25 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Have To Wear This Season


Christmas is right around the corner! Do you know what that means? It’s time for you to dust off those ugly Christmas sweaters and wear them with pride! It’s important that you keep your Christmas sweater collection up to date. You can’t wear the same sweater two years in a row after all.

To keep your wardrobe fresh this season, we’ve compiled a convenient list that should help you out. Let’s get started:

1.) Blizzard Bay Men’s Decorating Sloths Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater

Blizzard Bay has a strong ugly Christmas Sweater game this season. This Ugly Sweater takes the cake by combining hideous colors that clash, at best with the lovability of sloths. This Sweater is a great conversation piece as most people will want to know why there are sloths hanging on a Christmas Tree. Well, here’s your opportunity to discuss your fascination with Sloths or to share your favorite sloth meme with some ignorant reveler.

This Ugly Christmas Sweater is perfect for all Holiday occasions, from Caroling to the Office Christmas party. If you fancy yourself a friend of Sloths and Christmas, then do not hesitate to add this to your collection and wear it with pride!

2. Men’s Crazy Cat Man Ugly Christmas Sweater by Tipsy Elves

Crazy Cat Ugly Christmas sweater

If you’re a guy, and you have more than one cat this sweater is for you. What is your most worrisome thought this Christmas period, whether your cat(s) is(are) going to destroy your Christmas Tree. With this ugly Christmas sweater you hyperbolically affirm your  love of cats and Christmas in one go. This ugly Christmas sweater needs to be worn with confidence and pizazz, not some shy guy looking to go about unnoticed.

Maybe a colleague you have your eye on is a cat-lover, if so, this ugly Christmas sweater is a perfect way to start that conversation!

3. Isabella Closet Women’s Santa Claus Octopus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Octoclaus Christmas Jumper

Everyone knows about Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus and Christmas elves and reindeer. But nobody has heard of the ocean’s Octopus Santa Claus! Octopi are highly intelligent cephalopods, and have been thought to have the same problem-solving skills as humans, so why shouldn’t they have their own Santa Claus? If you love cephalopods, Christmas, and maybe even the dark lord Cthulhu, this ugly Christmas sweater is for you!

Rather than have the same old boring ugly Christmas sweater’s as all your friends, separate yourself from the pack and opt for this sky blue rendition. It’s lovable portray of Octo-Claus is perfect for starting a conversation with that cute guy that keeps looking at you from across the party. Now what are you waiting for, go talk to him while wearing this sweater!

4. Blizzard Bay Men’s Grumpy Elf Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

Grumpy Elf Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

Everyone has heard about the crazy cat lady, but who ever talks about the crazy cat guy? This ugly Christmas sweater features the hateful gaze of a cat dressed-up as an elf. With this ugly Christmas sweater you can proudly challenge social norms and ideologies… or maybe you can proudly assume your love of felines. Either way, this ugly Christmas sweater is a great conversation starter.

Imagine the conversations you’ll have at this year’s ugly Christmas sweater party, you’ll discover which of your friends or acquaintances love or hate cats and why! This sweater is perfect for any occasion during this year’s Holiday Season, so if you want to up your ugly sweater game and proudly proclaim that you’re a crazy cat guy, this ugly Christmas sweater is for you!

5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Home Alone Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Home Alone Filthy Animal

It’s not 1990, but this ugly Christmas sweater brings you back. This ugly Christmas sweater features one of the classic scenes from the 1990 film Home Alone staring Macaulay Culkin. Unlike the protagonist Kevin, this sweater isn’t suppose to be worn when you’re alone, but while you’re rocking around the Christmas Tree at this year’s Holiday Office Party, Christmas Party or just downright when you’re killing it at the gym.

Regardless, this ugly Christmas sweater is a perfect way to nostalgically relive your favorite Christmas memories revolving around this classic 1990 film.

6. Ugly Christmas Sweater, V28 Women Ladies Girl Xmas 3D Knit Deer Unicorn Jumper

V28 Womens Christmas Sweater

What makes an ugly Christmas sweater fashionable? This ugly Christmas sweater by V28 features vibrant colors and lovable penguins and reindeer woven ad nausea–perhaps that is what makes it fashionable this Holiday Season?

Rather than spend hours in the mall or fighting crowds at designer boutiques, why not just get this obnoxious ugly Christmas sweater? What makes it fashionable is the self-awareness of the item itself. It’s purposeful juxtaposition of cartoonish reindeer and penguins with scarves and crowns make this sweater a fashionable alternative choice for this year’s Holiday Season!

Better yet, find a matching one for your hubby or boyfriend and show those other girls that you both have #squadgoals!

7. Cfanny Couple 3D Santa Print Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Tops

Hyperbole Ugly Christmas Jumper

Stop for a minute and think about all the classic icons and symbols that evoke a great Christmas atmosphere. Gingerbread men, holiday wreaths, candy canes, snowmen, stockings hanging from mantles, presents wrapped in iconic wrapping paper, tree decorations… now imagine all those icons and symbols superimposed in a Jackson Pollock-esque style ugly Christmas sweater.

That’s what Cfanny’s 3D Santa Print ugly Christmas sweatshirt brings. You might as well want to get a pair of Ray Bands to top off this outfit, because you’ll be drawing all the attention in this reiteration of a holiday classic. Rather than made of wool or thread, this sweatshirt features

8. Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Sin(ta) City Light-Up

North Pole Sin City

This ugly Christmas sweater plays off Las Vegas’ reputation not only in using the legendary “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign but also adding card-themed symbols to the sweater. Las Vegas an amazing place to be during the day, however at night it takes on a new feel as the sun sets and the fluorescent bulbs take center stage. This sweater features the same thing as it can light up just like the North Pole probably does!

From legend and kid movies on Christmas, Elves slave year-round in Santa’s workshop making toys for little girls and boys, but what happens when the lights come on and the work whistle blows? I’m sure those elves cut loose and workshops turn to Speak Easies with plenty of debauchery and gambling, but we’ll never know because as the saying goes, “What happens in the North Pole, stays in the North Pole.”

This sweater is perfect for any fan of Las Vegas or poker-themed Holiday party that you may attend!

9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Mustache Christmas Tree Sweater

Mustache Christmas Jumper

Remember No Shave November? Well, Mustaches are in vogue, but not your 70’s pornstache, so go back in the bathroom and shave it off! Any fan of curly mustaches (hipsters, steam-punk enthusiasts, live-action-roll-play participants, etc.) will certainly want to get their mits on this beauty.

This is certainly one of the ugliest Christmas sweaters this Holiday Season that you must wear! This hideous sweater features a Christmas tree made from curly mustaches, adorned with ornaments, lights and candy canes. This sweater pairs nicely with someone with a real-mustache so as to continue the imago-illiteration.

An instant conversation piece as you stand firmly near the punch bowl or sitting casually in a chaise longue sipping egg nog with your pink sticking out. What better way to aesthetically challenge your fellow party-goers than sporting this gem of an ugly sweater.

10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Women’s Xmas Decor

Ugly Womens christmas sweater

Do you love Christmas ornaments, lights stretching around Christmas trees like pearl necklaces? Do you love missile toe and Christmas flowers? If you answered, “Yes” to any of the questions, then you need to get this ugly Christmas sweater asap!

This sweater is different than most in that its colors are more subdued, so as to draw your gaze more to the oversized decorations that typically adorn Christmas trees and doorways. This sweater is the perfect choice if you don’t want the awkward menagerie of colors that most ugly  Christmas sweaters exploit. If you like simplicity in your ugly Christmas sweater, look no further than this one!

11. ANGVNS Girl Christmas Sweater Reindeer Embroidered Red Xmas Knitted Pullover Tops

Reindeer Knit Christmas Sweater Girl

While the aesthetics of this Reindeer embroidered ugly Christmas sweater hardly meet today’s standards of the prototypical ugly sweater, it still fits the category. With a solid red base, speckled with white trapazoids,  and symmetric reindeers flanking a snow-flake, this sweater is for the conservative ugly Christmas sweater wearer.

It’s festive enough to wear to any occasion. You certainly won’t look as rediculous as others, and if that’s what you’re shooting for, this is the sweater for you!

12. Daisysboutique Mens Holiday Reindeer Snowman Santa Snowflakes Sweater

Frosty Melting Christmas Jumper

If you’re the type of person that always wears shirts with clever phrases, puns or counter-culture graphics, this is your ugly Christmas sweater. This sweater features a bandit-type snowman melting a Frosty look-a-like with a hair dryer.

This sweater is perfect for anyone looking to add a clever twist to the traditional ugly Christmas sweater. The ideal person to wear this sweater is anyone looking to cleverly portray their sense of humor without alienating others, simply don this sweater and let it do the talking for you!

13. Women Ugly Christmas Sweater V28 Cute Reindeer 3D Nose Sweater

Rudolph Red nose reindeer sweater

Virtually everyone has seen the classic claymation motion picture “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.” This ugly Christmas sweater features the lovable Rudolph with “3D” components (scarf & nose). This sweater is perfect for anyone looking to proudly support Christmas’ underdog story.

Maybe you find yourself, like Rudolph, looked down upon at work, or in your circle of friends. Why not wear this sweater at your Holiday Office party this year to remind your colleagues that, like Rudolph, you’re talented enough for any job that comes your way!

14. Women Christmas sweater V28 ladies Ugly Fun Shining Reindeer Knit Sweater

Shiny Reindeer Ugly Sweater

Are you a classy or chic woman who wants to participate in the Holiday revelry or are obligated to wear an ugly Christmas sweater out of peer pressure? If you want to stay true to your roots but don’t want to be a grinch, this ugly Christmas sweater is perfect for you!

It features a sequined reindeer with festive holiday stockings, a scarf and embellished antlers decorated with beaded ornaments. So, while your work rival looks like a buffoon at this year’s office party, you’ll look classy and elegant.

Make sure you keep a resting bitch face as your gazes cross one another, letting her know that you’ve won this round. Enjoy your egg nog as compliments pile up like presents under the tree.

15. Ugly Christmas Sweater – Yellow Snow Sweater

Yellow Snow Santa Sweater

Without a doubt, you’ve had to have heard that someone say, “Don’t eat yellow snow.” Maybe there’s some connection with the fact that you never see a banana (yellow) flavored snow cone… either way, it’s pretty good advice not to eat yellow snow.

This ugly Christmas sweater features Santa Claus with his back to the onlooker, with yellow writing spelling out “Merry Christmas.” So maybe this is an ugly sweater for two reasons, one because it’s glaringly obnoxious with the yellow snow writing “Merry Christmas,” and also because it’s an ugly Christmas sweater in its own right.

This sweater is probably best to wear when you’re not looking to meet anyone of romantic interest as it will more than likely turn them away. But, seriously, who is looking to meet someone new during the Holiday season? If you love telling people coyly to not eat yellow snow, then this ugly Christmas sweater is certainly for you, other wise move along!

16. Star Wars Chewbacca Big Face With Santa Hat Adult Brown Ugly Christmas Sweater

Chewie Ugly Christmas Sweater

Chewbacca is one of the most iconic Star Wars characters for many reasons, such as his undying loyalty to Han Solo, his furry body, or the sounds he makes. This brown, ugly Christmas sweater features Chewie’s face front and center! If you’re a Star Wars geek and you absolutely have to have a Star Wars-themed ugly Christmas sweater for your Holiday season, this one is perfect for you.

If you’re crushing hard af on a Star Wars geek in your office, this sweater will serve as a great point of conversation to meet them under the mistletoe for a kiss… only, just make sure you don’t have Chewbacca breath!

17. Seinfeld Festivus For The Rest Of Us Pole Adult Cream Ugly Christmas Sweater

Festivus Seinfeld Red and Cream Sweater

One of the most memorable Seinfeld “Christmas” episodes is “The Strike,” (s9e10). It features a little-known Costanza Holiday tradition called “Festivus.” Festivus is anti-Capitalist and has such timeless traditions as the “airing of grievances” and “feats of strength,” including “Festivus miracles” which are easily explainable events.

Rather than a decorated Christmas tree, “Festivus” features an elegant and austere unadorned aluminum poll. This amazing tribute to Frank Constanza’s Holiday Tradition is captured elegantly with this ugly Christmas sweater.

This ugly Christmas sweater is perfect for any fan of the Seinfeld TV series, and should be purchased without question and proudly worn for any and all Holiday occasions.

18. The Big Lebowski The Dude Abides Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Dude Abides Big Lebowski

Do you abide? The Dude does. You fancy yourself a fan of The Big Lebowski, then prove your allegiance by sporting this ugly Christmas sweater this year. This sweater features the fabulous Dude abiding while sporting shades. It also features bowling balls and pins, which features heavily in The Big Lebowski.

This ugly Christmas sweater is make a perfect fit for any fan of the Cohen Brothers or The Big Lebowski. It can also be appropriate for anyone who is chill and abides. Perfect for low-key parties and just hanging around the house, heading to the grocery store to pick up milk, or maybe looking for a new rug for your apartment. Just be sure watch out for German nihilists.

19. Men’s Marvel Avengers Festive Team Christmas Editions Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Marvel Avengers Ugly Christmas Sweater

Now that Marvel is producing indiscriminately movies based on all its intellectual property, superhero paraphenalia has been appropriated by popular culture. Superheroes are no longer relegated to geeks, nerds and other marginalized subcultures; thus this ugly Christmas sweatshirt is perfect for anyone looking to proudly proclaim their love of Marvel, superheroes and Christmas.

This ugly Marvel Christmas sweatshirt features the heads of four iconic Marvel Avenger superheroes: Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk. This ugly Marvel Christmas sweater is perfect for wearing at your local game shop, at a Magic the Gathering Tournament, whilst playing D&D or lounging around the house, not to mention at any seasonal holiday gathering.

20. Women’s Christmas Sweater, V28 Ugly Cowl Neck Vintage Knit Deer Christmas Jumper Dress

Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress

This ugly Christmas sweater is a knit dress. It features a skinny Christmas tree with red and white ornaments and layers of snow, a huge Christmas ribbon, presents and two cute little polar bears. This dress is perfect for festively lounging around the house or it can be jazzed up by wearing leggings and heels. Either way, your Christmas spirit will not be questioned!

This sweater comes in other colors, and each color changes the theme and graphics that you see, so if bright red doesn’t look good on you, have a look and find one that does!

21. Hanson Women’s Patterns of Reindeer Snowmen Christmas Cardigan

Snow man patter Ugly Christmas Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater makes a strong reference to the original hideous Christmas sweaters from decades past, when the pastiche and parody of the ugly Christmas sweater wasn’t what it is today. This throw-back ugly Christmas sweater features a snow man pattern with other geometrical patterns on the top and bottom.

The most awkward thing about this sweater is the three-quarter part red and one-quarter part white that makes one reminisce about the authenticity of the 1960’s and 1970’s fashion game.

If you’ve been invited to a vintage ugly Christmas sweater party, consider wearing this one with bell-bottom jeans and platform boots; otherwise it pairs nicely with dark jeans or leggings. Don’t forget to find a pair of Christmas ornament earrings to top off your look!

22. Shine flow Women’s Reindeer Snowflake Midi Christmas Pullover Sweater Jumper

Reindeer Classy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Quick, imagine an ugly Christmas sweater. What’s it look like? More than likely it’ll have some gaudy knit design of reindeer, santa claus, snowflakes or some other classic Christmas icon. This ugly Christmas sweater isn’t exactly ugly in the strictest sense, but it still contributes to the totality of the ugly Christmas sweater ideal.

This sweater is beige with black knit snowflakes and burgundy reindeer. It’s quite fashionable and can be worn in many situations and settings. If you work in a place of business that is conservative in dress and expectations, then this is probably the best bet for you. No question, of all the ugly Christmas sweater’s you need to have this season, this one is perhaps the most fashionable of all!

23. Winter Is Coming Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Sweatshirt with Xmas Prop

GoT Winter is Coming Ugly Christmas Sweater

Winter is coming. Christmas is coming. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, Santa is coming and he’s going to steal some of your food too!

It seems like there are two television series that most guys watch these days. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, both of which are heavily disguised soap-operas. Regardless of your opinion, this ugly Christmas sweater is pretty awesome, certainly if you’re a fan of George R. R. Martin and his long-winded fantasy series Game of Thrones.

This sweater is perfect for any GoT fan, regardless of race, sexual orientation and gender identification. If you’re heading to the local game shop for some D&D, or hosting a GoT season finale party, this is a must-buy!

24. Dabbing Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater Holiday Sweatshirt dabbing santa sweater

Dabbing Claus Sweater

What’s the worse thing about 2015-2016? It has to be the fact that the Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton popularized “the dab.” It’s no wonder that the indiscriminate nature of Christmas pervading our culture, muscling Thanksgiving out of the way, Santa Claus has now reached an all new low with this ugly Christmas sweater.

If you are in public school (k-12) then more than likely you dab; if you are not in the k-12 age range, then you probably shouldn’t dab unless you are a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan. This sweater is perfect for anyone that the previous sentences mentions. It makes a perfect ugly Christmas sweater, and thus you should probably pick this up and wear it with pride!

25. Dr Seuss Grinch As Santa Next To Tree Adult Off-White Ugly Christmas Sweater

Dr Seuss Grinch Sweater

Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch stole Christmas,” is arguably one of the most popular Christmas stories of the 20th century. The cartoon version of this children’s story is a mainstay of Christmas popular culture, just like the claymation “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.”

If you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss or the Grinch, then this is the only ugly Christmas sweater you need to wear. It features the Grinch center stage in a Santa outfit alongside those bizarre Christmas trees that spot Dr. Seuss’ landscape in the story.

This sweater is perfect for any holiday party that you’ll attend, and should you enter in a contest for the “most ugly Christmas sweater,” it’s more than likely you’ll win it, if not be a runner up!

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