15 Funny Pillows You Can’t Live Without


Are you looking for a nice soft place to lay your head? Well then this probably isn’t the place to be looking. However, if you are looking for some hilariously funny pillows that will have you, your friends and family cracking up, then by all means, keep reading!

1.) Wonder4 Home Is Where The Pants Aren’T Funny Type Pillow Case

Funny Pillow

Let’s be honest, we all have those days where we can’t wait to get home and take our pants off after a long day of work. There’s always one day where you just cannot wait to strip out of your pants and just relax on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Or maybe you have a significant other who is the culprit of this crime. Either way, this pillow is a must have for any house. It’ll be sure to get a laugh out of anyone who comes through your home, though.

2.) Onker Funny  Personalized  Cotton Blend Linen Throw Pillow Case Decor Cushion

Funny We're Mad Here Pillow

This pillow is great for those who like to live on the darker side of humor. It’s a cotton/linen blend 18 x 18 inch throw pillow, which not only makes a great place to lay your head, but also might scare the crap out of you when you walk through the house late at night for a late night snack. Can we say Cheshire Cat anyone? Although this is a bit more on the Mad Hatter side of things, it makes a great gift for literally ANY holiday. Note, only the pillow cover is included, not the insert!

3.) Printed Cotton Linen Square A Classy Woman Who Says Fuck a Lot Funny Pattern Pillow Sofa Throw Cushion Pillow 

Funny Women's Pillow

This pillow is not only awesome, it’s FUCKING awesome. If you’re lucky enough to land this rare breed of woman, then this pillow is a great way to show your appreciation for her…skills. Come on…a woman who can talk about the structure of DNA strands while weaving in a few curse words is a woman you should never let go! Put a ring on it, but first put this pillow on her bed.

4.) LinTimes Oi Emoji Smiley Emoticon Cushion Pillow Stuffed Plush Toy Doll, Poop Face

Poo Emoji Funny Pillow Case Cushion

We all have them. We all have that one friend who simply cannot avoid using the poop emoji in every single text conversation that the two of you have. It might even come out several times in one conversation if they’re talking about how terrible the blind date they just went on was. That’s why they NEED this poop emoji pillow. Imagine them cuddled up with it while ranting in person about the biology exam they just failed…

5.) Galaxy Hipster Cat Theme(3D) Funny Cat Wear Color Sunglasses Soft Custom Rectangle Pillowcase Pillow Case Covers

Funny Cat Pillow

Cats are wicked cool. You know it. I know it. We all know it. What makes a cat even cooler? Making them gray-scale with vibrant colored astrological sunglasses on its face. Yes, you read that right. Go buy it RIGHT NOW.

6.) Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Covering – Queen Size

Comfortable Pillow

This pillow is pretty technologically advanced. It is extra breathable with a micro-vented cover that is made in the United States. We don’t even know what micro-vented means, but it sounds legit. This fluffy pillow will never go flat and is hypoallergenic. It’s pretty much the most amazing pillow out there and it has something to do with bamboo, which is wicked.

7.) DCI Cupcake Pillow, Yummy Pillow, Body Pillow

Cool Cupcake Pillow

It’s a body pillow, that is a cupcake. We repeat…IT’S A BODY PILLOW THAT LOOKS LIKE A CUPCAKE! This pillow is 18 by 16 inches and is made of 100% polyester, making it a great addition to any kid’s bedroom. It is 3D printed and looks like a real cupcake! The only issue now, is whether your kids will be wanting late night snacks more often…

8.) DolphineShow Painting Animal Style Cotton Linen Square Funny Tobacco Pipe Pattern Pillow Shams Sofa Simple Cushion Pillow Cases Cover 

Grumpy Cat Funny Pillow Cushion

Grumpy cat takes on a whole new –but still grumpy – look on this funny pillow. Here he is smoking a pipe while sporting a nautical neck tat and striped sweater. We all have that one grumpy friend or relative in our life with a good sense of humor, so this seems like the perfect cat-ddition to their collection of sofa throw pillows.

9.) Girlfriend Pillow with Arm – Unique Gag Gift for Men – Funny Secret Santa or Retirement Gifts

Funny Girlfriend Pillow

Did you just get dumped? Are you missing your girlfriend and “cuddle” partner? If so, then this arm pillow with – dare we say it – some anatomical accuracy, is the perfect addition to your bed. Don’t bother wasting your time on Tinder today when you can just snuggle up with this pillow and save yourself the hassle. Have a single friend? This also makes a great gift. Hook a brother up!

10.) Plush Black Moustache Pillow – Birthday and Theme Party Supplies

Funny Mustache Pillow

I mustache you a question. Do you like mustaches? If you answered yes to that question, then you need to add this plush, black throw pillow to your bed today! This 20 inch long pillow is huggable and will put a smile on everyone’s face.

11.) YINGGG Mini Emoji Cushion Pillow Toy Accessory Set, Pack of 8, Style 1

Funny Emoji Toy Cushions

Are you a fan of emojis? What is your favorite one? Is it the kissy face emoji? Is it the middle finger emoji, or the laugh so hard that you cry emoji? Maybe you love the smirking or the too cool for school shades emoji. Whichever you prefer, this set of 8 mini emoji pillows has you covered! Kids love them, but if you want to keep some for yourself too, we totally understand.

12.) iscream Sweet Treats Donut Microbead Pillow

Yummy Funny Donut Microbead Pillow

National Donut Day comes once a year, but we firmly believe that donuts are best eaten every day! After all, the saying is “A donut a day keeps the doctor away,” isn’t it? This donut microbead pillow is even complete with frosting and sprinkles, which is obviously the best type of donut. While we can promise that this pillow is awesome, we can’t be held accountable if you wake up in the middle of the night hungry for a little snack!

13.) Umak Custom Food Funny Creative Hipster DJ Cat Pizza Cat Galaxy Pizza Cat Design Zippered Pillowcase

Funny Dj Pizza Cat Pillow Case

Not even sure where to begin with this beautiful gift of a pillow. There’s a cat, with a pizza, spinning on a DJ table, with stars in the background. While it’s debatable whether this cat can spin better than DJ Major Lazer, the awesomeness of this pillow simply cannot be questioned. A cat DJ spinning a pizza in outer space. Seriously .Go buy it.

14.) DolphineShow Cotton Linen Square Carpe the fucking Diem Pattern Sofa Simple Pillow Cushion Cover 18×18 Inches Fathers Day Gifts

Cool Cushion Capre Diem Pillow Case Cushion

Sometimes, we just need a little motivation to get out of bed. On the other hand, sometimes we need A LOT of motivation to throw the covers off and start our day. This “Carpe The Fucking Diem” pillow could be just the boost that you need on the days when you are feeling particularly lazy. It’s inspiration on steroids.

15.) ArtoutletMF I Donut Care Funny Throw Pillows (White)

Funny Simpsons I Dont Care Pillow Case

This “I Donut Care” pillowcase will have you and your friends rolling with laughter. The white throw pillow is snuggly and comfy, but the image itself is enough of a reason to buy it. It’s perfect for a bedroom throw pillow, couch pillow or even to toss in your car for those long road trips.


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