3 Sloth DVDs You Have To Watch


Do you sit on the couch every night wondering what you can watch tonight? Are you often bored by what’s on TV? Can you stand another night of Netflix and Chill? Why not spice up your life and enjoy some Netflix and Sloth… Without the Netflix and a sloth DVD. Take a look at our 3 favourites:

1. Nature: A Sloth Named Velcro

Nature Sloth DVD

A sloth named velcro! This professionally made DVD follows the adventure of Velcro, the cutest sloth you will ever see. The DVD maker and Velcro stayed together for 2 years until it was time to release Velcro back into the wild where he belongs. It’s heart warming and will put a smile on your face!

Packed full of information about sloths this DVD enlightens you to all the conservation efforts that are going in to saving the sloths.

Sloths are the only mammals that can turn there head all the way around like an owl! One of the many facts you will find out when you treat yourself by watching this lovely DVD.

I can’t speak highly enough of this DVD. If you love sloths, buy this DVD.

2. Hanging With The Sloth

Hanging With The Sloth DVD

This DVD is all about how sloths live and what they do. It deconstructs a lot of myths that have been made and shows you what a sloth really gets up to. We like to joke about sloths doing nothing, but watch this DVD and you’ll find out what the sneaky fluff balls actually do!

It is only 30 minutes long and is a bit pricey, but it is packed full of information about sloths. I would recommend A Sloth Named Velcro if you are only after one sloth DVD, but that’s just because it is so perfect. Don’t let that put me off you this DVD as it still holds well on its own!

By the end of this DVD you will be a professional know it all about sloths – your friends and family may or may not hate you for this!

Overall it’s another great DVD for a sloth enthusiast!

3. Ice Age (2-Disc Special Edition)

Ice Age Sloth DVD

What? It’s got a sloth in it! This lovely heart warming tale of a bunch of animals in the ice age trying to get a baby back to his family! Sid the Sloth is absolutely hilarious and Ice Age is perfect for a chill night out with family and friends!

You should expect a joke item in these lists by now! At least it’s semi related to sloths this time…

That sums up our list, unfortunately there aren’t many sloth DVDs out there that we could find – if you manage to find a new one, please send us a message and we’ll do a review on it!

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  • October 10, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Which character from Ice Age is your favorite? We clearly love Seth The Sloth the most!


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