20 Funny Masks You Need To Own


We understand that sometimes you just need a funny mask in your life. You don’t need a reason. If you want to look like Donald Trump or a giant unicorn, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our favorite 20:

1.  CreepyParty Deluxe Novelty Halloween Costume PartyLatex Animal Head Mask, Unicorn

Funny Unicorn Head Mask

In the Medieval time period, Unicorns are thought to have existed. In fact, most alchemists had vials labeled “unicorn horns.” In reality, it was the filed-down horn of a narwal.

Have you seen a unicorn? More than likely you haven’t, but if you have you were probably tripping, or you saw someone wearing this hilarious unicorn mask! Think of the amazing selfies you could take with this unicorn mask! Even better, think of the weird looks you will get when you walk down the street with this amazingly life-like unicorn mask! If you are looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd, then look no further than this silly mask!

2. The Mask Biz Shit head Emoji Mask

Funny Poo Head Emoji Mask

Do you like to use Emoji? Do you spam your friends the smiley poop emoji? Do your friends spam you with the smiley poop emoji? If you answered yes to the previous these questions, then you need to own this Smiely Poop Emoji, it’s absolutely lit!

This mask features eye holes so you don’t run into people while you’re making them laugh. This mask would make a great gift for anyone whether you want to subtly inform them that they are shit heads, or even if they have some strange pooping fetish. Either way, the mask will be enjoyed greatly by you or your friends!

3. Donald Trump Mask-Latex

Funny Donald Trump Latex Mask

Everyone thought it was a joke that Donald Trump was running for President. Well, now that this sick joke has become reality, this mask is now quite useful. This mask is very realistic because the fake hair looks as real as Trump’s hair, which already looks like a terrible toupee. If you or your friends want to reshoot the robbery scenes of Pointe Break, this mask would make a great addition!

4. Thumbs Up Mr. Fox

Funny Mr. Fox Mask

What does the fox say? Foxes don’t really say much to be honest, but this mask will allow you to say a lot! This fox mask looks a little demented, but it’s of superior quality because it has several features that go beyond the typical plastic mask. This mask has faux fur, a cushioned chin brace that allows the mouth to move as you move your mouth! It has a wire mesh eye opening allowing for great visibility, and it is built with quality craftsmanship.

This mask is perfect for anyone looking to complete their Fox Furry costume for a simple Cosplay convention or a Furry gathering in your local area.

5. Greek & Roman Style Venetian Metallic Mask

Funny Greek Roman Style Mask For Halloween

Looking to attend a masquerade party and get your seduction on? Look no further, this mask is seductive af when combine with an all black outfit and a hood to top it all off. You’ll seduce that guy or girl that catches your eye! Or, as with most ancient plays, a mask is a great way to diffuse your identity so you can test the sincerity of your significant other, provided the light is dim enough!

It comes in five different colors. The mask features straps which comfortably allow it to fit any size.

6. Creepy Cat Mask – Funny Animals – Off the Wall Toys

Funny Grumpy Cat Mask

It may be some debate whether Grumpy Cat’s fifteen minutes of fame is up or not, either way this Grump Cat Mask is lit. If you have a hard time being a grump to people, why not buy this epic mask and manifest your inner grump! Can’t say no to your boss when he asks you to stay late? Now you can! Can’t say no to that pesky stalker? Now you can! This mask is perfect for all occasions that could require a grump. Just think of all the things you could say when wearing this mask! THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL!!!!! On second thought…. NOPE!

7. Kingsmas Saw Movie Jigsaw Puppet Mask Head Latex Creepy Scary

Scary Saw Movie Mask

You know that weird way how people tend to laugh during scary movies? Well, this creepy af Jigsaw Puppet Mask is either going to make people laugh or cringe in fear because their worst fears are flooding their mind. Either way, this is certainly a funny mask when you really think about it. Come on, those spirals accenting those overly large cheeks, and those inhuman red eyes!

This mask is great for most mask parties as your identity is completely hidden, though you can see perfectly through the eye holes. What would happen if you were suddenly engaged in a political or philosophical discussion while donning this mask? If you’re a fan of Jigsaw then this is certainly the mask for you, and you’ll more than likely find it hilarious when people look at you with ghast-filled eyes!

8. V for Vendetta Mask Guy Fawkes Anonymous Fancy Cosplay Costume

Funny Anonymous Guy Fawkes Mask

Remember when you first saw V for Vendetta? Relive the inspiration with this Guy Fawkes mask and embody the coyness and honesty of a mask which gives you the anonymity you desire. Think of all the funny antics you could commit while your visage is hidden. This mask is absolutely hilarious as it mocks the establishment and the values upon which it is built. This doesn’t mean you have to be an anarchist, but by simply wearing this mask and j-walking or smoking a cigarette closer to your office building than you should!

Anyone who cherishes their ideals in the face of an oppressive regime should look at owning this mask. Some may not find it funny, but on the ideological level, negating all that the establishment holds valuable is quite hilarious.

9. Latex Full Head Mask Halloween Cosplay Costume Props Xcoser

Funny Undertale Smiling Mask

This Mask/Helmet features the character Sans who is a support character in Undertale. Though the image of a skull is suppose to be frightening, the grinning face and overly large characteristics make this mask funny in a cartoonish way. This mask/helmet completely covers the head and face of the wearer, and two small eye holes provide ample vision, although caution should be exercised when wearing it. The mask is of superior quality, and is perfect for anyone, certainly fans of Undertale!

10. Emoji Universe: Emoji “See No Evil, Hear No Evil Monkey” Latex Mask and Hands

Funny Evil Monkey Emoji Mask

So for some reason culturally speaking we have three little monkeys who hear, speak and see no evil. This adorable mask and hand is all about this cultural image. However, imagine the levels of fun and delirium you can reach while doing, speaking and hearing all manner of things good and bad! How funny would it be to scare your roommate, candidly of course, by jumping out of his closet when he comes home at 3am wearing this mask? Buy this now, try and watch the video go viral!

11. Disguise Men’s Wink Costume Accessory

Funny Winking Emoji Mask

Have you ever actually tried to mimic the emoji smiley faces? Your face really can’t make that wink smiley face accurately. In fact, it’s probably better that you don’t make that face to someone because you’ll probably look like you’re either constipated or deranged. Buy this mask instead! This mask is perfect for a masquerade party, or just to have for a gag or two. Imagine the laughter and joy you’ll bring to you and your friends when you wear this mask!

12. Disguise Tongue Out Emoticon Adult Mask

Funny Winky Face Tongue Out Emoji Mask

What’s the best emoji to send someone when you’re lit af and just sad something funny? The tongue out emoji! What’s the best emoji to send to your bae when you’re being suggestive…. the tongue out emoji! What’s the best emoji for getting your flirt on with your gym crush? The tongue out emoji!

This emoji covers many bases, and so will you if you get this mask and wear it at the next costume party. Imagine the level of play you’ll get as you strut around with this bad boy stuck to your face. By the end of any soirée wearing this, you’ll sure to be leaving with someone! So, if you like the company of others, you certainly need to buy this mask!

13. V28 Roman Knight Helmet Visor Cosplay Knit Beanie Viking Hat Cap Wind Mask

Funny Knitted Viking Knight Mask Hat

Contrary to popular belief, Vikings were the first Europeans to discover the New World. Vikings have their own tv show and it’s absolutely amazing. Why, if you think about it, Vikings are the harbingers of all things bad ass. War, Pillaging, Sex.

Now that our modern civilization looks down upon these viral activities, our base senses have been relegated to the shadows… but you can still proudly show your inner viking with this wicked awesome, and funny, Viking Hat Cap Wind Mask.

It features a bright read knit beard to cover your soft face (unless you’re manly enough to have a beard of your own). This is perfect for anyone who fancies knit hat masks!

14. Vbiger Beard Hat Beanie Hat Knit Hat Winter Warm Octopus Hat Windproof Funny for Men & Women

Funny Knitted Alien Cthulhu Mask Hat

All hail Lord Cthulhu! If you or a friend is a follower of the dark lord Cthulhu or any other weird Lovecraft deities, this knit mask/hat is for you/them. This knit hat/mask will keep you warm and make you look really cool. It’s perfect for a ski trip, shoveling snow, or just simply wearing around town. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!!!

15. Beardski Prospector Ski Mask

Funny Bearded Ski Mask

Do you often carve up fresh snow on the slopes? Do you have a baby face and secretly wish you could grow a gorgeous beard, but your bae player hates? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this Ski mask is for you!

This mask features insulated comfortable neoprene, woven thermal fleece material. It covers the ears, face and neck from harsh winter climates making it perfect for any cold weather activities!

16. Bath Accessories Eye Mask Silly

Funny Cat Eyes Sleep Mask

While most people think of masks with the purpose of concealing or disguising identity, some use masks to block out light for sleeping. What is the best example of a sleeping being? It could be a college student, but in this case it’s a cat! If you’re a cat lover and you wish that you could stay at home and sleep all day, then this is the perfect mask for you!

This mask blocks any light source making it easier for your to sweetly slumber as everyone else trudges o work half-awake!

17. Monster University – Sulley Monster Mask

Funny Monsters Inc Sully Mask

One of the most beloved Monster’s Inc. and Monster University character, Sulley, is fully featured with this high quality mask. What makes this mask superior to others is the fact that the mouth moves as the wearer’s mouth moves! Imagine the joy brought to any child’s face as they perfect their scare tactics with this superior quality mask! In addition to the mouth moving, the eyebrows and lips move too! Not to mention, this mask is 100% kid fueled, so should you want to go “bump in the night” and perfect your scare tactics with confidence, this is the mask for you!

18. Vladmir Putin – Celebrity Face Mask

Funny Russian Vladmir Putin Mask

You may ask, “what’s so funny about Vladimir Putin’s mug?” Well it’s not so much what’s funny but about how you could wear his mask and in what situations you could “picture” him. All it takes is a quick google image search to see all sorts of crazy pics of Vladi, most of which he’s bare-chested showing off his Russian manliness. Why not you too! Imagine the play Vladimir gets when he rolls into the Moscow night-scene or within the Kremlin. Yeah, a lot! Now, what about you? This mask is perfect for compromising, and funny pics that could take meme-generators by storm!

19. Clinton Mask

Funny Bill Clinton Mask

This one-time leader of the “Free World,” was also impeached at one point for a scandal in which the definition of “is” came into question. Regardless of whether he was a good President or not, he’s certainly known for his sex-capades with Monica Lewinsky and his swimmers which famously stained a certain dress. Recently, there’s an awesome gif of good ol’ Bill checking out the newest First-Lady Ivanka Trump. Bill is caught like a savage checking out Ivanka, despite Hillary’s cold af stare.

If you want to get your stare on and look savage at the same time, then this mask is certainly the one for you. Also, don’t forget the cologne sex panther because 60% of the time it works every time!

20. Venetian Mardi Gras Half Mask 

Funny Thieves Mask

This mask is funny. It’s funny because of the possibilities it allows its wearer. You want to create a quick old times robber outfit? This is the mask for you? You want to engage in some causal S+M, this mask is for you! You want to obfuscate your identity from public security cameras, this mask is for you! This mask is as versatile as your imagination can use it.

This mask comes in a variety of colors and can be put on quickly and efficiently by tying it behind your head, no need for another accomplice!

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