16 Pink Bracelets You Need In Your Life


The color pink which is most often associated with young girls, teenagers, and women pink is feminine and peaceful. While more often than not red is the color associated with love pink represents unconditional love.

Giving someone a pink bracelet as a gift shows you are romantic, playful, caring, nurturing and charming person. In addition, wearing a pink bracelet will announce to the world that you are gentle and giving and the kind of person that people want to be around.

A little less known fact about the color pink is that in Japan pink is associated with masculinity. The pink cherry blossoms represent the young warriors or samurai that fell in battle in the prime of their life. In Catholicism pink represents joy and happiness.

Also, the color pink can be used to control how people behave, in prisons, the color pink is used to reduce the erratic behavior. Bright pinks are known to increase the heart rate and pulse encouraging energy, action, and confidence. Besides the strong meaning of the color pink, the pink bracelets available are stunning.

1. Women’s Genuine Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

Korbitz lucky love pink bracelet

Unlucky in love and friendship? Then this rose quartz bracelet is definitely one of the pink bracelets you need in your life.When you wear these beads you will most definitely attract that someone special.

The rose quartz, semi-precious stones will help you intensify your romance and strengthen your relationships. So if you have been having a dry spell in the love department, what have you got to lose? Worst that can happen is that you don’t meet Mr. Right, either way you will still have this cool bracelet to add to your collection.

2. Pink Flower Bracelet

Glamourous pink flower bracelet

If you are looking for a glamorous piece of fashion jewelry don’t overlook this stunning and elegant piece. Diamonds and flowers are a girl’s best friend so if you are looking to impress the lady in your life then you can’t go wrong with this elegant piece.

The silver pewter bracelet is adorned with pink Austrian element crystals in a flower design that are beautifully complimented with cubic zirconias. Your bracelet will arrive in a personalized gift box and velvet style pouch.

3. Bracelet with 5 Rows of Crystals

Stainless steel pink crystal bracelet

A beautiful stainless steel bracelet complete with 5 rows of high-quality crystals. This shimmering stunner looks great on its own or when worn in a set of two or more. To add to the attraction there are also matching necklace and earrings available should you prefer to purchase a matching set. The baby pink crystals are made from resin and rhinestone.

4. Austrian Crystal Cool Animal Fly Dragon Bangle Bracelet

Unique pink dragon bracelet

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your dragon loving girlfriend or family member then look no further than this sexy silver toned dragon bracelet that is skillfully decorated with pink and white crystals.

This is the ideal gift for the powerful and strong woman in your life. The Chinese dragon is a symbol of strength, power, and good luck for people worthy of it. In addition, the bracelet comes complete with gift box, a favor bag, and some spare crystals.

5. Silver Tone Metal and Glass Bead Charm Bracelet

Silver tone and glass beads bracelet

This silver tone charm bracelet is gorgeous enough to charm any lady off her feet. If you are looking to add a classy and elegant bracelet to your pink collection you will be completely pleased with this stunning bracelet.

The silver tone of the bracelet allows the pink and red glass beads to shine. The heart shaped lobster claw clasp is what makes this bracelet unique and sets it apart from the others. If you purchase this bracelet as a gift you may want to purchase two because once you see it you will fall in love with it and want to keep it for yourself.

6. Mala Bracelet Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Beads

Pink Tibetan prayer beadsThe beautifully polished pink stones are handmade, threaded onto a strong elastic cord that makes them easy to wear. In Tibetan Buddhism malas beads are used to keep count while chanting, reciting or repeating a mantra or when repeating the name of a deity. Traditionally malas of 100 beads are used, however, by doing a 108 bead mala compensates for any mistakes in recitation.

The rose quartz beads represent love and the heart chakra. Not only is it soothing but it is also extremely powerful and is said to clear the emotional body and spread compassion while reinvigorating the auric field. A perfect and powerful gift for any person practicing Buddhism.

7. Simulated Pink Pearl Rondelle Stretch Bracelet


pink pearl stretch bracelet

Don’t underestimate the attraction to this stunning pink pearl rondelle stretch bracelet. The simulated faux pearls are elegant and easily mistakable for the real deal. Even the rondelles placed between each pearl won’t give away that these jewels are faux jewels.

All neatly strung on a stretch bracelet, making it a perfect fit for almost any wrist. This versatile bracelet can be worn with a casual outfit or evening wear. The soft pink bracelet is great value for money.

8. Women’s Medical ID Bracelet


Pink medical identity bracelet

This may not be your average bling bracelet, however, it is an important pink bracelet that any woman should consider wearing. These sturdy 316L steel medical ID bracelets are individually engraved to suit your needs.

If you have a medical illness or allergy that others need to be aware of then this is the medical ID bracelet you need. For easy reading and visibility, the engraving is done in black, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The bracelet is ordered to size and extra links are provided so it can be resized locally if needed. The brushed steel ID plate is designed to make the black engraving stand out. The pink medical ID bracelet is for ladies that are tired of boring ID bracelets and want to wear something classier when going out.

9. Crystal Sparkling Dust Bracelets


double pink crystal dust bracelet

The pink crystal sparkling bracelet is unique and nothing like your normal pink bracelets. Thes fun pink bracelets ideal for teens are available in single or double loops. The magnetic clasp holds it securely in place. The light crystals in the bracelet are what makes it shine during the day or under the night lights. This pink bracelet is well made and well designed.

10. Heart Charm Stretch Beaded Bracelet


Pink beaded charm bracelet

This soft pink natural gemstone bracelet is creating a stir. Because it is made from natural stones and the bracelets are handmade you can be assured of quality workmanship and each bracelet is slightly unique. The stones are threaded onto an elastic cord making it comfortable to wear and able to fit almost any wrist. Any woman will be proud and pleased to have this pink bracelet in her collection.

11. Natural Color Freshwater Cultured Multi Color Pearl Stretch Bracelet

Multicolored pink bracelet

This shimmering beauty is a favorite among many, and it is easy to see why. It is just beautiful, shiny and expensive looking. Offering great value for money you not only get one but three bracelets, one white, one peach and one pink bracelet.

The pearls are freshwater cultivated. Freshwater cultivated pearls are from the freshwater lake and river mollusks mainly in China they are similar to the Akoya pearls but slightly less symmetrical, not as easily matched and a bit smaller.

The physical differences are minor and unnoticeable by the untrained eye and the big difference is the price with the freshwater pearls being far more affordable.

When you choose to buy this stunning set not only do you get to experience the pleasure of showing off an amazing piece of jewelry that will make other women envious but it is also for a good cause.

Furthermore, TARA Pearls will be donating 10% of the purchase price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation from July 16, 2016, to July 15, 2017. TARA pearls pride themselves on their quality workmanship and your bracelets will arrive in a TARA branded jewelry box.

12. Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

Pink rose bracelet

This pink rose bracelet has me at a loss for words. It is absolutely gorgeous and it is definitely one of those pink bracelets that you need in your life. It is made with pink heart shaped Swarovski crystals and small Preciosa crystals.

The rose and the heart come together to form a beautiful and romantic design that is elegant and sexy. The peach rose indicates that love is budding and reflects desire and excitement.

The rose gold bracelet indicates the union of two people and a promise of a lifetime. The expert craftsmanship and the meaningful design make this fantastic pink bracelet a highly sought after piece. It comes complete with an official certification card and you will also be able to purchase matching earrings and necklace to complete the set.

13. Menton Ezil Swarovski Crystals Bangle Bracelet White Gold Plated

Stunning pink and silver bracelet

Sleek and elegant design that will instantly win any ladies heart this is a stunning gift for yourself or a loved one. Either way, it is a pink bracelet that you need in your life. The bracelet contains two sets of 6 different sized pink cubic zirconias.

In the middle is a row of white Swarovski crystals. Cubic zirconias are a popular and cheaper substitute to real diamonds with a likeness that can only be seen by professionals. The sturdy band is silver plated making it strong and durable.

The bracelet is delivered in a high-quality gift box that will protect your bracelet for years to come. If you are looking to glam up your evening wear and add value to your pink bracelet collection then spoil that someone special with this perfect pink bracelet.

14. Mariell Rose Gold Crystal Rhinestone Cuff 1-Row Bangle Bracelet


Elegant rose gold bracelet

While this is the sleekest and most elegant pink bracelet on the list the Mariell rose gold bracelet is a stunner. It has warm pink blush gold plating and is crafted with genuine Austrian crystals. The single row of crystals on a slim rose gold band is adjustable to fit most wrists.

Hence, this shimmering beauty will light up any wedding and serves as the perfect bridesmaid’s gifts. Packaged in an elegant and unique silver-embossed Mariell signature gift box this expensive looking work of art comes ready to go with no wrapping required. Fantastic value for money this pink bracelet is backed by a lifetime guarantee and a 100% money back guarantee.

15. “Hot to Trot” Pink Bangle Bracelet

Bright pink Kate Spade bracelet

First of all, every proud pink lover needs at least one of these Kate Spade of New York “Hot to Trot” bright pink bracelets in their collection. This brass bracelet just oozes confidence and is sure to increase the heart rate.

The slim design allows for the pink bracelet to be worn as a single unit or as a stack of two or more so why not go all out and let the world know that you are a passionate pink bracelet lover, this is a pink bracelet you need in your life. Kate Spade New York is a well-renowned brand known for bright colors and sophistication.

Pink just got a whole lot sexier allowing you to make a statement when you go out.

16. Simulated Pink Topaz Crystal Bracelet

pink crystal bracelet for breast cancer awareness

Beautiful and meaningful you all need one of these pink bracelets in your life. The silver ribbon is decorated with simulated pink topaz color crystals that dazzle and shine. Designed in support of breast cancer the pink topaz is also the birthstone of October.

The two simulated Hematite beads complete and balances the design, furthermore, the macrame band is adjustable to fit any wrist. Each pink bracelet collection should feature at least one breast cancer awareness piece.

Why do you need a pink bracelet in your life?

Although, Pink has many meanings and symbolisms. The most internationally recognized been the pink ribbon which supports and creates breast cancer awareness. The meaningful and spiritual pink color is beautiful and loved by almost all women around the world.

Pink bracelets are a sign of femininity and mostly feature sleek and elegant designs. However, for the younger generation, you have collections like Kate Spade New York that aren’t afraid to be bold with the color pink.

All in all the color pink is a strong and meaningful color that is just as beautiful as it is powerful. Regardless of your religion, nationality or what your beliefs are the color pink is a good color, promoting love and encouragement. It makes it easy to the importance of needing a pink bracelet in your life.

Finally. we can’t talk about pink bracelets and ignore the symbolism of the pink ribbon. Jewelers and designers have managed to incorporate it into their designs. Whether you are adding a pink bracelet to your collection for the symbolism or meaning or because it is a beautiful piece is irrelevant.

What is especially relevant is that you need at least one pink bracelet in your life and your collection.

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