26 Animal Costumes To Spice Up Your Wardrobe


Having an animal costume in your wardrobe is almost as essential as your favorite pair of jeans. You can bring one of these bad boys out for fancy dress parties, especially Halloween. But let’s face it, you’re probably after an animal costume to make people laugh. Did you lose a bet by any chance? Anyway, let’s go on with our favorites:

1. Rubie’s Costume Co Jurassic World Inflatable Costume

T-rex Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

We’re starting off big with this impressive (and terrifying!) Jurassic World T-Rex costume. Although it is absolutely HUGE it actually doesn’t weigh much at all as the whole costume is inflatable, so it actually only weighs 1.6 pounds.

Most of that weight comes from the fan which is cleverly hidden out of sight and keeps the costume inflated. Not only is this costume a T-Rex, it is THE T-Rex from Jurassic World! The costume is officially licensed as a Jurassic World costume, so you’re dressing as the real deal.

This costume is men’s size and will fit a 42 to 44 inch jacket size and a 34 to 36-inch waist, so any smaller ladies looking to dress up like a dinosaur will unfortunately have to look elsewhere for a costume!

2. Bodysocks Inflatable Ride Me Dinosaur Carry On Costume

Inflatable Riding Dinosaur Animal Costume

From dressing up as an inflatable T-Rex to riding an inflatable T-Rex! This clever and hilarious costume makes it look like you’re riding on the back of a grinning T-Rex while you light up the party. Luckily, this costume is one-size-fits-all, as long as you’re an adult, so everyone can enjoy the fun.

The costume stays inflated with a fan that lasts up to seven hours, letting you enjoy yourself without having to worry about a deflated tail! Bodysocks have even included a free hat with the costume, so you can look the part as a real life Dino Wrangler!

3. Rasta Imposta Panda Costume

Fancy Dress Animal Panda Costume

This panda costume by Rasta Imposta seems like two costumes in one. Is it simply a panda costume, or is it a man-eating panda costume? You decide! The sharp claws and wide open mouth with a human poking out of it certainly don’t make it seem as cuddly as other panda costumes on our list!

However you choose to wear this costume, you can be sure that you’re buying a quality product. It breaks down in two four separate pieces (head, shirt, trousers and shoe covers) which makes going to the bathroom a lot easier!

4. Belle House Adult Giraffe Onesie

Animal Fancy Dress Giraffe Costume

This super cute onesise by Belle House not only looks like a great giraffe costume, but looks like a great outfit for lounging around on lazy days. It is super comfy because it’s made from polar fleece which is not only soft but warm too.

The baggy material makes it even comfier and also means that sizing is not a big issue. The costume comes in three sizes, small, medium-large and extra-large, and each size allows for a wide range of shape and size wearer. What’s even better about this costume is that it is machine-washable so at the end of the party you can throw it in the washer and forget about it!

5. California Costumes Men’s Gorilla Costume

Funny Animal Fancy Dress Gorilla Costume

This fabulously life-like gorilla costume will have Tarzan terrified and running back to the jungle when you rock up to the party! California Costumes have made this gorilla suit out of faux fur and separate mask, gloves and feet coverings.

You can choose from the black costume in the picture for a realistic-looking gorilla, or for something a little more wild California Costumes also sell this gorilla in shocking pink, lime green and bright purple. Not exactly what you would see roaming in the jungle but you’ll certainly won’t be missed in furry green gorilla costume! Banana not included.

6. Forum Novelties Women’s Bumble Bee Costume

Bumble Bee Costume Fancy Dress

Bee the buzz of the party as you bumble around in this adorable bumble bee costume. The polyester jumpsuit features the classic stripey yellow and black bulbous top half, complete with black mesh wings and a cheeky little black stinger on the bum.

Straps and hems are lined with elastic to ensure a comfortable fit and the costume comes in three sizes so you can be sure you’ll get the perfect fit for you. The costume even includes a headpiece complete with wobbly antennas.

7. RG Costumes Lee The Lion

Lion Costume Animal Fancy Dress

Create a roar with this wonderful ‘Lee the Lion’ costume by RG Costumes. Made from super soft polar fleece, this costume doubles as a onesie – perfect for sleepovers, lazy days and cold houses! As it is made from fleece it is machine washable, and as it comes in one complete piece that makes this costume incredibly easy to take care of.

Popper buttons down the front make it quick and easy to take on and off, and you don’t need to worry about catching any body parts in zippers! With it’s lion’s mane, gaping jaws and swinging tail, you’ll be turning heads at any fancy dress party or sleepover club.

8. Forum Novelties Men’s Ride-A-Camel Costume

Ride A Camel Costume Funny Fancy Dress Outfit

Feel like The Prince of Thieves riding off into the desert with this hilarious costume by Forum Novelties. A great take on the classic ride-a-animal costume, this costume needs the headpiece and shirt to make sure you look the part of an Arabian camel rider.

You can buy the extra costume parts from Forum Novelties. Made from soft polyester this camel is effectively a giant plush toy that you can carry around with you, so you’ll be a hit with the kids!

9. Leg Avenue Women’s Fawn Cozy

Fawn Costume Animal Fancy Dress

This adorable fawn fleece cozy is just what you need to throw on for a simple yet effective costume and be ready for any dress up party. The hood has mini-antlers and ears stitched in for an instant deer-look that will keep you warm too.

Hoof cuffs and deer spots give this jumper an indisputable fawn-y look and the zipper down the front makes it easy to get on and off. Pair with some dark leggings and brown leather boots for cold-weather parties and you’ll be toasty all night long! This is the only costume you’ll ever need if you’re looking for something simple and cozy that you can wear again and again.

10. WOTOGOLD Sloth Costume

Adult Sloth Costume Animal Fancy Dress Outfit

What came first, the sloth or the internet? It’s hard to imagine one with without the other, and we don’t care what the answer is as long as we can sloth-up in this cozy sloth onesie costume. Four different sizes means there’s a sloth costume out there for everyone, so no excuses not to get on the internet and buy yourself one.

Whether you’re fancy dressing, lounging or sleeping, this comfy onesie will soon be your go-to outfit for any activity. It’s made of soft fleece which is machine washable and as cozy as you can get. Bring your favourite memes to life with this fabulous sloth costume!

11. Rubie’s Costume Comical Cow Costume

Animal Costume Fancy Dress Cow Outfit

Comical is certainly an accurate description of this cow costume, and you;ll have your friends in stitches when you knock on the door dressed as this mad bovine! This one-size-fits-all costume may be a bit baggy on smaller people and tighter on the larger wearer but that certainly won’t affect the overall hilarity of the costume – don’t worry, you’ll still look like a loon dressed as a cow!

Rubber udders and a cow-face hood give this a decidedly bovine look, so you’ll never be mistaken for a Dalmatian or a cat! But you’ll need to work on your milking skills to complete the effect…

12. Dress Up America Bear Mascot

America Bear Mascot Costume

This epic costume is going to amaze your kids when they think their favourite teddy bear has come to life! Unlike other costumes which reveal part or all of your face, this headpiece fits over your whole head, meaning there’s not a glimpse of human through the costume.

This is great for dressing up at kids parties and at mascot events as the little ones can really believe that there’s a giant teddy bear walking around! The eyes of the bear are actually made of mesh which allows you to see even at night tie or in darkened rooms.

The material is thick enough to keep you warm but not leave you sweating inside the costume, so you can enjoy hours of fun playing Mr Teddy Bear!

13. Silver Lilly Unisex Frog Costume

Frog Animal Costume Fancy Dress Onsie

This adorable frog costume may be far from a cold and slimy frog but we’re not complaining if we get to hop about in a soft and warm onesie! Feature details on the hood give this costume a cute anime-style frog look and the webbed hands will make you look unmistakably amphibious.

What’s great about this costume is that it is practical too – it has two large front pockets where you can store your keys, phone and other valuables while hopping around. It is also super comfy and baggy enough to fit over your regular clothes, so you don’t have to take the bus to the fancy dress party in a frog costume… unless you want to!

14. Bodysocks Inflatable Ride Me Bull Costume

Inflatable Ride A Bull Animal Costume

Ride the inflatable bull with this clever and funny costume that will have people doing double-takes as you buckaroo through the room. The costume inflates with a mini-fan that takes four AA batteries, which you’ll need to buy separately.

This is a hilarious version of the usual ride-an-animal costume which won’t look out of place down at the locla rodeo! Wow your friends with your bull-riding skills for up to seven hours, which is how long the fan lasts, or bring spare batteries with you and you can rodeo all night long.

15. Rasta Imposta Squirrel Costume

Squirrel Costume Animal Fancy Dress Outfit

You can go nuts with this enormous squirrel costume by Rasta Imposta. See that enormous tail at the back? That’s filled with a massive balloon to keep it big and buoyant, and give that squirrelly bushy tail effect. And what would a squirrel be without his nuts?

The two giant fake nuts are included in the package. Light and baggy fabric means that this can be worn over regular clothes without getting too hot. And with a one-size-fits-all design, this costume is bound to be a hit at parties, just make sure you hang on to your tail and your nuts!

16. Forum Novelties Men’s Scamper The Squirrel Costume

Funny Squirrel Outfit Fancy Dress Animal Costume

Forum Novelties have gone for a different take on a squirrel costume, which just goes to show how open to interpretation this woodland rodent is. This costume uses a plush faux fur material and comes with a separate headpiece, gloves and shoe coverings.

The headpiece tucks into the furry jumpsuit so not even an inch of human is revealed under the costume. The zipper is concealed in the back and hidden by the large stuffed tail, which is made from the same fabric as the rest of the body.

The mittens and shoe coverings are held on with elastic but still allow the full use of your hands, and the black mesh of the eyes allows the wearer to see out while concealing their face. This cuddly squirrel costume would make a great woodland mascot!

17. Rubie’s Costume Godzilla Inflatable Costume

Inflatable Godzilla Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

Take you dinosaur costume game to the next level with this insanely cool godzilla costume by Rubie’s Costume. This impressive costume is officially liscensed by Warner Bros and is THE Godzilla, not just any old godzilla!

The huge costume is inflated with a fan, tail and all. You will need to climb in to the costume through a zipper in the back and make sure that the elastics at the hands and feet are secured before inflating the costume.

A great idea to take this costume to the next level would be to play dinosaur noises from a portable speaker, or even to blow smoke from an e-cigarette through the mouth.

18. Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Chicken Costume

Chicken Animal Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

This chicken costume is both ridiculous and terrifying. The blank eyes of the headpiece can be quite unnerving, but overall the effect is rather hilarious. That makes this costume great both for adult fancy dress parties as well as entertaining at kids’ parties.

The children will love the bright colours of the furry chicken jumpsuit with attached red wings, as well as the oversize chicken feet and gloves that complete the outfit. Whether you are trying to win a fancy dress competition or playing one-on-one with your child, you’re bound to have a clucking good time with this costume.

19. Forum Novelties American Eagle Costume

American Eagle Animal Costume Fancy Dress

This crazy costume will certainly turn heads wherever you wear it. The iconic bald eagle is not only a great fancy dress costume for an American patriot, but could also be used as a great marketing tool for a business or wildlife association.

This costume is the only bald eagle costume you will ever need. The latex head is surprisingly lifelike, and has concealed holes in the beak and eyes for the wearer to breath and see. The faux fur wings hide the wearer’s hands from the outside but still allow full use of your hands from the inside.

The jumpsuit closes with Velcro straps and features a protruding eagle tail as well as skin-tight eagle legs to complete the effect. Pair with neutral colour boots or purchase eagle feet separately.

20. Forum Novelties Men’s Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Animal Costume Fancy Dress Onsie

Forum Novelties offer an alternative to the inflatable dinosaur costumes featured on this list. This dinosaur is soft and cuddly! It’s made from furry plush fabric which means its a great dino costume for kids parties as you won’t need to worry about ripping or damaging the fabric of an inflatable costume.

Plus the fact that you’re so cuddly will mean you won’t be able to get the children to leave you alone! The head piece tucks into the main jumpsuit and your face is partially hidden by the dinosaur mouth. Both hands and feet are hidden by their respective coverings, with the hands attached as elastic mittens that still allow full use of your hands.

21. Rasta Imposta Giraffe Costume

Giraffe Animal Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

Get funcky and stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching giraffe costume from Rasta Imposta. You’ll feel as tall as a giraffe and stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the party crowd thanks to the extended hood.

This sits on top of your head and is stuffed with lightweight material so it won’t leave you with a sore head the next day. The detailed horns, ears, eyes, nose and mouth give this costume buckets full of character which can be seen from afar.

A big benefit of this costume is the fact the the pants and the shirt are separate pieces, which makes taking it on and off a lot easier than single-piece costumes – handy when you’re bursting for the loo!

22. Forum Novelties Macho Lion Costume

Macho Lion Animal Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

Do you ever feel weak and flabby compared to your gym-going friends? Do you want ripped abs and shirt-busting biceps? Well you can have them without putting in hours at the gym with this spectacular lion costume by Forum Novelties!

Become the king of the jungle and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies as you flex your lion muscles. In reality this costume is made of plush faux velour fabric so you’ll be as soft and cuddly as a kitten. With a fluffy tail, mittens and adorable little ears, it may be difficult to convince people that you’re a terrifying lion, but you’re sure to be a hit with everyone in this costume.

23. Rubie’s Costume Co Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

T-Rex Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

The clever folks at Rubie’s Costume have come up with this terrifyingly lifelike dinosaur costume which will wow all your friends. Using a combination of materials they have created a great all-around dinosaur costume in a men’s one-size-fits-most design.

The main jumpsuit is made of thin and stretchy polyester which is baggy enough to fit over a thin layer of normal clothes. The tail can be stuffed with any lightweight material, for example newspaper, to give it a more 3D and lifelike effect.

The latex mask is incredibly detailed with a gaping mouth full of razor sharp teeth, you’ll certainly terrify the children, if not the adults, with this costume!

24. Fever Women’s Giraffe Costume

Women's Giraffe Animal Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

If you’re a woman that wants to dress as a giraffe but look good doing it then look no further than Fever’s giraffe costume. Whereas other giraffe costumes featured on our list are shapeless and baggy, this costume shows off your femininity while dressing like a giraffe.

The perfect combination! A cute little hooded jacket features giraffe horns and ears and the skirt of the dress flares out into giraffe coloured ruffles. The sleeves are extra long to provide hoof-like covering of the wearer’s hands. The costume comes complete with boot coverings, but you can always wear heels underneath to give you some extra giraffe height!

25. Forum Novelties Women’s Kangaroo Costume

Kangaroo Animal Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

You know when you just feel like dressing up as a kangaroo and jumping around with a mini teddy kangaroo stuffed down your front pocket? Yeah, we get that too. That’s why we found Forum Novelties Women’s Kangaroo Costume which covers all the bases when it comes to kangaroo dress up.

Front pocket? Check. Oversized tail? Check. Big ears? Check. Mini roo ready to be carried around in aforementioned front pocket? Check. Made with supersoft material in a one-size-fits-most-women, this kangaroo costume would be great at both kids and adults dress up party or even used as a mascot for a brand or business.

Make your Australian friends feel right at home and wear it round their houses on special occasions.

26. Katy Perry Left Shark Costume

Katy Perry Shark Animal Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

Do you dream of looking like Katy Perry but really you have a face for the radio? Now you can look just like someone that once danced near Ms. Perry with this memorable Left Shark costume. Bust out this shark costume at any fancy dress party and you’ll be sure to stand out as a Katy Perry fan.

The costume would also go down great at any underwater themed party or even used on stage. We can’t promise that you’ll be able to dance as well as everyone’s favourite groovy shark, but you’ll definitely be able to look like him with this fabulous costume.

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