15 Cute Frog Toys You Need To See


With so many toys on the market today and the enormous peer pressure on kids to “keep up with the Joneses” we tend to focus on the current phase when looking for toys or gifts for children. By doing this we are often missing out on the simpler, cuter and possibly more educational toys that our kids should be playing with.

Forget for a moment about the latest, Frozen, Cars, Smurfs or whichever Disney hit is the current craze, and take a look at what other cute toys are available.

One often overlooked theme is frogs. Frogs can be extremely cute and there are a number of kids and adults that love frogs. I have compiled a list of my top 15 Cute Frog Toys You Need To See and I am sure that you will love them too.

1. My Pal Jumper the Frog Activity Toy

My Pal jumper the frog toy

Besides been a cutie, the My Pal Jumper the Frog Activity Toy is extremely educational. Jumper, the Frog, is ideal for kids between 9 months and 3 years of age. The great thing about this highly sought after plush toy is it is easy to clean and safe for your little one to play with.

The learning never ends with My Pal and he will help your kids develop fine motor skills, learn how to tie shoelaces, and how to use a zipper and Velcro fasteners.

He is made of the best quality and is strong and durable enough to go wherever your child goes. He can be a travel buddy, a snuggle buddy at bedtime, or just an educational toy.

Either way, he is up to the task and will stand the test of time (and a toddler) and is a great birthday gift idea for a girl or boy.

2. Aurora Plush 10″ Dreamy Eyes Frog

dreamy eyed plush frog toy

While we are on the subject of plush toys, the Aurora dreamy eyes Frog is one you just can’t overlook. This frog oozes cuteness and will draw you in with its dreamy eyes. The workmanship is of excellent quality, and the silky soft fur makes this one of those plush toys that you will want to snuggle up with every night.

A perfect sleeping companion for the kids and even adults. I can easily see myself cuddling with this Frog in front of the Tv watching my favourite shows. My very own frog prince.

3. Wild Republic Cuddlekins Jumbo Frog


plush jumbo frog toy

The realistic looking large 30″ plush frog is a great gift idea for any child over three years old as well as for any adult that is a frog fanatic. While I am not one of them, I have come to realise that more adults love frogs and collect everything frog than I ever imagined.

If you know such a person that has a birthday coming up this well made plush frog filled with cotton will definitely score you some points.

4. Folkmanis Long Legged Frog Hand Puppet

cute long legged frog hand puppet toy

For both young and old looking for a bit of froggy fun, this frog hand puppet is made using the highest quality materials. It will keep both the children and adults, entertained for hours and will serve well as a teachers aid. You have full control of the mouth, front legs and expressions.

Add some fun and creativity to your story time at home, at parties or pre-school, and the kids will hang on to every word. This hand puppet is just one of those cute things that you just have to have, simple yet amazing.

5. Green Frog Hearts Money Bank

frog money bank for girls

This green frog coin bank is hands done one of the cutest “piggy banks” I have ever seen. An adorable gift choice for little girls especially if they love frogs. The coloured hearts add colour to the green frog making it attractive and super cute. The savings bank is made of durable resin, so it is easy to put money in and out, and will not break easily.

It stands approximately 12’’ tall, so it is a good size for a decent amount of savings and a fun way to teach your kids to be penny wise.

6. Green Frog Money Piggy Bank

frog money bank for boys

We can’t forget our little boys who also need to learn the value of money and how to save, so this one is for the boys. It is extremely popular with its large bulging eyes and friendly face. Made of plastic, it is durable, indestructible and safe for even the most boisterous boys.

The black plastic stopper situated at the bottom makes it easy to remove the savings once the money bank is full, or on a rainy day.

7. Fool The Frog

fun frog game

Put on your frog-eyed goggles, or “froggles”, and let the games begin. This game contains small parts, so isn’t recommended for kids under three years old. This is good clean family fun at its best and will have the whole family giggling with joy.

The game requires one person to wear the goggles while the others have to pass the fly amongst themselves strategically. The person with the “froggles” has to guess who has the fly and wins a fly for each correct guess.

At the end of the game, the person with the most flies wins. Sounds simple, but is it? Prepare yourself for loads of fun and loud laughter.

8. Frog Car Seat Toy

fun car seat frog toy

Any parent that has travelled with a baby in a car seat, whether it is just a quick errand or a long trip, will tell you how difficult it can be. Especially if you are travelling alone with the baby, there is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on the road and entertain the baby at the same time.

That is what makes this cute frog car seat toy a great buy. You can focus on the road and your driving and let the frog entertain the baby.

The brightly coloured toy will automatically draw the child’s attention to it and keep it interested with different sounds and textures. The car seat frog is versatile and can be used in the crib or stroller as well. It is well made and a nice size. It is a unisex toy that helps develop babies grasping and finger skills so it is an excellent choice as a gift for a baby shower or first birthday.

9. Monday the Bullfrog

huggable frog storybook toy

Monday the Bullfrog, is a huggable concept book and is one of my personal favourite frog toys. Anything that combines fun and education is a winner as far as I am concerned. This clever puppet fits onto your hand so you can interactively teach your children about the days of the week.

The pages are textured so the children can have fun with different textures and try to guess what is next. Monday is soft and cuddly so can snuggle up in bed with your little one once story time is done.

I love the idea and think that each child should have the joy of experiencing this kind of book. If you can call it a book because it is just so much more than a mere book.

Monday is soft and cuddly so can snuggle up in bed with your little one once story time is done. I love the idea and think that each child should have the joy of experiencing this kind of book. If you can call it a book because it is just so much more than a mere book.

10. Bright Starts Giggle Pond Pal

educational frog toy

This highly entertaining interactive educational toy from Bright Starts was one of my son’s favourite toys when he was about a year old. Bright Starts are known for their high-quality educational toys, and any of their toys is always a good buy. The frog has a trampoline like tongue so as the balls are fed into the mouth they bounce around.

The frog toy also has five coloured buttons that light up when pressed and unleash silly sounds and music. The buttons are numbered so your toddler can learn to count while having fun.

The eyes can be rolled, and the little bee is guaranteed to bounce back after been swatted. This fun toy is noisy enough toe keep kids entertained for hours. Definitely a favourite amongst the kids.

11. Green Frog With 4 Stacking Cups

cute and fun frog bath toy

Most toddlers hate bath time and having to get clean. This green frog, with four stacking cups, bath time toy from Zig Zag Kid is the real deal. With this toy, bath time becomes fun time, and the kids love it. It is cute and brightly coloured with cups to scoop up water and stack, what more could a kid want?

You don’t have to take my word for it though; Fractus Learning voted this as one of the best bath toys for toddlers.

It is easy to use, and by pouring water over the head, it spouts water out the mouth and makes the tie spin. The frog is safe to play with and doesn’t require any batteries. Best of all it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

12. Rockabye Fergie Frog Rocker

cute frog rocker toy

This is by far the cutest kids rocker that I have ever seen and I love it. Designed for kids nine months and older this easy to clean, sponge filled frog rocker will last you for years to come. It is one of those items that will be passed down from one child to another. Not only is it a cute rocker but it is a clever one too.

Fergie the frog rocker offers a selection of four songs to teach your kids, ABC, 123, shapes colours and more. The solid wooden base and handles are made of strong and solid maple wood. Fergie the frog rocker is bright and colourful and will quickly get your child’s attention with the rattles hidden in his toes.

13. Mr Mouth Feed The Frog Game

Awesome feed the frog game

Ok, so I guess it is confession time now. The Mr Mouth feed the frog game is extremely addictive and I am one of the biggest addicts. It is challenging and exciting and will keep you hooked for hours.

The children absolutely love it. The small insects that you feed the frog may be harmful to small children so it is best suited for children over five years of age.

The game requires skill and strategy if you are to beat your opponent. The mouth opens and closes continuously while the head spins around. The game base and arms are made of durable plastic and won’t break easily.

Add Mr Mouth to your games collection and family game night will be a lot more exciting.

14. The Learning Journey Smart Pal Frog Musical Toy

educational frog toy

Also earning his spot on my list is this little looker from The Learning Journey. The Smart Pal frog is an interactive plush toy that will keep your baby or toddler entertained for hours. One push of the buttons on his tummy will make him light up and unleash the fun.

With a combination of melodies and catchy and fun tunes, kids are amused right from the start. A little exploring will add to their excitement with the crinkly toes and different textures of the toy. An educational and fun toy that will be a great buy.

15. VTech Pour and Float Froggy Electronic Bath Toy

Vtech pour and float frog bath toy

Last but not least on my 15 cutest frog toys list is the pour and float electronic bath toy from Vtech. First off, don’t let the fact that it is a battery operated electronic toy scare you off. It is very safe and your children will have a blast at bath time.

The frog can be operated in or out of the water. It has a sensor to detect when it is out of the water and will automatically play fun tunes and songs to encourage the child to put him back in the water.

He lights up, sings and squirts water out like a fountain and your child’s bath time will never be boring again. Auto on/off will save battery power and the required batteries are included.

Whether you are looking for a soft and cuddly plush toy, educational toy or an exciting game for everyone to enjoy, you are bound to find something on this list that you will love. The problem will be choosing only one because they are all awesome.

Who knew that there are so many cute frog toys out there just waiting to be purchased to provide our kids with hours of froggy fun?

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