18 Blue Bracelets For Your Collection


When choosing a bracelet for your collection you will base the decision on many factors or possibly just because you like the bracelet. There need not be a specific reason for your choice of bracelet. However, when you are a collector you will most likely purchase a bracelet that has meaning to you or because it adds value to your collection.

The color blue represents both the sea and the sky. The color blue can be associated with freedom, wide open spaces, and imagination. Blue represents trust, honesty, stability, loyalty, sincerity, faith and intelligence. It is plain to see that while blue is a beautiful color and a favorite of many, it is so much more than just a color with very deep and strong meaning to it.

1. LaRaso & Co Bangle Bracelets for Women

Set of 26 blue bracelets

As the saying goes, go big or go home. The LaRaso & Co bangle bracelet for women come in a stack of a whopping 26 bracelets. These Bali style bangle bracelets are 2.75 inches in diameter and made to fit a 6-8 inch wrist.

They come in a variety of designs and can be worn together as a set or they can be separated so you can mix and match them with other bangles in your collection. This value for money set will give any new bracelet lover’s collection a good kick start.

2. Morenitor Beaded Bracelet

Blue beaded charm bracelet

This stunning blue bracelet with charms is affordable and one that every bracelet lover will want. The clear blue glass beads are made out of genuine Austrian crystal and absolutely gorgeous. The rest of the bracelet is made of a silver plated, lead and nickel-free, Eco-friendly zinc alloy with a highly polished finished.

If you want to be the talk of the town this bracelet is for you. A beautiful eye catching blue bracelet for you to add to your collection.

3. Qianse “Glass Slipper” 7 Inches Bangle Bracelet


Blue crystal bracelet

This blue bracelet is what fairy tales are made of. Inspired by the age-old fairy tale of Cinderella and the glass slipper the Qianse 7 inches bangle bracelet has a shimmering blue Swarovski crystal set into it. The bracelet is blessed with beauty, happiness, courage and kindness making it the perfect Mother’s day or graduation gift for your daughter.

The smaller stones are also made of Swarovski crystal and the bracelet is made of nickel and lead-free zinc alloy. Each bracelet has its own unique code and comes with an official certificate card to enable you to verify the authenticity of the bracelet. This beautiful bracelet will make any young girl or woman feel like the belle of the ball.

4. Luxury Gold Plated Cross Chains and Crystal Stone Knit Bangles Bracelets

Bold gold and blue bracelet

If you want to make a statement then this bold luxury bracelet with gold plated cross chains and blue crystal stones will do the trick. This is a loud and proud blue bracelet that will show off your style and confidence.

This bracelet is perfect to match with that special evening dress or as an accessory that you can wear to a more formal function such as a wedding. It is a sought after piece and comes highly recommended.

5. Infinity Chain Cuff Jewelry Antique Leather Charm Bracelet

blue leather charm bracelet

Not sure what to buy your teenage daughter for her next birthday? This sky blue antique leather infinity charm bracelet is the perfect gift. It boasts a modern new design and is very affordable.

This bracelet will be well received and loved by all who are lucky enough to have one. The light blue leather allows the silver charms to just pop out at you drawing your attention to the utter beauty of this bracelet.

6. Genuine Blue Topaz & Diamond Accented Infinity Bracelet

Blue topaz bracelet

This classy bracelet with the ever popular infinity design is a piece that should be added to every collection. Beautiful and versatile enough to be worn for any occasion. Between each beautifully crafted infinity design is a shiny blue topaz stone.

The bracelet also boasts a white diamond and a box tongue clasp with a safety latch. Any man looking to impress his wife should order one of these beauties, they arrive packaged in a gift box or pouch so no wrapping is needed.

7. Blue Turquoise Color Bead Anklet

Beautiful blue anklet bracelet

No bracelet collection is complete without an anklet bracelet. Mary Grace Designs brings you this stunning turquoise anklet bracelet with a unique design. This anklet bracelet is handmade so you can expect slight variations in color and shape of the beads.

The 10-inch strap is made of a waxed cord and the clasp is two wooden beads so the anklet bracelet is adjustable. This blue anklet bracelet will make any teenager or frees spirited adult jump for joy.

8. Silver-Tone Full Zircon Wedding Tear Drop Link Bracelet

Silver and blue teardrop bracelet

Absolutely beautiful! This is my favorite bracelet so far, the shimmering dark blue stones surrounded by cubic zirconias that have been set in a claw type of binding just seem to pop out at you. The actual bracelet chain is made of brass metal so it is lightweight. Brass metal is a lot smoother than other metals so it is extremely comfortable to wear and prevents it from rubbing against your skin.

Don’t wait too long to place your order for this little looker because it would seem that people are ordering them in batches of four or more because they make stunning gifts for bridesmaids at a wedding.

9. Diamond Cluster Resin Stone Stretch Bangle Bracelet

Blue diamond and resin cluster bracelet

This eye-catching piece of jewelry is made of resin and is 1.37 inches wide. The stretchy band makes it ideal for any person as it can adjust to your size. This piece can be used as part of your office attire or as part of your evening wear. Been so versatile makes it a good buy and also a great gift for someone special. A bold blue bracelet that should feature in every blue bracelet collection.

10. Ice Blue Heart Tennis Bracelet


blue heart bracelet

Why not spoil someone special with this gorgeous silver and blue heart bracelet? Regardless of whether the lucky recipient is your mom, your girlfriend, wife or daughter they will be equally impressed by this well thought out gift.

The bracelet is adjustable between 7 and 9 inches and is made of Eco-friendly Rhodium Plated Zinc alloy which is Lead & Nickle-Free and has passed Swiss SGS Inspection. The stones are made of Swarovski crystals. It will arrive packaged in a gift box that requires no wrapping.

11. 3 Row Knotted Freshwater Cultured Pearls Wrap Around Bracelet


Knotted blue freshwater pearl bracelet

The handmade three row wrap around bracelet which is made from dyed blue freshwater cultured pearls that are held together by a thread. The thread between each pearl has been knotted for extra stability.

If you somehow manage to break the bracelet you aren’t left picking up loads of pearls from the floor. The freshwater cultured pearls are approximately 7 to 8mm in size with a medium luster and a potato shape.

Because the pearls are cultured in freshwater they may differ in size, color shape, blemish, and pattern. Personally, I think that is what makes them and this bracelet unique and most certainly a collector’s piece.

12. Platinum Plated Rhinestone Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

Platinum Plated Rhinestone Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

This elegant piece of jewelry is perfect for the man that wants to go all out and spoil the special lady in his life but he has a limited budget. Nothing says “I love you” like this expensive looking platinum plated, rhinestone cubic zirconia wrist bracelet.

Your lady will feel extra special when she sees this piece that will come packed in a fashionable jewelry box. Don’t be left looking like a fool on your next wedding anniversary or Valentine’s day.

13. “Blue Star” Agate Stainless Steel Snap Button Leather Bracelet

Blue agate beaded bracelet

This handmade designer original bracelet is one for the younger generation that is looking to dress to impress. The 4mm blue start beads are hand sewn onto genuine leather cords to create this thing of beauty.

Each stunning blue agate bead has been hand grinded with great attention to detail. It is designed to wrap around the wrist 3 times which may differ depending on the size of the wrist. It includes a free gift box and a more than generous 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

14. Braided Leather Bracelet for Men

Stunning blue bracelet for men

Before we proceed with this stunning specimen let me clear the air so we can stop ignoring the elephant in the room. Yes, it is a blue bracelet for men. So why is it here? Because it is stunning and because real men do where sexy bracelets and don’t let anyone tell you differently. This is a bracelet for the metro man that is not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

The bracelet features a smooth leather surface that has a great feel to it and extremely comfortable to wear.The bracelet is a nice width of 0.45 inches and is available in three length options. The magnet clasp is made of stainless steel that is convenient and easy to use. The perfect fit for any man.

15. KONOV Men’s Bracelet Bangle

Konov mens blue and silver bracelet

Now that we have determined that real men do wear bracelets here is another one for the men. Looking good in stainless steel and blue rubber. KONOV men’s Jewelry is always well crafted with modern & masculine designs.

They are well known for their sturdy, long lasting and affordable men’s jewelry. Ladies if it is time to buy your man something special this bracelet is the perfect gift and it comes in a sexy velvet pouch.

16. Silver Tone European Charm Bracelet

Blue and silver charm bracelet

There are two reasons why I chose to add this specific bracelet to my list of blue bracelets to add to your collection. Firstly, because it is just beautiful. The silver tone and the blue Murano glass beads compliment each other perfectly.

Secondly, I chose this bracelet because you can either use it as is or design your own. The bracelet will arrive in a genuine RUBYCA gift box. The charm bracelet kit can be changed to suit everyone’s taste and desire.

The other great thing about this highly rated bracelet is that it is compatible with charms from other major brands as well. You can use your RUBYCA bracelet with charms from Troll, Chamilia, Pandora, Carlo Biagi, and Zable. Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone else this is a perfect choice.

17. 2pcs Family Gift Mom & Daughter

blue mom and daughter charm bracelets

A father and son have a strong bond but it is nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter. This 2 piece charm bracelet set that looks fantastic in silver and blue celebrates that special mother/daughter bond.

The bracelets are silver plated snake chains with lobster clasps. The special engraved charms are adorned with light-catching blue crystals that just lights them up. Any mother and daughter will be happy and proud to share their love for each other by wearing these bracelets.

18. Masculine Men’s Motorcycle Bike Chain Bracelet

Mens blue motorcycle chain bracelet

We finish off our list of blue bracelets for your collection with a Masculine men’s motorcycle chain bracelet. Any man will be chuffed to wear this stunning piece made of stainless steel. This great looking, well-made bracelet has a high polished finish and is very comfortable to wear.

The color choice of silver and blue compliment each other well. Any man whether he is a biker or not will love to receive this bracelet as a gift. Not a bad gift idea for Father’s day.

Bracelets are always great gift ideas, no matter what the occasion. Whether you are looking to add a blue bracelet to your collection or if you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member consider a blue bracelet to brighten up their day.

A great gift idea is to buy a bracelet for someone special with their matching birthstone color. Blue can be used for March aquamarine or the blue topaz of December. If you are lucky you may even find a blue sapphire for September.

As a collector blue bracelets are a good choice because the inspire peace, serenity, freedom and loyalty, among others. All of which are great qualities and principles to strive towards. The blue stones are more often than not accompanied by a silver bracelet or black leather bracelet both of which compliment the blue and allow it to be the star of the show. That is why you need to add a blue bracelet to your collection.

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