22 Baby Boy Costumes Parents Will Love


Are you looking for an adorable costume for a baby boy? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve got lion outfits, we’ve got cowboy costumes, and we’ve even got octopus onsies. Whether you’re a parent looking to dress up your adorable child or a family friend looking to get a funny gift, we’ve got you covered:

 1. InCharacter Baby Lovable Lion Costume

Baby Boy Lion Costume

You’re little cub will cause a roar with this adorable lion costume by InCharacter. It’s made of a one piece jump suit with a zippered closure which is super easy to take on and off. As well as the main zipper there are snap buttons on the bum allow easy access for diaper changes.

The feet will not only keep your little one’s feet as warm as the hot sahara desert while the non-slip soles will let them run around in safety. The costume comes complete with a ‘mane’ hood which is elasticated for extra comfort and secured with a velcro strap.

2. Superman Footed Pajamas with Cape

Baby Boy Superman Costume

Let the world know what a super hero your little man is with these colourful pyjamas by DC comics. The iconic attire of the original comic superhero has been scaled down to fit all the little mini heroes in training. Not only does the pyjama feature the superman logo on the chest, but also extra mini logos on your boys’ tootsies.

A zippered front allows for easy dressing and undressing, and supersoft cotton polyester blend makes these the perfect jammies. If your mini hero doesn’t want to be in full costume while he sleeps then he can easily detach the satin cape which attached with a velcro strap. Make sure he leaves it by his bedside in case anyone needs rescuing in the night!

3. Pee Wee Pirate Baby Costume

Baby Boy Pirate Costume
Whether your child be a salty sea dog or a landlubber, he will love this swashbuckling pirate costume by California Costumes. This costume features a shirt with red vest attached, complete with gold trim stolen from other scallywags and ne’er do wells. Separate black pants mean that this costume is easy for changing diapers when nature calls.

As well as the shirt and pants the costume comes with a black and red waist sash and a headband with the jolly roger stitched on – that’s a skull and cross bones to us landlovers!

4. InCharacter Baby Boy’s Count Cutie Vampire Costume

Baby Boy Count Dracula Vampire Costume

Your little vampire isn’t likely to strike fear into the hearts of your family with this costume – more likely melt hearts! This adorable Count Cutie Vampire Costume by InCharacter is made of a jumpsuit with poppers on the inside legs for easy dressing and undressing.

The high quality fabric needs to be handwashed to protect the material, so this would make the perfect costume for halloween or a fancy dress party but perhaps not one to be worn every day! The costume comes complete with a terrifying (adorable!) bat pendant and classic high-collared dracula-style cape.

5. Disguise Monsters University Sulley Costume

Baby Boy Monsters University Sully Costume

Dress your little monster up as everyone’s favourite fluffy Disney monster with this super soft costume by Disguise. This unmistakable costume taken from the modern Disney classic Monsters Inc. is bound to be a hit at kids fancy dress parties. The sott plush material makes it cosy and warm for your little one, so it’s great for chilly winter days or even snuggling up at night.

The headpiece, complete with Sully horns, is detachable, as is the tail. The boots are separate from the main jumpsuit so you can choose whether your kid goes full monster or just use the costume an extra-fluffy babygrow.

6. Jastore Crochet Mouse

Baby Boy Mickey Mouse Costume

Now you can buy your friends the perfect baby shower gift even if they don’t know whether they are expecting a boy or a girl! This simple crochet set is great for new born babies and reminiscent of a certain very famous cartoon mouse… This handmade crocheted diaper, sock and hat combo is made from the softest cotton which is gentle on new born skin.

It will keep any baby warm and cosy but is also a breathable material and also allows for full range of movement, which means your baby will be in ultimate comfort and look cute.

The heavy knit is a welcome change from the polyester blend fabrics of most baby clothes, and really gives this costume a home-made look.

7. Baby’s Double Dribble Basketball Player Costume

Baby Boy Basketball Player Costume

If you’re looking for something different to the standard lion or monkey costume (and we’re not saying they’re not awesome too!) then look no further than this amazing Double Dribble Basketball Player Costume by InCharacter. If you’re raising a future sporting sensation then you need to buy this costume for your little man!

It’s machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing out any mess, you just throw it in the washing machine and get back to basketball training with your son. It’s easy to take on and off for changing diapers too – popper buttons on the legs allow for easy access.

The sleeves with fake tattoos are attached to the main jumpsuit, and it even comes with a headband in case your little superstar raises a sweat while shooting hoops.

8. Disguise Baby Jack Deluxe Costume

Baby Boy Incredibles Jack Costume

Are you looking for the perfect costume for a Disney themed fancy dress party for your little superhero? Here’s a great option if you want to impress other parents and melt their hearts at the same time – dress him up in this Baby Jack from The Incredibles costume!

This costume is officially licensed by Disney/Pixar so you’re getting the real deal when you buy from Disguise. The bright red jumpsuit features the iconic logo of the modern super hero baby as well as a hilarious mohawk headpiece, so matter how much hair your baby has, he can look the part with rocking spikey hair and sticky-out cartoon ears.

He’ll even have a superhero mask to hide his secret identity. We can’t guarantee that this costume will give your son super powers, but we can guarantee that he’ll look the part!

9. Baby’s Dinky Dino Dinosaur Costume

Baby Boy Dinosaur Costume

This adorable Dinky Dino Dinosaur Costume comes in four sizes ranging from newborn to two years old so no matter how dinky your dino is, you will be able to find the right fit for him. The main jumpsuit is made from plush green fabric that shines like slippery dinosaur scales but is soft and fluffy for your baby.

Attached to the back is a stuffed dinosaur tail, but don’t worry it won’t get in the way of quick diaper changes! InCharacter have included popper buttons for quick access, and the main jumpsuit has a zipper down the back so it’s easy to get on and off.

The main belly of the dino is colourful purple stripes which complement the green ‘fur’ and is repeated on the feet, which are non-slip so your little dino can play safely. The costumes comes with a detachable head piece with adorable razor sharp dino teeth and a purple dino comb!

10. StylesILove Baby Boy Sheriff Costume

Baby Boy Cowboy Costume Outfit

Watch out, the sheriff is in town! You’ll need to be on your best behaviour when the sheriff is around! This adorable costume will transport your little one back to the Wild West when outlaws ran wild and cowboys chased Indians across the plains. This is the perfect dress-up costume for playtime and would be great for photoshoots and fancy dress competitions too.

Why not buy a rocking horse so your little cowboy can have  noble steed to chase the bandits on? Or organise a playdate and buy a Native Indian or bank robber costume for your son’s friends and watch them play goodies and baddies in full costume.

They’ll all be so excited to look the part in this classic costume. You get the full package with this cowboy costume, complete with chaps and overalls, a neckerchief and the all important cowboy hat.

11. Rubie’s Star Wars Yoda Costume

Baby Boy Star Wars Yoda Costume

May the force be with you whether it’s halloween, a party or just a playdate with this adorable take on the famous Jedi master from the Star Wars franchise. You kid will look the part in this authentically detailed costume – the Yoda headpiece has the iconic pointy Yoda ears attached, as well as wrinkles sewn in to the forehead.

The soft cream coloured robe has the brown under layer sewn in to it and is closed with a zipper, which makes taking the costume on and off a breeze. This is a must-buy for any Star Wars fan who wants to raise their kid as a fellow Jedi master. Why not get costumes for the whole family and recreate the Star Wars movies together? Light saber not included!

12. Baby Boy’s Nursery Nerd Costume

Baby Boy Nerd Costume

If you’re raising the next Albert Einstein then you’ll need to buy him this Nursery Nerd Costume so he can look the part! Your little one will look like a mini professor with this cute costume with great detailing for that full nerdy look. The jumpsuit has slacks printed on to the fabric of the shirt which hold up the oh-so-classy plaid suit pants.

Also on the shirt is a breast pocket stuffed full of pens so your little Einstein is ready to take notes at the drop of a hat. The costume comes with a detachable bowtie and glasses to complete the not-so-fashion-conscious dress choices of true nerds. The glasses even have fake sellotape holding them together across the bridge!

The whole costume is machine washable (except the glasses!), so you don’t need to worry about any spillages while your little nerd is carrying out research in the laboratory…

13. Disguise Baby Boys’ Mario Costume

Baby Infant Super Mario Costume

This fun and colourful design is a blast from the past for many modern parents, but will still be appreciated by the younger generations as Nintendo continues to reinvent everyone’s favourite mushroom-eating Italian plumber. Gamer or not, this costume is bright and colourful and will be a hit at any fancy dress party or at Halloween.

Soft polyester blend fabric is comfy to wear and play in all day long, and is machine washable at the end of the day. The costume comes with a soft red hat emblazoned with a big ‘M’ to remind everyone exactly who this little plumber is!

14. InCharacter Baby Businessman Costume

Baby Boy Businessman Costume

Get your little one in training for when he becomes a millionaire and can buy you all the yachts your heart desires with this adorable baby businessman costume by InCharacter. The printed suit design lets your baby look as sharp as any businessman making the big bucks but without the discomfort of stiff collars an hot suit jackets.

In fact, the jumpsuit is made entirely of super soft polyester which can be machine washed with fabric softener to keep your baby as comfy and cosy as possible. Snap buttons along the inside leg makes this jumpsuit easy to pop on and off for quick diaper changes.

The costume comes with a soft Fedora hat to complete the image of a high flying businessman. This great costume comes in six different sizes and three colours (grey, grey/black and white) so you are bound to find the perfect colour and size for your little businessman.

15. Rubie’s Oatmeal Bear Costume

Baby Boy Cute Bear Costume

Thought your baby couldn’t get any cuter? Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload with this adorable bear jumpsuit by Rubie’s Costume! Made from 50% chenille and 50% fleece this costume is soft against your baby’s skin as well as against your own, so you’ll have even more reason to cuddle your little one.

The snap closures make it easy to take on and off, but once he knows how cosy this costume is your son will never want it taken off. Little bear paws will keep your boys’ toes warm all day long, while the pawprint feet are non slip and add to the overall adorability (yes, we made up that word!).

The detachable headpiece keeps ears warm as well as well as completing the teddy bear look with fluffy ears. If you’re looking for an ewok costume for halloween this costume can also easily be modified to make the perfect ewok!

16. InCharacter Baby Boy’s Wee Wrangler Costume

Baby Boy Wrangler Cowboy Costume

This Wee Wrangler Cowboy Costume is the perfect addition to your son’s dress-up box and would go down a treat on Halloween, at fancy dress parties or even at a play date. He’ll look the part of a real life cowboy from the Wild West with the detailing added to the jumpsuit which features real fringing on the printed vest, cow hide patches, gold stitching and even a sheriff’s star.

Also on the jumpsuit is a belt with a shiny gold buckle that toddlers will love playing with, and of course the classic cowboy boots which are dotted with slip-resistant dots so your little cowboy can run around wrangling horses without sliding around.

And what would a cowboy be without his cowboy hat? This costume comes with a soft version of the classic stetson so your little cowboy will look and feel like a real life wrangler!

17. InCharacter Baby’s Lil’ Lion Costume

Baby Boy Cute Lion Costume

Up your baby’s lil’ lion game with this extravagant and adorable costume from InCharacter. This costume takes the cute and fluffy lion costume to the next level thanks to its massive lion mane on the headpiece and the giant ears poking through the mane.

The hood secures with a snap button as well as a hook-and-loop which means all that mane is extra secure on your baby’s head. The jumpsuit is made of soft polar fleece and is fully machine washable, making it a great go-to costume for messy parties as well as quiet days at home.

Separate booties come fully equipped with non-slip soles so your lil’ cub will be up and walking in no time. Hand coverings attached to the jumpsuit complete the costume and give the impression of furry little lion paws and a long curvy tail is the cherry on this little lion cake!

18. InCharacter Baby Lil’ Elephant Costume

Baby Boy Elephant Costume

What could be cuter than a baby elephant? A baby dressed as an elephant of course! Your child will melt hearts with this fabulous costume by InCharacter. Oversized ear attached to the headpiece flap on the sides and an enormous stuffed trunk make this an unmistakable elephant costume!

Details such as ivory white tusks and big elephant toenails take this costume to the next level. Its made of soft plush fabric which might not be as realistic as rough elephant skin but it certainly a lot cosier. A cute elephant tail and grey elephant booties (with skid resistant bottoms) complete the costume.

It comes in six different sizes ranging from zero to two years old, so no matter if your son is a newborn or a toddler, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for him.

19. InCharacter Baby Lil’ Lobster Costume

Baby Boy Lobster Costume

Watch out for those claws on this hilarious and adorable lobster costume! This great suit makes a nice change from the standard cutesie bear or lion costumes for babies, but doesn’t loose any of the adorable appeal – it just looks a lot sillier!

This is sure to turn heads and make everyone laugh at any fancy dress party or on Halloween. Don’t worry though, your baby will be as comfy as anything wrapped up in the super soft fabric of this lobster costume, which is completely  machine washable so you don’t even have to think about scrubbing out seafoam stains.

The separate hood attaches with velcro and features big googly eyes and antennas. The claws cover your baby’s hands while still allowing him to grab and hold toys. The booties are also separate and have non-slip soles so your lil lobster can enjoy playtime safely.

20. InCharacter Baby Tiny Tentacles Octopus Costume

Baby Boy Octopus Costume

Keeping with the underwater theme we’re loving this Tiny Tentacles Octopus Costume from InCharacter. This costume is lined with supersoft material to keep your lil sea creature cosy all day long and a detachable hood with extra padding to make a bulbous octopus head.

Unfortunately this octopus only has six tentacles, but we think you will agree that that is quite enough to create an adorable octopus costume. Eight tentacles would be quite a lot of tentacles on a small child! The seaparte booties double as an extra pair of leg-tentacles and have non slip soles.

The costume comes in two colours, purple (shown) and multicoloured, so you can dress your baby up as the jazziest underwater creature around!

21. Jastore® Newborn Deer Crochet Costume

Baby Boy Deer Costume

This adorable deer costume is hand made by the folks at Jastore and would make the perfect present at a baby shower or for your newborn son. The cotton crochet is soft and breathable against a newborn’s skin and the knitted fabric gives an old-time classic feel to this costume. It could have been knitted at home by grandma – if you don’t give away the secret then we won’t!

The bottoms have an adorable white tail detail on the bum and the hat comes complete with deer ears and supersoft antlers. This costume would be perfect for a photo shoot with your new born child if you want to crank up the cuteness and show off how adorable your little one is!

22. StylesILove Baby Boy Spider-man Inspired Hoodie Romper Costume

Baby Boy Spiderman Costume

Your little hero can now look the part of his favourite comic superhero with this high-quality spiderman inspired costume. This costume is great because it comes as one single jumpsuit with a spiderman hood instead of a detachable headpiece like many other costumes.

That means that this costume is just as useful as pyjamas or a babygrow as its made of the same soft fabric as standard baby clothes, so your little one can be a super hero any time of day or night. It’s also machine washable just like all your other baby clothes so it can be thrown in the wash with everything else.

The popper buttons on the inside leg make it super easy to take on and off as well as making diaper changes quick and easy. We’re sure you and your son are going to love this spiderman onesie!

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