5 Kangaroo Toys You Need To See


Kangaroos are large footed marsupials with extremely powerful hind legs that are found in Australia. They are well known for their jumping abilities and are also the unofficial symbol of Australia. The female kangaroos have a pouch for them to carry their young. Baby kangaroos are called Joey’s.

The cuteness of a mother kangaroo with her Joey in her pouch is what has made kangaroos so popular as plush toys. Kangaroo toys are very popular as baby shower gifts. The symbolism of a mother carrying her baby does not go unnoticed. And did I mention how cute they are?

Take a look at my 5 favourite kangaroo toys you need to see.

1. Melissa & Doug Giant Kangaroo and Baby Joey in Pouch

Giant plush kangaroo toy

Melissa & Doug are hands down, my favourite toy manufacturers, and no they do not pay me to say that. Their toys are always educational and well thought out, just take a look at how lifelike this plush kangaroo toy is, and you will quickly see why I love them so much.

The giant plush kangaroo is 3 feet tall making it an absolutely huggable size for a toddler. Not only do you get the giant kangaroo but your purchase also includes the plush joey kangaroo.

The joey kangaroo is soft and cuddly so will be your little one’s favourite bedtime buddy or snuggle buddy. The Joey is made to fit perfectly into the mother’s kangaroos pouch, so when it is not been cuddled, it can be safely nestled in the pouch. Both the giant and Joey plush kangaroos are made of high-quality products and have been put together well.

The great thing about buying Melisa & Doug products is that you can be sure that you are purchasing a top notch item. Both of the kangaroos are soft and cuddly, and the giant plush can stand on its own thanks to the wire inner frame. Any toddler will be delighted to receive the giant kangaroo and joey kangaroo as a gift. It is a gift that will last throughout their childhood.

2. Schylling Kangaroo Jack in the Box 

jack in the box kangaroo toy

For me, this jack in the box kangaroo toy is a firm favourite. Besides the fact that it is super cute I haven’t seen a jack in the box toy for years. I have fond memories of a similar toy from when I was young. Suitable for kids 18 months and older this jack in the box kangaroo toy will have your toddler screeching with joy. The kangaroo jack in the box toy is a great quality toy and value for money.

It is very easy to use and can be operated without hassles by a toddler. The handle winds up, and the box starts singing “pop goes the weasel.” After the song is done the box pops open and out jumps two soft kangaroos, a mommy and her baby.

Be sure to have the video camera ready when your child experiences the jack in the box for the first time.  The children’s first reaction to the jack in the box will have you in hysterics without a doubt. Schylling Toys has shown their creativity by taking us down memory lane and bringing simplicity back to toys. Awesome.

3. Kangaroo Hopper Ball For Kids

kangaroo sit and bounce ball toy

If you are shopping for the ideal birthday gift for a 3- 5-year-old boy or girl, look no further. The easy to inflate kangaroo hopper ball is an instant favourite for any child. Adding extra value for money a free hand held double action pump is included in the purchase, easily saving you $6.

The jumping ball is extremely safe and conforms to all safety standards. The ball is made of a thicker plastic than the standard sit and bounce balls, so you are guaranteed that the ball will last for a long time.

The plush kangaroo cover that covers the ball is soft and comfortable. This fantastic sit and bounce ball will get your children burning up excess energy in no time while teaching them balance and coordination. If you want to get them away from the TV and exercising more the kangaroo hopper ball will do the trick.

If you want to impress your children, look out for the adult size hopper ball so you can join in the fun. After all, why should the children get to have all the fun alone?

4. Kangaroo Plush Toy

cuddly kangaroo plush toy

While the Gund Jirra kangaroo mom plush toy with a fully functional pouch which includes plush Joey kangaroo may not be the most realistic looking kangaroo plush toy, it is by far the cutest. Measuring approximately 25.5cm in height this soft and cuddly kangaroo will be going to bed with your child every night. The Joey is removable, so you have two kangaroos in one affordable purchase.

Jirra, the kangaroo, is surface washable. Gund has been manufacturing plush toys for over 100 years with their primary focus on softness and huggability. They have nailed it with the kangaroo mom and baby because they are super soft and definitely huggable. So much so that they are a great gift for adults as well as kids.

5. Mom Kangaroo with Baby Plush Stuffed Animal

Cute kangaroo plush toy

No plush toy collection is complete without the grey plush kangaroo toy with a blue scarf. Not only is this little plush as cute as a button but she is soft and cuddly as well. Silky smooth fleece fur and boasting the Australian Flag scarf showing off his roots. This plush toy will be perfect for a baby shower or birthday gift for kids or kangaroo loving adults.

Again you get the mom kangaroo and the Joey. However, on this one, the Joey is just a head and not a complete plush toy. The 33cm tall kangaroo scores a whopping 10/10 for huggability and will most certainly be a favourite at bedtime.

If you are planning to buy this plush kangaroo toy for your girlfriend, it will certainly make you look good. But be warned you may find yourself having to make space for Mrs Roo on your bed at night. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Any of the toys and plush kangaroos on my top 5 favourite kangaroo toys will be amazing gifts for young and old. Why not spoil yourself with one of these cuties. Don’t underestimate the popularity of kangaroo toys as they come highly recommended with rave reviews.

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