15 Bear Costumes You Will Love


Everyone loves a little bear. They’re super cute, with their round heads and little round ears, and now you can bring that cuteness to your own wardrobe with a little bear costume of your own. Plus the whole family can get in on the action and dress up like a bear, with nobody left behind!

So, take a look at these 15 fun bear costumes and you can entertain your friends and family wherever you go.

1. Dress Up America Bear Mascot Costume

america bear costume

If you’re looking for a fun bear costume then this is it. This soft bear costume is super easy to get on and off, with a jumpsuit style design and a zip up front. It’s made from polyester, making it extra durable and you can even stick it in the washing machine to clean it!

The head mask is a nice round bear head with a cute and friendly face, so he’ll be the ideal guest at all your parties. The head features mesh eyes, so you don’t crash into things, and a ventilated mouth, so you can breathe.

This is a great bear costume for parties or team mascots. You could even give him a little jacket or make him a jersey so he can support your team in style!

2. Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Bear Costume

winnie the pooh kids bear costume

Now, who wouldn’t find this little bear costume totally adorable?! Let your kids get in on the dressing up fun and pop them in this super cute Winnie the Pooh costume. Kids will love running around in this comfortable little suit, dressed as their favorite, friendly bear from the Hundred Acre Woods.

The costume is designed as a jumpsuit with an elasticated hood that features Pooh Bear’s 3D face. The polyester suit is soft and fluffy, for an authentic “stuffed with fluff” Pooh Bear look.

Your kid will definitely be the star of the show in this colorful Winnie the Pooh bear costume. Just remember to hide the “hunny”!

3. Disney’s The Muppets Fozzie Bear Costume

fozzie bear costume

Be the star of your own show in this fabulous Fozzie Bear costume! Everyone will be looking to you for some comedy entertainment if you show up in this soft suit.

It features the fluffy shirt that comes with your very own bear paws and a stylishly accessorizing scarf. It also has a large 3D Fozzie head with enough space for your own face to beam through his mouth.

This bear costume is only the top half so it means you can wear whatever you like on the bottom, letting you be a little more comfortable in your own clothes.

Being one of The Muppets is always a fun idea, especially when you can rope your friends into being some of the other characters for an awesome group costume theme.

4. Rasta Imposta Ted Bear Costume

ted bear costume

Channel your inner celebrity in this awesome Ted bear costume. You’ll be able to get up to all kinds of mischief in this fabulously fluffy suit.

It features a thick, fuzzy jumpsuit with mittens for your paws and a separate oversized Ted head. The headpiece has a mesh covered mouth to help you see where you’re going and it also lets you breathe. The costume is hand wash only and it’s made from polyester.

You can even stick jerseys or jackets over the costume to give him a personalized look. This bear costume is the ideal choice for a costume party and you know that everyone will be wanting to party with you in this Ted costume!

5. Rasta Imposta Ted 2 Tuxedo Bear Costume

ted 2 bear costume

So, the Ted costume was cool enough but check out this Ted 2 bear costume! This gives Ted a suave new look, so you can arrive at you costume party looking extra dapper!

With this one you get a tuxedo style jumpsuit with fluffy paw mittens and a big bear Ted head. The head has a mesh covered mouth to let you see what mischief you’re getting up to and to allow you to be able to breathe.

The awesome thing about this bear costume is that it also has a voice box so you can actually be Ted from the movies. The voice of Ted quotes lines from the movies, so you can amaze all your friends with Ted’s hilarious quips. It’s a perfect costume for a party!

6. Rubie’s Costume Baby Bear Costume

baby bear costume

What’s cuter than a baby? A baby bear, of course! Get your little one kitted out in this darling little bear costume and you’ll have everyone cooing.

This chenille and flannel bear costume is extra soft and fluffy so your little tot will be super comfy and cozy. The onesie design features built-in padded paws for the feet and a hood with cute little bear cub ears. The costume also has a bow tie for a little extra sophistication.

Let your little bear cub join in on the dressing up fun and they’ll be the cutest one at the party. But who needs a party? This bear costume will add extra fun to any day of the week!

7. Dreamslink Panda Bear Costume

panda costume bear

You’ll definitely make an entrance in this outstanding panda bear costume. You know he’d make a wonderful team mascot, especially since you could put a large jersey on him for added effect.

The costume features a fuzzy jumpsuit body with a long-haired, fluffy white belly. There are separate gloves for your panda paws and an oversized polyfoam panda head. The panda’s eyes have see-through fabric so you can see out. This costume even comes with covers to put over your shoes so you can achieve a more authentic bear look.

This would be an ideal bear costume for a party or special event! You can even request custom sizes so you know you’ll get the perfect fit.

8. Forum Novelties Deluxe Polar Bear Mascot Costume

polar bear costume

Polar bears are always cool and with this polar bear costume you will be too!

This adorable costume features a jumpsuit design with attached mittens and feet. It’s made from soft, fuzzy polyester fabric and is hand wash only. The large round head has mesh covered eyes so you’re able to see where you’re going.

This is such a great costume for any event or costume party and you know everyone will want a selfie with him. So dress up your event with this professional style bear costume and give your party some character!

9. RG Costumes Funsies Bailey the Bear Costume

bailey bear costume

Impress your friends with this fun and friendly bear costume. You can wear it for costume parties as well as just chilling on the couch at home.

This cute onesie is super soft and fluffy and made from polyester fleece. It’ll keep you warm and cozy on cold nights and it’s also machine washable, making it easier to keep clean. The hood has a really cute bear face and fluffy ears to match the fluffy chest and belly.

This is a perfect bear costume for wearing around the house and it’s big and roomy enough for your clothes or pyjamas underneath. It would make the ideal onesie for any slumber party and you know you’d have the coolest look!

10. Sazac Disney’s Winnie The Pooh Bear Onesie Costume

pooh bear onesie costume

Everyone will think you look cute in this adorable Winnie the Pooh bear costume. Inspired by the Japanese culture of kigurumi, where people dress up as stuffed toy characters, this colorful costume would look fantastic at parties and fun events. But you can also wear it to lounge around the house in, keeping you cozy while you enjoy your favorite movies with a bowl of popcorn.

The costume is a button-up design so it’s easy to get on and off, and it’s extra roomy to give you more comfort when you’re chilling out. It’s elasticated at the cuffs and legs so it won’t trail on the ground if it’s a little big. What’s more, it’s super cozy, being made from soft polyester fleece!

The hood has a smiling Pooh Bear face with a 3D snout. With this costume you’ll definitely have everyone feeling your sense of fun and you can spread your happy thoughts everywhere you go.

11. Just Love Bear Jumpsuit Costume For Kids

kids bear onesie costume

You know your kids are going to love this! This ultra soft bear costume is super cute and extra cozy. It’s perfect for cold winter nights when it’s time to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and fun movie.

The onesie has a zip up front so your kids can easily get it on and off themselves. It has elasticated cuffs at the sleeves and legs for a better fit and the cozy hood has a cute little bear face with ears, so they can feel just like one of their stuffed toys.

The best thing is that you can throw this bear costume in the washing machine, making it easier for you to clean, so your kids can get straight back in it.

This little bear costume would steal the show at any slumber party.

12. Forum Novelties Deluxe Honey Bear Mascot Costume

honey bear mascot outfit

Stand out at your party in this larger than life bear costume. With its friendly face you’re bound to attract all the right attention.

This bear costume features a soft, fuzzy polyester jumpsuit that has soft bear paws for your feet and large bear paw mittens for your hands, so you can truly look the part. The large round head has mesh covered eyes, to help you see and a little red tongue sticking out, for added attitude. The mittens have velcro openings so you can easily get your paws out if you need to.

This is the perfect bear costume for any party and he’d also make a great mascot for any event; just dress him up and customize his look to suit your style.

13. Amurleopard Unisex Koala Bear Onesie Costume

koala bear costume

Ok, so it’s not technically a bear but it sure is darn cute! This koala bear costume will not only keep you extra cozy when it’s cold, it’ll also make you the coolest one at any slumber party or costume party.

It features a button up design so it’s easy to get on and off, plus it’s nice and roomy so you have space for your clothes underneath. It’s made from super soft fleece to keep you warm and snug, and it has elasticated cuffs and ankles so you don’t trip over yourself. The hood features an adorable smiling koala face with cute little ears.

Wear this for Halloween or for any costume party. You can also wear it over your pyjamas to keep you snug at home: perfect!

14. Disguise Baby Wonderheart Care Bear Costume

care bear pink costume

How cute is this?! Dress your kids up in this little care bear costume and they will definitely steal hearts!

Your little one will be extra comfy in this super soft and fluffy little pink suit. It features a heart design on the belly, for harnessing care bear powers and a large round detachable head. With the head you can see your little one’s face as well as the care bear’s face, so they can easily breathe and see what adventures they’re heading out on.

This bear costume will make the ideal Halloween costume or party costume and it’s perfect for when kids just want to play dress up.

15. Zack and Zoey Dog Bear Costume

pet dog bear costume

As if your pet wasn’t cute enough. But this just takes the cuteness to the next level. Don’t let your dog be left out of the fun; dress him up in this darling little bear costume.

This adorable costume has velcro fastenings, making it easy to fit, and features a cute little bear face hood, so your pet can be transformed into bear-hood. The sleeves fit neatly on your dog’s front and back legs and there is even a little tail. The hood has a 3D snout to give your dog a more authentic bear look.

This will make the perfect costume for Halloween and for if your pet pup has any special events he has to attend.

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