22 Hilarious Pet Costumes You Have To See


As Halloween rolls around, everyone is scrambling to put together a costume. Are you going to go as Superman for the fourth year in row? Or maybe you’re joining up with a group of friends to put together the cast of Top Gun or reprise the Spice Girls.

If you have children, then the task becomes even larger. Kids used to be thrown into costumes that their parents made them, but the pressure to put your kids in a popular Iron Man or Princess Elsa costume is growing ever year.

You think that you’ve picked out everyone’s costumes, but as you sidle past Fido while on your way to taking the garbage out, a light bulb goes off in your head. How could you forget to dress up your pets?!

Thankfully, we’re here with 22 Hilarious Pet Costumes that you simply cannot pass up. From cats to dogs, we have your pet costumes covered this year, and every year after! Thankfully, we make it easier for you than drunkenly bobbing for apples at your friend’s annual Halloween party…

1.) Lion Mane Dog Cat Costume and Complimentary Feathered Catnip Toy – Dog and Cat Costumes by Pet Krewe

Funny Cat Lion Costume

Does your little feline friend think he’s the King of the Castle? It’s common for cats to think that they own whatever space they inhabit. Unfortunately, that likely means sleeping on your pillow, poking you in the face at 4am to be fed, midnight sessions of tearing wildly around the house, and drinking from your fresh water glass whenever you turn around.

If you are looking for an adorable costume to fit your kittie’s BIG personality, then you have to get this Lion Mane Cat Costume. It also comes with a feathered catnip toy, so you can treat your little friend right this Halloween. C’mon…how can you say no to this adorable little guy?

2.) NACOCO Pet Clothes Pet Costume Mickey Costumes Dog Clothes

Funny Mickey Dog Costume

Walt Disney captivated the world with his magical characters and movies and now you can captivate your friends, family, and neighbors with this adorable Mickey Mouse costume for your dog. This one comes to you courtesy of NACOCO, and you won’t be disappointed.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be on Halloween to walk around with your childhood friend Mickey? Plus, if you have children this will surely be a hit with them as well. Get this Mighty Mouse costume for your best friend today!

3.) Rubies Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

Super Hero Pet Costume

Is there a more kickass female out there than Wonder Woman? I mean sure, other females come close – we’re looking at your Xena and Mulan – but this costume is perfect for the little lady in your life!

With all of the little boys running around in Marvel and DC character costumes, everyone will simply adore your dog. It comes complete with a headband, and while we can’t guarantee that it will stay on her head for very long, it’s still pretty awesome!

4.) Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume

Funny Tarantula Costume For Dogs

Spiders. The only thing they are good for is causing extreme anxiety, accidental car crashes, and the occasional burning down of a house to cleanse it of the nasty eight legged creatures. You’re hard pressed these days to find someone who actually LIKES spiders, and is it really any wonder why?

They’re creepy, they’re crawly and they weave invisible webs that you always seem to walk through. The bottom line is that people are inexplicably terrified of the tiny little arachnids. That’s why this is the perfect costume for you to really freak out your neighbors this Halloween.

Is there a neighbor who constantly mows his lawn too early on a Saturday morning? Well it looks like you just found your payback, didn’t you?

5.) Casual Canine Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume, X-Large (fits lengths up to 24″), Black/White

Funny Dog Skunk Costume

Ew. Skunks. People hate skunks and it doesn’t take much to figure out why. They’re nasty, smelly and honestly pretty weird looking.

If you’re looking for a great way to spread some terror through your neighborhood this year, skip dressing like a creepy clown or chasing people with a fake chainsaw and instead, pop your favorite little guy or girl in this Lil’ Stinker dog costume.

Once people get over their terror, they’re sure to have a few laughs, right? Right?

6.) OLizee™Pet Dog Halloween Cowboy Funny Costume Dog Riders Clothes

Dog Halloween Cowboy Costume

This one goes out to all of the cowboys and cowgirls out there right now. If you love rodeos, chili that you’ll regret eating the next day, 10 gallon hats, lassoing, and cooking a pot of beans over an open fire, then yes, we’re talking to you.

This OLizee Pet Dog Halloween Costume will have your flannel and boots wearing friends in stitches. Featuring a tiny cowboy in a saddle, this costume makes it look like a cowboy is actually riding your dog!

The funny part is that if your dog is as ill-behaved as most we encounter, this could actually be more frightening than riding a bucking bronco!

7.) Rubies Costume Iced Coffee Pet Costume

Ice Coffee Pet Dog Costume

Leggings and a huge shirt. Ugg boots. Tanning beds. Excessive selfie taking. Snapchatting. Vanilla spiced pumpkin lattes. What do these all have in common? Basic bitches. That’s right. We all know that basic girls LOVE their Starbucks and most of them have tiny little dogs.

That’s what makes this Puppy Latte Halloween costume the perfect costume for their furry friends. Your friends will totes think your dog is adorbs if you put them in this.

8.) Rubie’s Shark Pet Costume, Medium

Funny Shark Pet Costume

Do you hear the theme song of Jaws playing right now? No? Well we do and we think it’s all because of this AMAZING shark costume.

Although no one wants to think about little Fido and Princess being eaten up by a big bad shark, you have to admit that this costume is hilarious.

Put on some Jaws music and let your dog make an epic entrance into your Halloween party this year. We promise that the Instagram likes will come flooding in.

9.) Lion Mane Costume and Big Dog Lion Mane Wig – Large Dog Costumes by Pet Krewe

Funny Lion Mane Pet Dog Costume

Is your dog the King of the Jungle? At least the King of your house? If you’ve devoted an Instagram to him, or if half of your Instagram or Facebook posts are dedicated to your best doggy friend, then chances are he is.

That’s why you NEED to get him this Lion Mane Dog Costume from Pet Krewe. They’re like the J. Crew of pets so you know that this costume has to be awesome and stylish.

Just imagine your kids’ faces when they see your family dog come trotting down the stairs in this awesome Halloween costume. Plus, no one will mess with you while you trick-or-treat!

10.) Bumble Bee Dog Costume

Funny Bumble Bee Dog Costume

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. What’s that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Of course not, it’s just your dog in a silly bee costume. And while we can’t promise how long your dog will actually stay in this costume, we can promise that everyone will simply adore them.

Complete with shimmery wings and floppy antennas, your dog will be sure to impress.

11.) NACOCO Pet Clothes Pet Costume Minnie Costumes Dog Clothes Cat Costumes Pet Apparel

Funny Minnie Pet Costumes

Okay. Picture this. You have two dogs. One is male and the other is female. You are going to buy them BOTH a Halloween costume because let’s face it; it would be humiliating if you only bought one of your dogs a Halloween costume.

Now image buying the male dog the Mickey Mouse costume from before, and your female dog this Minnie Mouse costume. Now try – really try, seriously – to name anything that would be cuter than that…we’re still waiting… No? Didn’t think so! So what are you waiting for?

12.) California Costume Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume

Funny Holy Priest Pet Costume

With all of the negativity and horrible things going on in the world today, wouldn’t it be nice to inject some levity into Halloween? We agree and we honestly cannot think of a better way to do that than by getting your dog this Holy Hound costume from California Costume.

Not only will your dog be able to walk on water, he can also bless babies and coax them into handing over their candy!

13.) Rubie’s – Pet Costume Butterfly

Funny Butterfly Pet Costume

For those who love the finer, more delicate things in life, we have a dog costume for you. This Halloween colored butterfly / fairy costume might be the daintiest, most girly dog costume on the market right now, but it is totally awesome and adorable.

You seriously might want to go snatch this one up before they’re all sold out! Imagine how many little girls’ faces will light up when they see your cute little girl wearing this costume down the street.

14.) NACOCO Pet Dog Costume Pirates of the Caribbean Style cat costumes

Funny Pirates of the Caribbean Pet Costume

Arrghhh me maties! This little pirate doggy is telling you to go buy this Pirates of the Caribbean Style dog costume by NACOCO, or you’ll be forced to walk the treacherous plank! Complete with two hooked hands and a little pirate hat, this costume has your furry friend ready to command the Black Pearl.

The only thing you need to do now is convince your pet parrot to ride along on his shoulder! We’re not sure that it could get any cuter than that.

15.) Rasta Imposta Hunny Bunny Dog Costume, XX-Large

Funny Hunny Bunny Pet Costume

We’re honestly not even sure where to start with this “Hunny Bunny” dog costume. Clearly a take on the Playboy bunny and Chip n’ Dale themes, this hilarious costume will have your friends and neighborhood rolling with laughter.

Whether you have a male or female dog, this costume is way too good to pass up on this year.

16.) Rubies Costume Company Sushi Pet Costume

Funny Sushi Pet Costume

There is always one in every bunch. Every group of friends has someone that absolutely loves sushi, and could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While sushi is certainly delicious, sometimes a line needs to be drawn.

That certainly isn’t the case with this sushi inspired dog costume. If you have a friend who cannot get enough California Rolls or Spicy Crab Rolls, then you need to point them in this direction as they search for a costume for their puppy.

17.) Bantha Pet Costume Pet Costume – One Size

Funny Star Wars Pet Costume

As Star Wars swept into theaters this year, a new wave of popularity came with it. Everyone at work and school was talking about Han Solo, Rey and even BB8. It might have gotten a bit annoying at some point, but you can’t deny that this Banta dog costume is awesome, especially if you have a dog that matches the fur!

18.) Casual Canine Prison Pooch Pet Costume

Funny Prison Jail Pet Costume

What was the crime? Was it knocking over the garbage can and spilling it all over? Was it grabbing the chicken off the kitchen counter and devouring it before anyone got to eat dinner? Was it pooping or peeing in the house?

Maybe it was shredding your favorite blanket or burrowing into the couch and eating the foam. Better yet, did this puppy convict chase the mail carrier or garbage truck too far down the road?

Whatever the dog, surely there was a crime fitting of putting him in this Canine Prison Pooch Pet Costume. Plus, think of all the conversations you’ll start with neighbors sharing their own funny stories!

19.) Animal Planet Peacock Dog Costume, Multicolor

Funny Peacock Pet Dog Costume

A peacock doesn’t seem like a costume that would normally come to mind when looking for your dog, but you have to admit that this one is pretty cool! It is super colorful and there definitely won’t be any puppy copycats walking the streets this Halloween!

20.) Animal Planet PET20105 Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Funny Dinosaur Stegosaurus Pet Dog Costume

This one is for all of the dinosaur nerds out there. If you have a dog, you simply NEED to put them in this awesome Stegosaurus dino costume. Not only will everyone think he is absolutely adorable, but your neighbors might even give you some extra candy for the effort! Just make sure to reward your dog with some yummy treats when you get home.

21.) Rubies Costume Company Minion Stuart Arms Pet Suit

Funny Minion Pet Dog Costume

If you have young children in your house, then you cannot afford to pass up on this doggie minion costume.

Even if you have never seen the movies – though chances of that happening if you have children is on par with being struck by lightning while getting eaten by a Great White shark in the middle of Amazon rain forest – everyone will know exactly who your furry little friend is dressed as.

22.) Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

Funny Star Wars Jedi Robe Pet Dog Costume

Is there a more historical, iconic figure in movies than a Jedi knight in Star Wars? Honestly, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find one. With their light-sabers, secret powers, and tumultuous relationship with “the Dark Side”, Jedis have become a classic Halloween costume over the years. What better way to celebrate the rebirth of the Star Wars franchise than by dressing your dog in this EPIC Jedi costume!

No matter what costume you choose to put your furry little friend in this Halloween, just make sure to reward them for their participation with belly rubs, treats and lots of love! Happy trick-or-treating!


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