20 Dog Sweaters Your Pup Will Love


Having a dog sweater in your arsenal adds another layer of protection to your pampered pooch. They allow your pup to be protected from the temperature and environment, whilst also making them look adorable.

Without further ado, let’s find the perfect dog sweater for your pup:

1. Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

Dog Sweater Large

If you worry about your pooch getting a bit chilly in the winter months and are looking for a durable, easy-clean and stylish jacket for him then the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket could be the one for you. This jacket will certainly keep your pup warm with its thick quilted material which traps warm air inside the jacket’s 140msg Polytech fill.

You’ll be able to take your pooch out for walks in all weathers too as the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket is made from Waterproof Microtomic™ nylon which will protect him against the chilling effects of rain and snow. This material is incredibly durable with special ripstop fibres that prevent snagging and tearing, giving the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket a significant shelf life.

It comes in five different designs, each of which is reversible, so that’s a total of ten different colours that you can match to your pooch! What’s more, it’s machine washable, so at the end of long, wet, muddy walksies you can simply throw it in the washing machine and forget about it. Unfortunately, we don’t advise you do the same with your wet and muddy dog!


2. PetCee Dog Jacket

Waterproof Dog Sweater

Protect your pup from the elements with the PetCee Dog Jacket which features an extra-high neck hood to keep out rain and cold winds. The hood is even fleece-lined for extra warm and comfort on those chilly winter days.

The whole jacket is made from lightweight and waterproof polyester and comes in three colours – keep it cool with timeless black, or make your pooch stand out with vibrant the vibrant red or orange jackets.

You can buy the PetCee Dog Jacket in one of seven different sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, the jacket also features adjustable Velcro straps so you would be hard pushed to find a pooch that can’t fit in to one of PetCee’s jackets.

The variety of sizes and adjustability means that you can find the jacket that perfectly fits your dog’s body and allows him his full range of movement, so he’s never restricted at playtime! This jacket will wipe clean and is machine washable so you don’t need to worry about your pup getting mucky. It also features a handy leash attachment, letting you wrap up and clip on with ease.


3. Kuoser Reversible Plaid Dog Vest

Cozy Dog Sweater British

Why have one stylish dog vest when you could have two? That’s obviously what the designers over at Kuoser were thinking when they made their reversible plaid dog vest. On one side you have a choice of one of four rad plaid designs – think Burberry without the price tag! On the other side is a plain block colour which is elevated to stylish chic by the quilted design and tag detail.

The quilting isn’t purely aesthetic though, it serves to keep your pup warm by adding an extra thick layer of cushioning between his body and the cold air. The plaid side is made of super soft felt which is gentle and cozy against your pooch’s body. The Kuoser Reversible Plaid Dog Vest is easy to slip on and off, and secures quickly with Velcro straps.

The timeless design of this jacket, along with the seven size options offered by Kuoser, means that there’s no excuse to not be stylish when out for a winter walk, whether you’re strutting your stuff downtown or tramping in the woods.


4. Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Coat

Dog Blanket Coat Sweater

Zack & Zoey offer eleven different colour choices with their Nor’easter Dog Coat, and as each one is reversible, that’s a whopping twenty-two colours to choose from! They also provide eight different sizes and adjustable straps, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit in the perfect colour for your pooch.

For those wet-weather days the outer layer is made from a water resistant shell material with a cosy fleece lining. When it’s not raining but there’s still a nip in the air, you can reverse the coat and show of the inside plaid pattern. Zack & Zoey have made a great practical coat that is versatile enough for every dog owner.

All the coats come with a reflective strip and cute reflective paw print, making your pet more visible to motorists. If that isn’t enough, you can buy the coat in a brighter colour to make sure you never lose sight of your pooch even at night. And when those winter days draw in, you’ll be walking in the dark more often than not!


5. AGPtek Universal Waterproof Fleece

Universal Waterproof Pet Dog Fleece

Supersoft material and an elasticated design makes the AGPtek Universal Waterproof Fleece the ultimate in comfort for your dog when out on wet and windy walks. The waterproof nylon material will keep the rain off your dog’s body while the insulating material will keep him warm for hours of outdoor playtime.

The inner lining is made from antistatic material so your dog won’t come home looking like he’s been struck by lightening with his hair all standing on end! And once you’re back from a wet and muddy walk you can chuck the AGPtek Universal Waterproof Fleece straight in to the washing machine, so no scrubbing dirt off of a stinky blanket!


6.  Funkeen Dog Coat with Harness Hole + Reflective Strips

Pet Apparel Waterproof Dog Coat with Harness

This Funkeen dog coats comes in a variety of sizes to fit any breed, from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, in perfect comfort. A padded and elasticated chest section is strapped in with adjustable Velcro tabs, making sure that the coat does not rub on your pooch and allows him his full range of natural movement. Reflective strips are sewn into the fabric of the coat down the centre and around the collar in order to provide extra visibility in poor light conditions.

The neck covering can be folded back for shorter-necked breeds or fully extended to keep dogs such as Greyhounds, Dobermans and Boxers snug and warm. The inner lining is made from soft fleece for extra warmth in cold weather and the outer shell is both wind and water resistant. No excuses no to take Buster out if it’s raining then!


7. Baja Handmade Dog Poncho

Handmade Dog Poncho

Treat your pooch to a unique and exciting handmade dog poncho, featuring traditional Mexican materials. Baja Ponchos source their material from Guadalajara in Mexico, where each item is cut from traditionally made blankets with unique designs, and then handcrafted in to the different sizes of dog poncho. This means that every single dog poncho is unique in its design, but you can be sure that every single one is durable, functional and vibrant.

Baja Ponchos cleverly mix ancient patterns with modern practicality to bring you this colourful and eye catching jacket for your pet. Hidden Velcro secures the jacket for a snug and comfortable fit without interrupting the pattern of the fabric while the polyester and acrylic fabric blend is both lightweight and durable. Plus it doubles as a costume for Mexican night!


8. Gooby Everyday Fleece Hoodie

Cold Weather Dog Sweater Vest

This simple but practical Gooby Everyday Fleece Hoodie doubles as a harness which is easy on your dog’s joints and body. Gooby have included an O-ring in to the top of the hoodie which means you can simply clip on your leash and go. The fleece is a great material that is light and warm, as well as machine washable. This hoodie has no fiddly straps and simply pulls over your dog’s head just like a human hoodie!

It comes in five different sizes and the stretch and give in the fleece fabric means that it can fit comfortably on dogs of all shapes and sizes. Although it is not waterproof, Gooby have made a great go-to everyday hoodie that your pooch will never get tired of wearing!


9. IMK9 Reflective Dog Vest

Reflective Safety Vest For Dogs

The IMK9 Reflective Dog Vest is a great year-round dog vest that will keep your pooch safe, dry and warm in all seasons. It is made from the same high-tech sports material used for human athletic wear, which is made specifically to be light, durable and weather resistant, no matter weather you’re out in icy rain or hot summer sun.

This jacket will help regulate your dog’s body temperature in all weathers. The inner lining is made of breathable micro-fleece which will help keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. The most obvious feature of this jacket is its bright colour and reflective strips which are some of the best on the market.

IMK9 have made sure that your dog will be as visible as possible while wearing this jacket, whether its when you are walking near busy roads, out in poor visibility or even out hunting in the bush. This is a great all-around jacket that prioritises the safety and comfort of your dog.


10. Pegasus Velvet Crown Jumpsuit

Puppy Clothes Jumpsuit Coat

Who doesn’t love a dog in a pink velour tracksuit? Certainly not the folks over at Pegasus, who have made this adorable mini tracksuit for your pup to strut or lounge around in. The faux velour material is wonderful soft and cosy, perfect for lazy days spent napping on the couch. Plus it’s machine washable so cleaning it is an absolute doddle.

Pegasus have gone all-out on the classic tracksuit design, with racer stripe arms and diamante crown detail. All you need now is to find yourself the perfect matching tracksuit!


11. DogHelios Blizzard Full-Bodied Dog Jacket

Full-Bodied Reflective Dog Jacket All Weather

Made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, the DogHelios Blizzard Full-Bodied Dog Jacket will certainly make your dog look the part of an intrepid explorer! Whereas most dog jackets on the market only focus on covering the back, chest and belly of your dog, where he loses most heat, the DogHelios Blizzard goes one step further and protects your dog’s legs from cold weather too.

The outer layer is double-waterproofed, wind-proof and rip-proof while also being breathable, so your pooch won’t overheat. It features reflective strips which can reflect light up to three metres, helping you to keep track of your pet even in low light. For even better visibility you can buy this jacket in lighter and more reflective colours (yellow, grey, orange).

The inner layer is made from supersoft and antistatic fleece which is also breathable and allows your dog to regulate his body temperature no matter what the elements are throwing at him. A handy flap allows quick access to your dog’s collar for attaching the leash and covered zippers and straps prevent any wind from entering the jacket.


12. PetsLove Doggie Jacket

Thick Warm Dog Jacket

With three classy colours to choose from and five different sizes, you’ve got no excuse to leave your best friend out in the cold this winter! The PetsLove Doggie Jacket features supersoft down-style padding which traps your dog’s body heat in tiny air pockets throughout the jacket, creating a warm barrier between him and the cold air.

Not only this, but the fleece lining is soft against his body and will keep him cosy all winter long. This Doggie Jacket has little front leg warmers too, made of soft and stretchy elasticated polyester which will keep your pooch’s legs warm while still allowing him to move unrestricted.

An adorable hood will make your best friend seem even more like a little person and will fit great with his big personality! PetsLove have even included a handy button-close pocket where you can store treats or poop bags so you’re always prepared when out for a walk.


13. Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest

Padded Cold Weather Dog Sweater Vest

Your dog can look and feel great no matter what the weather with this Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest. The outer layer is made from water resistant material that lets your dog play out in the rain and still stay warm. Two D-rings at the top of the vest allow you to attach your lead to the vest, meaning you can have full control of your dog quickly and easily.

Some other vests use Velcro to close the straps which can rub and irritate your dog’s skin if they become loose or are not properly fitted. Gooby have done away with Velcro and instead use a zip up the back of the vest which a clever fur-guard to avoid getting your pooch’s fur trapped in the zipper – we all know how painful that can be! Popper buttons provide an extra secure fit and help to zip your dog up if he’s moving around too much.


14. East Side Collection 3-in-1 Eskimo Jacket

Eskimo Jacket Vest For Dogs

This versatile jacket is all you’ll ever need to keep your pooch warm, dry and stylish in the winter months. It is, effectively, two separate jackets – a fleece sweater and an outer shell with fabulous faux-fur hood. These can be each be worn separately or combined for extra warmth on those frosty winter days.

So you can dress your pooch up in the sleek fleece sweater for chilly dry days, in the outer water resistant shell for rainy days or both when it’s particularly cold and rainy. Velcro closures mean that the hood can be held in place to offer maximum protection against the elements and the faux-fur hood will keep out the wind and make sure your pet is cosy and warm.

The front leg ‘arms’ of the jacket provide another layer of protection and give your dog that adorable ‘human’ look!


15. Hiado Winter Coat for Hiking and Hunting

Hiking and Hunting Outdoor Cold Weather Coat

Two layers of polar fleece means that this Hiado Winter Coat for Hiking and Hunting will keep your pet warm even in very low temperatures. The neck warmer will keep out cold gusts of wind and the adjustable belly strap makes for a comfortable fit for any dog.

Hiado have your dog’s safety in mind and have included reflective strips along with bright colours in all their designs to help keep your dog visible is all situations. A handy mini-pocket is perfect for storing any extra small items that you may need for your pooch while you’re out hiking or hunting.


16. Blueberry Pet Chic Argyle All Over Dog Sweater

Cute Dog Sweater Vest

Dress your dog up like a little human and keep him warm with the timeless design of this Blueberry Pet Chic Argyle All Over Dog Sweater. 100% acrylic yarn makes this sweater stretch and mould to your pooch’s unique shape, meaning it fits perfectly to most dog types and shapes. The Argyle design fits perfectly with a trendy geek-chic look but wouldn’t look out of place on your grandma’s lap dog in front of the fire!

A great all-around sweater, the 100% acrylic weave is also incredibly easy to look after as it can be both machine washed and tumble dried along with your usual human clothes – just try not to mix them up when getting dressed in the morning!


17. Pawz Road Pet Winter Coat

Dog Winter Coat Hoodie

If you thought your mini-pooch couldn’t get more adorable then you were wrong! Keep him warm this winter with the Pawz Road Pet Winter Coat and you won’t be able to handle the cuteness, and your dog will thank you for keeping him toasty on chilly winter days. But don’t fear, there’s substance behind the style! All seams have been double stitched for extra durability and to keep out wind and rain.

The faux fur hood is both trendy and helps keep your little pup’s neck warm. The soft material is made with comfort in mind, and the elasticated ankle bands stop the jacket from moving too much on your dog’s body. Three popper buttons make this jacket quick and easy to take on and off, so you can get out and enjoy the winter weather in the blink of an eye.


18. Lesypet Dog Snowsuit

Snowsuit For Dogs In Winter

The Lesypet Dog Snowsuit looks just like a human snowsuit only in miniature, and luckily for your pooch it uses all the same materials that we humans want to keep us warm and dry on cold, wet days. The outer layer is waterproof and windproof, made of lightweight and breathable material.

The inner layer is made of supersoft fleece which is also breathable, meaning your dog won’t get hot and stuffy but will be perfectly snug in his snowsuit. It even features a faux-fur lined hood, but don’t worry, no furry animals were harmed during the making of this jacket!

Just like a little person, the snowsuit also has a false belt around the middle, and an embroidered logo completes the look.

Full leg coverage and elasticated ankle bands mean that your pooch will be fully protected against cold draughts and will find the snuggest fit possible in this Lesypet Dog Snowsuit.


19. Gooby Cold Weather Fleece Lined Sports Dog Vest

Cold Weather Fleece For Sporty Dogs

Make sure your pup is ready for any adventure with the Gooby Cold Weather Fleece Lined Sports Dog Vest. The practice design combines comfort, safety and easy of use to create the perfect vest for any active dog. The outer layer is made from water resistant material that keeps out rain and wind, helping to maintain your dog’s body temperature.

The inner lining is made from fleece which is soft against your dog’s body while also being a great insulator. The Gooby Cold Weather Fleece Lined Sports Dog Vest comes in seven different colours, each of which feature reflective strips to help your dog be seen by motorists.

The brighter colours will help your dog stand out even in low light. The three-point Velcro attachment system means that this vest adjusts to fit your pet’s body and ensures a snug and rub-free fit.


20. WeatherBeeta Windbreaker 420D Deluxe Dog Coat

Windbreaker Deluxe Dog Sweater

The WeatherBeeta Windbreaker 420D Deluxe Dog Coat is the perfect all-weather jacket to keep your dog visible when out on the trails or near roads. The high-tech water- and wind-proof outer layer is thin enough that it can be worn even in summer, but is durable enough to stand up to heavy rain and wind.

A full chest wrapping strap offers a great fit no matter what the size of your dog and the foldable neck collar is great for breeds with longer necks, or if your pooch needs a little extra protection against the wind and rain.

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