17 Hilarious Baby Clothes Parents Will Love


When you were little, did you often dress your dolls, siblings, or pets up in hilarious costumes? How fun was it to have Fido running around in a shirt with a silly saying on it, or your little brother wearing your dance leotard?

The good times reigned when you were younger. Now you’re old with kids of your own, and you can’t do fun things like that anymore. Right? No! What if I told you that a baby is the perfect way to get back to the fun? Think of all of the adorable and hilarious clothing that is on the market for babies.

Now you probably want to hurry over to Google to search for funny baby clothes. Better yet – keep reading this article because we did all the work for you!

Mustachifier – The Cowboy Mustache Pacifier

Funny The Cowboy Mustache Pacifier

Before we get to the hilarious and adorable baby clothing that will make your life complete, you must first take a look at this hilarious Mustachifier. The “Cowboy” model will have anyone who comes over rolling with laughter.

Temper tantrums will be so much easier to handle when your baby looks back at you with a Yosemite Sam mustache. Keep your sanity in check and grab one of these ASAP!

1.) Funny Baby Onesies, Humorous Baby Showers Gifts, Storm Pooper Shirt

Funny Star Wars Baby Clothes

Calling all Stars Wars Fans! C’mon… we know you’re out there! Stop debating about whether Stormtroopers really killed Luke’s aunt and uncle, or if Hans Solo is still alive and kicking, and pay attention to this hilarious baby onesie.

Black is a badass color to begin with, but when you add a Stormtrooper and a Star Wars reference, this little baby onesie becomes a must have item. Now add a hilarious slogan “Storm Pooper” to the onesie and you literally have to go buy it – RIGHT NOW!

Do it or else we’ll send some Stormtroopers after you, and maybe even some adorable Ewoks for reinforcement.

2.) Fayebeline Bodysuit Funny Baby Clothes “I Drink Until I Pass Out” Onesie Unisex Gift for Boy or Girl

Funny Baby Clothes Onesie

Have you ever heard the saying that a baby is basically a tiny drunk human? It’s true! They’ll stop whatever they’re doing, no matter whom they’re with or where they are to take a nap. They have terrible depth perception, awful coordination, and often cannot even manage to get food into their mouths without making a mess.

They pee in the wrong places and often wet their own pants. They sing themselves to sleep and once asleep, you can find them in the most ridiculous sleeping positions. They throw up all the time, run around naked, and literally drink until they pass out.

If you have a friend who was a party animal before their little bundle of joy came along, then you NEED to buy this baby onesie for them. It’s just too bad that babies won’t get the joke…

3.) Ganz Baby Girls Embroidered Little Black Dress Bodysuit

Cute Baby Clothes For Girls

We all have that friend who wears a little black dress every single time that you go out. Whether it’s to a house party, a cocktail hour, a wedding, or even just a night out with the girls, she’ll be wearing a little black dress. She won’t own just one either.

Her closet is likely filled with a variety of LBDs for every occasion imaginable. You wouldn’t think a little black dress is appropriate for a child’s baptism, but your friend would disagree!

If you know someone like that, then you have to buy this Ganz Baby Girls Embroidered Little Black Dress Bodysuit for their little baby girl. Now mommy and baby can match and go out in style!

4.) Baby Tee Time Baby Boys’ Rollin’ Down The Street Eatin’ Cheerios One piece

Hilarious Baby Clothes

Where are our Snoop Dog lovers out there? If you loved Snoop Dog before he became Snoop Lion, then this baby onesie is a must have. Did you spend your college days rolling down the street sippin’ on gin and juice?

Well, just because you’re now rolling a stroller down the street with a little baby sippin’ on a juice box, doesn’t mean you have to leave your Snoop Dog days in the past. With this adorable onesie, you can get back to your lyrical roots.

This one will be a big hit with your friends and the good news is that if you have your mind on your money and your money on your mind, this adorable onesie won’t set you back much!

5.) Threadrock Unisex Baby That Awkward Moment When Mom Sniffs Your Butt Bodysuit

Funny Text Unisex Baby Clothe

How many things do you do as a mom that would completely embarrass your child if they were older and their friends knew? You tuck them into bed every night. You read them books and sing them to sleep. You make airplane noises and whisk a spoon of mashed pees through the air to try to get them to eat.

You give them baths. You also sniff their butts to tell if they pooped in their diapers. Imagine how awkward that would be for an older child, and then you’ll get why this black unisex baby onesie is so hilarious.

While you’ll never stop embarrassing your kids in public as they grow older, at least this onesie puts everything out on the table.

6.) Fayebeline Bodysuit Funny Baby Clothes “Party At My Crib” Onesie Unisex Gift for Boy or Girl

Party At My Crib Funny Unisex Baby Clothes

Your baby is a hit at playgroups. They’re adorable, always happy, never fussing, and never cease smiling. That’s why they’re in the “cool crowd” and run the baby playgroups.

Maybe in the future their infectious personality will carry over into high school and college, but for now “party at my crib” takes on an entirely different meaning.

This party will literally be in a crib. However, we think that this party will go over better than a party in high school where you come home to find a mess of bottles and vomit all over the house. Right?

7.) Don’t Look At Me, That Smell Is Comin’ From My Dad! Funny Baby Bodysuit Unisex BLACK

Don't Look At Me Funny Unisex Baby Clothes

Haven’t we all done something in life that we wish we could blame on someone else? Well this black unisex onesie allows your little prince or princess to capitalize on that wish.

The “Don’t look at me, that smell is comin’ from my dad!” onesie is the perfect buy for any baby that lets a stinky load drop at least once a day.

Yes, you read that right. All babies emit stinky farts or poops, so we’re saying that this is the perfect onesie for ANY baby.

8.) Funny Baby Clothes “My Aunt is a Bad Influence” Red Bodysuit, Unisex

My Aunt Funny Unisex Baby Onesie

This onesie really is the perfect find for you, and if you are in the right type of family, will have everyone laughing. Is your younger sister a bad influence? Does she occasionally like to break the rules and live a little on the wild side, even if that just means staying out past curfew?

Well if you’ve just had a baby boy or girl, this is the perfect onesie to put them in for the next time she decides to baby sit.

Better yet, if you are that rebel sister, why not pick this up just to let everyone know where your niece or nephew gets their rebellious edge? Bath time mohawks anyone?

9.) You Can Do This Dad – Funny Bodysuit Christmas Gift Cute Baby Onesie

Dad Instructions Hilarious Baby Clothes

This one is for all of the dads out there. The dads that try their hardest, but sometimes just can’t figure it out. The dads that try to learn how to tie bows, but just end up with double knots.

This is for the dads that use the vacuum cleaner to put up their daughter’s hair. If there is a dad in your life that seems to be struggling with the smaller tasks of raising a baby girl, then this is the perfect gag gift!

What better way to help a daddy out than give them a onesie with directions printed right on it! We know that guys don’t have baby showers, but if they did, this onesie would be a hot gift item!

10.) Inktastic Unisex Baby Made In Vachina Infant Creeper

Made In Vachina Funny Unisex Baby Clothes

Where do babies come from? While, it’s never an easy topic to discuss where babies come from with children, you can rattle off many scripted answers. The birds and the bees. A stork. Mommies belly.

You could even answer that they’re Made in China like most of our consumer goods. On the other hand, maybe…they’re “Made in Vachina.” Get it? Made in Vachina?

This Inktastic Unisex Infant Creeper is definitely a good addition to the wardrobe of any babies who have parents with a good sense of humor!

11.) My Siblings Have Tails Funny One-piece Baby Bodysuit Clothes for Boys and Girls

Cute and Funny Baby Clothes

Do you know a baby that would be an only child if not for the inclusion of their furry siblings? Cats and dogs often count as family members, which makes this the perfect onesie for a little baby boy or girl that finds themselves surrounded by furry little companions.

Just imagine your little guy snuggled up with some kittens, or your baby girl cuddled up taking a nap on the couch surrounded by a pair of faithful German Shepherds.

Seriously, is there a better bond in the world than a boy and his dog? We don’t think so and that’s why you need to buy this unisex baby onesie.

12.) Sara Kety 9 Months On The Inside 0-6 Months Orange

Funny Locked Up Baby Onesie

Did someone say Prison Break? This onesie will have your friends and family members rolling on the floor with laughter. Printed with “I Just Did 9 Months on the Inside,” this unisex baby onesie by Sara Kety is hilarious enough to have people talking about it after the fact.

The best part is that it’s true! Your little prince or princess just did 9 months on the inside, but we are thinking that mommy is probably feeling like the 9 months she did were a bit harder!

13.) Sorry ladies my daddy is definitely taken funny baby boy/girl babygrow vest

Sorry! Funny Baby Vest For Dads

Have you ever heard the story about the single dad that uses his adorable baby to talk to other chicks? Sometimes, it might even be completely unintentional!

Just picture an attractive, yet helpless looking guy with a baby wandering through the park aimlessly. Now think about how long it would take before some woman came along to “help him out.”

The image might be unsettling, but you don’t have to worry about your man when you stuff your little nugget into this black “Sorry ladies my daddy is definitely taken” onesie.

No one will be putting the moves on your hubby if you mark your territory with this hilarious unisex onesie.

14.) Funny Baby Onesies, Humorous Baby Showers Gifts for 0 to 12 Months

Xbox Funny Baby Clothes For Boys

When you think of your husband, does the term “couch potato” or “gamer” come to mind? If so, you might not want to let him go out shopping on his own. Chances are that he will not be able to resist buying this lime green “Born to Play Xbox with Daddy” onesie.

Now might also be the time to make sure that your husband is on the same page when it comes to the term babysitting. Babysitting does not implying letting the baby stay up late to watch him play video games!

If this onesie does somehow make it into their wardrobe, you can always buy a “Born to Shop with Mommy” onesie to even everything out!

15.) Fayebeline Bodysuit Funny Baby Clothes Onesie “I’ll Have Your Finest House White” Unisex Gift for Boy or Girl

Funny Wine Unisex Baby Onsie

We all know how much some women wish that they could have some wine during pregnancy. However, they put their kids first, which is what makes this unisex baby onesie the perfect gift for your friend who used to hit the wine bottles hard.

“I’ll Have Your Finest House White,” is referring to a bottle of milk, but is a play on words referring to walking into a restaurant to request their finest bottle of white wine! We’re sure that you know someone who would appreciate this.

16.) Baby Girl’s I’m Not Allowed To Date Ever Bodysuit

Funny Baby Girl Clothes

How tough of a dad are you? Do you think that you will ever let your baby girl date? Do you have a special gun collection that you plan to clean if a boy ever comes to pick her up for a date?

If this sounds like the type of father you are, then you NEED to get this “I’m Not Allowed to Date Ever” onesie for your daughter. It’s adorable and hilarious, so you get the best of both worlds! Plus, you can start scaring the little boys away at an early age…

17.) Frenchie Mini Couture Boys Tuxedo Bodysuit

Funny Gentleman Suit Baby Clothes

We’re sure that you already think that your son is the most adorable baby around. That’s why he needs this mini couture tuxedo bodysuit. You might have thought that your son couldn’t get any cuter, but you are wrong!

Slip him into this adorable onesie and you will have absolutely everyone gushing about him. If you have a wedding or formal event coming up, this is a great option as well!


So, what are you waiting for? Go buy some of these hilarious and adorable baby onesies!

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