17 Camping Tea Pots For The Perfect Wild Brew


Whether you’re lazing around at home or keeping yourself busy in the wild, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a nice brew.

If you have a camping trip coming up and you can’t imagine a few days without your precious tea, these camping tea pots are exactly what you’re looking for:

1. Wealers Outdoor Portable Collapsible Silicone Kettle

Camping Tea Pot Blue

The quirky design of the Wealers Outdoor Collapsible Kettle certainly makes it stand out from the crowd! But there’s method behind this madness – the pot is made from flexible food-grade silicone which collapses down to create the perfect space-saving kettle.

With its stainless steel base and heat-resistant main body, it can be put directly onto your campfire stove. This collapsible kettle also features a lockable lid, an extra safety feature added by Wealers with the family camper in mind. What’s more, the kettle is oven and dishwasher safe and can heat up to 1.7L of water, perfect for even large family trips!

2. GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle HAE – 1 qt.

Camping Tea Pot

The GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle is so light you won’t even notice it in your pack. Made of ultralight halulite, a proprietary aluminium alloy, it heats water rapidly and evenly – perfect for those quick mid-trail pit-stops. Its hardy anodised surface is scratch and rust resistant, meaning you can leave it wet and skip tedious drying.

The camping tea kettle can even accommodate an internal ultralight stove, saving you precious space in your pack. The coated handle and lifter are discreet and can be folded down, reducing the carry size of this kettle.

3. Primula Safe-T Whistling Tea Kettle

Camping Tea Kettle

Available in a wide range of colours (red, blue, purple and stainless steel), the Primula Safe-T Whistling Tea Kettle is the perfect addition to brighten up your campground. Its wide base covers stove flames and conducts heat quickly and evenly. The soft-grip, heat-resistant handle features finger grips allowing for a safe one-handed pour – great for the outdoor multitasker!

The whistling spout lets you know exactly when your water is at the perfect temperature and the automatic seal on the spout avoids any hot spillages. With a wide removable lid, the Primula Safe-T Whistling Tea Kettle is easy and quick to clean inside and out.

4. GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Tea Kettle – 1 qt.

Outdoor Camping Tea Pot

Similar in design to the GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle HAE, the materials used in the Glacier Stainless Steel offer a more durable kettle that can take very rough usage. Its stainless steel design means it is almost indestructible, as well as being scratch and dent resistant.

It can also hold a stove within the kettle and provides even heat distribution throughout the kettle, heating water quickly and efficiently. The Glacier Stainless Steel Tea Kettle offers an ultra-rugged camping kettle which can be taken anywhere and is specifically designed for the campfire cook.

5. OuterEQ 0.8L Outdoor Portable Teapot

Outdoor Portable Tea Pot Kettle

The OuterEQ 0.8L Outdoor Portable Teapot provides the perfect solution for the happy-camper. Its price tag is not going to break the bank and it’s durable design and enlarged capacity makes it the perfect teapot for the family camper.

A handy flippable lid handle makes for easy storage and its special coating is heat resistant. The main kettle is scratch resistant and is made of tough, yet light, aluminium, which is easy to wipe clean. The stylish design also means the Outer EQ makes a great gift for any camping enthusiast.

6. MSR Alpine 1-Liter TeaPot

Alpine Mountain Tea Pot Kettle

Don’t be fooled by the cylindrical design of the MSR Alpine 1L – this is a teapot! Can you spot its tiny spout? This was designed specifically for easy and efficient storage. With no bulky edges and wire handles that fold down to fit flush with the lid this nifty little kettle fit into a compact pack.

The lid is secure even when tipped up, making for safe and secure pouring and trapping steam inside the kettle for the perfect brew. The 18-10 stainless steel is scratch and dent resistant so it can put up with even the most rugged conditions. With its clever and unique design, this teapot is sure to be a favourite amongst camping enthusiasts.

7. Willow & Everett Whistling Stove Top Teapot

Willow Camping Tea Pot With Tea Infuser

Willow & Everett have put little twists on the classic stove top kettle look with this latest design. This kettle is made with both safety and comfort in mind, featuring non-slips, soft-touch handle and lid as well as a spout trigger and cap.

Made with five layers of premium stainless steel, the base heats up quickly and will retain heat even once taken off the stove, meaning you can continue to brew your tea without over-boiling the water. Willow & Everett have included their own premium tea strainer with the kettle, perfect for brewing your favorite cup of loose leaf tea. This kettle will never leave a nasty taste in your mouth, as every element of the design is certified Teflon and BPA-free.

8. Docooler 1.1L Portable Ultra-light Teapot

Portable Light Camping Tea Pot

The Docooler Portable Ultra-light Teapot offers real value for money while not skimping on usability and design. Its classic shape and compact size belie its considerable capacity of 1.1L. It is both lightweight a durable, made from metal with maximum thermal conductivity.

The wide lid allows for easy cleaning of the inside of the kettle and the Docooler Portable Ultra-Light Teapot also comes with its own quick-dry mesh carry bag which makes carrying and storing your teapot an absolute breeze. With its classic design, this teapot looks just as good on a cosy stovetop at home as it does out in the wild.

9. GSI Outdoors 14021 Blue Tea Kettle

Outdoors Blue Kettle

This kettle is another great offering from GSI for those who love the old-fashioned charm of enamel cookware. The GSI Outdoors 14021 Blue Tea Kettle combines classic design with contemporary production methods to create the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic.

The kiln-fired enamel coated steel provides great heat distribution and insulation as well as creating a sturdy scratch and dent resistant kettle. Pouring the perfect cup of tea is a doddle with the easy-grip twisted wire handle and the easy-pour spout. Make sure to grab the handle with a handkerchief, as this one can get hot!

10. LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle

Collapsible Outdoor Camping Kettle

Another contender in the collapsible kettle stakes is the LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle. The premise is similar to others, with the main body being made of heat resistant silicone and the base of heat-conducting metal.

This kettle features aluminium as its base which makes the whole kettle weigh in at an impressive 1lb. It also comes in this cool camouflage silicone, perfect for wilderness adventures. A lockable lid makes for a safe and secure kettle even when full of hot water. With the LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle you can make up to four adult-sized cups of tea – enough for a jolly camping trip!

11.  GSI Outdoors 2021 Red Tea Kettle

Red Outdoor Kettle

The GSI Outdoors 2021 Red Tea Kettle is in a league of its own when it comes to design. With its classic shape and iconic pouring spout, kids and adults alike will love this bright red teapot, which looks like it could have been plucked straight from the pages of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The enamel coating not only provides that timeless glossy colour but also helps distribute heat evenly through the teapot. GSI has kiln-fired the kettle twice at an incredible 1400° F in order to strengthen the steel, making it dent, chip and scratch resistant. So not only is this charming kettle a great addition to any camp’s cook set, but it can withstand a fair bit of travel over rugged terrain!

12. Primula Catalina Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 3-Quart

Stainless Steel Whistling Camping Tea Pot

Rise and shine to the whistle of a steaming kettle just ready for your morning cup of tea with the Primula Catalina Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle. This kettle offers the handy addition of a whistle lid on the spout, letting you know when the water is at the perfect temperature for a brew. This is especially important when cooking on a camp stove or open fire as it prevents over-boiling and scorching the inside of the kettle.

The Primula Catalina is packed with safety features – a heat resistant handle hides a trigger spout which helps avoid hot spillages, as does the fixed heat-resistant lid. Not only is it functional, but the modern bubble design will help you to stand out from the crowd at any campsite!

13. Ovalware RJ3 Stainless Steel Precision Gooseneck Spout

Outdoor Camping Gooseneck Kettle

Ovalware’s RJ3 kettle is instantly recognisable for its unique gooseneck spout. But it’s not only there to look pretty – this spout design helps to control the speed, temperature and amount of water poured, making for a safer camping experience and a better tasting cup of tea.

Unlike some other kettles, it has a seamless base which not only is easy to clean but prevents the build-up of unwanted deposits, so no stale water is left stuck at the bottom of the kettle. The handle is heat resistant and angled at the perfect position for optimum pouring and to avoid the heat from your stove. It can hold up to a litre of water and brings a quirky and beautiful design to your camp stove.

14. Cuisinart Aura Enamel-on-Steel Teakettle

Steel Outdoor Tea Pot

The Cuisinart Aura Teakettle brings sophistication and world-class design to the camping stovetop. With a porcelain outer later it is best suited to the fashion-conscious camper with travel storage space to spare as it is not as scratch and chip resistant as other camping kettles.

What it lacks in robustness it certainly makes up for in design and quality. The perfect curve of the main body is reflected in that of the handle, which conceals a trigger for the spout cap. The kettle also features a whistling spout to announce when water is at boiling point and can hold just over 1.8l of water.

15. Flintshire Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.75-Quart

Stainless Steel Camping Kettle


This is the cheapest kettle on our list and perfect for the camper on a tight budget that doesn’t want to skimp on quality! The Flintshire Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle offers all the features of a more expensive camping kettle with a much lower price tag. Both the kettle and lid handles are made of bakelite, which is heat resistant.

Its cap automatically re-seals and can be opened with the latch under the handle, and features a boiling whistle. Flintshire offers this kettle in four different sizes to suit every need, in 1.5-, 1.75-, 1.8- and 2-quart capacities. The classic design, brushed stainless steel finish and functionality of this kettle give it the feel of a much more high-end product.

16.  Primus LiTech Tea

Camping Tea Pot

The Primus LiTech offers an ultra-light camping kettle which optimises space in order to fit an impressive 1.5l capacity while measuring only 15cm in diameter. By using thin aluminium Primus have ensured that this kettle heats water quickly even when full, and cools off quickly after use, meaning you can stash it quickly and get back on the trail.

It comes with its very own net bag for easy packing and the handle folds down to maximise packing efficiency. A narrow spout limits the risk of over-pouring and scalding or burning hands. Primus’s ultralight and quick-boil design make this the ideal kettle for the hiker in a hurry.

17. Ubens BRS 1.1l Camping Teapot

Camping Teapot

Ubens offers charming design with a shiny stainless steel finish in this camping teapot. Included with the teapot is a tea strainer large enough to fit enough loose leaf tea to brew 1.1l. The food-grade stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant which means that the Ubens Camping Teapot will never taint the taste of water, meaning you can make your best camping brew for years to come. The colourful handles are heat resistant and are a great compliment to the shining steel exterior.

That just about sums up our fabulous list. Did you find the camping tea pot you was looking for? You will be the group favorite when you are the only person who can make everyone a steaming hot tea!

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