21 Adorable Penguin Toys You Can’t Live Without


Penguins. Is there anything cuter than penguins in the entire world, besides sloths? We really really do not think so. If you need any further proof to the absolute cuteness of penguins, just think about the movie Happy Feet.

A soft, fluffy, bright eyed and bushy tailed baby penguin saves the day, outwitting Killer Whales, humans, and his fellow penguins alike. Penguins in general are adorable little creatures that shuffle around on land until they can slip into the icy waters and swim laps around dolphins and sharks.

If you’re like most people who want to skip straight to the penguin exhibit at the zoo or aquarium, or even love penguins so much that you fight against their captivity, then boy do we have a list for you! 21 Penguin Toys You Can’t Live Without. Seriously. You need ALL of these amazing penguin toys! So, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

1. Hog Wild Toys Penguin Popper

Penguin Popper Toy

This unique and innovative child’s toy can provide for hours of fun. It is easy to use and comes with soft foam balls that can be propelled – or popped –from the penguins open mouth. This little guy comes with extra balls and the product description literally reads “good for indoor and outdoor play.”

Tell that to your mom when she starts scolding you for having balls in the house. C’mon, they are foam balls anyways! You did not hear this from us, but word on the street is that your mom is just jealous and wants to join in on the penguin popping fun.

Aim a few shots in her direction, and you will instantly become the favorite child. That seems like a stand up theory, right?

2. Play Visions Club Earth Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade Toy

If you love penguins so much, chances are that you might not want to share them. We know parents are big on sharing with everyone – something about manners or being kind – but what if you just want to keep your penguins to yourself?

We understand which is why this is literally the perfect penguin toy for you. This Penguin Parade toy comes with six different sized penguins that have changing facial expressions. They are all unique and you want to keep them to yourselves. We know that when your parents walk into the room and see you with six penguins that they will demand you share them with your whiny little brother or sister.

So, when they walk in the room you need to hide them and quick! Well, what better way to hide the other five penguins, then by stacking them inside each other? That is right! We are talking Russian doll style. You can thank us now….

3. Pillow Pets Glow Pets Penguin, 15 Inches

Glow In The Dark Penguin Pillow Pet

When you head to bed, your love of penguins does not simply vanish. Any true penguin admirer knows that when their head hits the pillow and they finally drift off to sleep, their best dreams are the ones where you are swimming amongst penguins in their natural habitat.

You admire their true beauty and honestly wish that you could simply stay asleep and living in this magical fantasy world. When you wake up, it can be a bit of a letdown to remember that you are in fact human and not an adorable penguin.

One way to ease that pain is to wake up on a magical glow in the dark Penguin Pillow Pet. When you open your eyes, this adorable glow in the dark little guy will ease some of the hurt you are feeling. Plus, they’re comfy as hell!

4. PowerTRC Jolly Penguin Race – Large Size 13″ High After Assemble

Jolly Penguin Racer Toy

If you are a true penguin lover, you have seen the cute videos of them swirling down icy hillsides, slipping into the water to gobble up little fishies. Well, with the PowerTRC Jolly Penguin Race, you can relive that glory in person.

This magical penguin racetrack comes with three Jolly Penguins that climb the stairs and then slide down the 13-inch tall track. You might think it cannot get any better, but it also plays joyful music the entire time, and it very easy to assemble.

Parents will absolutely love listening to this cute music on repeat as their children enjoy this wonderful penguin racer track. We apologize in advance for the song being stuck in your head for days and weeks to come! Just remember, it’s for the children…

A mother penguin’s love for her baby is truly an amazing thing. Their bond is tight and they work around the clock with male penguins to keep the egg warm throughout a blistery cold winter. If you want a plush stuffed animal that replicates this tight, emotional bond that is formed between mother and baby, then you need the Aurora World 12″ Emperor Mama And Baby Penguin.

This set is realistic looking with very intricate details. It is filled with beans and the mother and baby are attached, so you never have to worry about separating the close-knit pair. At 12 inches tall, this duo gives you plenty of cuddling room.

6. Penguins On Ice

Penguins On Ice Toy Game

Penguins on Ice is a unique game that parents and kids alike will love. Children will love playing with the cute little penguin figurines, while parents will love that the game is stimulating them mentally. The game revolves on trying to get all of the pieces on the game board to match the diagram laid out in the book.

With 60 different games, the mind-challenging fun will last for hours and hours. This is for girls and boys, young and old. You can play it alone, or work together to ensure that all of the penguins find the perfect place to call home.

This is a must-have for penguin lovers of any age, and with the added benefit of problem solving and learning, it is a no-brainer for parents to get their children! Now if only all of their math word problems were about penguins…

7. Learning Resources Smart Splash Color Play Penguins 

Color Play Penguins Toys from Smart Splash

Bath time is a great time for you to connect with your little one. You might not realize it, but bath time can also be a great time for some learning! Your little one can play and learn at the same time with this Learning Resources Smart Splash Color Play Penguins.

There are 12 pieces, 6 penguins and 6 floating tubs and you can work together with your child to match colors and shapes on their top hats and tubes. As an added bonus, the pieces are mold-proof and come in a mesh storage bag. We know how often you have to clean when you are a parent, and this is one less toy to worry about cleaning!

8. Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, Pink 

 Pink Wind Up Penguin Bath Toy

The Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy comes in pink and blue, making it the perfect gift for a baby of any gender. For ages 9 months and up, this windup toy actually swims throughout the water. You wind the arms to make the penguin swim and it is easy enough to wind that even the littlest hands can operate it.

If your little one loves splishing and splashing in the bath and you love penguins, this is a way to combine the two and make bath time even more fun for the both of you. The only problem will be trying to stop playing with it before both of you become pruny and gross! Seriously, you will not want to stop playing with this bath toy, and neither will they!

9. Wave Paperweight Penguins 

 Penguin Paperweight Toy

Do you wish there was a way to bring your love of penguins to work? It might seem a bit odd to have a plush penguin perched on your desk, or to bring in that hand painted penguin mural that you spent years of your life painting and perfecting. Thankfully, there is another way to bring a cool penguin vibe into the workplace.

This penguin paperweight is the perfect low key way to bring your penguin pals into work. Just imagine the day your boss comes into your office bitching about an account that did not go your company’s way, a mistake that he is wrongly blaming on you.

How awesome will it feel to flip him the bird once his back is turned while winking at your two penguin paperweight pals posted up on your desk?

It is never too early to start passing along your love on penguins. Seriously. Start them young and you WILL NOT regret it. This BUCKLE TOY “Blizzard” Penguin – Toddler Early Learning Basic Life Skills Children’s Plush Travel Activity is a great way to do that.

By combining penguins and learning into one cute, soft little toy, you can start forming your little one’s love of penguins early. By working on colors and hand dexterity with these 5 different buckles, your baby will start to love “freeing” their penguin pal. It won’t be long before they’re begging to watch Happy Feet and March of the Penguins every day after school

Floating Penguin Family Toy

A floating penguin family. We repeat, this is a FLOATING PENGUIN FAMILY! Is there anything cuter in the world? One penguin is great. Two penguins is simply fantastic, but an entire family of four floating penguins? We can’t even handle the amazingness of this toy.

You need to go buy this now, because it is a floating penguin FAMILY. This little family is the perfect and inexpensive way to make bath time a joy for everyone. Baths are not just about getting your baby clean. No, a bath is a bonding experience between you and your precious little one, which is why you need to get this penguin toy to liven things up.

We promise that you will not regret this purchase. You kid might even beg you to take a bath, and when was the last time that ever happened?

We are heading back to the office with this penguin toy. Honestly, we cannot even really call it a toy. This Sitting Penguin Stress “Toy” can be a great addition to your office. Have a huge presentation in an hour that you have not yet prepped for, give him a squeeze.

The VP of Operations is flying in with last minute notice and you are not sure you will have your job at the end of the day, give this little penguin a few squeezes.

Your boss dumps a huge project on your lap the day before you are leaving for a week long Mediterranean Cruise, definitely give this guy a couple of squeezes.  These are just a few examples of how this penguin stress toy can come up big over the course of a workday!

This might just combine two of the best things in the world, penguins and money. The BKids Fill ‘n’ Spill Coin Bank Toy is a great way to teach your youngsters how a bank works. You are not actually dealing with real money, but the concept is there.

By shoving different color coins into the penguin’s head, they can press down the little wings to let the coins slide back out. The 10 coins come in different shapes and sizes and are good for hours – well, at least minutes – of fun.  Now that you have started them young, maybe they will start saving up their money to buy a real penguin one day. Hey, you can dream!

If you love penguins, then the Fun Express Rubber Ducky Duckie Penguin Duck Party Favors Set is a must have. This set of 12 is not only adorable, but you can also spread the love. Imagine the joy that your guests will feel – children and adults alike – as they leave your holiday party with a cute little penguin rubber ducky.

These favors will seriously be a hit with any group of guests. We can’t be held accountable if your guests want to leave early so that they can go take a bath to play with their new little penguin rubber duckie. Your best bet is to hand them out after your guests have begun gathering up their belongings to head home!

Chubby Plush Baby Penguin Toy

If you want adorable, then you need the Gund Chub Penguin Baby Stuffed Animal. This cute little stuffed penguin baby is not only soft and snuggly, but it’s also cute as a button! We’re not sure what makes a button cute, but we’ll go with that… Just imagine waking up from a night of deep slumber to find this little guy or gal snuggled in your arms.

Could there be any better way to wake up? Aside from the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen, we think this stuffed baby penguin might just be the best. Be prepared for an instant smile whenever you wake up snuggling this adorable little baby penguin.

The Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid & Toddler Picasso Penguin Backpack for Ages 2 and up is the perfect addition to any home. The black, white, orange and yellow of this backpack all blend together to give you the perfect penguin figure. People will love this backpack so much so, that you might be bombarded by questions of where you got it.

If you want your little one to instantly be surrounded by friends, or loved by any teacher, you NEED to send them to school with this penguin backpack.

They will be the hit of any classroom, and you won’t be embarrassed to carry it around! Honestly, you might even want to sneak it to work one or two days a week, just to look at…

17. Paw Patrol Spy Chase and Penguins Rescue Set 

Paw Patrol & Penguins Toys

Paw Patrol is all the rage these days with kids. They can’t wait to see their favorite pals, Chase, Arctic, and the rest of the gang. What else is all the rage? Penguins! So how can you combine the two to make the most awesome toy around?

Well that’s easy; you make a Paw Patrol Spy Chase and Penguins Rescue Set. This set comes with Chase the fearless German Shepherd, as well two of the penguins from the show Penguins. Your kids – and you – will have hours and hours of fun with this wicked play set.

The real challenge is pretending that you got the toy for your kids, and not just because you love penguins…

 18. Eco-Bonk Kid-Tough Inflatable Bop Bag Toy PLUS Machine-Washable Fabric Cover 3X Stronger Made in the USA Planet-friendly Wildlife Series – Logan Penguin

 Inflatable Penguin Bop Toy

 Sometimes you get really angry. That’s inevitable in this life, especially since there are non-penguin lovers out there who just aren’t as cool and chill as you are. So what do you do when you’re angry and need to blow off some steam?

Well, you can use your kid’s Eco-Bonk Kid-Tough Inflatable Bop Bag Toy with a Machine-Washable Fabric Cover that is 3X Stronger than others. This baby is made in the USA, is planet-friendly, and you can disguise it as a present for your kids so no one will know about your incontrollable rage!

This inflatable penguin bopper is seriously a win-win purchase. Your kids will love it, and you will get to use it too!

What’s better than one penguin? Two penguins. What’s better than two penguins? A 44 Piece Polar Play set, which comes in a Carrying Bucket. Not only will you get penguins to play with, but you can add all of their polar pals into the mix!

Think about the hours of fun that you will have with your children playing with this 44 piece polar play set. From polar bears and penguins, to whales and seals, the list goes on and on. Plus, there are baby penguins to play with! This is definitely a purchase that you need to make, unless you want to keep playing Barbies with your daughters all night…

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your little princess, then the Stuffed Girl Penguin – 5 Inch Plush Animal Toy for Babies and Children by EpicKids is the best choice for you! This adorable little baby penguin has a pink bow and will make any little girl squeal with joy as it’s placed in her arms.

Though the high-pitched squeal might hurt your ears, it will certainly be worth it for the huge smile you will get in return. This soft little plush baby girl penguin will be in your family for generations.

21. Yinde Toys 6-foot Penguin Pop-up Play Tunnel

6 Foot Penguin Toy Play Tunnel

Now that you have all of these amazing penguin toys, what do you do with them? Obviously, you play with them What better place to play with your penguin toys, than in the Yinde Toys 6-foot Penguin Pop-up Play Tunnel? Honestly, can you imagine a cooler place to play with your new penguin toys than inside of a 6-foot long penguin tunnel?

Imagine the hours that you will spend with – or without – your children enjoying your love of penguins and the adorableness that embodies them. All of the neighbors will be jealous when this thing pops up in your back yard, and we’re not just talking about the kids…


It’s obvious that penguins are the coolest, cutest animals on the planet aside from sloths. Though puppies and kittens certainly give them a run for their money, penguins simply cannot be beat for that second place slot. If you love penguins, then you NEED to own some of these toys.

Imagine the hours and hours of fun that you will have by adding these to your home. The time that you will spend with your children is invaluable and the memories will last forever. You won’t regret it!

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