5 Adorable Sloth Stickers You Need To Own


You what would make your phone look ten times cooler? If you had some sloth stickers on it! The best thing about stickers is you can put them on anything. Stick them on your laptop and do something funny with your apple logo. Whack them on your car window so people know how dedicated you are to sloths. You could even slap one on your mirror! Every time you check yourself out, you can see a motivational sloth cheering you on!

We’ve found 5 adorable sloth stickers than you can stick wherever you want, so without wasting any more time – lets get on with it!

1. Sloth Just Hanging Around Removable Matte Sticker Sheets Set

Cute Sloth Stickers

These adorable little sloth stickers are perfect for scattering sloths throughout your life! You can apply them to anything you use and they’re an awesome reward for a child. The shipping is free and fast – plus they’re cheap! You won’t be disappointed when you get your hands on these stickers.

2. Sloth Lazy Funny Vinyl Sticker – Car Phone Helmet – SELECT SIZE

Funny Sloth Sticker

This funny sloth sticker comes in a variety of sizes, just select the perfect one for you. The adorably funny face of this sloth will brighten your day every time you see it. Put it on your helmet or car window so other people can enjoy it too!

3. SLOTH Sticker 5″x4″ WHITE Free Shipping

White Sloth Sticker

This artsy sloth sticker looks great on your car window – you get to show your love of sloths to every person on the road! It’s a very simple design, but it looks nice and it’s good quality. Added bonus is the free shipping it comes with! The instructions are incredibly easy to follow, so don’t worry about slothing it up. Most people receive a practice sticker in their package!

4. Sloth Face Decal, Sticker, Black Set of 2, 2″ Decals

Laptop Car Sloth Sticker

This sloth decal is perfect for laptops and computers… It’s a bit big for a phone, but you’ve got all the other stickers to choose from for a phone one. The simple, well made design adds some flare to whatever you stick it to and you’ll smile every time you see it!

5. I Love Sloths Vinyl Decal Stickers

I Love Sloth Sticker

Let everyone in the world know how you love sloths with this sticker! It’s cute, simple, cheap, and looks good on anything you stick it to. It’s good quality and won’t peel off after a few days. Make sure you put it on the inside of your car, not outside – don’t put it the wrong way though!

That sums up our favorite 5 sloth stickers! There’s a sticker for every place you can think of in this list. If you need one for your: car, phone, laptop, monitor, mirror, wall, helmet, water bottle, etc… any of these stickers will do the job! If you find any more cool sloth stickers that you think should be on this list, send us a message!

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  • October 10, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Where’s the first place you’re going to stick your sloth sticker?


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