14 Red Bracelets You Need To See


So much can be said about the color red with its different meanings that it is easy to know why you need to see these red bracelets. Depending on your personality, your mood and your current circumstances the meaning of red will differ for you.

Red is most often associated with love, however, red is also associated with danger. It also represents both the devil and Cupid and is a very intense color.

While red represents the devil, fire, and danger when it comes to bracelets it is most often associated with love, passion, and desire. It symbolizes action, courage, and confidence which it is a popular color choice when looking for a bracelet as a gift for your significant other.

As with all colors, red has different meanings in different cultures, to some it represents mourning and to others good luck.

Red is associated with fortieth wedding anniversaries, and the red ruby is the traditional gift for a fortieth wedding anniversary. It is believed that red gemstones help to increase confidence, boost energy, and protect the wearer from anxiety and fear.

Red is assertive, powerful, impulsive, energetic, determined and daring. For that reason, I have compiled a list of red bracelets you need to see.

1. Red Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet

Red cubic zirconia tennis bracelet

Bearing in mind that red is the color of love this elegant red cubic zirconia tennis bracelet is an ideal gift for your girlfriend or wife. If you are looking to say I love you with a bracelet then this one will definitely do it for you. It is sleek, elegant and beautiful with 18k platinum plated chain.

The red AAA cubic zirconias sparkle and shine like real diamonds, the silver of the chain enhances the beauty of the red stones. The bracelet comes in a neat box perfect as your next anniversary gift.

2. Crystal Multi Strand Leather Bracelet


Multi strand red leather bracelet

This multi-strand red leather wrap bracelet is tastefully decorated with rhinestone crystals in red and white. The bracelet has a total length of 40cm and it is 2cm wide. While it may look like a simple bracelet the rhinestone and alloy crystal had a sparkle to it that will make the wearer stand out in a crowd.

The bracelet is easily adjustable with the three buttons so it can fit most wrists. The bracelet will arrive in a velvet box and will make the perfect gift for your daughter or niece on their next birthday.

3. “Lucky”HAMSA Red String Kabbalah Bracelets

Luck red kabbalah bracelets

In some cultures red represents good luck, the Red string Kabbalah bracelet is commonly worn to ward of bad luck and misfortune brought on by the evil eye. This value for money offer gets you not only one but 10 of the red string Kabbalah bracelets.

The Hamsa amulet which is also known as the hand of Fatima will bring you good luck, wealth, health, happiness and good fortune. The red string is braided and the evil eye in the amulet is blue and rotates protecting you from all angles. The bracelets are only 3 inches in diameter so they are more suited for people with a smaller wrist.

4. Red Flower Rhinestone Bracelet

Red flower rainbow bracelet

This totally unique design with a vintage look to it is nothing short of stunning and will be loved by all with a passion for the classics. The bracelet is made of non-allergenic copper adorned in different size red rhinestones giving it a floral look to it.

The bracelet has a diameter of 6cm and is not adjustable, it will look great as an accessory with a cocktail dress or formal outfit. This bracelet proves that old and vintage are still beautiful and sought after designs. Some would even say that vintage never gets old.

5. Red Beads Carved Bracelet

Red and silver charm bracelet

I love the playful design of this red and silver charm bracelet. Silver as a base has the ability to make any color stand out and shine and this bracelet is no different. In this instance, the chain is silver plated using a nickel-free, lead-free, eco- friendly alloy.

The beads are carved giving them a unique shape and the non-adjustable bracelet is made to fit most wrists. You will impress your daughter with this thoughtful gift on her birthday. Or better yet why not spoil yourself with this stylish bracelet.

6. Silver Plated Crystal Bracelets


Silver plated red stone bracelet

Elegant and classy this silver plated bracelet with red crystals is a stunner. The bracelet is made of silver plated eco-friendly Zinc Alloy and the crystals are made of the highest quality Austrian crystal and rhinestone. The bracelet is 6.7 inches long, however, the 2.4 inches extension chain make it fully adjustable to easily fit most wrists.

If you are unsure about what gift to get your wife for her next birthday or your next wedding anniversary don’t overlook this stunning bracelet that clearly says I Love you.

7. Red Paracord Bracelet

Red para cord survival bracelet

This is one red bracelet you really need to see, not only is it great looking with it rugged outdoor look it is a must have in any outdoor or survival situation. Hard to believe, but this bracelet could easily save your life. If you should ever find yourself lost in the woods you will want to have one of these bracelets on. Packed into this powerful bracelet is a complete 5-in-1 survival kit.

The survival kit contains a flint to start a fire, inside the buckle is an emergency knife that can also be used as a fire scrapper. The emergency whistle is capable of creating noise levels up to 100db which could help emergency services to locate you while the high-quality compass will help you find your way again if you are able to move.

The bracelet is made of military grade 550 paracord that is ultra strong and virtually indestructible.

It is made to easily fit wrists between 8 and 9 inches and the compass has been embedded in the buckle to make it more comfortable to wear. The bracelet can be opened up to give you 12 feet of paracord to use in situations were a strong cord or string is required while the seven thinner inner strands can be used as a fishing line or tinder to start a fire.

This is the perfect unisex outdoor watch that no one should leave home without. Remember to order one to use on your next hike, fishing or hunting trip.

8. Red Flower Crystal Stretch Bracelet


Red floral stretch bracelet

From the robust to the elegant this red flower bracelet with a gold background will be perfect for any formal or casual function. A formal outfit will give this bracelet a classy look while matching it with a more casual outfit will give it a more casual look.

The synthetic white stones are surrounded by small white stones and a lot of red ones that look like caviar to form the shape of a flower. I can see this bracelet being a firm favorite amongst the older generation especially as they possess the wisdom to see the sheer beauty of this bracelet.

9. Handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet

Leather wrap bracelet with red crystals

Whether a bracelet is simple or complex, alloy or leather, it is always beautiful and a great fashion accessory. The cord is made of 100% genuine leather and it is 96cm long with an adjustable clasp to easily fit any wrist.

The beads that have been handcrafted onto the leather cord are glass pearls, dyed stones, and seed beads. The red, white and pink beads blend perfectly with the brown leather cord to make up a stunning bracelet. The bracelet will be delivered in a free gift box and represents love and hope to make it an ideal gift for that someone special in your life.

It goes to show that a bracelet doesn’t have to be shiny and metal to be beautiful. Simplicity can be sexy and elegant as well. The bracelet will be delivered in a free gift box and represents love and hope to make it an ideal gift for that someone special in your life.

10. Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet


Red and silver men's bracelet

When it comes to bracelets we always incorrectly assume that bracelets are only for women and we tend to forget that there are actually some stunning bracelets available for men as well. This is a perfect example of how manly and gorgeous men’s bracelets can be.

As always the silver allows the fine slivers of red to shine and make the bracelet stand out. This bracelet has a simple yet classy design making it ideal to wear with formal outfits or as an everyday bracelet.

This stylish bracelet is made of high-quality stainless steel that will not scratch easily and is virtually maintenance free and will never lose its shine while the red inserts are made of rubber. It has a smooth and shiny finish to make it comfortable to wear.

The rugged design is simple and stylish and the bracelet comes in a branded velvet bag. A good choice as a Fathers day or anniversary gift for your husband.

11. Red Crystal Dragon Bracelet

red crystal dragon bracelet

As the color red symbolizes fire and passion it is a perfect fit in my opinion for a dragon head bracelet. Many people are dragon lovers and collectors of all things dragon making this bracelet an ideal gift for them. Give this bracelet to your girlfriend or wife to symbolize how fiery and passionate your love for her is. It is bound to bring you luck and adoration.

The gold plated alloy bracelet is decorated with top quality Austrian crystals to form the shape of the dragon head. The gold tone matches perfectly with the red and white crystals to make the bracelet stand out but still keep it feminine and classy. It comes in a gift box and favor bag complete with spare crystals. The detail on this bracelet is fascinating and beautiful.

12. Red Crystal Rhinestones Bracelet

Red rhinestone bracelet

Sleek and elegant is how I would describe this red bracelet you need to see. Looking stunning in my favorite silver and red color combination it is bound to win over even the coldest of hearts. The bangle is made of stainless steel silver and is covered with three rows of crystal rhinestones.

Stainless steel is a great choice for the bracelet because it is strong and scratch resistant while requiring very little to no maintenance and it will never buckle or lose its shape. As a gift, this bracelet says I love you and will pave the way for you to your lady’s heart.

13. Heart Chain Genuine Leather Unisex Bracelet

Red genuine leather bracelet

Not to be forgotten this bracelet is for the teenagers. Although, I know a few older people that would love this bracelet. The red leather with black and silver alloy allow this bracelet to make a statement. It is a top quality bracelet with the red leather been 100% genuine leather and the chains, heart and other characteristics been made of metal alloy.

The clasp allows for quick and easy adjustment to fit any size wrist. This bracelet is bright and bold and will suit someone with a strong personality looking to make a statement. Sounds pretty much like every teenager I know.

The manufacturers pride themselves on excellent workmanship and top quality materials and back this bracelet with a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee.

14. Red Motorbike Chain Bracelet

Red, silver and white biker bracelet

One of my all time favorite bracelets for men is the motorcycle chain link bracelet. Which by the way, looks stunning in the red, white and silver tones. As a gift for the man in your life, you will certainly not go wrong with this bracelet.

The bracelet is made entirely of stainless steel. The stainless steel is high-quality 316L stainless steel with a highly polished finish. It has a great shine and is smooth and comfortable to wear.

The bracelet is a lot lighter than you would expect and it is anti-allergenic and nickel free. A stainless steel bracelet is a great option as a men’s bracelet because it is super strong and durable. It is scratch resistant and can handle a hammering. Men love stainless steel jewelry because it has a manly look to it and it requires very little maintenance to keep it looking good.

Once you have taken a look at these red bracelets that you need to see, it will become very clear why red bracelets are so popular for both men and women. The color red with all it represents is a great color choice when it comes to gifts for your loved ones.

The color red is so versatile that it looks great no matter what shape or form it takes on. It is a unisex color loved equally by men and women. The powerful meaning combined with the sheer beauty of red will leave you wanting to add more and more red bracelets to your collection.

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