41 Awesome Sloth Gifts for Christmas


Christmas is nearly here and it’s time to start buying all those gifts for your family and friends. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 41 sloth gifts that your friends and family will love. Which one will be your favorite? Hint: it’s number 4.

1. Three Wolf Moon Sloth Shirt

Funny Sloth Shirt

If you have a friend or family member on your Christmas list that is over the moon about sloths, then this Three Wolf Moon Sloth Shirt is simply a must-have!

2. 16 Ounce Sloth Mug

16 Ounce Sloth Mug

We all have that family member or friend who simply drags in the morning without their cup of coffee. That’s why you need to think about gifting this sloth mug so they can get moving faster after pulling themselves out of bed. Plus, it’s 16 ounces, which means less trips to the coffee pot in the morning for those slow movers!

3. Women’s Knee Sloth Socks

Womens Knee Sloth Sock

It’s winter so these sloth knee socks will keep the legs of those slow moving women in your life warm and comfy.

4. Christmas Sloth Jumper

Christmas Sloth Jumper

Although we would argue that this adorable sloth sweater would not qualify for an ugly sweater party, this would surely make you the hit of the party!

5. Women’s Sloth Tank Top

Women's Sloth Tank Top

Sloths only move when necessary, but that doesn’t stop you from gifting this tank top to a gal who loves to get active at the gym.

6. Sloth Ankle Socks

Sloth Ankle Socks

Sloths have four legs, but thankfully, you’ll only need to gift a single pair of these sloth ankle socks. Unless of course you’re feeling super generous…

7. Cuddly Sloth Teddy

Cuddly Sloth Teddy

A fuzzy, cuddly sloth teddy. Do we even need to say anymore?

8. Comfy Sloth Hoodie

Comfy Sloth Hoodie

This cozy sloth hoodie is perfect for a fellow sloth lover. Or your dad who won’t drive above the speed limit. Either or.

9.  Sloth Face Shirt

Sloth Face Shirt

It’s like this sloth is looking into your soul… telling you to buy this awesome sloth face shirt for your buddy!

10. Sloth Onesie

Sloth Onesie

What better gift to give someone than the gift of literally becoming a sloth in this warm, snuggly onesie. We can’t guarantee that like a sloth, they won’t want to move after putting it on, though!

11. Slothzilla Painting

Slothzilla Painting

Godzilla? King Kong? No, this is Slothzilla and this painting is epic! It’s a must-have for any sloth enthusiast.

12. Sloth Hand Puppet

Sloth Hand Puppet

If you have a friend obsessed with sloths and talking to themselves, then this is the perfect gift.

13. Snuggly Sloth Teddy

Snuggly Sloth Teddy

Again. A snuggly sloth to snuggle with. We don’t need to say anything else, do we?

14. Sloth Crossing Sign

Sloth Crossing Sign

Sloths generally move 5 feet per minute when not threatened, and 15 feet per minute when they are in danger. Needless to say, anyone seeing this sign will really hope that they don’t encounter an actual sloth crossing.

15. Sloth Stickers

Sloth Stickers

Is there a slow driver or sloth lover in your family? Then this sloth car sticker is the PERFECT gift for them. Living life in the slow lane!

16. 2015 Sloth Calendar

2015 Sloth Calendar

Is there a better way to keep track of your life and appointments, than on a sloth calendar? We didn’t think so.

17. Hanging Sloth Teddy

Hanging Sloth Teddy

This is a cuddly, snuggly, HANGING sloth teddy. Seriously. This gift cannot get any better.

18. Book Full of Sloths

Sloth Book

This gift is perfect for the little sloth lovers in your life. It is 64 pages of adorable sloths for children in Kindergarten and up. Raise those sloth lovers right!

19. I Love Sloth Stickers

I love Sloth Stickers

We’re sure that you know a few people whose driving styles could be explained by this bumper sticker. Or maybe they just REALLY love sloths!

20. Fluffy Sloth Teddy

Fluffy Sloth Teddy

So at this point, we’re sure that you can find a snuggly sloth teddy for literally every member of your family, which is great! This way they don’t fight over the same one.

21. Ask Me Why I’m Lazy Sloth Shirt

Lazy Sloth Shirt

Sloth fashion is all the rage these days and this shirt really sets the standard. It’s the perfect comeback, and there are probably some teenagers (or college students) in your life who would love this one.

22. Sloth PlushToy

Sloth Plush Toy

This sloth plush toy is so soft and snuggly. It’s great for little kids who are looking for a cuddly sleeping buddy.

23. Sloth Water Bottle

Sloth Water Bottle

There’s bound to be some active folks in your family or group of friends. Hiking and mountain climbing is all the rage these days. Hook them up with this stylish water bottle so they can hike in style.

24. Sloth Hat

Sloth Hat

Winter months can certainly get cold. That’s what makes this warm sloth hat the perfect Christmas gift this year!

25. Stripper Sloth Shower Curtains

Stripper Sloth Shower Curtains

There’s always that one family member who is a bit on the wild side. They will roll on the floor with laughter at this awesome shower curtain. Plus, think about the look on grandma’s face when she opens it!

26. Money On My Mind Sloth Sweatshirt

Sloth Sweatshirt

For the more fashion forward individuals in your life, this amazing sloth crew neck sweater has their name written all over it. Just look at how pretty it is…

27. Hanging With The Sloth DVD

Sloth DVD

Sloths are slow and considered lazy. You probably have a lazy friend in your life too. Instead of watching reruns of South Park, give them this sloth DVD to watch while being a couch potato.

28. Stripper Sloth Shirt

Stripper Sloth Shirt

This sloth shirt is pretty awesome. Not only is there a sloth on it, but he’s stripping. Come on. You have to have someone on your list who would love this beauty.

29. Sloth Necklace

Sloth Necklace

These cute little sloths are hanging on a chain, and make the coolest necklaces around. Skip the diamonds. Sloths are so much better and we’re sure that your girlfriend would agree!

30. Slothzilla Shower Curtains

Slothzilla Shower Curtains

Want to immerse someone in the amazing world of Slothzilla while they shower? Then get them these rocking shower curtains.

31. Slothzilla Shirt 

Slothzilla Shirt

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Slothzilla! We’re sure that you have a friend who would be proud to sport this Slothzilla t-shirt.

32. Sloth Phone Cover 

Sloth Phone Cover

This one is for the phone lovers on your Christmas list. At least you’ll get to look at this adorable little sloth while your friend or family member is ignoring you and texting all night.

33. Sloth Kindle Cover

Sloth Kindle Cover

For the techies in your family, there’s an awesome sloth cover for their Kindle! Forget the boring, standard cases and bring their Kindle to life with this guy.

34. Sloth Crossing Doggy Shirt

Sloth Crossing Doggy Shirt

Even Fido can get in on the sloth loving action! Buy your favorite furry friend this sloth crossing doggy t-shirt and watch the Instagram likes roll in.

35. Stripper Sloth Phone Cover

Stripper Sloth Phone Cover

This one is for your main homie who is always looking to hit the clubs. What better sight to see than a stripping sloth?

36. Squishy Sloth Toy

Squishy Sloth Toy

This cuddly little guy is great for kids. It’s soft, will keep them entertained, and is irresistibly huggable!

37. Sloth Keyring

Sloth Key Ring

People always have their keys on them, which makes this a great gift for the sloth lover who wants to display their love proudly.

38. Sloth Bracelet

Sloth Bracelet

This sleek and unique bracelet is a great gift for the girl on your list who loves accessorizing. Chances are that she’ll love this quirky sloth bracelet too!

39. Sloth Named Velcro DVD

Sloth Named Velcro DVD

This is another great gift for the couch potato friend. Instead of pouring through old Cops episodes, you can spice up their TV viewing experience with A Sloth Named Velcro.

40. Keep Calm and Sloth On Shirt

Keep Calm and Sloth On Shirt

The “Keep Calm and [blank] On” phase has swept through the globe, and this Keep Calm and Sloth On shirt is no different. We might be biased, but this one is certainly the best example we’ve seen out there!

41. Sloth Running Hoodie

Sloth Running Hoodie

Do you have a friend who runs with good humor? Or a friend who doesn’t run, but still has good humor? Either way, this Sloth Running Team hoodie is a great gift. It’ll keep them warm during those chilly winter months.

We hope you managed to find something for your friends or family. If you didn’t manage to spot anything, keep looking. You’re bound to find something sooner or later. Christmas is a time of loving each other and giving each other presents to show how much we mean to each other. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, it just has to be thoughtful! Would you rather own a sloth hoodie that you are going to wear every day or own some fancy jewelry that you’ll only wear twice a year? It’s a bit cheesy, but it’s the thought that counts! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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