3 Adorable Sloth Bookmarks For Your Collection


It’s time to update your bookmark to something more slothish and adorable… So why not get your hands on a sloth bookmark? We’ve found 3 sloth bookmarks that you’ll love. Whether you call it a page marker or a book charm, they all do the same thing!

Our list goes from cheapest to most expensive, but they’re all excellent quality – and they’re all under $8! You could even grab a hold of all 3 of them and use a different one each day… That would only appeal to the true sloth lovers though!

1.Baby Sloth Beaded Bookmark

Sloth Bookmark

This is the cheapest sloth bookmark we could find at $3 – Don’t let the price put you off though. It’s extremely high quality and will handle a load of books before it begins to wear. The sloth is adorable and he comes with his own cute slogan. The beaded ribbon is built to last and does its job – you won’t be upset with this cute little bookmark.

2. Sloth Just Hanging Around Printed Bookmark with Tassel

Sloth Bookmark

This adorable sloth bookmark compliments your book and is very stylish. It’s much more illustrated and artsy compared to the first bookmark. We believe the slogan is also much better on this bookmark. It’s extremely durable and you’ll get a long time out of this bookmark!

3. Sloth Face Metal Bookmark Page Marker with Charm

Sloth Bookmark 3

This sloth bookmark certainly looks expensive, but it’s only 2 dollars more than the second bookmark! It is an absolute bargain and is incredibly stylish. It’s made out of metal, so it’s going to last forever. It’s absolutely perfect for a committed sloth lover!

We hope one of these sloth bookmarks took your fancy. If you didn’t manage to find one that appeals to you, keep looking! There are loads out there and it won’t take long for you to find your perfect page marker.

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  • October 10, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Which book will you be reading first with your sloth bookmark?


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