3 Sloth Calendars To Kick Start Your Year


Do you want to bring in the new year with a slothtastic bang? Do you want to kick start your 2016? Do you want to keep track of all your events and stay organised in style? Then a new sloth calendar would be perfect for you, or an unorganised friend who loves sloths as much as you!

Listed below are the 3 best sloth calendars to help you take on the new year ahead and celebrate your favourite animal!

1. Sloths Wall Calendar 2016

Cute Sloth Calendar 2016

This cute calendar contains vivid full colour pictures of sloths hanging out with their mates, munching on snacks, making living sloth pyramids with their friends and snuggling up with their favorite stuffed animals. Not only that but the captions provide you with an insight into how these adorable creatures go about their day to day life.

The large monthly grid spaces are perfect for making to-do lists and noting down upcoming dates. What more could you want?

2. Sloths Calendar – 2016 Wall Calendars – Wild Animal Calendars

2016 Monthly Wall Cute Sloth Calendar

Do you ever feel like you’re missing your monthly dosage of sloth facts and pictures? Don’t worry, this fact-filled calendar is full of cute images of sloths doing what sloths do best – hanging from branches, nibbling on leaves and dangling upside down!

The captions throughout help you gain a full understanding of what it’s like to live life in the slow lane. With big boxes for each day to write in all your events you’ll never miss an appointment again.

3. WWF Sloths 2016 Wall Calendar by Calendar Ink

Cute Sloth Calendar

Do you want to buy a new calendar and help protect sloths in the process? Then you need to buy this World Wildlife Fund 2016 sloth calendar! It’s chocked full of adorable pictures and facts about our favourite animals!

A portion of the sales goes towards the WWF to help protect sloths and their habitats. A smart and clean monthly plan will ensure that you have the coolest calendar out of all of your friends. This calendar would be the perfect gift for a less organised sloth lover (or any sloth lover for that matter).

We’d love to offer more choices, but this is all we could find. If you find a cute sloth calendar that isn’t on the list, please send us an email! If you want to get a good start into the new year though, either of these calendars will do the trick.

Imagine completing the year using a sloth calendar all the way through. Now that shows true dedication to the glorious sloth!

Make sure you conquer your new years resolutions because these sloths are not playing around. They will be on you every single day motivating you.

You don’t want to be as lazy as a sloth, strive to be better and plan everything out!

That just about sums up our list of sloth calendars for 2016! We hope one of them caught your eye so you can bring in the new year with your favorite slow-moving animal! If you find some other sloth calendars that we could squeeze onto the list, don’t hesitate to e-mail in and shoot your suggestion at us!

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