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Reading is of course good for you, no matter how old you are or what you read. The mental stimulation that it provides is needed to keep our minds young and alert as well as to provide us with educational input or just pure entertainment. But reading is not without its dangers to our health.

Research has shown that tilting your neck at a 60 degree angle as you would when reading from a book or tablet device held on your lap puts up to 27kg of pressure onto your spine at neck level. Therefore, it is not surprising that many readers end up suffering with sore necks, headaches, shoulder pain, and even severe back problems. The more that you can reduce this reading angle the less strain that you are going to put on your body.

But it is not only the angle that you are holding your head at that will cause you problems. You also have to consider just how you are actually holding the book itself. Holding even a light book or reader at an angle with your arms is going to add to the strain that you feel.

This is why it is recommended that you use a reading stand for reading from to reduce that strain. Stands come in all forms from those that you can use in the kitchen for bulky recipe books through to stands designed for use in bed with an electronic book or tablet. Avoiding what many call ipad neck does not have to be difficult if you choose your stand with care:

23.) Nice Production INP-102-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music)

Reading Book Stand

Available in differing sizes from 11.5 inches to 16.5 Inches in width this simple to use book stand is ideal for holding everything from cookbooks to sizable text books. The rubber feet means that this stand is not going to easily slip on any flat surface and its sturdy design will support your books at a comfortable angle for reading.

Another advantage of this very simple stand is that the springs for holding down the pages are very small so that they do not obscure the text which can be a real problem with some others. It also folds completely flat allowing you to easily transport it to where you want to read such as library or to different rooms in the house.

22.) Actto BST-09 Green 180 angle adjustable and Portable Reading Stand/Book stand Document Holder

Light Bookstand

A much lighter weight of book holder that is still study enough and big enough to hold larger text books, presentations and other reading materials. Its light weight design makes this ideal if you move around a lot while reading. It is simple to use and folds totally flat for ease of transportation.

Material is ABS and PVC and has a width of 10.5 inches by almost 8 inches high. The feet are rubber to prevent slippage and the product has a small footprint making it something that can be easily placed on the table beside your laptop for ease of study.

21.) QuickLIFT Book & Magazine Portable Stand with Easy Set-Up & Adjustable Height / Angle for Mounting on Desk / Bed / Couch / Floor

Adjustable bookstand

This book stand is around 16.6 inches wide and a little over 10 inches high making it suitable for many different types of publications. It is suitable for use in both bed and on the couch as well as holding a book on the desk at the right angle for you.

This stand is easy to adjust allowing you to quickly find the perfect height and angle for reading from wherever you may want to use it. There are no tools required to make adjustments and the whole thing will fold totally flat for easy transportation.

20.) Readaeer® BamBoo Reading Rest Cookbook Cook Book Stand Holder Bookrest

Book Rest For Bad Necks

If you are looking for a book stand that looks the part as well as being environmentally friendly then this is the one for you. Made of stylish laminated bamboo this looks perfectly at home in the kitchen for cook books as well as for any other form or reading material throughout the house or office.

This stand is about 13 and half inches in width and 9.5 inches high making it suitable for even the biggest of books. It has 6 selectable angles which are robustly selected ensuring that your purchase will last for a long time and give you plenty of service.

19.) Lecco Book Holder Floor Stand (Hands Free Comfortable Reading) W/wheels


free standing book stand

This free standing book stand can be positioned anywhere you want it. From beside your desk, your bed or even that comfy chair that you enjoy so much. It can be adjusted fully by height, position, and angle to ensure that you will have your book at the perfect ergonomic angle for your reading. It will also hold an ipad or similar sized reader for you if you do your reading there.

One thing to watch however, with the arm fully extended you will need to limit the weight of the book to a maximum of 2kg, which is generally OK for most reading. The design also allows for pages to be held open even if the book is tilted towards you.

18.) Pyle PMKSPAD2 Universal Tablet PC/Android/Kindle/iPad Floor Stand for Music/Instrument Notes Reading

Tablet Stand For Reading

Not everyone uses books today for their reading. The versatility of tablets, ipads, kindles and all forms of other readers allows you to not only read your favorite book but also play games and surf the internet. This fully adjustable free standing tablet stand can take any device from 8” to 10.1” in size and position it just where it is perfectly held for you.

Not only does the stand provide you with perfect positioning it also has a dimmable LED light and a USB charging port positioned for charging your device. So if you do all of your reading with a tablet or similar device then this could be the perfect book stand for you.

17.) Tablet Pillow For Galaxy And IPad, Plush Microfiber Mini Tablet Computer Holder Sofa Reading Stand, Self Standing or Use on Lap, Bed, Sofa, Couch. Available in Black, Blue, and Red

Reading cushion stand

This design is a simple pillow on which to rest your tablet or reader in much the same way as you would use any other reading stand that sits on a flat surface. It is suitable for any size of tablet or even a phone and will hold your device at just the right angle for reading and comfort.

The pillow comes with removable covers that are available in different colors allowing you to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Very important if it is your toddler that is using the cushion to watch Dora the Explorer and learning their ABC.

16.) Camino Folding & “Transforming” Multi-Purpose Stand for Books

folding book stand

If you are looking for a book stand that is compact and easy to transport then this aluminum light way expandable stand is the way to go. Its excellent design allows you to open it up to accommodate a book or a device up to 17 inches in width while it will fold down far smaller for transport.

It is strong with an easy to use tilt allowing you to adjust from 15 to 70 degrees to make your reading more comfortable. This stand is suitable for both printed books and tablets and will even accommodate your laptop if you need it.

 15.) Pyle PTPAD10 Portable Tablet Stand / Holder Adjustable & Hand Grip Reclining For iPad, Kindle, Android, eReader Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus

tablet reader stand

If you are looking for something that is very inexpensive, easy to use with almost all tablets, readers and phones then this probably for you. Its very simple design allows you to sit your device at an angle on any flat surface for less stress when reading, surfing and viewing. It is lightweight, small and easy to transport with you to use anywhere.

The good thing with this is that it is very easy to remove your device from the stand allowing you to retrieve it quickly and easily. This stand will take any device from 4.17” to 7.87” in width so is suitable for most tablets and readers.

14.) Easel Document Holders, Adjustable, 10 x 2 x 14 Inches, Black

document reading stand

This document holder is specifically designed for use within an office type environment. This allows you to maintain documents at eye level and the correct angle while working with your computer. Perfect for copy typing and other uses. The ruler that runs along the side allows you to keep track of where you are on the page.

Inexpensive and lightweight this is something that is invaluable to anyone working in the office or even students that don’t want to have lose documents all over the desk as they work from them. At the price you really have no excuse not having one.

13.) Livestream Gear® – Tablet & Phone Desk Stand for Live Streaming, Watching Videos, Reading, and More. (2 Device Desk Stand)

dual reading stand

In today’s age we seem to have a need for more than one gadget at a time. This reading stand will help you by supporting both a tablet and your phone at the angle that you need them at for comfortable reading and viewing on any flat surface. The two holders will support a phone up to 85mm wide and a reader or tablet up to 187mm in width.

This is perfect if you need to keep your phone to hand and use it while you are reading your favorite novel on your tablet. Fully adjustable this nifty stand will help you to avoid getting that pain in the neck that you would otherwise suffer trying to hold your devices.

12.) Royal Craft Wood Monitor Bamboo Stand Riser with Storage Organizer

desk top reading stand

For those of you with multiple gadgets that you use for reading and surfing this is the one for you. It is stylishly made and very easy to assemble with just 6 screws to put it together. This stand will help you organize and position your gadgets for reading as well as providing you with storage for all of those other things that you need as you read such as that invaluable cup of coffee.

The built in slots can accommodate any tablet like device up to an ipad pro and there are also 2 additional spaces for your cell phones so that you can stay connected as you read and surf away. This is the perfect stand to keep everything that you have on your desk at the right height for stress free reading.

11.) Feel of Nature Book Stand with Eco-Friendly Wood (2016 Version, Includes a Bookmark, 13.5 x 9.5 inches) for Reading, Studying, Cookbook, Document Holder

eco book stand

Made from sustainable materials you will be doing your bit for the environment if you purchase this versatile and easy to use bookstand. It can be adjusted to a variety of different angles to find that perfect position for your reading comfort so that you can read for longer without distraction.

The width of this model goes up to 13.5 inches and it is suitable for everything from cook books in the kitchen to music or text books for your homework. Very simple to use and strong enough for even the heaviest of books.

10.) Furinno K6-SV Premium Aluminum 360 Adjustable Portable Folding Lapdesk

adjustable table stand

Suitable for everything from books to your laptop this very adjustable stand is suitable for everything from reading in your bed through to standing at your desk. The aluminum design looks stylish and can be adjusted very quickly with just the push of a button at each joint allowing you to adjust this desk top holder to the most comfortable position for you.

Wide enough to slide your legs under on the bed or the sofa this is the perfect reading and working table for you to relax in comfort anywhere you want. With its aluminum body it is also perfect for dissipating any heat generated by your devices.

9.) Norpro Cookbook Holder Durable Acrylic Stand Splatter Guard 12.5″ X 9″ X 3.25″

acrylic book stand

There you are in the kitchen cooking away with your cook book propped up on an expensive stand to make things easier, the next thing you know your ingredients are all over the pages of your book. Many reading stands for the kitchen fail to take into account the nature of the environment that you are reading in and do nothing to protect your books. This simple design overcomes those issues.

Highly inexpensive and made of clear acrylic this easy to use reading stand will not only present your reading materials in an effective manner it will also protect it from the many hazards that are present. So if your cooking skills are anything like mine this is the perfect stand for your kitchen if you don’t want to be mopping your books clean on a regular basis.

8.) Source One LLC Compact Reading Rack Treadmill Book Holder (TBH-C)

 treadmill reading stand

Working out is something that many of us do using various machines such as treadmills and others. But for many this can be a boring task and we wish that we could somehow continue our reading habits rather than just staring at the wall or out of the window as we exercise away.

This simple idea will adapt to many exercise machines allowing you to position anything from a book, magazine or reader in just the right position to read as you work. Hang this where you want it and not only will you be able to find something to do with your mind as you exercise your body you will also find that you can exercise for longer as you will often distract your mind with your reading.

7.) The Brilliant Reading Rest – Duck Egg Blue

colored book stands

Simple and yet very durable this range of reading stands is suitable for use anywhere in the home or office and will support books and devices of almost any size. Very simple to adjust to help you to eliminate strain in your neck and shoulders as you work and read.

Made of wood this reading stand is simple to fold flat and transport and also comes in a wide range of different colors so that you can find the perfect match for your décor. At 13.5” in width it makes for a versatile and useful addition.

6.) Roberts Book Holder

Fold flat book stand

The problem with many book holders is that they are quite bulky if you travel around a lot and need to stow your book stand along with everything else. The benefit that this book stand offers is that it folds down to less than half an inch in height so it will not take up a lot of space in your bag or rucksack.

It is made from plastic but still suitable for most text books and the peg design for holding the pages open allows for you to be able to flip through pages without too many issues unlike some other book stands where you have to constantly remove the arms from the pages.

5.) Fellowes : Wire Study Stand, Metal, 9 1/2 x 6 x 5 1/2, Silver -:- Sold as 2 Packs of – 1 – / – Total of 2 Each

wire reading stand

These wire frame reading stands are perfect for books even up to large text books. The design is simple, very light weight and also folds completely flat for very easy storage or transport. While maybe not as adjustable as many other designs for viewing angle these are highly inexpensive and very simple to use.

The rubber on the ends of the wire keep these stands safe while also preventing any slippage on the surface that you stand them on. Their simplicity makes them a good choice to keep your books at the right angle in kitchen, home or office.

4.) Handsfree Desktop Book Holder Stand Rack Book Easel, Solid Wood-Black Finish BH01-BL

fancy reading stand

Lighter than some of the solid wooden designs, this reading stand will look great wherever you use it and will blend in with your other equipment and furniture. The design is pleasing to the eye, light and very robust allowing it to support even heavy text books.

The angle of presentation is adjustable and easy to change allowing you to find the perfect angle to hold your books at on your desk. When finished it can be folded completely flat and easily stored away or slipped in your bag for use elsewhere.

3.) Tripar Swirl Design Cookbook Stand

fancy reading stand

If that plastic or wooden reading stand is just not going to look right in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home then this beautifully designed book stand may be just what you are looking for. The wide 2 inch shelf allows this to accommodate even a 3 or 4 inch open book with ease. Designed for use within your kitchen this book holder will look just as good elsewhere in your home.

Not only does it look good, this reading stand will hold the book at an easy angle for your reading while the weighted chains will keep your book open to the page that you want to read.

2.) LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Hard Covers, Paperbacks, CookBooks, TextBooks, Magazines

adjustable reading stand

If you are looking for the ultimate in reading comfort from anywhere in your home then this is the reading stand for you. It will hold your book at precisely the position that you want it held for optimum comfort. The supporting arm is long enough that you don’t have to wedge the base under the edge of the bed or sofa that you are relaxing in as you do with some other models.

The base is heavy to counterbalance even the heavier of books but is fully wheeled allowing you to easily move the stand to wherever you need it. Adjustments can be a little fiddly if you are not used to it and you should not perform them while a heavy book is already strapped in place.

You can buy an additional adaptor to add to this set to allow you to use it with ipads and other readers as well as your reading books and documents.

1.) Design Toscano Antiquarian Wood Book Easel

reading easel

For the ultimate antique look for your reading stand you cannot go wrong with the stylish easel. Your expensive old cookbook will look perfect on this stand just as would your ipad. Hand crafted from solid hardwood this book stand would not look out of place in a museum or stately home.

Weighing in at 4lbs and being 15” wide this is not the sort of stand that you can carry around in your bag for easy reading wherever you go. But it is perfect for those that want something that is going to complement their home while still being perfectly functional.

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