18 Dog Camping Packs Your Pooch Will Love


Walking your dog is one of the simple joys in life. Your pooch gets some exercise, and you get some peace and quiet away from your busy life. If you’re having a particularly ‘woof’ week, nothing is more relaxing than a camping weekend away where you can do some much needed hiking.

Whilst out and about on your wild adventures, the most important thing is keeping your dog safe. Whether that be from hot weather, cold weather, low visibility, lack of water, or most importantly, lack of treats.

So we’ve compiled this awesome list to find the perfect dog back pack for you and your pooch:

1. OneTigris Canvas Dog Saddle Bag

Camping Dog Pack

Unleash the adventurer in your dog with the OneTigris Canvas Dog Saddle Bag for medium and large dogs. This pack is made of hardwearing canvas that fits snuggle to your dog’s body, providing maximum comfort for your pooch on long walks in the wilderness. The classic look of the brown canvas brings a retro vintage feel to this practical and functional design.

The pack can be hand washed or simply wiped clean, but what’s great about this design is that dirt stains won’t show up on the dark fabric, and some would even argue that it looks better after some usage – a bit more rough and ready! The OneTigris Canvas Dog Saddle Bag is chock full of storage for all your pet’s supplies, with two zippered pockets and two easy-access pockets. Multiple straps and a soft design mean this saddle bag will sit comfortably and securely on your dog’s back.

2. Lifeunion Saddle Bag Backpack for Dogs

Hiking Backpack for Dog

With three sizes and four colours to choose from, you can easily find the perfect fit for your pet with the Lifeunion Saddle Bag Backpack for Dogs, and make sure he’s colour-coordinated too! Made from the same materials as a human backpack, this saddlebag features high-quality polyester which is both durable and waterproof.  What’s more, it’s a particularly lightweight material which means your pet will barely even notice this saddlebag on his back.

It’s also soft and will mould to the natural shape of your dog’s body, and with fully adjustable straps you can make sure that your pet travels in ultimate comfort. The two side pockets are collapsible and so store away easily when empty, reducing the risk of scratches from trees or other objects. When filled the largest size can accommodate up to 3.5lb, which is Lifeunion’s recommendation but if you require you can fill it to whatever weight your pet is comfortable with.

3. BINGPET Dog Backpack for Hiking

Dog Backpack for hiking and camping

Made specifically with the hiker and his best friend BINGPET Dog Backpack for Hiking is lightweight, durable and practical, everything you could want from your own backpack! It is made with super-tough and weatherproof nylon which has been double stitched to reinforce the seams and ensure the pack will stay in great shape for years to come. It comes in three sizes and two bright colours, so you can find the perfect fit for your dog and make sure she’s seen while out on the trails.

All the straps are fully adjustable so you can fit this backpack to the unique shape of any dog’s body and the chest strap provides extra stability for when your pooch wants to go leaping off into the bush. Both side pockets are removable, providing quick and easy access for you if your pooch doesn’t want to stand still while you rummage through her backpack! Inside the pockets BINGPET have made the most of the space, creating organised sections with an interior water bottle holder, mesh pockets and quick-access outer zippered pockets.

4. Pawaboo Adjustable Dog Saddle Bag

Dog Backpack Saddle Bag Harness

Get out and adventuring with the Pawaboo Adjustable Dog Saddle Bag. Comfort is of top priority when it comes to this design – the underside is made of padded mesh which is breathable and allows airflow between your pet’s fur and the backpack, meaning it helps to keep your pet cool even on long hot summer hikes. The thick padding means it is soft against your dog’s body and that weight is distributed evenly over your dog’s back, reducing the possibility of rubbing or soreness.

The combination of a padded chest strap and the top handle also makes this backpack the perfect restraining harness for your dog. The wider surface area of the chest pad means that there are no thin straps that will cut into your dog’s skin if he pulls, while the handle’s central placement gives a stable and even point of contact for your leash.

5. Kany Adjustable Dog Saddlebag

Dog Saddlebag Backpack For Outdoor Travel

The high-density cotton canvas and classic camouflage design make the Kany Adjustable Dog Saddlebag the perfect present for you adventure-loving pooch. The soft canvas fabric will mould gently to the shape or your dog’s body, while the fabric itself is breathable and helps to maintain a healthy body temperature even in warmer weather. The two main pockets are zippered which means you can be sure that your belongings are safe, while the two outside pockets are quick-access, great for stashing dog treats in.

Extra buckles mean you can easily attach extra lightweight items to the outside of the pack, such a poop bags or a spare leash. The back had been designed to spread weight evenly over your dog’s back and it’s important to fill each pocket with the equal amounts of weight to avoid placing unnecessary strain on your dog’s joints. Kany recommend that you do not fill the pack with a weight greater than 25% of your dog’s overall weight.

6. Pup Science Khaki Ranger Dog Backpack

Dog Backpack for Hiking

The vintage feel of Pup Science’s Khaki Ranger Dog Backpack means your pooch can be a style icon in the city or out camping. Not only is this backpack made with your pet’s comfort in mind, featuring high-density soft canvas and fully adjustable straps, but also with your comfort in mind! Pup Science know how difficult it can be to retrieve items from your dog’s backpack when you might have a dozen things already in your hands, and a playful dog to keep under control!

So Pup Science have used extra large zippers which are easy to grab and open even with gloves on! There’s also two separate easy-access pockets where you can stuff extra poop bags or treats. Pup Science have also reduced the number of straps while still maintaining a solid and sturdy design – extra straps can easily become a hazard to your pooch as she could trip and become tangles or even suffocate.

Pup Science have reduced these risks even further by including elastic keepers that allow you to safely stow away straps on the backpack, meaning you can let your pooch run free with peace of mind.

7. Petroad Dog Backpack

Dog Backpack Pet Carrier Outdoors

This nifty backpack is packed full of features to provide great all-around functionality whether you’re out on on city walk with your pooch or deep in the wilderness on an extended camping trip. The most obvious feature is the hi-vis outer layer which will make sure your dog is never out of sight even at night time and is particularly important if walking your dog near roads. What’s even better, it negates the need to buy extra expensive hi-vis gear for your dog, so it’s saving you money!

The reflective strip adds even another layer of safety. Three straps mean that weight is distributed evenly and the pack stays secure on your dog’s body even when he’s running and playing. The two large expandable pockets can easily fit all the necessary essentials for your dog on his travels and can be flatted down when empty to save space.

Extra tabs on the zippers make for quick and easy access to the main pockets. Petroad have even added an extra strap to the chest piece that doubles as a mini-leash when your dog is running and you need to hold him momentarily.

8. Lifeunion 2 in 1 Service Dog Harness Saddlebags

Dog Backpack Harness Hiking

Be prepared for any eventuality when out on the trails with your dog with the Lifeunion 2 in 1 Service Dog Harness Saddlebags. The innovative design of this saddlebag means that the two side bags can quickly clip off to transform the pack into a stand-alone harness. With a carrier handle and leash hook, you can throw away your dog’s old harness because Lifeunion have got you covered!

The wide padded chest strap won’t put any unnecessary strain on your dog’s chest as it spreads the force over a larger surface area than many other strap-style harnesses. When used as a pack, this saddlebag provides all the space you need to carry essential items on the trail – poop bags, spare batteries, a first aid kit, collapsible dog bowls. The water resistant and durable nylon material is easy to wipe clean and will last for years with good care. The Lifeunion 2 in 1 Service Dog Harness Saddlebag comes in three sizes so you’re sure to find the perfect pack for your pooch.

9.  Lifeunion Tripper Hound Saddlebag

Dog Backpack For Travel Hiking

With a streamlined design, the Lifeunion Tripper Hound Saddlebag is made to fit comfortably on your dog’s body. It’s made from soft but strong nylon fabric which is incredibly hard wearing as well as waterproof. The mesh design is made for maximum comfort as it spread weight evenly and allows for breathability in the fabric. An added safety feature on this model is the reflective strip which can help your pooch be seen by passing cars or will reflect torchlight when out walking in dark forests.

The Lifeunion Tripper Hound Saddlebag really is an all-terrain saddlebag, as it’s multi-strap system means it can carry up to 25% of your dog’s weight without slipping around on his back, so you can take him out for long hikes in the wilderness or even in the city and be safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to carry around all of your pooch’s gear too!

10. PYRUS Dog Hiking Pack

Dog Backpack Dog Accessory

Durable design and an abundance of pockets and straps make this the ultimate saddlebag when it comes to versatility and usability. The PYRUS Dog Hiking Pack features two large stash pockets whose wide lids open vertically so you can easily view and access their contents, perfect if you’re trying to dig out treats from the back of an excited dog! The side pockets are zipped too meaning your items are always secure.

However, PYRUS have added adjustable bungee straps to each side where you can stuff lighter items such as poop bags or a leash, so you can grab them in seconds without having to fiddle with the zips. The bright colours of the PYRUS Dog Hiking Pack make your dog visible even in darkness, and the reflective straps add an extra level of safety.

The heavy duty nylon can withstand rugged conditions and yet it is light and breathable on your dog’s body. The sponge and mesh inner material reduces strain and spreads weight evenly, meaning you can take your pooch out adventuring and know that he is completely comfortable.

11. IMK9 Reflective Dog Backpack (two sets)

Dog Backpack Camping Hunting Harness

The generous folks over at IMK9 are offering an extra set of smaller saddle bags that are interchangeable with the main harness of their doggy backpack. It’s the perfect solution if you want to vary your walks with your pooch – maybe one day all you have time for is a quick loop around the park, but next week you’re planning a week-long camping trip. IMK9 have all bases covered with this great package.

The packs come in two colour combinations, camouflage and green for the truly wild pooch, or vibrant blue and orange for the stylish city pup. IMK9 offer great usability and practicality in their design, which large loop toggles on their zippers for easy access to the main pockets.

Generous strap lengths mean this saddlebag can fit even the largest dogs comfortably. Reflective straps mean your dog is visible when of the leash and IMK9 have added a handy D-Ring to attach your leash to when you need more control. The waterproof and hardwearing material means the only limit to your adventures is your own imagination!

12. Yisibo Tactical Dog Vest

Tactical Dog Vest

Yisibo offer the ultimate in practicality and adaptability with their Tactical Dog Vest. This vest was made with the hunter and their hound in mind. It is fully customisable as extra units can be added to the straps, hooks and velcro pads located all over the saddlebag using the Molle system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). The standard design comes with two roomy pouches which are closed with zippers. It comes in six different colours, all of which reflect the functionality of the Molle system, which is used by the British and US Armies.

You can purchase the Yisibo Tactical Dog Vest in different shades of brown, green or grey camouflage, so your dog will look the part on your adventures in the outback. The velcro area can be used to add Molle modules or to attach patches, these can be reflective strips to improve visibility, identifying information should your dog become lost or simply decorative patches with, for example, your dog’s name embroidered.

13. Alfheim Cotton Canvas Dog Pack

Dog Pack For Travel Camping & Hiking


Vintage design meets modern practicality in this Alfheim Cotton Canvas Dog Pack. The rustic-looking cotton canvas is deceivingly durable and will stand up to many years of hiking trails, camping trips or even just walks around the city. Your dog will be the most stylish pooch no matter where you take him thanks to the timeless charm of this soft brown canvas bag. The suppleness of the material means that it wraps comfortably around the sides of your dog’s body, no matter if he’s big or small.

The canvas is made of a high-density cotton weave which is breathable and cool but also very hard-wearing, so it won’t rip on stray branches as your pooch runs along the trails. It’s fully adjustable and so will fit snuggly on any dog and not come loose or rub against your dog’s skin. With four separate pockets, it’s easy to organise yours and your dog’s belongings in this stylish canvas bag.

14. AUPET Premium Dog Backpack

Dog Backpack with Adjustable Straps

Let your dog stand out from the crowd with the beautiful and vibrant designs by Aupet. This handy dog backpack comes in 10 different designs, ranging from bright tribal patterns to dazzling galaxies. There’s even one bag design that is simply a pattern of photos of dogs! So no mistaking who that belongs to! This is the only backpack that you will ever need for your pooch as its strong Oxford weave makes it very durable as well as lightweight.

Your dog will be able to enjoy hours of fun with the Aupet Premium Dog Backpack as it weighs just 10 ounces and it’s perfectly designed to fit medium and large sized dogs. Aupet have fitted three separate pockets onto this backpack, each with a reinforced zippered closure for extra security. There’s even a handy net pouch which is perfect for a doggy-sized water bottle. If you’re looking for a practical backpack with a unique design, look no further than the Aupet Premium Dog Backpack.

15. Pettom Dog Travel Backpack

Dog Travel Backpack - Large

Your pooch will look like a professional search and rescue dog with this practical and versatile design from Pettom. The two spacious side pockets are detachable and so the whole bag can be removed creating a full-body harness. The cushioned handle at the top of the harness makes a great restraint that is powerful while gently on your dog’s body as the pressure is distributed through the harness. It also serves as a carry handle for the bags, so it’s easy to transport when it’s not strapped to your best friend.

The chest strap connects to the straps behind the front legs, a feature which many other backpacks are lacking, and this adds a whole new level of comfort and stability for your dog. Greater comfort means a happier dog and the ability to go on longer adventures and have more fun! This bag was made with the backcountry explorer in mind as it features a load compression system and night reflectors, just like a hi0tech human backpack.

16. Petsfit Dog Backpack

Dog Backpack For Walking

Your pet wouldn’t look out of place at the cooler bars of a university campus with the Petsfit Dog Backpack. The Oxford material of the main body make it tough as old boot nails, but it is in fact lightweight and breathable, so your pooch won’t overheat in warmer temperatures.

Both side pockets have internal elasticated pouches which are perfect for separately out your belongings so they are easy to find when you need them. The large hi-vis section of the pockets is an added safety feature that looks great too, and it will keep your dog visible even in low light. With three fully-adjustable straps, this backpack will fit dogs of all shapes up to 100lbs.

17. Ruffwear Approach Full-Day Hiking Pack

Dog Backpack For Hiking

Ruffwear have all shapes and sizes of dog covered when it comes to their Approach Full-Day Hiking Pack as it comes in five sizes ranging from xx-small to x-large. That covers a chest size ranging from 13 inches to 42 inches! The variety in sizes means that you can find the perfect fit for your dog, and every strap is fully adjustable so you can fit it to her unique shape and allow a full range of natural movement.

The integrated harness allows you to lift your dog safely over tricky terrain or to keep her dry when going through deeper water. The non-slip straps distribute the weight of the pack or the pressure of lifting your dog, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your pet is always comfortable. The buckles are sheltered meaning they can stand up to all that mother nature can throw at them, be it the wind, rain, dirt or snow.

They stay in place to allow easy one-handed unbuckling and clip back in smoothly. The integrated reflective strip lets you keep track of your dog even in low visibility. This is a great backpack for the serious multi-day hiker and their dog!

18. Ruffwear Singletrak Low-Profile Hydration Pack

Hydration Dog Backpack

This super-streamlined backpack is designed to be a hydration pack with two small extra stash pockets for those hiking essentials (treats!), but take out the hydration packs and you’re left with the perfect doggy day-pack. It comes in three sizes and features fully adjustable chest, girth and belly straps, so you’ll easily find the right fit for your pooch.

The chest and belly straps have extra foam padding to ensure maximum comfort all day long, and the whole backpack is designed to fit snuggly against your dog’s body and be streamlined, so he won’t be held back while charging through the bush!

The pack comes with two purpose-built, collapsible hydration packs which each fit 0.6 litres, so if you do choose to use it as a water-carrier for your four-legged friend you’ll have over a litre of water in total. Even with the hydration packs full, there’s still room for a few treats in the zippered pockets!

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