3 Sloth Costumes You Can’t Turn Down


Do you need a sloth costume or a sloth outfit for a fancy dress party? Do you want to go as a giant sloth for Halloween? Do you need to find yourself a sloth onesie to snuggle up in at night or on the couch? Honestly, you don’t even need a reason. It is completely understandable as to why you would want to get your hands on a sloth costume. Deep down, every sloth lover wants one. Take a quick look at our 3 favorite sloth costumes – number 3 will make you smile!

1. Sloth Kigurumi – Sloth Costume

Sloth Kigurumi - Sloth Costume

This adorable sloth costume comes in all shapes and sizes and is made with 100% polyester. It’s machine washable and it can handle a load of washes without losing its color or shape! It’s super snuggly and feels like you’re being hugged by a sloth. It’s perfect to go out in to a fancy dress party or it’s perfect for staying in all netflix and sloth like. It has a very loose fit, so you won’t feel constricted – even if you’re tall! You’ll also find some deep pockets on both sides which always come in handy!

2. Sweet Holic Unisex Kigurumi Costume – Sloth Pajamas

Sweet Holic Unisex Kigurumi Costume - Sloth Pajamas

This sloth pajama suit is from the same company as the first one – you can see the obvious differences such as the hood design and the colors. It’s unisex and can be hand washed to clean – the sloth suit will last you a while before it begins to fade and is made from polyester. Both of the sloth costumes shown so far have been unisex, so whichever one you prefer you can pick up and have a sloth like day!

3. The Goonies Complete Adult Sloth Costume

The Goonies Complete Adult Sloth Costume

Yeah yeah, it’s not a sloth. It’s worth an honorable mention though! You guys would have moaned at me if I didn’t include the sloth from the goonies in this list! This outfit features the full sloth suit, you get the red suspenders, the superman shirt, and the sloth mask! The mask is a one size fits all and actually looks quite good! You’ll shine for Halloween in this – I don’t think you’d want this outfit for cuddling on the couch though… Unless you’re into that sort of stuff! Whatever floats your sloth!

That sums up our top 3 list of sloth costumes, we wish there were more sloth costumes available, but we could only find these 3! If you find some others sloth suits we could squeeze onto the list, don’t hesitate to e-mail in and shoot your suggestion at us!

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3 thoughts on “3 Sloth Costumes You Can’t Turn Down

  • October 10, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    What will you be using your sloth costume for? I’m taking mine out on Halloween!

  • November 29, 2016 at 7:18 am

    I would like to buy one for my grandson girlfriend but she wears a 3x fies any come in that size?

    • December 3, 2016 at 2:28 am

      Click which sloth costume you think she will love and it will direct you to Amazon where you can find out! 🙂


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