little mini-sneakers so he can look just like you! The cuteness of these shoes is unreal as they’ve got all the same awesome details as their human counterparts. Reinforced white toes, tiny mini laces, a tongue and even a back tab for helping to slip these boots on and off.

If you don’t already own your own pair of sneakers like these then it’s the perfect excuse to get your own matching pair too!

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