30 Elephant Jewelry Pieces You Will Adore


Elephants are incredible, awesome and adorable large mammals who are worshipped by some and hunted by others. There are two species of elephant, the African elephant, and the Asian elephant and much of their population reside throughout South Asia, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

These magnificent creatures are herbivores and survive in habitats like forests, savannas, marshes, and deserts. Elephants are considered to have excellent memories and often symbolize great intelligence and wisdom as well as prosperity, healing, and good fortune.

Scientists believe elephants may have cognitive maps which allow them to keep track of their location and their family members, and also giving them the ability to remember large scale spaces over lengthy time periods.

There is a debate over whether elephants feel emotion, but there is some evidence to support the theory as elephants have been seen to show an interest in bones of their own species and they appear to play close attention and provide aid to other elephants in need.

Unfortunately, elephants are extremely endangered due to being poached for their ivory tusks despite worldwide efforts to crack down on the illegal ivory trade. Elephants need a voice now more than ever and we simply cannot afford to have such an amazing animal fade into the history books, so what better a way to support the elephant cause than by adorning yourself with some beautiful elephant jewelry pieces.

Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 elephant jewelry pieces you will instantly fall in love with:

1. SUNSCSC Vintage Retro Boho Lucky Elephant Turqouise Pendant Necklace Silver Plated

silver plated elephant pendant

This lovely elephant pendant is plated in silver and features intricate pattern work throughout the head, ears, and trunk of the elephant. With a bright turquoise stone crowning this gorgeous animal pendant, this elephant necklace is sure to stand out in a crowd and show off your love of elephants in elegance and style. Add this silver elephant to your gift list this year and it’s sure to big a huge hit!


2. Kemstone Sexy Elephant Necklace Pendant for Women Full Rhinestone Rose Gold Jewelry

elephant pendant necklace rose gold

A beautiful jewelry piece, this adorable white elephant pendant is decorated and plated in luxurious 18k rose gold making its ears, tusks, feet, tail and frilly saddle adornments catch the eye as they glow in the light.

Rhinestones add further dazzle to this piece with a green stone making up a reflective eye and white stones scattered about the saddle and chainlink to top off this pretty pink tone elephant pendant. A perfect gift for the love in your life who just can’t get enough elephant.


3. Lanqniqi Retro Fashion Bronze Pearl Peacock Elephant Carp Heart Shaped Retro Necklace Chain Wonderful Gift

retro elephant necklace chain

In at number three is this fashionable retro bronze elephant charm pendant and necklace chain featuring an elephant’s head in profile view, it’s trunk cradling a peacock blue pearl that glistens in the light and seems to hold a far away universe within.

The elephant is ornately embellished with red, pink, and green rhinestones and extremely intricate bronze pattern work. This is a unique jewelry piece that will make a wonderful gift for lovers of these fascinating, enormous, yet gentle creatures.


4. Susenstone Elephant Handmade Leather Braid Fashion Bracelet

Handmade elephant bracelet leather

Add some natural delightfulness to your wrist with this really cool handmade leather braided bracelet with bronze alloy charms. This cleverly designed jewelry piece features several bands of braided leather and string with four charms looped into them.

A simple yet elegant elephant charm, curvy lettering spelling out “love”, a small plaque with the sentiment “where there’s a will there’s a way”, and finally the infinity symbol, make up this bracelet which celebrates an undying love for elephants along with what the elephant represents in strength, wisdom and resolve that we could all take a lesson from. Lovely!


5. Pocket Tokens – Lucky Little Elephant

Lucky elephant pocket charm

Okay, so this is not exactly jewelry because you don’t wear it, but you can carry this little charm around with you to promote good luck and confidence on your travels. This cute silver elephant is an inch long and comes with a small message card explaining his purpose. Carry this dainty elephant pocket token around with you as a reminder to persevere, or give to a loved one to bring a little luck their way.


6. Ox Bone Carved Elephant Pendant Necklace

Ox Bone Pendant on Black Cord

Simple, raw, rustic, and elegant. This wonderful elephant charm pendant is carved out of ox bone and comes on a black cord. A subtle and elegant way to celebrate elephants and guaranteed to be talking point and a winning gift for any elephant lover who appreciates natural handmade jewelry.


7. Rachel O’s Elephant Fabric Button Earring

handmade elephant earrings

These handmade fabric elephant earrings are absolutely adorable and they are selling like hot cakes! Last I checked there were only six pairs left in stock. The earrings are aqua green cotton buttons with a white elephant motif in the center, they are 0.5 inches wide and have a hypo-allergenic titanium post so no risk of break-outs. Get them while you still can, these cute elephant earrings won’t last long!


8. Pink Stainless Steel Yellow Crystal Women’s Engagement Ring Elephant-Caravan Size 5-11 SPJ

elephant ring hypo-al stainless steel

Beautiful ring featuring a caravan of elephants parading around it, linked by tail and trunk, made of hypo-allergenic pink stainless steel with yellow cubic zirconia crystal gemstones accenting the eyes and the decorated bodies of the elephants. This stylish ring comes in sizes  5-11 and arrives in an elegant gift box. Jazz up your hand or someone else’s with this classic elephant ring which glows with a lovely pink hue.


9. Yiwa Women’s Elephant Shape Pendant Sweater Chain Necklace

Elephant sweater chain necklace

This is a charming, unique elephant shaped pendant on a sweater chain necklace is made of bronze alloy decorated with gold, blue, red, and green rhinestones and the body of the elephant features a gorgeous, large speckled turquoise cabochon which is a real eye draw.

A large black rhinestone creates the elephant’s eye and its shiny, polished gold tone trunk is a lovely finishing touch. Make a fashion statement and show people how cool elephants are with this bold and beautiful pendant necklace.


10. Elephant Filigree Antiqued Gold Tone Glass Magnifier Pendant Necklace

Filligree gold tone glass magnifier pendant

An interesting and novel, unique magnifier pendant necklace which features a useful magnifying glass with a magnificent filigree lid that has a wonderful elephant design surrounded by intricate pattern work all in an antiqued gold tone. This elephant pendant hangs from a 30-inch retro chain necklace with an additional 3-inch extender and a lobster claw clasp. The cherry on top is a gleaming white rhinestone centered on the pendant loop giving it a subtle yet eye-catching final touch. A very cool, unique elephant jewelry piece that will be treasured.


11. Unisex Alloy Silver Tone Unique Wide Cuff Bracelet

Unique unisex cuff bracelet, elephant design

A fully adjustable silver alloy wide cuff bracelet which is 1.25 inches wide and has a crisp, stylish filigree engraved background featuring a chain of elephants around each side meeting in the middle with the Sun between them. Perfect for men and women of any age, the design is simple, graceful and refined. Spread the word about our precious elephant friends with this cool bracelet that is sure to bring you compliments and smiles.


12. CASOTY Good Luck Buddha Elephant Charm Bead Wrap Bracelet Mala

elephant charm on green beaded buddha mala bracelet

A Mala, or Japa mala in Sanskrit, is a string of prayer beads traditionally used by Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs for a spiritual practice where they are used to keep count while chanting, reciting or mentally repeating a mantra or the name of a deity. Typically there are 108 mala beads in a set as this number has special religious significance in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

This is a lovely set of mala beads made of green agate and silver alloy and has a pretty silver elephant charm as well as beads in the shape of Buddha which symbolize good luck, prosperity, protection, and meditation. Gorgeous in green, this elephant charm bead wrap bracelet would make a great gift for a recent graduate or anyone beginning a new journey in life.


13.Creazy Women Elephant Pattern Weaved Rope Band Bracelet Quartz Dial Wrist Watch

Women's rope band elephant pattern wrist watch

Lovely stainless steel quartz dial wristwatch with an elephant design decorated in zentangle style patterns on a vibrant woven rope bracelet band in bold shades of red, yellow, white and blue thread. Tell the time in style with this unique women’s watch, the woven band complete with tassels dangling from it, and an elaborate elephant design that is engaging and eye catching. Wonderful craftsmanship.


14.Creazy 1 Set Elephant Women Necklace Pendant Drop Earrings Bracelet Jewelry

Elephant necklace, bracelet and earrings set with turquoise accents

At number 14 is this fine elephant jewelry set, perfect for the complete Christmas gift, featuring a pair of drop earrings, a bracelet that measures 7.88 inches and a pendant on 21.66 inch chain. Each piece in the set has stunning silver alloy beads and charms in the shape of exquisitely decorated elephants with a turquoise stone set into the back of each elephant. This set is a great value and will surely please and surprise the elephant enthusiast on your list.


15. MIMI Sterling Silver Lucky Elephant Ring

Sterling silver ring with elephant design

Bring some good fortune into your life with this simple, sophisticated sterling silver lucky elephant ring. The elephant on this ring is wading in water and splashing water over its body, shown by the waving lines on the ring band and the elephants pose with its trunk high above the head and curling down over its back. A fun piece of elephant jewelry depicting such a wonderful and special creature in its element.


16. 925 Sterling Silver Hindu Ganesh Elephant God Ring

Luck and prosperity hindu ganesh elephant god ring

Ganesh, the Hindu elephant God is the most well-known deity within the Hindu religion and devotion to him also extends to Jains and Buddhists. His image is widespread throughout India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka with his elephant head making him instantly recognizable. Ganesh is revered as the God of new beginnings and a remover of obstacles, a giver of prosperity and one who provides wisdom, knowledge, and luck to worshippers.

Bring in some good luck and prosperity for the new year with this wonderful sterling silver Ganesh elephant god ring which arrives in a black velvet pouch. A simplistic, stylish jewelry piece that symbolizes new beginnings, this ring would make a great gift for any elephant lover this festive season.


17. Refaxi 316L Steel Rhinestone Dangle Navel Belly Button Ring Bar

Steel rhinestone dangle belly button ring

Add some dazzle and bling to your belly button with this flashy rhinestone covered elephant dangling navel belly button ring bar. A bright, shiny jewelry piece that is both fashionable and eye catching and will sparkle as it catches the light. Give as a gift or spice up your own belly button in style with this unique jeweled elephant navel bar.


18. Lureme Paved Crystal and Bead Elephant Silver Tone Pendant Necklace for Women Teen Girls

Paved crystal and bead elephant silver tone pendant

This is an exquisite silver tone elephant pendant beautifully adorned with bold, bright beads and rhinestones in shades of blue, white and silver with two smooth turquoise cabochons highlighting the elephant’s ear and body. A perfect necklace in brilliant blues, this pendant will catch the eye and show off your love for these majestic creatures in fine style.


19. Alilang Silvery Tone Abalone Colored Stone Zoo Elephant Pendant Necklace

Abalone colored elephant pendant

Make a statement with this bold silver elephant pendant on snake chain. A beautiful jewelry piece, this elephant shaped pendant has a lovely, shiny, pearly abalone shell inlay colored in an iridescent array of ocean blues and green which catches the light and begs for attention.

Arriving in a complimentary gift box, this necklace would make a winning gift under the tree this year, or keep it all to yourself.  A tough call, but either way this pendant is an exciting find and sure to get plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs”.


20. Honey Amber Sterling Silver Small Cute Elephant Pendant

Small cute amber and silver elephant pendant

Amber, which is fossilized tree resin, has been appreciated through the ages for its beauty, its healing properties, and as an ingredient in perfume.  Amber often contains plant and animal inclusions making each piece unique and potentially preserving evidence of life from millions of years ago.

Here we have a cute, simplistic yet sophisticated sterling silver elephant pendant with a light, warm amber stone making up the elephants body. The amber here has some inclusions too, adding to its beauty and intrigue and creating a three-dimensional effect. An elegant piece that is ready to thread onto your preferred string or chain.


21. Green Jade Pink Genuine Sapphire Accent 14k Yellow Gold Lucky Elephant Charm Pendant

green jade and yellow gold pendant with pink sapphire

A delicate beautifully carved green jade elephant that glistens in the light and would make a perfect gift for the elephant enthusiast at the top of your list. Adorning the elephants back and attaching it to the gold chain is a fine 14k yellow gold decorative plate which adds a bold metallic flare. The elephant’s eye is made of a twinkling pink genuine sapphire accent which along with the jade and gold make this a truly majestic, grand jewelry piece that will be thoroughly treasured.


22. NOVICA Yellow Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver Vermeil Dangle Earrings, ‘Elephant Stack’

Yellow gold plated dangle elephant earrings

These cute dangly elephant earrings are simple in design but fun, stylish and shiny with three stacked elephants on each earring joined together by trunks and tails. Made of .925 sterling silver and plated in yellow gold, these earrings have a super smooth finish and as they hang, twist and turn light bounces off them catching the eye and celebrating elephants in an enjoyable fashion. Charming!


23. Tribal Shack Saba Wood Elephant Head Fake Gauges Earrings Tribal Style Hand Carved Saba Wood Earrings

hand carved wood elephant earrings

A pair of tribal style earrings that are perfect for those who want the look of gauged ears but have regularly pierced ears. Trick your friends with these cool fake gauge earrings hand carved from natural tan saba, eco-friendly wood. Featuring a detailed elephant head on the front, the earrings have a thin post which goes through the ear and attaches to a curved, tusk-like back piece that finishes off the tribal look.

The natural wood color and the fine carving work make these earrings really special and the fake gauge style will keep you ahead in the latest trend without having to stretch those ears!


24. Gold-Plated Silver Animal with Baby Pendant Necklace, 18″

murano glass lucky elephant charm bead

Attention jewelry designers! Get your hands on these cute, whimsical elephant beads handcrafted from Murano glass and compatible with Troll, Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi and other European styles of snake chain bracelet.

Other animal styles are available but the elephant wins my vote with his super cute trunk and pop-out googly eyes. This charm bead is cleverly crafted in molten hot glass and then formed and shaped as it cools to reveal a wonderful happy elephant design. Awesome and it comes in a free jewelry bag.


25. Star K Sterling Silver 12x10MM Oval Good Luck Elephant Pendant

Sterling silver elephant pendant with gemstone

A fancy sterling silver oval elephant pendant to promote good luck on an 18-inch silver chain. In this piece, the elephant’s legs and crown are jeweled with white sparkling rhinestones, while the body of the elephant is made up of a gorgeous created opal which shimmers in shades of pink, blue and purple hues.

The cool thing about this necklace is that you can choose from a range of created opals and simulated gemstones from rubies to topaz and sapphires. Pick your favorite color and stand out in the crowd with this wonderful elephant pendant.


26. My Lucky Elephant Beaded Wrap Bracelet (Single Wrap)

flourite beaded wrap bracelet with elepahnt charm

A lovely single wrap leather beaded bracelet with a lucky silver African elephant button closure. The bracelet shown here is made with green and purple fluorite crystal which I think compliments the light brown leather and silver nicely, however, the bracelet is available in your choice of crystal and agate beads so jazz it up with your favorite color and support the elephant cause in style.


27. DianaL Boutique Elephant Mom and Baby Necklace Lucky Elephant Gift Boxed Fashion Jewelry

Mom and baby elephant silver pendant necklace

This is a really cute mother and baby silver plated elephant pendant measuring 1 inch and hanging from an 18-inch snake chain. The mother elephant sparkles in the light as she is encrusted in shining clear rhinestones, and her baby tags along at her feet, both with a black rhinestone eye. Great as a gift for moms and daughters, this piece will glimmer around the neck of your loved one this giving season.


28. Feng Shui Handmade Red Agate Beads Bracelet with Lucky Elephant to Ward Off Evil Energy

Red agate beads bracelet with elephant charm

Beaded with luxurious deep red agate beads, this bracelet with silver elephant charm is handmade and designed to repel negative energy offering spiritual protection to the wearer. This is a stretch bracelet with several silver accent beads, a cute elephant charm, and around 21 agate beads. Ward away evil energy with this pretty and practical handmade treasure.


29. 00 Gauge Antique Cream Acrylic Lucky Elephant Hanger Plug Set

antique acrylic cream colored 00 gauge elephant plugs

An ideal gift for your elephant adoring friend or family member with stretched ears, these fashionable taper ear plugs are sure to please. Made of antique cream colored acrylic, these ear plugs feature a carved elephant head which is highlighted by natural brown accents making its features pop out.

This set measures 10mm in diameter making them a gauge size of 00. Tribal in style with a bone look and feel, this taper ear plugs will bring a smile to the elephant fanatic in your life.


30. Two Layer Natural Stone Buddhist Mercy Kwan-yin Elephant Amulet Pendant

natural stone two layer buddhist elephant pendant

Rounding up the list at number 30 is this two layer natural stone amulet featuring an elephant and Kwan-yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Carved into the stone in fine detail is Kwan-yin, whose name means “the one who perceives the sounds of the world”, and who is often referred to as the most widely beloved Buddhist divinity.

Due to her unconditional love and compassion, Kwan-yin is considered a savior and a protector of women and children. The elephant is also symbolic of protection and together with Kwan-yin makes this a powerful protective amulet. The stone pendant measure 47x47mm and comes on an open-ended silk cord necklace inside a jewelry pouch.

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