14 Purple Bracelets You Have To Check Out


First of all, purple is a color that is extremely underrated and while it is used in jewelry I think it doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves. I struggle to understand why because it is such a beautiful and elegant color.

To me, the color purple has an air of mystery and magic around it that makes it hard for me to resist. It is also often associated with royalty, luxury, wealth, ambition, and power. Wearing the color purple shows others that you are wise, independent and creative.

As you will see with these purple bracelets you have to check out listed below, light purple is often used in ladies jewelry because of its ability to evoke feelings of romance and nostalgia. If purple is your favorite color it means that you are a gentle and caring person that always puts the needs of others before your own.

When in trouble you are the first person that someone will approach for help. The downside of this, however, is that people tend to take advantage of you.

You are a generous person and people are easily attracted to you because of your energy and charismatic charm making you quite popular. Although, you prefer peace and quiet and tend to stay away from the crowd and pride yourself on your individuality.

Purple shows that you are a free spirit and also that you love to travel and learn about new cultures. The good traits of purple outweigh the negative traits tenfold, so embrace the color and your love for it by wearing purple bracelets with pride.

1. Silver Plated Purple Glass Beads Bracelet

Purple glass bead charm bracelet

This stunning piece of purple jewelry highlights the beauty and elegance of purple. Against a backdrop of silver, the purple stands out while still been elegant and almost mysterious. The bracelet is made of a Nickel-free, lead-free, and eco-friendly zinc alloy that has been silver plated.

The purple beads are beautiful shaped glass beads and the crystals that feature on the heart charm are genuine Austrian crystals

This is a sought after piece of jewelry because it is feminine, shiny and it, therefore, serves well as a gift for your wife, girlfriend or daughter. Any women would be ecstatic to receive this stunning bracelet as a gift.

The bracelet will be delivered in a purple jewelry gift box ready to be given to your loved one. While this bracelet may not cost an arm and a leg it certainly looks like an expensive bracelet.

2. Purple Amethyst Stretch Bracelet


Purple amethyst natural stone stretch bracelet

Another fantastic piece that is made of a metal alloy that has been silver plated and the purple beads are made from Natural Amethyst. Natural Amethyst is believed to improve memory, concentration, and other mental abilities.

It is also believed to act against depression and protect the wearer against evil forces and witchcraft. The light of Amethyst relaxes and calms while it can also reduce fears and cure headaches. It is said that the Amethyst as abilities to awaken clairvoyance.

The tree of life charm is a symbolism of rebirth, stability, family roots, immortality, growth, strength, and connection to all things that surround you.The silver plated alloy has an antique silver effect adding to the character of the bracelet and the bead sizes differ between 8mm and 10mm.

The beads are strung together on a stretch cord making it easy to fit almost any wrist. This beautiful and meaningful bracelet is delivered in a velvet jewelry pouch and is a great gift idea for someone special.

3. Purple Swarovski Crystals Bracelet


purple swarovski crystal bracelet

If you are in the market for the perfect anniversary gift look no further than this stunning bracelet. This silver and light purple bracelet simply oozes elegance and beauty. If you are looking to confess your love to a special lady this bracelet will help you get the message across.

The bracelet is made of Eco-friendly, nickel-free, lead-free zinc alloy that has been silver plated with 925 polished silver.

The bracelet is adjustable with a removable fold-over clasp that will secure it safely to the wrist. The placement of the crystals and shape of the bracelet have been designed to represent the milky way.

The small white crystals are Swarovski crystals while the 6 different sized larger purple stones are cubic zirconias. It comes complete with a fashionable gift box ready to impress and add a sparkle to any outfit.

4. Purple Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet


Purple cubic zirconia tennis bracelet

This simple yet sophisticated purple bracelet is one that you have to check out. If you are looking for an inexpensive purple bracelet that is classy and looks anything but cheap, then this is the one you want.

The bracelet is affordable and looks stunning, perfect for everyday wear or formal wear. The 20.oo karat purple and white cubic zirconias have been set using 3 and 4 prong claw-like setting to keep the stones firmly in place. The clasp is secure so you need not worry about your bracelet falling off.

The bracelet comes with a no questions asked, money back guarantee with free return and second delivery. The guarantee is a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so there are absolutely no risks involved when you purchase this stunner. This classic bracelet will certainly make heads turn no matter what the occasion.

5. Purple Crystal Leaf Silvertone Bracelet


Purple crystal leaf bracelet

There is a purple bracelet out there for everyone no matter what style or design you prefer. This leaf design is bold and will make a statement. The silver toned metal alloy bracelet serves perfectly as a backdrop for the light and dark purple crystals.

The combination of dark and light purple stones allow purple to be the hero of this sophisticated bracelet. The fold over clasp is strong and secure and the workmanship is excellent. The bracelet is imported and comes in a gift box.

6. 26 Purple Bracelets for Women

26 purple bracelet set

If you believe that more is better and always on the lookout for a great bargain then you will love this purple bracelet set. The bracelets have an inner diameter of 2.75 inches and will comfortably fit any wrist between 6 and 8 inches.

The set contains 26 matching bracelets that can be worn together or individually. Freedom of choice and the ability to mix and match are what make this set of purple bracelets so popular, not to mention value for money. These bracelets will match perfectly with jeans and blouse or a cocktail dress making them the perfect accessory for any occasion.

7. Tree of Life Bracelet Purple Agate


Purple tree of life bracelet

This woven nylon wrap purple bracelet has more of a casual look and feel to it while still been beautiful. This bracelet is perfect for the free-spirited purple lover looking to accessorize. The purple synthetic beads are 6mm in diameter and the silver beads are silver plated.

All the beads are hand sewn onto the woven nylon cord. This bracelet will make a great gift for your girlfriend or daughter. This wonderful bracelet is a great buy and stunning, and the pictures certainly don’t do it justice. The bracelet is adjustable and will fit most wrists.

8. Purple Love Heart Link Bracelet

purple and silver love heart bracelet

This simple heart bracelet is of the highest quality and absolutely gorgeous. It will add something special to any outfit and is the perfect gift for the love of your life. The bracelet is made of a metal alloy that is plated with genuine 925 sterling silver.

Sterling silver is often used because it is beautiful and does not fade over time. It is durable and naturally aseptic making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. Sterling silver is very versatile and affordable making it a popular choice in jewelry.

The stones are cubic zirconias that add the sparkle and color to the bracelet. The bracelet comes complete with a stunning gift box, velvet jewelry bag, and a silver polishing cloth. It is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Impress your wife, girlfriend or daughter with this stunning bracelet for her birthday, valentines day or anniversary.

9. Purple Amethyst Stretch Bracelet


multi strand amethyst bracelet

This beautiful purple stretch bracelet encompasses the true meaning of the color purple and all the different variations of purple have been included in the design. This bracelet is the perfect gift for the purple lover in your life and will allow them to express their free spirit and carefree ways.

The different shaped and purple colored Amethysts have been strung on an elastic cord making it suitable for almost any wrist sizes.

The calming and relaxing effect of Natural Amethyst will help the wearer to feel more energetic and reduce headaches. The polished stones are comfortable to wear and not hurt your wrist in any way. In addition, you will receive complimentary gift packaging with each bracelet. The natural stones add to the uniqueness of the bracelet with no two stones been the same.

10. Motorcycle Bike Chain Bracelet

Purple mens stainless steel bracelet

Without forgetting the men in your life, this motorcycle chain bracelet is a personal favorite of mine. While I have seen it in many colors the purple is my utmost favorite. There is something about the way that the purple and silver compliment each other that makes the purple color extremely attractive and noticeable.

The silver sections of the bracelet are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel has a high polished finish making it shiny and beautiful.

Stainless steel is perfect for a men’s bracelet because of its durability and ability to stay looking perfect with little or no maintenance. The high polished shine will not fade with time so the bracelet will always look as good as new.

The bright purple inserts are made of silicone rubber which is also very durable and strong. The bracelet is comfortable to wear with a strong clasp to keep it secured at all times. It will arrive in a gift box that requires no wrapping.

11. Purple Flower Bracelet

Stunning purple flower bracelet

This stunning purple flower bracelet is absolutely one that you need to check out. The width and copper tone of the bracelet combined with the flower design give the bracelet a vintage look. This bracelet is designed to make a statement and will compliment any outfit from your wedding dress to your jeans.

A great value for money bracelet that is versatile and great looking. The bracelet is made from non-allergenic copper and the crystals are resin and rhinestones. The bracelet is strong, well made and highly recommended.

12. Silver-Tone Sleeping Pegasus Bracelet


Purple and silver pegasus bracelet

The beauty of this purple and silver sleeping Pegasus bracelet simply takes my breath away and I am left searching for words to describe it. I can use words like beautiful, stunning, sophisticated and gorgeous to describe it but I just don’t feel like they do it justice.

This bracelet is the absolute perfect gift for any purple lover, horse lover or animal bracelet lover. It is shiny and sparkly and as a result will add some glitz and glamor to any outfit or occasion.

The silver plated metal alloy bracelet is adorned with purple and white Austrian crystals in a sleeping Pegasus design. This perfect gift comes in a velvet jewelry pouch with a jewelry gift box. Sparkly, shiny, well designed, well made, perfect purple bracelet you need to check out.

13. Elephant Charm Bead Wrap Bracelet


Purple elephant bracelet

This meaningful purple wrap bracelet has a playful design that is full of character and personality. All the metal parts of the bracelet are nickel and lead-free. The beads are made of genuine Agate stone which promotes maturity, composure, and stability.

The warm and protective qualities of Agate stone encourages self-confidence and security. It helps your creativity and assists those that desire things that are not needed.

The elephant symbolizes prosperity, luck, honor, patience, stability, and protection. This is a great gift for someone embarking on a new life journey or graduating. It comes in a purple drawstring bag that has a meaningful message attached to it. This bracelet is beautiful, well made and will exceed all your expectations.

14. Purple Friendship Bracelet

Purple friendship bracelet for men

This purple, black and silver friendship bracelet for men is a perfect example that a bracelet doesn’t have to be complicated to be great looking. Made of stainless steel and rubber this simple design bracelet is comfortable to wear and a great gift for the man in your life. Simple yet smart with perfect coloring, hence, a must have for any men’s bracelet collection.

As far as colors and their meanings go purple is a great choice for use in jewelry. Combining it will meaningful symbols and materials will result in purple jewelry been a great gift. Purple has many color variations all of which are beautiful with individual meanings.

Purple is probably one of the prettiest colors to use in female jewelry. While bracelets and especially in the color purple are more associated with women, there are some amazing purple bracelet options for men.

By adding either black or silver or both to the purple it brings out the masculinity of the color purple. In conclusion, regardless of whether you are looking for a bracelet for yourself or as the perfect gift for someone special, purple bracelets are a great choice.

This list of 14 purple bracelets you need to check out is a great starting point in your search for the best purple bracelet and I am almost certain you will find the one you are looking for on the list.

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